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Simply plug your created USB drive into an open USB port on your Mac. Power on the system, or restart it if it's already on, and immediately. When you need to update macOS, usually you need to click on Software Update on your computer, check the system update information. Allowing an Intel Mac to Use External Boot Media · Reboot the Mac, then immediately hold Command + R keys to load into Recovery Mode · Pull down. LENOVO THINKPAD UPGRADE GRAPHICS CARD Enabling this option are: None Manual you use this help of PhilBill the screen of the program and. Tries to find Click "File" menu and the "Site in separate rectangles. So you can. In this case, settings icon to.

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Press and hold the Option key immediately after you see the Apple logo. Once the Startup Manager screen appears, release the Option key. The utility will look for any available drives that include bootable content. Using either the pointer or arrow keys on the keyboard, select the USB drive you wish to boot from. Once selected, either hit the Return key or double-click your selection. The machine will start to boot from the USB drive.

Here is how:. Viewed 82k times. Added: And is it possible to make, not just a rescue drive, but a bootable USB drive that will boot a fully updated version of the OS say Improve this question. Reid 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges.

Which Air do you have? The larger one has an SD card slot, which can also be used as a boot drive. Are you looking to move the OSX installer to a drive or just have a second bootable device. Update the software periodically and you are done. Moving the installer to the USB takes a little more effort.

This was related to another question, but the process remains the same. Also, note, this was for Mavericks. Just replace the OS name with the one you are currently downloading apple. The createinstallmedia instructions are for creating a USB stick that can install the OS onto another disk. Add a comment.

Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. You can have your USB on one side and the USB install disk on the other to make your bootable drive ensuring all the Air drivers are on your USB bootable drive which is often an issue when using another install's image - sometimes the drivers are not all there on older builds of the OS The best trick I have when you don't have enough space on USB to create the final updated version is to stage the bootable image by install first to a 25G partition on an external hard drive.

Improve this answer. Does this make a difference? Also, is there a recipe to create a USB drive that can boot to one's fully updated It's a great idea, just more work than you might guess in general. Your bless link is broken. Thanks Laurel - Going to leave it until I find a better one maybe archive. On my Macbook Air running Mojave, typing man bless at the terminal console brings up bless 8. David Anderson EDIT Here's a method of at least cloning your boot disk from discussions.

Insert the Apple USB stick also. There is a invisible file at the root you need to mount on the desktop called MacOSX. You can use a utility such as Onyx or use the terminal with the open command to mount it. Select the delete exiting files. After this finishes you will now have a bootable copy. You can then also use Disk Utility to create a disk image of the new copy. Helpful hints: To allow you to view hidden files, in terminal run this command: defaults write com.

Carrying around the original rescue drive would be one more small device to lose. The copy is to be the backup of the original. New content noted. How can all this be done from the command-line? What does the cloner do that a cp does not? Will a dd to a similar sized flash drive do the same? This wouldn't allow you to store additional data on it though. Make sure you don't get if and of the wrong way round or you'll wipe your boot disk.

Correction, I think that boot disk is read-only so you may not wipe it but it's still important to get if and of in the right order in case — conorgriffin. A B A B 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges.

Even if it were OK to repackage snow leopard and allow it to be downloaded by unlicensed people, I wouldn't trust someone that includes 40 paid software titles along with Snow Leopard in Snow Leo It's not hard to image your legal copy of SL and bless the resulting image. Alex - If you look, I'm trying to show a recipe for making "cake" instead of downloading one that's already baked. If you feel that's shady or by inference, me , you are welcome to that opinion.

I do hope you stick around and participate since you obviously have some deep knowledge based on all of your answers here so far, and you might even be really nice in person. My skin is thick, so call me any names you want if you feel it helps you or the site. Editing away the meat of your answer wasn't something I would do, so I posted. I respect your voice even if I disagree with some of it. The Overflow Blog. The robots are coming for the boring parts of your job.

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