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This review is from Apple - MacBook Pro " Display with Touch Bar - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory - AMD Radeon Pro X - GB SSD - Silver. It is thin, sleek and the picture is fantastic. The touch bar is a nice feature and kinda fun but I don't use it very often except for things with volume and. The Good. The latest inch MacBook Pro offers major internal upgrades to the CPU, RAM, storage and display. The Core i9 version delivers a. APPLE MAC PRO 2013 Exports and import a lot of impressive security features use requires the on: Email me. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus price increase, as your participant, then a default route its auto-renew policy. Mechanical Engineering is best of Android the server and.

Perhaps it is, but hardware design has to take culture into account as much as it does engineering. Even if Apple were able to turn out a perfectly reliable butterfly keyboard with decent key travel and quiet clacking, nobody would trust it. Hopefully, will be more of the same. The trackpad is still almost comically big, but Apple does better than anybody at palm rejection.

I think on the next iteration of this design — which is presumably more than a few years out — Apple should aim a little higher. The inch model is just slightly larger than the inch model across all three dimensions, but not so much so that you would really notice it unless you compared them side by side. It also comes with a 96W charger to match.

Apple claims up to 11 hours of battery life that consists of web browsing and various other non-intensive tasks. The other place Apple needs to do better is macOS Catalina. Every smart device now requires you to agree to a series of terms and conditions before you can use it — contracts that no one actually reads. There are also several optional agreements, including:. More on that below. That allows the MacBook Pro to get half an octave deeper bass.

It also means that the speakers can get much louder without sounding tinny. Speaker details like that often end up just being marketing gobbledegook, but not here. The laptop gets super loud and has great stereo separation. After the keyboard, the other consensus on the inch MacBook Pro is that it was thermally throttled.

I think those days are behind us. In both benchmarks and lots of real-world tests, the inch MacBook Pro can maintain higher speeds than before and — I think, more importantly — it does so consistently. That all happens, thanks to some design changes that Apple made: it added a larger heat sink, changed the fan design to move more air, made the whole thing slightly thicker, and even rearranged the logic board to optimize for heat dispersal.

Apple claims that all of these changes allow it to push 12W more power though the processor under load. Cinebench 20 on my Core i9 review unit hit peak turbo speeds and then settled into a very consistent 3. In a more real-world test — a very complex export in Adobe Premiere Pro that took about a half-hour to run — I saw a 3 to 5 percent improvement over a fairly comparable model which is technically two generations behind, thanks to a processor refresh earlier this year.

Software that takes better advantage of the GPU will see much bigger gains in performance. Similarly, in the built-in benchmark in Shadow of the Tomb Raider , I saw frame rates at the default graphics settings jump from about 30 fps to nearly 60 fps very consistently. In short: the performance is there, but unless you definitely know your software can take full advantage of the new GPUs in the new MacBook, you might not see life-changing improvements.

There is an alternate universe where I might not have bothered to review the inch MacBook Pro. In that universe, it would have been an iterative update with a slightly larger screen, nicer speakers, and new graphics card options. In that universe, the keyboard always used scissor-switches. The Touch Bar has an Esc key next to it, the processor is better cooled at the expense of thinness, and the keyboard is almost surely reliable.

See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. Frederick Top Contributor: Baby. Reviewed in the United States on September 25, First, the famed Touchbar. Is it essential?

Probably not. But it's cool, and not just the flashy "look what this computer can do" kind of cool, but actually a USEFUL cool -- if only in certain apps. It actually creeped me out a bit at first because it seemed to be reading my mind. In case you're not aware, the Touchbar is a strip of glass just above the keys on the keyboard which lights up with various "buttons" depending on what app you're using.

It's also where the "function" keys live hold down the Fn button and they magically appear. Unfortunately it doesn't work with all apps -- for example, if you like to use Chrome as your browser you're out of luck. When using Safari, though, it's nice to see small previews of the pages you have open.

Second, the display. It's really a beautiful screen. I don't watch movies on my computer, but even just for web browsing and watching videos online I can notice a significant improvement in brightness and clarity compared with my previous Macbook from 3 years ago. Third, the trackpad is enormous and wonderfully responsive.

Unlike my previous Mac, I don't feel like I'm constantly running out of room when dragging my fingers across it. Seems like a little thing, but it makes a big difference! Fourth, the battery life is fantastic, at least for my amount of use. Admittedly I don't use this non-stop all day long, nor do I watch movies on it, but I only have to charge it once per day, and that's more than I can say for my previous Macbook.

While the Touchbar is new and the graphics and speed are improved over previous generations, when it comes to overall design, features, and function I can't say this Macbook marks a radical departure from its predecessors.

It's still iOS, the apps appear about the same, and the overall "Apple feel" is unchanged. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as I don't like it when companies change things just for the sake of change. But if you're purchasing this to replace a slightly older Macbook, just know that the overall experience will be familiar.

So far the only thing I do NOT like about this computer is how warm it gets. Apple makes a big deal about the internal cooling mechanism, and while I'm sure the cooling technology is sophisticated, the reality is that the computer still gets pretty toasty, particularly on the underside. I point this out because the advertising hype led me to believe that this computer was somehow immune to becoming warm a testament to the power of Apple's marketing! This shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Bottom line: Even though this MacBook Pro isn't loaded with lots of new features and functions, I can't find much to complain about. Speed, power, battery life, and capabilities are all rock solid. And that's what's most important, right? Top critical review. Reviewed in the United States on January 9, I ordered the Macbook Pro 2. The sticker-specs on the box are the correct specifications that I ordered, but the device itself is the lower-end model.

Also, this laptop is not "new". I ended up ordering the laptop specs I want from Apple instead and this laptop is going back to Amazon for a refund. Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers.

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This computer is a big letdown. Pros: - It's got a similar case quality to my previous rMBP. That's still excellent. They don't work Keystroke preference aside, it's just not reliable. I had to buy a blower to try to keep it operating. A single speck of dust will render a key inoperable. And does. I'm constantly having to remove keys and I just know it won't last long. If you have any doubt, just look at the fact that they've replaced the keyboard on their line.

And no, we can't get that keyboard on this computer. It's bad. My pinkie is constantly accidentally resting on the escape key. Since it's smooth like the rest of the case, you can't tell when you're doing it. Also, if the computer crashes, often so does the touch bar, rendering your force quit command useless. It's way down.

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I think my last MacBook Pro was rated at hours of battery life. I'm always lucky if I can do 2. On average it's probably closer to 2 hours. So when I saw the claims on this one doing hours on battery I said "yeah right! However, I do get double what I used to get. I can easily go 4 hours or more now on battery and for me that's huge! I haven't even tried any battery conservation techniques. The 4 hours I got was on full regular use, screen as bright as it can be, keyboard light on, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

This means that on a plane, with my battery saving techniques in place, I should easily be able to get 5 hours now. So while seems like a pipe dream at least from my experience , I'll definitely take 5 maybe 6.

Starting FRESH is better because you're not bringing over unnecessary baggage and problems from your years of migrating. However, starting fresh takes longer to get everything reinstalled and back to the way you like things. I always seem to bail on starting fresh because usually I don't have the downtime it would take to do so.

Once again I migrated…sigh. I used Ethernet to do so figuring that Gigabit Ethernet on both Macs would be faster than Firewire Even so, moving over GB's of stuff can take hours and it did about 4 to be exact. However, everything came over nicely and is up and running. At the end of the day this update is all about speed for me. One of main reasons I waited till and didn't go with the model is because I figured Apple would put the Core i7 processor in the MacBook Pro just like they did in the iMac.

I'm glad I waited! That's the Core i7 and it doesn't disappoint. Everything is snappier! Here are my Xbench results:. Just waiting for the model. While this MacBook Pro isn't a revolutionary update over my model, it has all the right things in it to make the upgrade worthwhile.

I try to plan my purchases to get the most out of the latest processor, graphics and RAM improvements. This move was worth the wait. Always nice to get more info on the new Macbook Pros. To give your blog a little more professional appearance, clean up the grammar and typo errors next time. Links to separate pages would have been better. Twice as fast.

Much sturdier, this uniblock. PS: rose, Intel is offering lots of tweaks to keep power under control; the CPU can speed up for single-thread tasks. Still warm yes, but not nearly what i would call hot. Sometimes, you want the CPU running full bore, and the temp control should be built for that. The shots about heat that I saw were kinda vague on how they did it. I think the running hot all has to do with the automatic graphics card switching. Thanks for sharing. I have one question: IWas just about to get the new macbook pro when i heard rumors about the heat of the new laptops form apple.

How is it going for you? Is it getting overheat at all? I run photoshop, indesign, illustrator currently at CS4 , freehand, and painter on daily basis. I got all the specs maxed out, and within 1year, it blew up on me due to overheating even with cooling pad on , and I cannot get it fixed anymore.

Which do you suggest? Or, which one is better for heavy duty? Would CS5 Master Collection work with your configs? Thank you! Care to share another post about how things are going with your new toy? Hey Terry, nice review man. Only the Hi-Res option is Well i could be a lot happier. Which can be very frustrating when having it on your lap or in bed. Dont know why it did that. Now comparing this to my girlfriends 2. However speed wise, it is probably half as quick as mine when playing games and doing 3D Renderings with a program not needing graphics card performance.

Annoying thing about the automatic graphics switching is that even when using skype the GT m is turned on. This sucks for the battery life. GFX card status application does help here as you can choose the intel only option and everything still runs smoothly. My battery life seems better than with you!!! If im typing in pages and slightly using safari, just for information purposes, so no hardcore surfing I do end up with nearly 8h 30 min.

However as soon as you throw a little bit more stuff at the i7 cpu it seems to suck the electricity. Everything is so much sharper and the colours are more real with the antiglare as the glass makes them stronger than they would be on a printout for example. This is a great advantage when im doing photoshop work, and then print it out. On my second MBP in 5 months. First one died on the bench at genius.

Think this one is headed the same way. After 21 years, this may be my last mac. I own a Mac Pro Core Duo, and i am wondering… Do apple store upgrade my mac to and i7 and add more memory? Is it worthed? Best wishes! Hi Vanessa, Memory upgrades can be done. Processor upgrades can NOT be done. The only way to get a core i7 MacBook Pro is to buy one with that chip in it. Thank you for that info. This will add to the heat in your MacBook.

I chose to stick with the RPM for extra battery life, less noise and heat, all of which are more important to me than the slight increase in speed that the RPM gives you. Maybe when it comes down to earth. This saves some coin on my electricity bill. It is probably due to the dedicated graphics card always being on in Windows. I need to find a way to use only the integrated graphics card in Windows.

However, when Apple comes out with OS For instance, if it takes a minute for the 2. This is not THAT amazing. Using the same math, if it takes 60 minutes to import a movie in HandBrake using 2. I think I will wait until then to upgrade if at all. The result is an excellent picture processing tool. The video below touches on watching videos on the MacBook Pro and has a quick demo of the camera.

The camera is decent. If only it could make my ugly mug look more attractive, that would be a plus! Below is a sample taken with Photo Booth. Most people we talk to like them, but some really hate them. We fall in the first category, so we are very happy with the MacBook Pro keyboard.

The keys are stiffer than our MacBook Air. That is a good thing. Typing feels good. Spacing is good too. It has been a challenge switching from a Windows keyboard to the Mac keyboard. There are some differences that require a change in habit. For example, many Windows keyboard have a key that mimics the right click of a mouse.

Macs do not have this key. I used it a lot. The other key I miss is the Windows key. It would mimic clicking on the Start menu in Windows revealing the menu that holds a list of all the programs installed. We like how all Macs have a standardized set of the shortcut keys across the top that double as function keys. There are also multimedia controls. We really like the backlit keyboard and it is nice to be able to adjust the brightness. On rare occasions when you need an F-key, just use the Fn key in the lower left corner to engage the F-keys.

The multi-touch trackpad is great! I hate touchpads and always carry an external mouse. I like the one on the MacBook Pro so much I now leave my mouse in the bag or at home. It is spacious and responsive. We love the gestures OS X incorporates for doing things like scrolling, moving back and forth in a browser history, and pinching to zoom. The trackpad is also a large button that can be clicked like you would a mouse button. We prefer tapping to select, so we almost immediately changed that option in System Preferences.

But thankfully it is an option. When you do have to click you can tell that it is being clicked, with a loud sound and good tactile response. Below is our video review of the keyboard and touchpad. It also highlights a problem with scratching on the aluminum case near the trackpad:.

It is one of the fastest notebooks we have ever used. The quad-core Intel Core i7 processor handles video editing with aplomb. Almost nothing we threw at it slowed the machine down, except for one. We use a program called Logos Bible Software pictured above. It is a Bible study and research tool. The program is database intensive and runs on an overlay environment that draws the screen on top of OS X instead of using the built-in visual elements, almost like a virtualized environment.

The company does this to standardize the look and feel between Windows and Mac. The problem is that it requires a lot of horsepower to run well. It requires video processing power to draw the screen. It requires memory because it loads a lot of data right at the start. And it requires a fast hard drive because it is searching through literally thousands of books that are often more than a thousand pages in length each. An application that requires that much power cripples a lot of systems.

Because of how poorly written it is, it does cripple even the MacBook Pro at times. But this system runs this beast faster than the MacBook Air or iMac. We also tested the system by editing large No problem! RAW photo editing is a very processor intensive activity and the MacBook Pro handled it well with a number of things running in the background, including a browser, the above Logos application, a Word processor and an iMovie project being rendered.

We fired up iTunes and iPhoto to add to the mix and it still had no problem. When all of the above applications were running at once, the fans do whirl loudly. We did some quick Benchmarks just for comparison. The program we use is called Geek Bench and it mainly measures the things like the speed of the processor. The hard drive in the MacBook Pro should be a bit of a bottleneck. On the Air it took to copy the folder which is 2. To copy it back to the Air it took just The MacBook Air has a flash drive so it reads much slower than it writes copy from v.

By comparison the MacBook Pro copied the folder to the hard drive in and copied it from the drive in That is not a significant difference proving that Apple has really done a good job of putting together the guts of this fast machine despite the slower drive. No one likes to have their lap cooked by a computer. The good news is the MacBook Pro is not too hot. The aluminum bottom of the system can get warm at times, especially when the computer is put through a workout.

With very intense work, like encoding a long video while also running a lot of other applications, the system can get hot. For simple tasks like typing an article, surfing the Internet or viewing a video, the MacBook Pro barely even warms up.

The area around the processor is only slightly warmer than the rest of the system. Heat is not a real issue with this system. Fan noise can get loud during processor intensive tasks. It is very noticeable while encoding video. Below, I demonstrate how loud the fan noise can get as the MacBook Pro is under a heavy load. I also show just how fast the system is with a lot of programs running. That is why we were a little disappointed in our results. To test the battery life, we did all we could to drain the thing as fast as possible.

We turned up the brightness full blast, turned on both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and used them constantly, making sure we accessed the Internet a lot. We copied files. We watched a bunch of videos and did a lot of writing. And later, the computer shut down with a dead battery. It was a real world usage with mostly Internet surfing, typing, and listing to music in the background.

We saw all-morning battery life. Our first couple of battery tests were actually abysmal. We ran the recommended battery calibration steps and that fixed the problem. Before the test the longest battery life achieved was around 4 hours. The MagSafe power connector is evidence of Apple's attention to detail. Apple power cable design is proof their attention to detail. The MagSafe Power connector and charger is a seemingly minor thing. But when you have your computer plugged in and you or someone else trips over the cord it can be a disaster for your expensive computer.

The magnetic connector is designed to pop out in such situations. Longtime Apple customers take this for granted now. But as a recent switcher I appreciate it. Most computer manufacturers have two piece charging cables. Apple went further making the two piece design useful even without one of the pieces. The white power brick, which is smaller than most, has an attachment so the brick can be plugged directly into an outlet.

This attachment can be removed so the thicker three-pronged end of the charging cable can be installed for a longer cable. We just left it at home and plugged the brick into it when we need juice in our home office. The two-pronged wall adapter plug folds into the brick. The power brick has two hooks that flip out so that the very thin cable, that has the MagSafe connector on it, can be wrapped around the hooks. There is a little clip that allows you to attach the cable to keep it from coming apart in a computer bag or even a pocket.

The clasp comes undone occasionally. But most of the time it works as designed. These little details are what set Apple products apart. The MacBook Pro has all the basic ports, plus one interesting one. The new Thunderbolt port is a super fast connection that can transfer data, theoretically, about twenty times faster than USB 2. We doubt we will see real-world speeds that fast. If it is just five times faster than either of these, that will be a big plus. Imagine backing up your entire hard drive in minutes instead of hours.

There are no accessories available right now. So, for now, it is just a mini-DVI port. In the future one may be able to plug in a Thunderbolt hard drive, Blue-ray drive, and monitor all daisy-chained on the same connector. We will be using this computer mostly as a desktop replacement. It will be nice to have one cable to connect all of our peripherals. They will all be able to connect to one another and then you would just connect one of the accessories to the computer.

All of them will be usable. For wireless connectivity, the MacBook Pro has both Bluetooth and Both perform as expected. Apple is obsessed with dongles and adapters. To use their products in the real world you will need plenty of them. Maybe there will be an adapter or dock to solve this issue. OS X is a good operating system.

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