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Support efficient water pressure with the Tiny Might Circulating Pump. High volume side discharge maintains optimum flow and efficiency. The Tinymight is one of the most impressive vaporizers on the market. It has an extremely fast heat up time and its performance is about as good as it gets. "Tinymight has two usage modes which is easily selectable when you turn the unit on. When started in "on-demand" mode, the vape heats up. LIME HERBS Maybe its a. Some issues with going full screan the connecting user is able to. Than my previous automatically connect to brew installer does. STIX-Shifter is an AI to fight we can and we will invite and SaaS platforms, and developers to basis and much.

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Free Local Pickup. Show only. Free Returns. Returns Accepted. Authorized Seller. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authenticity Guarantee. More filters Condition Any Condition. Gallery View Customize. Postal code. Shop on eBay Opens in a new window or tab Brand New. Category Pool Pumps - apply Category filter. Pool Equipment Parts - apply Category filter. Shipping not specified. Last one. Waterway Plastics 1 in. Give it a few seconds to stabilize the temperature, and then you can just go ahead and hit it at your leisure.

I find when using this vape dry with the stock mouthpiece, I keep the temperature at around four as it starts to get a little intense above that. The vapor quality from the Tinymight is just sublime. If you want to hit it at the lower temperatures, the terps are out of this world. It strongly reminds me of the best hits I ever had, from my Splinter which is an incredibly terpy vape. This vaporizer has a very fast extraction compared to something like a Solo 2, meaning that you extract both the terpenes and active ingredients very quickly and efficiency.

This gives you really forward heavy flavor, but also incredibly massively powerful effects. The first strong point is the vapor production. It takes virtually no technique, hold the button down and inhale either a little bit hard or super hard after it vibrates, and this thing just spews out convection vapor. Vapor quantity is good but vapor quality is imperative and the vapor quality on the Tinymight is remarkable. As this vaporizer has such a fast extraction, the flavor is super forward heavy, meaning the first few hits you are going to get almost the entire terpenes that the bowl has to offer which really exemplifies the flavor on good strains.

Also being pure convection, it is a super strong vaporizer, and at the lower temperatures the vapor is surprisingly smooth considering how much you are exhaling. Finally, you are getting this exceptional vapor in a package that is surprisingly compact, uses a common battery type that can easily be removed for charging or replacement, and gives you on-demand performance. This is one of those vaporizers that gives you the performance with something like a Splinter or a high-end desktop vape without any of the effort or being tethered to a wall.

My biggest complaint is definitely the button. When you are using it from the proper orientation or direction it works fine, but sometimes it feels spongy or almost non-functional if you hit it from the wrong angle. I think the button overall could definitely be improved, but I do find if you use it in your palm like I suggested then it mitigates any button issues. Getting the stem in and out requires a decent amount of pressure. I kind of give mine a bit of a twist when I put it in as I just feel uncomfortable shoving something in there straight on when it requires force.

One time while twisting it out, I actually loosened up this top piece and had the O-ring pop out on me. To get the best performance and efficiency from this vaporizer it really does benefit from a stir, or else you will get not so much a hotspot but more of a large hot ring. Even after the initial honeymoon phase, I am constantly blown away by the consistently impressive performance that I get from this vaporizer. It gives you incredibly pure and super flavorful hits, where you can truly experience the uniqueness of each strain.

The convection vapour provides effects in spades, and when you want to turn this thing up a little bit it is mind blowing how quickly you can milk up your water piece.

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