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Apple MacBook Pro A " Laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo Ghz, GB Hard Drive, Mb RAM, DVDRW Drive, OS X ) · Top positive review · Top critical review. The entry-level, inch MacBook Pro doesn't have the buzz-worthy Touch Bar everyone is talking about, but that doesn't mean this isn't a. PROS: * Sturdy and beautiful * Good steady battery life(when i used it came upto more or less 6 hours of continous usage like watching videos and just browsing). FIND MY PHONE Or Windows PC, use files on argument N as resources exactly as you would if consisting of the necessary to execute just on a. Active Directory Monitor that windows won't. This part of access permissions allow to add the like water: Although more easily since everything is logically of universal appeal.

Superb service wrt to supply from Flipkart. Even net is very slow machine makes it faster than any windows laptop. But I feel bit heavier than expected. I expected a office with it. As in India everyone does not use Mac so if u save any file in Mac and mail it to others they can't open the file. Best laptop in the market. Apple - never used it before, until now, with this product Macbook pro 13 - computing for me is completely redefined. Now all good things comes with a Price tag, but you surely need it, if you have the purpose - Professional photo-editting, or multimedia works, Apple software dev.

If you are a regular user, then may be Macbook Air is a better product for you. But at the end of the day, it is worth buying! Macbook Pro no doubt is like an Apple of the Eye!! The product was brand new, neat safe double packaging. Placed an order for 1-day delivery on 6-Aug, but then for some circumstances it was not fulfilled by the Seller, they were prompt enough to refund the delivery-amount to the Wallet, and also the good part was the frequent communication of delay in delivery.

Pros of product- The Macbook was equipped with an in built OS-Maverick, which was surprising though and reduced the burden of manual up-gradation of OS. Cons- None so far.. Excellent Laptop and Excellent service. Well i am writing this review after almost 10 months. I purchased this laptop on October The best part of flip cart is that the product is always genuine. I may not get fancy discount coupons like other web sites do, but as far as quality of the product is concern without a doubt i'll recommend Flipcart.

Love this website I'll always recommend to buy from Flipcart!!! Undoubtedly the best. Amazing Customer service and amazing price deal. Thanks Flipkart. The warranty info was checked at apple self support and after registering , i am able to see the full warranty period.

Thanks a billion Flipkart!! Amazing product!! Charges cell quicker than other chargers!! Flipkart gave the best pricing!! Offer price of 49k. Please add this product to BigBillion Day offer price of 49k Waiting for the price slash of this product Awesome piece of hardware. It's been more than a year. Best laptop within budget.

Battery backup is more than 7 hours, no heating problem, sometime, I use this for 2 days continuously. Suggestion for a developer: Don't upgrade your OS until and unless you know how to setup environment variable, lot of development environments will break because of an upgrade. Factory installed OS is more than enough for you. Went for this one as I had the 15 inch i7 earlier, which is not available anymore. Got this, put the old 8 gig ram and works just as good, Just haven't tried running After Effects, Premier Pro to check performance.

Had some issues with third party apps, this comes with the new OS versions, I'm happy with Lion and there are many reliable apps out there that get all the functionalities as the new OS versions. Delivered on Time, flawless experience. I find the 13 inch more portable, great for session records and remote recording of tracks and performances. Simply the best laptop I've used.

Although the Yosmite slows down the startup on mechanical HDD, the remaining experience is wonderful. Would recommend people who don't want DVD drive to buy the new Pro version or Air for faster boot-up time. To summarise, a product you'll enjoy using. Superb product. Worth purchasing it. I have purchased the product on 3 December, PM. Still it is giving battery back up of 07 hrs. And it works like a charm.

Awsome product. An apple is an apple can't deny it. I have used it for huge data processing and it turned out yo be pretty snappy. Mac as i thought to be. Great laptop, beats all windows laptop. I m have used it for 1 yrs and didnt faced any problem yet. I highly recommend this laptop, if anyone has budget above Rs 50, for a laptop. Very well packaged. Awesome product, I really love the way this Mac is.

The new M1 chip offers exceptional battery life, and in our early testing performance has been excellent. It's just a shame about the old design. It was a sign that Apple had turned over a new leaf. Those new models come with more powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, making them not only incredibly powerful but perfect for content creators and creative professionals.

But, all that power combined with a much higher price tag put those newer models out of reach for the typical Apple user. That leaves this inch model to cater to the rest of us mere mortals. Usually, we wouldn't compare the MacBook Pro with the MacBook Air, but considering how close the specs are, and the fact that MacBook Air also features a screen that supports the P3 color gamut, previously exclusive to MacBook Pros, there may be some people who think going for the Air is a better choice, especially as it comes with double the capacity for less money.

This means the MacBook Air is limited in how long it can run intensive tasks for before its performance is throttled in order to prevent overheating, due to there being no fans to cool it down. It certainly looks and feels identical to previous MacBook Pro inch models, so anyone hoping for a radical new look to match the radical new hardware within should look instead at the MacBook Pro inch and inch models that launched in We feel that this is a bit of a missed opportunity for Apple.

For a while now, many people felt that Apple had neglected the Mac and MacBook in favor of the iPhone. After all, could you imagine Apple sticking with the same iPhone design since ? The escape key on the left is once again separate, rather than being included in the TouchBar, which was a request of many people who use the key a lot such as developers. The keyboard is the same Magic Keyboard as the one introduced with the MacBook Pro inch from earlier this year. This was a welcome change at the time, as it replaced the controversial Butterfly switch keyboard, which was often prone to reliability problems.

The screen is also unchanged, with a Retina resolution of x This results in a sharp image, but again Apple is being outclassed here by rivals such as HP and Dell , who are putting higher-resolution screens on their inch laptops. This makes the more affordable MacBook Air a viable alternative for budget-conscious creatives, and deprives the MacBook Pro of a key selling point. When it comes to ports, the Apple MacBook Pro inch M1, sticks with just the two Thunderbolt 3 ports both on the left-hand side , and an audio jack on the right.

While we're glad that Apple's move away from Intel hasn't meant losing Thunderbolt 3 it's an Intel product, after all , this lack of ports continues to be a bit of a pain point for professionals. If you want to copy photos from a memory card, or use peripherals that rely on the older USB-A ports, then you're going to need to buy a dongle.

In our time with the MacBook Pro inch M1, we were been impressed by its performance. Apple talked a big game about the M1 chip, and claims that its CPU is 2. Now that we've had the MacBook Pro inch M1, for a while, we can delve deeper into its performance. We ran both native M1 apps and older legacy apps designed for Intel Macs, and they performed really well. We opened up several demanding apps at once, and swapped between them, and throughout macOS Big Sur didn't miss a beat.

They opened quickly, and switching between them was almost instantaneous. As we said in our MacBook Air M1, review, the fact that Apple has switched to an ARM-based chip, but via its Rosetta tool allows you to continue to run older apps without any major issues, is commendable. The fact that Apple is not only ensuring that pretty much all older Mac apps work on the M1-toting MacBook Pro inch, but also thousands of iOS apps as well, really highlights what a poor effort Microsoft has made with Windows 10 on ARM.

It needs to seriously up its game. Unlike the MacBook Air M1, , which runs silently thanks to its fanless design, the MacBook Pro inch M1, does still have fans, and they do kick in after a while when you're doing some strenuous work on the device.

The laptop also gets rather warm towards the back at times. However, the fans don't ever get too distracting, and for day to day use you'll never hear them. Due to its fanless design, the MacBook Air has to throttle performance by lowering the speed of the M1 chip to avoid overheating.

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The construction is exemplary. The notebook is sturdy yet compact. Even though the display lid is very thin, it's torsionally rigid. Keyboard and touchpad are top-notch. A display with a higher resolution, non-glare preferred. Overall the display is good, but the resolution is just not adequate. And the glass layer on top makes outdoor use in direct sunlight next to impossible.

The mobility factor of this notebook. We are not only talking about the fairly low weight here or the compact dimensions, but also about the very long battery life. The little MacBook Pro straddles many categories. Competition comes from within: one example is the MacBook Air 12 Mid Plenty of manufacturers offer Ultrabooks.

Ivy Bridge. It just works awesome. Apple's marvellous product has all that you can even think of If pricing is one thing which is making you think again and again, trust me, once you have it, you wont count the extra money you shed for this amazing beautiful machine. Awesome product!!!!! Excellent machine, have been using previous versions of Macbook, lot of improvements in this one in terms of battery life giving hours as of now , speed and performance, handling and excellent keyboard.

Good delivery by WS Retail and flipkart. Highly recommended. Good Product - great experience with flipkart. The build quality of this product is great. If you are new to apple, this would be a good place to start with. Especially if you are a developer who is mobile, I would highly recommend this product. If you are not mobile then you can try to get mini mac from a price stand point. For a developer this would be better than Air which comes below this price range , but has limited ssd storage or the screen would be small for long term use.

The air also does not come with optical drive or ethernet port. I look at Air more like a netbook at lower processing power than the MacBook Pro. Flipkart does not seem to sell a lot of hard cases, so you best bet would be amazon or snap deal. I have heard speck is a good brand but pricy. There are other brands one can try out. If you are buying for this model keep an eye on non-retina when you order a hard case. This notebook comes with a backlit keyboard, the brightness of the keyboard can be adjusted with hotkeys.

It does not have a separate numeric keypad as many would know. It does not have a page down or up, instead the track pad recognises the gestures as you would do on a touch screen which is very natural and easy. One could also swipe pages left to right using the track pad. You have an option to upgrade to Mavericks, but it seems to ask for billing info before I could proceed.

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