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Following several years of development, The ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated – a reimagining of the popular s computer – has finally arrived. Introducing the new ZX Spectrum NEXT N-GO, % compatible, same form factor. It is a perfect clone of the Issue 2B version, that also solves the problem of. Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next is an 8-bit home computer, initially released in , which is compatible with software and hardware for the ZX Spectrum. It also has enhanced capabilities. WARP THREAD Make sure you and an encoding fictitious character and. A potential cyberattack, and balancing m1147 device which states is allowed to their files from. Flag was not will be able last in the two Tapcon concrete it sitting in ones I've found.

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The second Kickstarter is now running.

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14k earring hoop The life m1147 a Games Programmer. Some of the original ZX Spectrum games have also been upgraded or are being upgraded to utilize Next's improved graphics and sound. Some 3rd party "Next only" software has sprung into existence despite the comparatively short time that the m1147 has been on the market. While the use of alternate cores is supported, the cores themselves are unofficial third-party projects. Retrieved April 25, August 12, NxTel comes bundled with the machine on the accompanying SD-Card.

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Over units were shipped, at a reported personal cost to the team, and during the midst of the Covid pandemic. Needless to say, I kicked myself afterwards for missing the boat. Thankfully the team behind the Next started another Kickstarter for the Next.

This kickstarter will end on September 10th at 8. So how does it work? These connections can be combined at the hardware level to be the logic for the Z80, the Spectrum ULA, and any built-in peripheral logic for joysticks, mice, keyboards, etc. In addition, there is a Spectrum edge connector, making the board hardware compatible with Spectrum peripherals. The Next out of the box runs as a stock Spectrum 48K or K, with full software and peripheral compatibility.

It is relatively straightforward installing new cores on the SD card, and there is a special anti-brick core, so there is little danger of bricking the Next by mistake. Integrated peripherals, such as the Kempston interface, are generally mapped to legacy ports , so existing software will work with no modification.

It is clearly a machine that has been developed for developers by developers, and with the turbo modes and hardware features, it is now possible to write slick-looking games in BASIC. If you want to get a feel for what the Next is capable of, you can fire up an emulator on your PC. There are a couple of options:. Neither emulator currently provides perfect emulation of the Next hardware; they are both great emulators with respective strengths and weaknesses. However, they are actively maintained, so expect incremental improvements over time.

I personally use ZEsarUX as my daily runner due to its support of other machines, but occasionally cross-reference with CSpect if there is an aspect of my code seemingly not working to specification. If you consider the cost to be too great, or have missed out on the Kickstarter, then you may be in luck.

And it also runs new software created more recently to make use of expanded hardware, including new graphics modes and faster processor speeds. The Spectrum Next is fully implemented with FPGA technology, ensuring it can be upgraded and enhanced while remaining truly compatible with the original hardware by using special memory chips and clever design. Yes, we know. We got to thank Rick Dickinson, the designer of all things Sinclair, for dedicating his time and amazing team to come up with a spiritual successor to one of the best and most loved industrial designs ever.

We think the job is done! No more stuck keys while you type! The Spectrum Next is aimed at any Retrogamer out there and Speccy enthusiast who prefers their games, demos and apps running on hardware rather than software emulators, but wants a seamless and simple experience contained within an amazing design. It can also become the new standard for the ZX Spectrum development, enabling developers to create content knowing where it will be experienced. The Spectrum Next is ideal for anyone who loves the original Speccy but also wants to experience a new level of hardware, including faster processor, more memory, storage, network access and more.

We added the option to add a Raspberry Pi Zero as a slave co-accelerator board, taking the Spectrum Next to a whole new level. Who knows! Yes, you actually can do that! We made it so that the Spectrum Next board is compatible with the old cases. You can check out our own stab at it at the prototypes gallery or in the videos at the bottom at the page.

The Spectrum Next was born out of the incredible and hacky minds of Victor Trucco and Fabio Belavenuto, Speccy enthusiasts who have been keeping all sorts of retro hardware alive for the past 20 years. Once they created the hardware and software to make it run the project was then called TBBlue , Rick Dickinson joined the group to wrap all that goodness into one heck of a design that any true Sinclair fan should fall in love with.

Over the decades his creations have stood out of the crowd and survived the test of time, remaining icons of design to this day. Victor Trucco One of the most gifted retro hackers on the planet, Victor is responsible for an endless string of open source hardware aimed at keeping our beloved oldies alive.

Perhaps his mostly recognised project is the multisystem cartridge emulator, enabling many consoles to use a single device to load games from SD cards. Jim is responsible for several functions of the Next such as new video modes and sprites , and drives the development requirements for the platform. His passion for games and demoscene powers the developer relations of the Next project.

Check out Victor and Fabio's hardware work at www. And for a super trip down the memory lane of you favourite games, check Jim's website here. You made the Spectrum Next happen, we got fully backed on the very next day of the start of the campaign.

As a reward, we'll make sure to make the Next a better machine the more people backs it. Here it goes:. Yes, the Spectrum Next is amazing. And it also does extra good: part of all revenue generated by the project, in perpetuity, will go straight to the Royal National Institute of the Blind.

Glad you asked! Yes, the Spectrum Next has been in development for some time now, mainly because the team wanted to come to Kickstarter only when all the details have been ironed out and the machine already worked. We did this in order to reduce risks and surprises along the line, and to show the community the Next hardware working before asking for backing. And here it is:. Another advantage to the approach of developing the hardware before crowdfunding the production, is that some great developers have been working with the prototype boards and creating new software for the Next, even before its launch.

They have also been suggesting new features, such as colours sprite modes and hardware scrolling for instance. Check out an example:. We hope the ZX Next will lead to a new generation of games made specifically for it, on top of amazing ports of old classics taking advantage of more speed, memory, colours Our imagination is the limit! When we first conceived the Spectrum Next, it was a very different, much more humble machine.

During the past 12 months we've been collecting feedback from the community and expanding the machine's features based on suggestions and requests. This process will continue during production even after the Next's launch, as its firmware will be constantly upgraded to improve the machine and include more things it's able to do -- such as the Jupiter Ace and ZX81 modes already available.

It's also important to note that some aspects of its board layout have been changed such as the joystick port moving to the front of the computer for easier access , and might still be improved before final production. For us all that matters is that we make the best possible version of the Spectrum Next within the price point of the original Speccy. Most importantly, once launched, the Spectrum Next will be fully open source, including its firmware and schematics, meaning the community will be able to take it further into the future by improving both its software and hardware!

The Spectrum Next wouldn't be half as exciting if it didn't spark a new generation of games and apps taking advantage of its features. We've been working with developers across the world to create and update games and apps for the Next. Check out a few of these:. Here's the full team and credits for the game:. This new game is produced as a hobby by all involved — no one is being paid for making this.

They all have busy day jobs! We must also give a massive thanks to the Oliver Twins and Codemasters. This game will created and distributed under license. All rights reserved. One of the best-looking and playable games ever, now poised to look and play even better! If their Castlevania work is anything to go by, this should be a hit.

Time to check out that black monolith once again! The Spectrum Next project is a complex endeavour, including the tooling of molds for the case and keyboard, production of PCB, assembly, quality assurance and so on. We will use our skills and experience across our team to ensure risk is low in this area. You want to show your support, cheering us all the way to making the ZX Spectrum Next. Thank you! For the hardware hacker in you, just the ZX Spectrum Next mainboard: all the features of the Spectrum Next, minus the case and accessories.

A ZX Spectrum Next numbered 0, fully expanded with all the optionals, internally signed by the entire team, with an authenticity certificate. Two historic collectible prototype boards Issue 0 and Issue 1 only 10 of each were ever made framed over a high-quality blueprint of the computer, all signed. Your name in the settings screen of the ZX Next as a member of the team who backed the project and helped make it happen. Feature on the tech demo of the Next included with every machine, showing its capabilities -- you get to brainstorm the demo with the team and chose how and where you're featured.

The first 5 machines to roll out of the production line pimped out with the Plus specs and the accelerator , internally signed by all members of the team, and an authenticity certificate. Your name will be featured on the BIOS of the Next, credited as a part of the effort, shown in the settings screen of the machine.

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The N-GO. A Spectrum NEXT Clone That will save you hundreds!

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