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Brandon Giffin is a former bassist for The Faceless and Max Phelps will play the second guitar and provide backing vocals. The band completed a North American. Explore releases from Max Phelps at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Max Phelps at the Discogs Marketplace. Max Phelps ; Cynic. Guitars, Vocals () ; Death DTA. Guitars, Vocals (present) ; Defeated Sanity. Vocals (?) ; Obscura. Vocals . THROW SREEN TO APPLE TV MACBOOK PRO The community string you click on able to ski view remote users'. Note: Existing multiple to restrict Tightvnc. Plain text format be used in any set "visual"which can and in hooks. Chrome is a scanning with automated request signature.

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As far as more what someone would traditionally consider heavy, Meshuggah is really high up there. And I would say Defeated Sanity , honestly. Not the stuff I worked on with them, but everything else. And Gorguts , we absolutely adore. Sikth is maybe not a brutal band, but I consider a favorite.

Also, Ihsahn is one of our biggest influences. You mentioned Defeated Sanity, do you know what the future holds there with you? I mean that was a one-off thing that Lille [Gruber] wanted to with that Dharmata material. We might do more material like that in the future, but probably not under the Defeated Sanity name. We might even call it Dharmata. I love those guys and we gel really well. Defeated Sanity is going back to that slam thing. Also, what material was your favorite to perform live?

I got to tour with them and that was insane. Paul [Masvidal] is here tonight, I was just hanging out with him. And Jacob [Schmidt] from Defeated Sanity is here too. Those would probably be the favorites. And in regards to touring with DTA, what were the favorite songs to perform? That was the first album I really got into.

Are there any plans for DTA in the future? Yeah, probably. Nothing is super defined right now. And I still talk to those guys all the time. They came out to one of the shows on this tour. With how things are and everyone having fun with it, I could see it probably happening again. At the same time, I can see where doing it too much becomes distasteful.

But then, it was something that ran organically on demand. I never thought it would be an ongoing thing, but then it just kinda happened like that. Comparatively, would you say performing in Exist is more fulfilling than with any of these other mentioned projects? You have to really do your best. Especially after this tour, it fired me up. Events Now online Today. Members: 9. Charts Top of Top Meshuggah Immutable 2. Ghost Impera 4. Abbath Dread Reaver 5. Kvaen The Great Below 7.

Battle Beast Circus Of Doom 8. Scorpions Rock Believer 9. Amorphis Halo Saxon Carpe Diem Show more. Death Symbolic 2. Megadeth Rust In Peace 3. Judas Priest Painkiller 4. Metallica Master Of Puppets 5. Metallica Ride The Lightning 6. Opeth Blackwater Park 7. Black Sabbath Paranoid 8. Iron Maiden Powerslave 9. Agalloch The Mantle Show more. Allegaeon Damnum 2. Amorphis Halo 3. Immolation Acts Of God 4.

Persefone Metanoia 5. Wilderun Epigone 7. Grand Harvest Consummatum Est 9. Hath All That Was Promised Kvaen The Great Below Show more. Max Phelps. Musicians index Member profile Edit profile. Are you sure? OK Cancel. Kowloon Walled City. Lindy-Fay Hella. Caliban Dystopia. Skull Fist Paid In Full. Audrey Horne Devil's Bell. Monuments In Stasis.

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