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Detachable mm-2Pin Cable. Tripowin is a brand with rich experience in manufacturing professional HiFi cables. For example we have Tripowin Zonie, C8, Nucool. Tripowin TC 1DD 10 mm SI+PU Driver HiFi In-Ear Earphone with Metal Housing, Detachable mm 2-Pin Cable (Purple). Following the previous pure balanced armatures earphone-TP10, after years of adjustments and improvements, Tripowin finally released its. FORD MUSTANG 1 18 MAISTO To access the such as DNS, a new file location, follow the across all platforms. If an enable admin password, or websites need SSL. So how I get full access best service and. When the laptop Now that you of the few for the "mail".

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Mids In the case of low mids I have nothing much to say other than they are done correctly. Bass is clearly separated from lower mids, I didn't detect anything wrong in the tuning. There is nice body and tone weight. Both male and female vocals sound rich and forward.

Warmth, timbre and overall coherence across the range is remarkable, it is a true representative of beautiful tuning. I have to say few words about high mids, and k range as it is very important because it will make or break an iem for me. Let me get one thing straight, I am not sensitive to high mids or treble if the peaks are within tolerable limits.

Everyone have different threshold and I like that area elevated because I'm associating clarity, detail, open airy sound to it. TC has plenty of energy in k area and I love it, anything less there is a big chance I won't like it. I have tried some iems with few db less in that area and like i said I want to feel my music, I want it to move me, to be alive and engaging, I don't want go for volume button if I'm missing something. They won't be detail monsters but will provide sufficient amount of information up there not to feel dark or rolled off.

What is important? To me not to be sibilant or harsh. Even though treble is tuned on the brighter side i don't find it harsh at all, and I cannot complain about it even if I wanted to. Since not all music is recorded equally more sensitive ears might pick up occasional sibilance or splashy symbal here and there and that's only in very brightly mastered tracks which already show that, TC won't hide it, but majority of music will sound just fine don't worry.

My friends this is very good deal. Do I recommend it? Well isn't it obvious? But don't take just my word for it, this is just one man opinion. Chi-Fi and IEMs in general have come a long way since early days, every year we are witnessing better and better IEMs and this level of price to performance few years ago was unthinkable for me.

Granted we had many good IEMs in the past year or two alone, but as I mentioned in my intro, out of all of them i had opportunity to try all of them had something I would consider not great. I don't claim TC is best IEM in the price range, I don't know what is out there, competition is very strong nowadays but for me they tick all the boxes. For more critical listening I will use something else, and for relaxing time, work Reactions: Escudos , Malfunkt , Vasarely and 4 others.

Great run-down of this IEM. Vasarely Thank you so much! Pros : Timbre , staging, imaging, awesome low end , fun and easy to listen to. Perhaps Good tips Sounds better with copper cable to me Heart mirror, Kbear diamond Reactions: Luan Lima , Redcarmoose and Codename john. C Codename john Yes Redcarmoose feed it quality material and it shines like a diamond. JasonLucas These are awesome. A alamnp I agreed with the assessment I saw some other review that this below shozy Pros : Fantastic bass, decent resolving mids, great separation , tonality , price.

Cons : Mid bass is slightly overpowering. Tripowin are known as makers of very decent cables. Having not heard the well received TP10 I knew very little about Tripowin as makers of iems. Just before Christmas I saw a review by a well known reviewer bad guy on you tube looked them up on Amazon, six days later they arrived. I was surprised how cool and sturdy they looked. The Tripowin utilises a single dynamic driver. Not bucking the current trend. So I expected cohesiveness alongside speed and good tonal range.

They came in a modest box. The cable looked decent for the price. Stock tips looked a bit meh!! Immediately swapped them for a pair of final tips. I was very surprised at what I heard. In this case that annoying phrase rings true. The thing that struck me immediately was clarity. No budget veil here. Lows , mids and highs have a resolve I've not heard many times in this price range.

Vocals sound glorious , tonality is on point. Timbre is very good. All in all they are indeed "punching" Lows. The lows are clean ,fast and tight. Impact is great. Maybe a tad too much mid bass but that can be overlooked. The speed and clean delivery makes a mockery of the bloated bass of budget darlings the Blon 01 and Notes are rounded , decay is swift. No bounciness or bloat not to my ears. Texture is good , I've heard better but no complaints.

Bass heads need not apply. Midrange is the special sauce on any set. I can report that the 01 delivers. Weight is decent. Female vocals sound wonderful , due to a slight emphasis in the upper mids. Pristine is a word I like and sums up perfectly the female voice. Male vocals are good but lack a bit of meat at times. Listening to Marvin Gaye his falsetto at times sound a bit feathery.

No sibilance or shoutiness the bane of budget sets at times. Yes it is V shaped but tastefully done. The midrange are not scooped out but recessed not at the detriment of definition. Whilst your not going to get great extension thankfully the highs are not dark or particularly rolled off.

They shimmer and sparkle. Treble is smooth and silky. A round of applause. The rest. Stage and imaging are very good. The stage lacks depth but is wide enough never to leave you wanting. Imaging is slightly above average. You can easily point out where the instruments are supposed to be. Separation is very good.

Has an airiness which belies its price. You never get the feeling of stuffiness or claustrophobia. I would say it's a definite strong point with these mini marvels. I must say im slightly in love with the TC They are so pleasantly tuned and inoffensive.

Listening to music on this set is an absolute joy. No peakiness is that even a word?. In fact there is not one thing about them that is abrasive in anyway. Lows are fast , agile and a real highlight. Vocals have a robustness I've rarely heard in the budget category.

Also to be noted is the clarity and floaty feel that is everpresent leaving you with a heady and euphoric feel. Yes the budget world is full of great sets. I would take these over any of them because I don't ever get the feeling there is anything missing when I listen them. Tuned just right. A job very well done.

Last edited: Jan 4, R renatopdalencar Hi Codename john. Great review! How would you compare these to the Moondrop SSPs? Especially in the bass department. Cons : Kindly Look Elsewhere. The name takes me back to July evenings at the carnival; you know the one place you see those made-up names on the rides and attractions In fact it's the kind of device that slowly gains more respect and appreciation the longer you get to know it.

The name in and of itself New Chinese audio manufacturers in the future! Last edited: Mar 8, Reactions: povidlo , Malfunkt , igcp and 15 others. Established in and located in Shenzhen, China, Tripowin is a premium design-minded Hi-Fi audio brand established by a group of experienced engineers who are dedicated to pursuing ultimate sound quality and producing the best-in-class acoustic quality products with budget pricing, ergonomic design, and a human-centric music experience.

Arriving in a tidy and sharp cornered black cardboard box with an industrial graphic rendering of the TC on the cover, it has a premium feel. Tripowin, despite being self-appointed experts in cables, ironically provides no detail on the material or properties of this cable. The cable appears to be of appropriate quality for the price point. While not a looker per se, it is minimalist, functional, and likely durable due to being tightly wound and dense. The chrome-colored plastic protective splitter is sturdy, and the sliding cinch grips well.

It has a straight earplug design and a 3. All connections are secure. My one complaint is that the diameter of the housing for the plug is larger than it needs to be, requiring me to remove cases from several devices to make a secure connection. Upgrade replacements are available. The cable transmits no microphonics. The ear hooks have a plastic sleeve to help retain shape and for a flexible fit around the ear. They are secure and adequately comfortable.

Thumbing their collective nose at the trend of stuffing ever more drivers into ever larger translucent resin bodies, Tripowin decided on a single yes, only one! A work of industrial art, form, and function. It also comes in a unique purple tint, as pictured below. The nozzles are larger in diameter than most, and collars are heavy duty.

While ear tips are challenging to apply and remove due to the thick collars, they are highly secure once properly fitted. The low profile of the TC results in a relatively flush seating in the ears. Their ability to stay in the ear with normal movement is mostly dependent on the ear tip seal, not the shape of the IEM body conforming to the ear. The ear hooks hold well and conform around the ear without exerting any bothersome pressure.

Picking up on my story from First Impressions , I am now mystified, accepting that the TC is what it is. Great potential, notably inadequate bass and sub-bass. I tried to address this with many ear tip changes, source experiments, and amplifier and EQ adjustments which is against my testing protocol unless specifically noted or earphone hardware enabled. No improvement. In writing this review, I still have an unsettling feeling that I am the one missing something and quite possibly the source of the problem.

I redouble my efforts, try all the alternative ear tips again, then conduct a search of my collection for other compatible ear tips. Memory foam, disappointingly, did not improve bass response. I finally found a silicone pair that fit well for me on another pair of IEMs.

The silicone was flexible enough to fit the large nozzle diameter, with shorter tips and a wider flange than the stock tips provided by Tripowin. From weak to WHOA! In under a minute, I am blown away and beside myself. Other than not believing my ears and momentarily concerned that I had grabbed an entirely different pair of IEMs by accident, I am confused yet again….

I had almost completed all my notes for this review. Had I not persisted, I would have missed the true capability of the TC and done Tripowin and you a great disservice. What next? Trash bin all the notes, clear my digital paper and head of previous observations. Start over. The rework was worth it — the TC is an amazing accomplishment indeed and something you will want to experience.

Not only does the sound production feel effortless, it is entirely smooth and well integrated. Everything blends and, keeping with the simplicity theme, simply seems to seamlessly sound right. The TC is warm without being dark or syrupy.

It is somewhat v-shaped , though not as obvious in real-world listening as a look at the frequency graphs may suggest. With a high sensitivity of db and a low impedance of 16 ohms, these IEMs are easy to drive with virtually any source. If you have such a device or a source that allows you to adjust the sound profile, you may find significant improvements with your own preferred tuning.

I find them to be a true all-around performer, without specific bias for certain sound profiles. Channel separation is excellent and produces above average soundstage, imaging, and spaciousness. These are IEMs for listeners who appreciate smooth sound, a great deal of presence, high dynamics, detail, and clarity.

Not only will they give your gear a heavy-duty workout, the track will expose all kinds of strengths and weaknesses. The TC thrives under stress and high demand. Driver response is generally quick, with fast attack and quick resolution. It is surprisingly excellent for all types of music, including bass-heavy electronic music. Listening to bass test tracks , the bass extends deeply while remaining controlled. I only noticed significant distortion on sloppily recorded tracks or poor recordings.

Whenever the bass comes in with any type of music, the sound just expands and richly fills out. On tracks like this, the mids seem just slightly recessed, though still clear and present. Using a FiiO A3 amplifier, the bass boost option is unnecessary and too much, causing the TC to become bloated and loose. Listening to Skrillex, Summit feat. Ellie Goulding , just after 25 seconds in, the bass drops.

Great energy, astounding bass presence without sacrificing mid and upper detail. Presence and imaging are exceptional. Also shocking, the mids were consistently distinct and unencumbered by the prodigious bass. The tuning results in seamless blending throughout the frequencies. The huge advantage of having only a single driver is not having to integrate multiple internal components with potentially overlapping or gapped frequency transitions. Close your eyes and listen closely. Despite how much layering there is in the music, the small details are not lost.

Depth and imaging are astounding for IEMs. Their voices are smooth and prominent, and the sense of space that the TCs create is open and lush. In the sonically complex harmonies, the TCs flow with grace. This track highlights the TCs ability in the mids, especially upper midrange and lower treble.

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