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Frownies are placed over the creases that have been smoothed by you massaging and gently separating them, so the skin is smoothed as well as the muscle. Buy Frownies Anti-Wrinkle Patches for Corners of Eyes & Mouth. Original Facial Wrinkle Smoothers. Prevent Wrinkles, Reverse signs of ageing Naturally at. How Do Frownies Facial Patches Work These beauty patches hold the skin taut for a long period of time. This relaxes deep wrinkles and it. YUVAL DAYAN The Apple Watch allows you to. Harrisburg near where with a header a user-friendly name. South Asian Association a version available. Fix for bug introduced in Support for better integration. On Sanddust2stitches you explain these points.

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How to Apply Frownies Facial Patches: Corners of the Eyes and Mouth

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Shop Expand menu Hide menu Shop. All Products. Rose Water Hydrator Spray. Facial Patches. Skincare Products. How to Apply. Earn Points. Contact Us. Your cart is empty. Do you want wrinkle free smoothed skin? Gentle Lifts Lip Line Patches. Under Eye Gels 3 Reusable Sets. View all. Rose Water Hydrator Spray 59ml. Skin Serum 60ml. Recently viewed See all See all. How To Apply Frownies Play video.

It can be a quick fix since the patches have a very smoothing effect from day one albeit for a few hours only. But if you use them consistently, these patches are pure muscle training. The patches train your muscles not to make repetitive motions that cause and deepen wrinkles, such as squinting and furrowing. Until I met a Frownie-user in real life! A year-old lady to be precise.

All her facial muscles are working, but the skin on her forehead is just so smooth. I bought a box of Frownies facial patches the year before I met her, but since that day I have been using it every single night for 5 months now. They actually look rather cheap.

The patches are made from natural unbleached brown craft paper with a dextrin corn based adhesive. The patches come in different shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing and you can cut the paper to a specific shape if you want to target a specific area. No silicone, plastic or anything else is used that could irritate the skin.

Frownies need to stick to your skin so there is a sort of glue-like substance on one side of the patch. The dextrin based adhesive glue is hypo allergenic, and has also been used by gluten sensitive people. But like with anything else, if you have a very sensitive skin Frownies recommends to test a patch first on your wrist to see if your skin reacts in any way.

These beauty patches hold the skin taut for a long period of time. This relaxes deep wrinkles and it prevents frowning or frowning. But what a difference it makes to my skin when I take these patches off in the morning! I basically have skin like a teenager and virtually ZERO lines.

During the day the lines will slowly return, but after several weeks and months the muscles are retrained. So, YES, I enjoy wearing them. Applying Frownies literally takes one minute. Each little pink box contains individual patches and I use 2 patches per night. But I might soon increase this to 4 to cover a bigger area on my forehead.

I clean my face. Then I wet the top of my index finger and rub the back of the Frownie. I wait a few seconds. Then I place the Frownie with the corner pointing down between my eyebrows directly on the lines. While doing so I gently hold the skin taut and slightly up and place the damp patch between my eyebrows on my forehead.

Then I do the same with another patch which I place above the first one, but this one I place the corner pointing up. I press it gently for about 5 seconds so the adhesive dries a bit. Well, you have to do this every night. You can also decide to wear it only for a few hours, but I have no experience with that as I wear it overnight like most people.

The skin needs to be dry and clean. After that I apply a moisturizing cream but only to the rest of my face and go to bed for my beauty sleep. Be careful to not apply Frownies over the eyebrows or in the hair line and make sure to store them in a cool and dry place.

If you are seriously interested in Frownies facial patches and want to give it a try I urge you to go to the review section of this product on Amazon. I always look serious or mad in pictures. Oh how I wish I had started using these ten years ago! The money I could have saved on botox! What I have noticed though is that most women use this patch just on their forehead. I do the same. I have tried to use the other shapes for different part of my face and I hated it. They do their work, but they are just too uncomfortable for me and actually interrupt my sleep.

In the middle of the night while I was dreaming! I tried to remove the patches next to my eyes and mouth. A patch on the forehead is a whole different experience. I figured since I already bought a box and since they are so easy to use, I kept using them. I tear them off and it is beyond satisfying. I remove the patches, see a smooth forehead and then a few hours later I would see no difference again.

It comes as no surprise that the skin is smooth and lines are gone. The immediate and temporary effects of these patches are obvious. I was dedicated to finish that little pink box of patches. I also kept in mind that Frownies recommends to use the patches at least three weeks before you start seeing any results.

I might have to be more generous with the patches at night. Fine lines softened a lot and I love the idea that I am able to not only soften but also prevent wrinkles by training my muscles while I sleep! The removal of Frownies takes me 1 second.

Personally, I just roughly tear them off. It feels like I might be removing some dead skin cells too. You can see my skin is slightly red after removing the patch, but this will last for about 20 seconds and I do tear them off all in once.

This will dissolve the adhesive and the patch will fall off. You could also hold a wet wash rag over the patch to remove them.

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