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a broken phone

You can always just take your broken phone screen into the shop. If you're an iPhone person, look for your local Apple Store here or consider. Don't Let a Broken Phone Screen Ruin Your Day · Claim on your phone insurance · Find or borrow an old phone · You can put a screen protector on a. My Broken Phone is an independent service company and is in no way affiliated with Apple Inc or any other third-party brand listed on this website. TO JPEG In MobaXterm, click via https from bulk configuration view. Requirements, including providing from hard drive. Broad detection signature. A workbench is on the End to be in to monitor user invitation, you have account, but is. Authentication to both of the less and the particular for the next for a solution.

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All Rights Reserved. FoneDog uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Click here to learn more. Toggle navigation FoneDog. WhatsApp Transfer. Android Data Recovery. Broken Android Data Extraction. Computer Data Recovery. Free Photo Compressor. Free PDF Compressor. Free Video Converter. Broken Android Data Extraction Reviews. Free Download. FoneDog Broken Android Data Extraction Guarantee 1 Check data in detail before recovery 2 Recover any item you want on the device 3 No data will be overwritten 4 Only you can access your data 5 Intuitive interface for everyone to use.

Photos All photos in your Android phone can be restored to PC. Samsung Galaxy Tab Tab Pro Step 2. Choose Your Phone Device and Model. Step 4. By Francisca. By Carter. By Richard. Write a Review More Reviews. What is the system requirement? How to activate the software? I dont know if he had things backed up I have all his passwords I just want his pictures Sorry for your loss.

If you have the passwords and the phone works it should be really easy to transfer all the files on the phone to a computer. I suggest that before you try anything by yourself, you take the phone to a phone repair shop and ask them to do it for you. Without phisically seeing the phone it is very difficult to tell you what to do and there is the risk to do something wrong.

I also experienced the same situation where my phone got broken and my important files are stored there. Luckily, my friend recommended me to use ApowerManager for me to transfer my files from my broken screen phone to my PC. This tool helped me a lot to move my important files and to back them up as well. It's better to backup the whole files of your device.

Hi, i read the whole article but cannot manage to fix my problem. I have a Huauei Honor 10 with not working touch screen. I need to reset it and to erase all of my data inside it. Since I thought that turning it off then on would have fix the screen problem, I turned it off. Now I cannot access couse cannot digit the password.

I tried to push the camera button and the volume on together in order to start the reset, but I cannot "write" the word "yes" to start the process. I tried to erase the data from google Android Device Manager, but since I can't control from the device if it worked, I'm not sure about this procedure. I also downloaded Vysor, but still doesn't work.. I think I need something that allows me to visualize my divide screen directly on my macbook without activating anything from the device since the screen isn't working..

Please, can you help? Thanks in advance! My screen wasn't working and I didn't have USB debugging turned on, I thought it was hopeless but I kept trying and slowly made progress to the point that now I can view and use my phone easily on my pc and control it with the mouse. Here's what to do; If you can manage to unlock your phone, plug it in to your pc via usb, you can then take screenshots as you go and view them via the file browser on your pc to help you navigate and access the settings to turn on screen mirror which uses wifi to display the phone screen on a smart tv.

You can now unplug the phone from the usb. If you have one I found it helpful to use a stylus with the pointer shown to make it easier to select things and navigate, but if you dont have a stylus just try to press on the right spot on the phone screen as you see it on the tv. Navigate to the developer options and turn on USB debugging, start vysor and reconnect your phone to the usb, once detected select "always accept usb debbugging for this pc" on the phone, and then click "view" on vysor to remotely control the phone with the pc's mouse easily and backup all your data.

Hope that helps :. Thanks you guys. My Xperia tablet had a broken screen, so I plugged in a mouse in the OTG cable plugged to the tablet and voila, I managed to restore my tablet to factory settings before I have it repaired. God bless. Though its a rewritten article on AndroidPit from 2 years ago, I think its one of the better articles I have read here.

Someone message me when mirroring a broken screen is as easy as making my face look like a dog. It's so much easier to get a twenty dollar case to protect your Dollar phone, no ive never broken my phone they have all had cases, much easier that way, I have seen 's of ignorant iPhone users with broken lcds, lol!

Thanks for those sage words of wisdom there Greg Really helpful. Really, really constructive There are different causes for touchscreen issues, Greg. A case only protects you from 1 GREG - "oops I dropped my phone" - that leaves paths to touchscreen issues unprotected by a phone case. Sorry - usually don't let the buffoons bait me. Nicholas, thanks for the informative post - a couple of methods here I hadn't considered.

May end up being a huge help. Thanks for this beautiful post. Got my iphone fixed by ScreenFixed they even offer me a home service. Your post is very insightful. Installing apps into device is quite simple though. Enable usb debugging via recovery: Code: Adb shell echo "persist.

Mobility News E-Bikes. Jump to: Introduction Replace the screen How to recover data from a phone with a broken screen? Replace the screen Sometimes the most expensive solution is the best solution If your phone is fairly new or if you are emotionally attached to the phone, chances are high you would want to get the display replaced and get the phone back in working order as soon as possible.

How to recover data from a phone with a broken screen? Verify whether the phone is unlocked. If the phone is locked, check if you can unlock it using biometrics side and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. In case you use a passcode or pattern lock, you can try entering the code or drawing the pattern to unlock the device.

If this option works for you, go to the third step. Select file transfer mode from the partially visible screen. Browse the phone on your computer and look for the folders from where you wish to salvage your data. Also read: How to recover lost data on Android Screen cracked, items on display partly visible, touchscreen not working In a bleaker situation, you may find that while the screen is cracked and some of the things on the screen can be seen, the damage has resulted in a non-functional touchscreen.

If the phone is locked, check if you can unlock it using the fingerprint scanner or face unlock. Use the mouse cursor on your phone screen and enter the passcode using the onscreen numbers. You can also draw a pattern using the mouse with a little bit of practice. You should now see a prompt to select the 'File Transfer Mode.

Transfer all the data you need from the broken phone. Screen completely black, no apparent physical damage, touch functionality working, phone unlocked Tools required: Another phone running the same OS. You will know why In this scenario, your Android phone seems to be functional - except the display is completely off.

Steps: Borrow a phone of the same make and build or at least running the same version of the OS and connect it to your PC. Take note of how it behaves after it is connected. Some Android devices display a pop-up screen that you can tap to select the 'File Transfer Mode'. Some other devices will need you to access the same via the notifications drop-down menu. This is more difficult as you can't see what the notifications are without a working display Get used to the UI using the loaner phone.

Once you know what to do, get hold of your phone. Swipe the screen to go to the home screen remember, you can't see this happening! Connect your phone to the PC. You should hear a sound from your PC after the phone goes into file transfer mode. Once in file transfer mode, you can easily view the contents of your phone and take a backup. Use the method you normally use to unlock the phone.

Connect it to the PC and transfer data as mentioned in the steps above. Hit the space bar to bring up the lock screen. You can't see this happening, of course! Phone is unlocked. Follow the steps mentioned in the section above to select file transfer mode, connecting your phone to PC. Here are the issues I encountered with Vysor and screen mirroring apps in general. To make the phone display the USB Debugging option, you first need to enable Android developer options To enable the Developer options , you need to tap the build number of the OS 7 times.

It is nigh impossible to do all these on a phone without a working display! In the rare instance that USB debugging was on right before you dropped your phone, you will still need to grant permission on your phone screen for it to work with your computer - which again, you cannot do without a functional display. Even on a phone where the display was working fine, I ended up getting several error messages and it was a pain to get this mirroring feature to actually work.

I can only imagine how frustrating it would be if you try this on a phone that does not have a working display! Someone also asked me if it was possible to enable Developer Options, and then USB debugging using voice commands. In my research, I did not find any option to do so.

How about using Airdroid? So, that's the Airdroid "solution" out of the window. How to control a smartphone with a broken screen using screen mirroring Is it possible to mirror your smartphone's screen to a TV when the screen itself isn't working, and the phone is locked? Another suggestion that I have come across online requires the following things.

A mouse. Prevention is better than salvaging data The very reason people are open to trying out a variety of steps and spend long hours researching this topic is to get hold of their data often pictures and videos. Must read: How to back up everything on Android Have you recovered data from a smartphone with a broken display?

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