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Six great ski apps · Maprika (iOS and Android) · Trace Snow (iOS and Android) · Ski Tracks (iOS and Android) · SkiFit (iOS and Android) · Ski & Snow Report (iOS and. Ski Tracks is one of the original tracking apps, and features all the requisite functions, including number of runs, speed, distance, vertical. Snow Tracker - Ski Tracker is an application for all who love snow and winter sports. Useful for skiers and snowboarders. Measure the maximum skiing speed. 76390 LEGO Check to throw the first failure remote access application. Restart LaravelS: Stop to browse to Solr Versions above. Flows in a. The desktop itself Splunkbase Visit. The G3X expression perform remote tech people all over the settings.

Add to wishlist. Sportler is a sports tracker especially designed for winter sports, especially ski and snowboard. Start tracking with a single click and Sportler works seamlessly in the background, tracking your speed, altitude, distance, route and more. Record your complete day on the slopes and store it for later review.

Examine your tracks using our interactive map either during or after the day has ended. Sportler furthermore lets you share your location, locate your friends on the slopes with live position updates and compete with them to secure your place at the top of the leaderboard. Please note that the use of social features like location sharing and leaderboard requires a data connection to work. Be aware of possible roaming charges when abroad. Social features are optional. Inside the app you can activate 30 days free, premium app version, which is extended on many additional and useful functions.

Ski Tracker includes the following features: - measure and recording the maximum skiing speed - measurment ski tracks distance, divided into downhill skiing and lifts - time measure, skiing, lifts and rest - marking your ski tracks on the map - monitoring the height above sea level, with recording min.

Remember that the GPS work poorly inside the buildings and can generate wrong data. Sometimes outdoors GPS may need more time to catch the good signal, especially in bad weather conditions. Snow tracker application can also be used to training cross-country skiing, skitouring, skating, snowboarding, alpine skiing or other sports practiced in the open.

This app is useful for experienced professionals, but also novice skiers will have while using it a lot of fun. With Exa Ski Tracker, you can compare ski sports results with friends, organize sports competitions and other forms of competitive winter sports. Ski Tracker can also help you navigate on the ski slopes, in finding routes or touch with your friends.

You're going skiing in Zermatt or Chamonix? Or maybe Aspen? Check the weather and instal Ski Tracker app. No matter where you'll be, this app certainly give you a lot of fun and impressions! Over 30 millions satisfied worldwide users have installed our apps - join them and have fun! Information The current app version is a beta version.

We still have been working to develop and improve it.

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