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Best 4x4 vans · 1. Volkswagen Transporter 4Motion · 2. Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 · 3. Ford Transit AWD · 4. Volkswagen Crafter 4Motion · 5. Land Rover Discovery. Quigley leads the global supply of 4x4 conversions for full size vans and cut-aways. Quigley 4x4 vans provide you the ability to Conquer Your World. Which off-road RVs and 4X4 vans are worth a second look? These 10 go-anywhere campers are your ticket to overlanding in style and luxury. View. APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13 INCH UNBOXING Let go of application groups for identify the file. This video helps Cancel reply Your email address will. Use it for Thunderbird SC as. Uh oh Something. Also I am.

Please call We created a video to help explain these differences and show them Please check in with your Quigley Sales Representative f We have upgraded our phone system if you are experiencing difficulty we w Read More. We are here to help you stay on the move! We hope to hear from you soon or see you on the trails!

Or what department are you trying to reach? Don't forget to subscribe. Watch Here Upgrade Your Travel Quigley is dedicated to giving you the best quality 4x4 conversion on the market. For more information on the process or to connect with a Quigley rep, send us a message. Quigley 4x4 Vans.

Who We Are. See all. Vin Lookup. Connect with our sales team to learn more about Quigley or ask them questions about the sales process. For future ease of service, each four-wheel-drive system is provided with a detailed list of all component parts and a maintenance schedule. Ford discontinued the E-Series Van with model year Sway Bar Disconnected.

Equipment Specifications Engine: 7. Click to view or print this page. Some floor plans that work well with the Classic van. A product manager can assist you in what will work best for you. You may enjoy the Sportsmobile archives for writeups, lifestyle photos, and rallies. Ultimate Adventure Vehicle Maxim Magazine. Lifestyle Photographs I.

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Unfortunately, it's only available with a right-hand drive setup. It is surprisingly agile and maneuverable, and the Hydro Max brakes are top-notch, as they should be for a vehicle of this size. This Nissan 4x4 conversion is powered by a 5. The NV is good at towing, capable of pulling up to 9, pounds. With the off-road features, the NV4x4 offers plenty of traction when driving in patches of rough terrain. The Peugeot Boxer has a selectable 4WD system, with raised suspension about 30mm at the front and 50mm at the rear.

For good traction in bad conditions, it's fitted with off-road Goodrich all-terrain tires. This Camper van has been converted into an RV with a living space of up to three people. The Boxer 4x4 is perfect for the active family as it comes with a canoe on the roof rack and a Peugeot eM02 FS Powertube electric mountain bike mounted on the back. The Mitsubishi Delica was first produced in It started out as commercial pickup trucks and delivery vans.

It comes with selectable high and low four-wheel-drive and features a diff lock. The Delica offers great traction and enough torque to keep it moving when the going gets tough. Thanks to its great ground clearance it won't have any problems in uneven terrains either. Vee Mwaba is an educator who's always had a keen interest in all things automotive. When she's not writing about cars, she often has her head buried in a good mystery book. Via Mercedes. Via Autowise. Via Shuder. Via Pintrest.

Via Sportsmobile. Via Motor1. Via Mecum Auctions. Via Expedition Portal. Via Best Car and Motorcycles. Via Youtube. Via The Drive. Share Share Tweet Share Email. Vee Mwaba 13 Articles Published. Read Next in auto mass market. A suspension lift is negated somewhat by the hang-down of the transfer case, but it does make space for more aggressive rubber at each corner, and improves approach and departure angles.

Next up are the crop of now-legal Japanese market imports from the '80s and '90s. These include vans like the Mitsubishi Delica and the Toyota Van , each of which was available with a low-range four-wheel drive system, and has access to a surprisingly deep aftermarket of suspension and drivetrain upgrades. Smaller, and obviously older than the Sprinter, they are nevertheless prized for their more hardcore crawling capabilities and easier maneuverability.

Even Volkswagen's stock Syncro all-wheel drive system, which is prized among collectors, is less than useful off-road without the addition of locking differentials. For those who want to move beyond stock, there is no shortage of hardcore 4x4 van builders out there to choose from. These large vans remain popular overlanding choices due to their tough full-frame construction and the amount of technology they share with similarly-sized pickup trucks.

They also offer a significant amount of interior room and hauling capacity, which makes them ideal for longer-term living out in the bush. Of course, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has also seen its own share of third-party modifications aimed at the overland 4x4 crowd. Winnebago's Revel is built entirely on a Sprinter platform, and includes innovative gear storage and living quarters that tuck neatly into the Sprinter's cargo box.

The advantages of overlanding in a 4x4 van are obvious: acres of interior room, simple for most designs mechanicals making for easy maintenance, and strong availability when it comes to choosing a base for your next project thanks to the millions of fleet vehicles that routinely hit auctions. There are some downsides to van off-roading, however, that must also be considered. Long overhangs on most commercial vans can make some obstacles a serious challenge to drive over, and the tall height of a van can make for tricky center-of-gravity moments when the vehicle is hewed at an acute angle.

Then there's the cost: converting a Ford or Chevy full-size van to four-wheel drive isn't cheap, and neither are the JDM imports due to their relative scarcity in America. Finally, the readily available Sprinter's four-wheel drive system isn't appropriate for serious crawling, and the vehicle is known for both rust and reliability issues over time.

That being said, many of the issues afflicting 4x4 vans are also found in older sport-utility vehicles, which don't deliver the same ease-of-living as their cargo-oriented counterparts. It really becomes a question of where you want to spend your cash, and whether focusing on comfort, storage, and practicality or instead going for all-out capability are your most pressing overlanding concerns.

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