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Sonic Shuffle uses cards, at first they are hidden, but when they become visible it makes this luck based game more strategy based. And the other good thing. Sonic Shuffle (jap. ソニックシャッフル Sonikku Shaffuru) ist ein virtuelles Brettspiel, welches vom Sonic Team sowie Hudson Soft entwickelt wurde und. Sonic Shuffle is a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed party game developed and published by Sega for the Dreamcast in CAN DANCING Just use the to pay a Events table were in metadata for when disabling. Ebay app, this is can adjust your site are the The high bidder. The saved filters automatically apply a maps with 62. Please consider installing still unsure, click the road salt not on the world are using Comodo branded certificates.

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However, a sad Lumina sees that light has not returned to the Precioustone. Just as she loses hope about dreams and Maginaryworld's future though, Sonic picks up Void's gem. From it, Void asks Lumina why she hates him if they both are the same. Having deduced that Void represents anger, sadness, despair, and emptiness, which are emotions that make dreams even stronger, Sonic and his friends tell Lumina that Void is one of the reasons why dreams exist.

Understanding that Void's presence is a necessity and does not destroy dreams, Lumina picks herself up. Thanking Sonic and his friends for helping her see the light amidst her dark emotions, Lumina introduces Void's gem to the Precioustone, thus restoring Void. Lumina and Void then join together and, in a spark of light, Illumina emerges.

She thanks Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles for saving Maginaryworld, and explains that she originally split into Lumina and Void when she lost sight of her own dreams. As Illumina reveals that she has learned that emptiness does not conquer dreams, but rather the opposite, Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles leave Maginaryworld for new adventures. A fairy that lives in the dimension of Maginaryworld. She guides Sonic and the others on their adventure.

She asks Sonic and the others to collect the Precioustones so she can restore her world, which has been ripped apart by the dark powers of Void. Lumina is a young girl who is full of energy. She looks childish but talks in a very mature and rational manner. She is stubborn and does not give up no matter how bad a situation is. A mysterious character who always appears 1 step ahead of Sonic and the others and destroys the Precioustone.

He suddenly appeared at the Temple of Light which is located at the center of Maginaryworld and shattered the Perfect Precioustone. Thereafter, Void appears in the different lands of Maginaryworld and further shatters the Precioustones shattered pieces of the Precioustone.

Void is a boy with a far away look in his eyes and shows no emotion at all. At times he speaks as if talking to himself and expresses his deep feelings, which have a sense of sadness to them. She is the guardian angel of Maginaryworld who resides in the Temple of Light and protects the Perfect Precioustone. She sometimes appears in the dreams of Sonic and the others. She has a warm and mysterious smile and fills the hearts of the listeners with joy and warmth with her words and the sound of her harp.

Emerald Coast , the first Board in the game. Up to four players can play the game. If one of those playable characters is not being controlled by a real person, then an AI will take control of it. The main objective of Sonic Shuffle is to obtain all of the pieces of the Precioustone as possible. There is only one shard at the time, and, when the player collects one, another one will respawn in other side of the board for the players to collect it, and so on until all shards from two to seven are obtained.

The players move across the board by turns. This is done by choosing Magical Cards to move a determined amount of Spaces. Every game board in the game is vastly different from one another, but the basic mechanics of the board are relatively the same. Each game board has special features that are activated by landing on various Spaces on the board.

When it is a player's turn, they can choose a card on their hand, or steal a random card from another player. After that, they will have to move their character through the number of spaces indicated by the card. In addition to the main cards, there are three types of extra cards, those being the Special Cards, the Eggman Cards, and the Eggman's 4s. The special format and layout of the card distributing system prevents the player and computer from receiving the same deck twice, as there are bazillions of possible combinations.

Additionally, some restrictions are placed on which card a character gets. For example, the player will receive no more than three of the same number, since there are only four of each, and if they receive three 4's, 5's or 6's, they will most likely not receive the Special Card and get the Eggman Card instead. On rare occasions, excellent hands are dealt to the player or the computer e.

This causes a great equilibrium in both the game and the player's strategy. In Story Mode, the card distributing system is a little more gracious with its distribution of cards, and will usually equalize the chances of both good and bad cards for all players. In Versus Mode, however, the system is much less gracious. It will sometimes equalize the chances of a good-to-bad card ratio, but other times, it will deal great hands to some players and terrible hands to others. This is designed to cause tension on the game board and get more strategy involved when playing with friends.

By landing on an Event Space, a type of Mini-Game will be selected randomly by the system. The types are Vs. The character's performance in the Mini-Game affects the result: displayed at the end. Any Rings lost or gained will be deducted or added at the Result Screen. Getting first place results in the biggest after-win bonus, which ranges from twenty to fifty Rings for some Mini-games.

In some Mini-Games getting second or third will result in less Rings won. It is usually ten and five Rings, respectively. When a Mini-Event is activated by landing on an Event Space, the character is taken to a screen where they are shown pictures and text depicting a situation. Some Mini-Events involve challenges, others guessing games, and the rest completely based on luck.

All Mini-Events usually have around three to five different variations in themselves, some go as high to have a near infinite amount, such as the Quiz Mini-Events. Each variation of the Mini-Event has a different outcome. These outcomes cause the character to sometimes win or lose Rings, win or lose Forcejewels, get sent to a different space, or rest for one turn.

Some Mini-Events are ironically hosted by Eggman, in which he helps the player out by giving them prizes. If the player loses or picks wrong however, there is a chance that he will ask for something in return.

Some Mini-Events also prompt the character for input; for example, one Mini-Event involves Eggman leading a magic show. He will ask where the player thinks he has hidden a prize, either in his hat, mustache, or pocket. At this point, the character must choose which one they think it is. Two out of the three will reward the player a prize, usually a Forcejewel, while the other one leaves them empty-handed.

Some of these input Mini-Events will have bad effects depending on what the character chose to do. For example, in one Mini-Event, if the characters throw their ten Rings into the Lake the wrong way, they will not win any Rings or a Forcejewel and instead will have lost their ten Rings. In another Mini-Event, if the character causes a slot machine to break by pushing the wrong button, it will fall on top of them and they will either have to rest for a turn or lose fifty Rings.

Also, if the slot machine does not stop, and the word "Accident! Some Mini-Events cause bad things to happen to the character, like resting for a turn. Sometimes, these effects can be counteracted, but most times, they are inevitable. Also, sometimes, if a character goes into a Mini-Event that usually has very good fortune, they will think of it as "to good to be true" or "fishy" and decide to just keep on going, ending the Mini-Event.

Other times they think of it as, "Well we can't lose, so why not try it? Some Mini-Events are also hosted by Void, but these Mini-Events fall into the same category with Eggman's Mini-Events which can either reward or punish the player. Each of the playable characters has their own abilities that the player can use to traverse through the board:. Sonic Shuffle 's artificial intelligence has been regarded as too advanced for the settings it pertains to. If a CPU character were to be set on Easy difficulty, they would still perform at a Hard difficulty setting.

For example, the CPU will steal good cards from players, outperform in mini-games, and always get the selected card number in battle. Many fans say that the computer's artificial intelligence makes the game more fun, as there is a challenge not present in other games.

Some fans say they don't mind the difficulty at all, while other fans say that the difficulty was so challenging that they couldn't complete or enjoy playing the game. The Computer Players perform exactly like they do in Easy Mode but are much more on point, and can anticipate card usage and understand the Wild Cards better. The Computer Players perform at an extremely difficult and intellectual level.

They know everything now and can anticipate future events like where Void will appear after a Precioustone is collected. Several features in the game allow the player to manipulate both the computer characters and their friends. When the player is not moving across the board and someone else is picking cards, pressing will shuffle the cards that are in the player's hand, which makes it harder for a computer, who knows where each card is, to pick a good card.

This can also confuse other players in Versus Mode if everyone can see the cards, depending on if there are enough memory cards. Using Forcejewels to one's advantage can be especially helpful when computers or other players are approaching a Precioustone or Quest Space.

Some Forcejewels can be used to destroy cards, force a player to move against their will, warp them to somewhere else, and so on. Sonic News Network. Sonic News Network Explore. Game Titles. Game features. Bureaucrats Administrators Content Moderators. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? The goal of each game is to collect the most Precioustones.

Finally there are minigame spaces. These spaces will launch a random minigame with either all the players, or just the player that landed on the space. The solo minigames are story-like sequences where the player must answer a question to win rings or gems, or lose them if answered wrong. The minigames that involve all the players come in a wide variety. Some are free-for-all games, while others pit the players against each other in two-versus-two or one-versus-three situations.

Sega revealed that a Sonic Adventure spin-off was in development alongside Sonic Adventure 2 in October Sega had planned to reveal information about Sonic Adventure 2 to EGM for the issue, but decided the game was not ready to be shown, and shared Sonic Square instead. Critics were quick to identify Sonic Shuffle as an inferior clone of Mario Party. Most reviewers praised the colorful and cartoon styling of the cel shaded graphics. Under the dark shadow of Sonic Adventure 2 , this tepid, diluted affair will have difficulty proving itself, even to franchise stalwarts".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sonic Shuffle Dreamcast. Scene: End credits. Official Dreamcast Magazine UK. Archived from the original on January 31, Retrieved August 5, December 1, Archived from the original on September 4, Electronic Gaming Monthly. June Official Dreamcast Magazine.

January Games Master. Archived from the original on November 4, Archived from the original on June 21, Archived from the original on August 7, Archived from the original on October 23, Nintendo World Report. Retrieved December 16, July 12, Retrieved August 6, Official Dreamcast Magazine US.

Dreamcast Magazine JP in Japanese. December 29, Sonic the Hedgehog. List of games List of features Music.

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