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The organizers of the group are: Shorin Semyon "Jew" , who is now responsible for "communication" with law enforcement agencies and for the "common fund" Khachidze Jamal "Dzhemal". Thief in law, spiritual mentor, arbiter and judge of the group. A native of Sukhumi, born in Included in the high society of the criminal world of the Russian Federation.

Mikhailov Sergey "Mikhas" - the main, leading. He started as an ordinary racketeer, in he was convicted under Articles 95, and others. Arrested for carrying firearms in and again without consequences. The leaders of the group are the Averin brothers and Evgeny Lyustranov "Lustrik". Orekhovo-Borisovskaya group. Leader - Sergey Ivanovich Timofeev "Sylvester" , born in , previously convicted was arrested in for racketeering along with "Mikhas" and Sergey Averin; many authorities of the organized criminal group of the Moscow region and other Russian criminal communities are recognized as " a very strong leader.

Leader - Shishkin "Italian". Leader - Yusipov "Lexicon". The Solntsevskaya organized criminal group "supervises" in addition to the South-West of Moscow the Pushkin, Vidnovsky and Odintsovsky districts of the Moscow region. The organized crime group, formed in the late 80s, began with a primitive racket. He has been active in the economic sphere since , taking as a basis the model of American mafia structures of the 30s. To date, the "capitals" of the organized crime groups have been invested in real estate, land, the largest enterprises, Sheremetyevo Particular attention is paid to the hotel industry in the South-West of Moscow the Cosmos hotel , sports facilities, and banks.

The property of organized crime groups are several dozen commercial tents, up to a third of entertainment establishments cafes, bars, etc. The organized crime group controls the car market in Solntsevo, private transport at the Kievsky railway station and Vnukovo, all the clothing markets of the South-West, as well as most individuals engaged in prostitution and drug trafficking.

According to available data, A. Gerasimov "Smoked" controls the car service in Vnukovo, V. Dengu "Denga" controls the car service in Kuntsevo, and V. Shapovalov controls the Vietnamese community. Several "promising" members of the organized crime group made trips "abroad" Germany, China , during which they met with local mafia structures to establish "business" contacts and "exchange experiences".

The desire of the leaders of organized crime groups to "develop" contacts with the authorities of provincial Russian criminal communities is noted. So, for example, after visiting Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, up to a dozen "casinos" were opened there with a predominantly "Solntsevo" statutory fund. In its own region, the organized crime group "cooperates" mainly with the Taganskaya, Podolsk and Lyubertsy organized crime groups.

Relationships are also maintained with other groups. Negotiations on the division of territories and spheres of influence, as a rule, are conducted "peacefully. Professionalism can be traced in the organization and conduct of the intelligence and counterintelligence activities of the organized crime group by the way, the main educational buildings of the MB Academy are located on the territory supervised by the organized criminal group.

The OCG security service and its leaders pay special attention to collecting compromising information on senior officials of local law enforcement structures including photo, audio and video materials. The militants of the group are armed with small army weapons and grenades. It should also be taken into account that almost all situations of contract killings in the territories "subordinated" to organized crime groups are distinguished by the handwriting of professional killers weapons are left, the absence of cartridge cases, aimed shooting at night, etc.

Apparently, it is not accidental is, for example, such a message: " And already on September 1, operatives detained on suspicion in this murder of a student of the Academy of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, junior lieutenant Sergei Alyukov. Casino "Valeri" "Mikhas" was detained on suspicion of involvement in the murder of casino director Valery Vlasov, this casino is also "recorded" as a showdown with the Chechen community ; - premises of LLP "Zver"; - office and other premises of the firm "Watnet and Co"; - "points" of "Credit Bank".

Representatives of organized crime groups also visit the Maxim casino, all establishments of this kind in Vnukovo, in hotels - Salyut, On the Hill, Rhythm and Regatta, in the Mozhaisky hotel. The base restaurant is Bombay. Novoperedelkinskaya, 8, apt. October 9, He began his career in the restaurant "Sevastopol" as a waiter, headed the Komsomol organization of the restaurant.

Convictions: - In he was involved under Art. After a six-month departure, the Moscow City Court found him innocent and released him - in he was arrested for extortion, but after spending 1. Released for lack of evidence. In Mikhailov S. This brigade included Yunusov A. For the first time "Mikhas" went to prison at the age of 26 on charges of embezzlement by fraud. He staged the theft of a motorcycle and unreasonably received insurance for it.

For more than six months he was in a pre-trial detention center, the Moscow City Court sentenced "Mikhas" to 3 years probation. It was , work in a prestigious restaurant, as a person previously convicted, no longer shone. He worked at a research institute, then in a cooperative. He no longer needs the skills of a headwaiter, but the experience of a candidate for master of sports in classical wrestling came in handy. Local youth united around a wrestler with prison experience and his friend-athlete Viktor Averin.

Yevgeny Lyustarnov, a resident of Solntsevo, became faithful to Sancho Panza. The latter, in , was accused of murder, but he was declared insane and released. By the end of the 80s, the brigade, whose leaders were considered to be Sergey Timofeev Sylvester and Sergey Mikhailov Mikhas , already guarded and controlled more than 20 commercial structures in Moscow and the region, including the Sovietsky restaurant.

When Mikhas was arrested for extortion in December , witnesses in the case named 24 firms patronized by him and Sylvester. But the people of Timofeev and Mikhailov paid special attention to restaurants. Judging by the testimony of witnesses, this group not only guarded the Pokrovka, Olympus, Tourist, Kometa, Aist, Nil, and Anchor restaurants, but also stored weapons in some of them. The history of the appearance of the brigade in the cooperative is as follows: Rosenbaum turned to his friend Arkady Margolin with a request to find people who could protect him from racketeers.

He brought him together with Sylvester, Mikhas and Avera. Two foreign cars were not enough for the protection of the cooperative, Mikhailov, Averin and Lyustarnov were registered for senior positions and received a solid salary. Among the guards was the younger brother of Viktor Averin Alexander.

Mikhailov stayed under investigation for 1 year and 8 months, after which the case was dismissed for lack of evidence. Intimidated witnesses began to retract their previous testimony. By the end of the investigation, the "Fund" decided to bail the accused, saying that the cars were donated by decision of the cooperative, "restoring" the minutes of the meeting.

At the end of , Mikhas was detained again. He was checked for involvement in the murder of the director of the casino "Valery" Valery Vlasov. The suspicions were based on operational information that all the most prestigious casinos in Moscow are under the control of the Solntsevo brigade. Mikhailov's lawyer, Sergey Pogramkov, called these suspicions ridiculous, and Mikhailov was released in the evening of the same day.

In December , Mikhailov left Russia and settled in Israel, received the citizenship of this country, remaining a citizen of Russia. Currently, Mikhas, together with Avera, settled in Austria, and he moved around the world as a citizen of the state of Israel. In February , he moved to Latin America, where the Costa Rican authorities appointed him as their honorary consul in Moscow.

The Russian Foreign Ministry rejected this, but the diplomatic passport made him practically invulnerable to law enforcement agencies in his homeland. Now the statuses of honorary consuls of a number of Latin American states are preparing to receive several criminal authorities, as a rule, they all have foreign citizenship. The cost of diplomatic passports from Panama, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela ranges from 15 to 65 thousand dollars a citizen's passport of the Dominican Republic at a price of 15, dollars is held by State Duma deputy Artem Tarasov.

In particular, to interrogate him as a witness in the ongoing case of numerous episodes of bribery in law enforcement agencies in Moscow. One of those accused of bribery regularly used the telephone installed at Mikhas's. During a search in November in Mikhas' apartment, two certificates were found - one gave the right to enter the Russian presidential administration as an employee , the second indicated that he was a correspondent for CNN. It turned out that the "crusts" were made in the same fake Federal Detective Bureau of Russia.

The organizers of the bureau were arrested for forging documents and other crimes. Three weeks before his arrest, Yakubovsky illegally, according to the Prosecutor General's Office, entered MIKHAS's apartment sealed by it, in which the property seized by the investigation was located. According to the lawyer, the conviction has long been extinguished, and in the questionnaire his client has every right to write we are not convicted. Therefore, the lawyer does not like the hype in the press about his client, who, in his opinion, is a law-abiding businessman and an accurate taxpayer both in Austria and Russia.

Mikhailov S. He is currently detained in Switzerland, where he was arrested in Viktor Denga, 34, settled in Moscow in the late s. Prior to that, he barely finished eight classes of a secondary school in the village of Yukhnovo, Kiev region. At the same time, he bought a house in the village of Ermolino, Borovsky district, and a huge villa decorated with multi-colored ceramic tiles , in the Kaluga region. According to the Moscow police, Denga also owns an apartment and a house in the suburban village of Nemchinovka.

In Nemchinovka, he put together another brigade specializing in car thefts. Then the Khokhl group began to control the small-scale wholesale market on the square of the Kievsky railway station and the Khrustalny restaurant.

Khokhol also tried to settle the thimble business in Moscow. Kvantrishvili agreed. After this meeting, Denga came to the attention of the Moscow police. All were charged with robbery and false imprisonment. However, Denga was released four months later. The Solntsevo People's Court sentenced him to corrective labor, and soon this punishment was also annulled - Denga was granted an amnesty. After leaving prison, Denga did not take the path of correction. Khokhol gradually tried to legalize his business by investing in the construction of several Moscow restaurants.

Several firms selling imported cars also came under his control. Denga wanted to get the title of thief in law, but, despite the support of a number of Slavic thieves, the coronation did not happen. The last time Viktor Denga was arrested at the end of was for drug possession. Two days later he was released on bail. Only in the US he visited four times. After finding out their identities, they were released. During the search, the investigators found 0.

K-D, July 7, Dmitry Baranovsky From the biography: graduated in high school N From In November , he was dismissed due to being called up for service in the SA. In the training unit of the Airborne Forces, he received a military specialty - a sniper and was sent to Afghanistan. After demobilization, he rested for two months, then got a job as commandant of the housing cooperative "Druzhba-5" Vostrukhina St.

In the period from to he studied at the Faculty of Planning and Economics of the Russian Academy of Economics National economy , has a degree in economics diploma N It was established that for some time Baranovsky worked as a manager of JSC "Avex" and in the Moscow representative office of the state enterprise "Arkhangelskgeologiya".

Note: information about entering and graduating from the full-time department of the university, as well as work in JSC "AVEX" and SE "Arkhangelskgelogiya" is not reflected in the work book. He was brought to criminal responsibility. According to information during the investigation, the victim was subjected to moral and physical influence. In his spare time he is fond of hunting, he has a gauge foreign-made smoothbore gun N Uses cars: - "Mercedes-Benz " state.

N Ch MN, produced in , white. Vostrukhina, d. According to available information, Baranovsky in the early 90s shortly after demobilization from Soviet army joined the "Solntsevo" organized crime group, and, having completed a number of responsible assignments, quickly "made a career".

It is characterized by unscrupulous means in achieving the goal, acts ahead of the curve, uncompromising, by nature - proud. Baranovsky controls a number of commercial structures in which he acts as a "roof" or as a founder: Bank "Unity" the chairman of the board Bureichenko is put on the wanted list, and the bank itself is bankrupt , through it controlling stakes in Arkhangelskneftegazgeologiya, Novo-Oskolsky metallurgical plant, plant "Russian fur".

The latter, pursuing a financial policy at the direction of Baranovsky, at the end of , was on the verge of collapse. At the request of the leader of the Sontsevskaya organized criminal group, Mikhailov - "Mikhas", A. There is information that Kvetnoy has an intimate relationship with the daughter of the ex-chairman of the board of this bank, Ananyev.

At the end of , he attempted to artificially bankrupt the plant in order to buy a controlling stake in its shares, which ended in failure. Baranovsky carries out scams in the gasoline business through Diam-neft and Moscow Oil Union, which he controls, with the participation of MPKA, where he is deputy general director. Baranovsky himself, according to operational data, has intimate ties with Marianna Tsaregorodskaya according to informed sources, a prostitute in the past , who is the wife of former first Deputy Minister of Finance A.

Their meetings take place in an apartment that Baranovsky rents from a certain foreigner at the address: Moscow, Rublevskoye sh. Baranovsky is the main developer of the OVVZ scam, which looked like this. This allowed the bank itself to attract several blocks of OVVZ belonging to various structures.

OVVZ became the property of Intarex, since the loan was non-repayable in advance, and they sold it to foreign partners at the nominal value indicated in them. In September , while working at the Moscow representative office of the State Enterprise "Arkhangelskgeologia", he participated in the development and implementation of the plan for the corporatization of this enterprise.

If successful, in addition to Rosneft Despite the fact that in January the arbitration court at the request of the prosecutor's office invalidated the privatization of the enterprise, Mapo-Bank had already provided the Arkhangelskgeology team with a loan in the amount of 24 billion. Since that time, together with Jorge Portilla-Sumin and others, he began to implement projects for the corporatization of the plant and the creation of an oil companies with equal participation of MPKA and PPONP "Paveltsovsk oil depot".

In the future, it was planned that the newly created enterprise would become part of the "Central Fuel Company". After the murder of V. Monakhov, the former head, he acted as director of the plant. Viktor Averin, nicknamed "Avera Sr. Currently based in Austria. Mikhail Filimonov nicknamed "Filya". Killed on November 20, in Moscow on the street. Matrosov house 25 in the premises rented by the company "Picus". Semyon Shorin, nicknamed "Evsey", responsible for "communication" with law enforcement agencies and for the "common fund".

Jamal Khachidze, nicknamed "Jemal", thief in law, spiritual mentor, arbitrator and judge of the group. Born in , a native of the city of Sukhumi, is included in the high society of the criminal world of the Russian Federation. Anatoly Anisimov, nicknamed "Budelya". Previously, we are judged, impudent, had a strong well-armed and equipped brigade 30 people , among which were those convicted of murder.

He had the firms "Avos" and "Nika". In the group, he was responsible for working with banks. A relative on the side of Mikhailov's wife, was a member of the management team, controlled the Solntsevsky automobile market, the Kuntsevsky auto center, the market, the Volvo and Mercedes auto centers and a number of other points related to the automotive business;.

Yuri Denisov - Treasurer of Mikhas. He was one of the main figures in the field of economic combinations of Solntsevo with values, gold, "aviso", holder Money , an emissary for the transportation of currency for the "cordon" to Mikhas. An economist by training, he was killed in June Starting with Mikhas in the sports field, Denisov went all the way to the personal treasurer of Mikhas. He was engaged in the establishment of "over-the-cord" connections, relations with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, intelligence, government agencies.

He especially distinguished himself in accumulating funds for the Solntsevo authorities during their time in prison at the time when Mikhas and almost all of his "administration" were arrested , for which he personally received gratitude from Mikhas upon his release from prison. One of the high-profile cases of Denisov in Solntsevo circles is his "work" in Kazakhstan in Of no small importance in this event was Boyko, the president of Olbi and the actual head of the National Credit Bank.

Through Boyko and his bank, the Solntsevo team laundered "black" money. Nadir, oversaw the criminal business associated with the theft of vehicles, both domestic and foreign cars. His team included professional hijackers, number plate interpreters on bodies and engines. He had extensive connections with the administration of factories in Tolyatti, Moscow, international connections.

The Nadir team consisted of more than active participants mainly Tatars, Bashkirs, Mordovians, etc. His personal driver is a woman named Anna, who looks 25 years old, dark-haired, her husband is a former employee of the OVIR of the Western District of Moscow. Nadir was her roommate. Anna has a 6 year old son. Nadir lived in the Predelkino district.

Contacted with the "Lenin" - the leader is a certain Antonov - a rude and arrogant type. With a team of car thieves and car thieves headed by Sergey "Beard" , they steal cars in Moscow, St. Petersburg, regions. Mostly "Mercedes", "BMW" of the latest models. A criminal business has been set up to smuggle numbers, units, ignition locks, door locks for these cars. Cars are stolen, re-equipped, registered through the traffic police of the Oktyabrsky district of MREO The covered parking near the resort "Sport" was used for storage of stolen vehicles.

The main specialist in the room transfer is a guy - 30 years old, nicknamed "Prosha" - possibly the surname Prokhorov. The "Beards" brigade was based in the casino of the former "Havana" restaurant. Nadir controlled most of the auto service points in the South-West of Kuntsevo, Solntsevo, Kievsky, Sovetsky, Moskvoretsky and other areas, as well as points of gas stations.

He was a "foreman" and was a member of the leadership of the Solntsevo organized criminal group. In April , "Nadir's" brother, who was kept in the Butyrka prison, was arrested for robbery and extortion. Nadir, with the knowledge of Mikhas, organized a corridor to the prison for the supply of drugs, money, and medicines there.

He was also a member of the thieves' gathering at Butyrki. Skrylev Andrei is one of the most reliable friends of Mikhas, an associate from the very beginning. At one time he was in disgrace due to drug use. Had my own team. Supervised the gambling business in casinos, hotels, furniture stores. Among the well-known "bases" of this team: "Cosmos" - a casino, "Universitetskaya" - a casino, "Maxim" at the Vnukovo airport.

Nikonov controlled the House of Furniture - Leninsky Prospekt How organized criminal gang it took shape towards the end of the s. At the origins were former waiters who built their brigade according to Western models. At one time, the Solntsevo group was considered the most powerful and most successful.

Today Solntsevskaya are almost completely legalized and are actively engaged in business within Russia and abroad. Bratva and Kitezh And then the question arises: what to do with our "brotherhood", with millions of people involved in communities called "organized criminal groups"? This is a terrible problem. In our country, one in five either served time or was on the verge of it.

There are millions of them. Bauman lads The Bauman lads took shape in Their group in the late 80s was supervised by thieves in law, then it was considered a very powerful cover. Petersburg, and regions. Mostly Mercedes, BMWs of the latest models. A criminal business has been established for interrupting numbers, units, ignition locks, door locks for these cars. Cars are hijacked, converted, registered through the traffic police of the Oktyabrsky district MREO The covered parking lot at the Sport hotel was used to store stolen vehicles.

The main specialist in interrupting numbers is a guy - 30 years old, nicknamed "Prosha" - possibly the last name of Prokhorov. Brigade "Beards" was based in the casino of the former restaurant "Havana". Nadir controlled most of the car service points in the South-West of Kuntsevo, Solntsevo, Kiev, Sovetsky, Moskvoretsky and other regions, as well as points of gas stations.

He was a "foreman" and was a member of the leadership of the Solntsevo organized criminal group. In April , the brother of "Nadir" was arrested for robbery and extortion, who was kept in the Butyrka prison. Nadir, with the knowledge of Mikhas, organized a corridor in the prison to supply drugs, money, medicines there. He was also a member of a thieves' meeting at Butyrki. Skrylev Andrey - one of the most reliable friends of Mikhas, an associate from the very beginning.

At one time he was out of favor due to drug use. He had his own team. She supervised the gambling business in casinos, hotels, furniture stores. Among the well-known "bases" of this team: Mr. Nikonov controlled the House of Furniture - Leninsky Prospect Victor Zavanishin controlled the gambling business in Vnukovo.

Nickname "Katala". I contacted the "Podolsk" people, kept a group of taxi drivers on the terminal square - the head of "Smoked". Anatoly Nuriev - close to Mikhas. Father Myasum Myasun previously worked in the operational and technical department of the KGB and providing active assistance to Solntsevskaya P.

Nuriev was vice-president of Ochakovo JSC - a guarantee station of those. With his tacit consent, the station kept, dismantled and interrupted the numbers of the units of the stolen vehicles from under Nadir's unit. Skrylev Andrey b. She uses alcohol, drugs.

Has an older brother Victor or Yuri , lives: Solnevsky Prospect Mozitov Nadir 33 years old. Brother Igor years old. Michael, nicknamed "Damn", friends with Nadir, drinks, admits chaos. In the absence of Mikhas and Aver, they were responsible for Solntsevo. Takhir 38 years old Maybe he is Nadir's brother or "brother" by Tatar blood.

Egorov Volodya Egor 5. Mikhailov Sergey Anashalevich years old, "Mikhas" 6. Averin Victor Avera Older brother, there is a middle one, it seems not in business. Averin Alexander is the younger brother, now his authority is growing. Possibly holds the "common fund". Lyustarnov Evgeniy - a friend of "Mikhas" from childhood, lived nearby.

From 78 to 88 , was in a mental hospital for murder. Authority, but tries to stay in the background. Kuznetsov Anatoly 50 years old , a former weightlifter, teacher "M" in childhood There are shops, but hardly a bandit. Semyonov Mikhail years old , Semyon Fotin Sergey years old , Thomas - drank himself to death. Kudin Mikhail Kvakin, 37 years old. Shevtsov Chief, Batsman; 40 years old.

Denisov Yuri Denis , it is not clear who. Perhaps a merchant. He was friends with "Straw", close relations with "M" and "A". Budel years old in authority, his own team, is well known in Moscow. Quoted thanks to friendship with Skrylev, they were on a needle together. Shalin is the foreman. Dashdamirov Gosha - Ossetian. It is characterized as cruel, cunning, greedy, curry favor with elders. Now in authority. Zhdanov Vasily Zhdan, years old. Stavlenik Nadir, he "raised" him. Now "Zhdan" has a large team, works in many districts of Moscow.

He does not represent anything himself, he keeps up thanks to Nadir. The elder brother of "Kazak" works in the Internal Affairs Directorate and closed many cases on the Solntsevskys. Crammed - foreman, the brigade went to Kilin Gennady. In the brigade: Golovanov - Merc dark blue , Zub, Ganulya, they were recently detained at the Solntsevo cinema. Kormilkin Kostya - foreman, residence: st. In authority. Shapovalov works together with Kilin Genadiy.

Petrov Nikolay "Fool" - senior , served a lot, the younger brother rose higher. Petrov Sasha "Durey" - junior - foreman, mostly drug addict in the brigade. Special feature: the index finger on the right hand does not bend. In the brigade, the "Fool" senior has Dima Pylaev Pylay , long, thin, infinite.

Residence: st. Mikhail - Wild boar , keeps slot machines in the Builder club. Middle level. Amelin Yuri. In the brigade "Zubrila", but there is also a brigade of young people. Ivanov Alexander. Perhaps he is in touch. Grigoryants - possibly a foreman, there is no exact information about him. Pudding Sergey - residence: st. Master of sports in boxing, karate belt.

There is no more information. White - now they speak of him with respect. I used to drink heavily. Arsen - a friend of "M", together got into a car accident at Kutuzovsky. Misha the Butcher from Yasenevo. He worked with "Cyclops" - Lesha, "Dikul" - Grisha nickname because of physical strength. The last place of stay is the Sevastopol hotel. Trifle: Nekrasov Alexander. Was a brigadier for youngsters, possibly a drug addict. Chumin Oleg Chunya - a boxer, "revolves" among the cool. Semyonov Sasha Sam - works with Amelin.

His friend Keelaskin Sasha Keel , should soon be released from the zone. Kharitonov Khariton - from the former "Black" brigade. Shumsky Igor Noise. Recently we took an exchange office. Zhora's profit. Will be free soon, sitting for the shooting, friend of Kvakin. Gena Kulkin Maltsev - boxer. Ivanov Alexander worked with Sergey Nibudi. Abakumov Anatoly Ivanovich - born in 2. Abramkin Valery Dmitrievich - born in Moscow 3. Avdeev Andrey Vladimirovich - born in Moscow 4.

Ageev Igor Alekseevich - year of birth Moscow region, "Tooth" 7. Akimov Andrey Vladimirovich - born in Moscow 8. Aleksandrov Alexander Vitalievich - Moscow 9. Aleksandrov Vladimir Romanovich - born in Moscow, "Kenor" Alekseev Yuri Timofeevich - born in Moscow region Altukhov Igor Refatovich - year of birth Moscow Almetdinkin Alexey Viktorovich - year of birth. Moscow region state farm "District" Andreev Gennady Viktorovich - born in Moscow Anisimov Anatoly Alekseevich - born in Moscow, "Budel" Antonov Sergey Petrovich - born in Moscow region Artamonov Dmitry Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow region, Leninsky district Artemov Alexander Valentinovich - born in Tambov region Artyomov Yuri Iosifovich - Arkhipov Vitaly Ivanovich - year of birth.

Tambov region Starogorievsky district, Vishnevoe village, leader Arkhipov Igor Anatolyevich - born in Moscow Astashkin Nikolai Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Afanasyev Mikhail Petrovich - born in Moscow region, "Butcher" Andryushchenko Pavel Alexandrovich - born in Amelin Konstantin Nikolaevich - year of birth Alimov Oleg Ruaalinovich - Moscow Babenko Sergey Alekseevich - born in Sumy region Babushkin Mikhail Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Balashov Dmitry Borisovich - born in Moscow Bardin Semyon Mikhailovich - born in Moscow Basariev Sergey Georgievich - born in Moscow Baskin Boris Solomonovich - born in Pena region Bezzubkin Alexander Sergeevich - born in Ryazan region Mikhailovsky district Belov Evgeny Valerievich - year of birth Moscow Putyano Belyaev Mikhail Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow region Odintsovo district Blinov Dmitry Nikolaevich - year of birth.

Moscow Bogomolov Dmitry Sergeevich - year of birth Moscow Boyko Stanislav Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Bulakh Nikolay Stepanovich - born in Moscow region Bunin Gennady Ivanovich - born in Moscow Burtsev Yuri Alekseevich - born in Moscow region Bykov Vyacheslav Egorovich - born in Rostov Vanyakin Andrey Nikolaevich - year of birth Moscow region Leninsky district Vaschenko Alexander Borisovich - born in Moscow, "Vascha", leader Verbin Vyacheslav Petrovich - born in Moscow Vititnov Nikolay Alexandrovich - born in Moscow region Vlasov Viktor Vasilievich - "Vlas", "Vitya" Voronin Rafail Vladimirovich - year of birth.

Vorontsov Maxim Yurievich - year of birth. Vorotnikov Alexander Vasilievich - born in Voronezh region Khokholsky district with. Rudkino, "Collar", leader Vochaev Alexander Pavlovich - born in Moscow, "Venya" Vugin Igor R. Vyazovkin Evgeny Nikolaevich - born in Moscow, "Elm" Gavrilov Nikolay Nikolaevich - year of birth Moscow Heinze Pavel Vladimirovich - born in Semipalatinsk region Borodulinsky district, Altweim village Gefter Maxim Leonidovich - born in Moscow Gladchuk Vladimir Petrovich - born in Moscow "Dushman" brigadier Nikolay Mikhailovich Golovanov - born in Moscow, brigadier Golovuzov Alexander Evgenievich - year of birth.

Gomenkov Oleg Alexandrovich - year of birth. Gordeev Valery Igorevich - born in Moscow, brigadier Gromov Vladimir Vitalievich - born in Moscow Gurchenkov Vladimir Alexandrovich - born in Moscow "Chef" Gorbatko - born in Danilov Sergey Mikhailovich - born in Moscow "Danila" Dankanich Ivan Yurievich - Transcarpathian region. Irshansky district, Zagatie village Dashdamirov Igor Gasalievich - born in Novokuznetsk "Dashdomir" Dvoryashin Alexander Alekseevich - year of birth.

Demenkov S. Demin Alexey Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Denisov Nikolay Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Denga Viktor Ivanovich - born in Kiev oblast. Mironovskiy district "Money" Dobychin Igor Vladimirovich - born in Moscow Doronin Vitaly Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Drozhzhin Yuri Ivanovich - born in Moscow "Hot" Dubov A. Dukhanin Sergey Egorovich - born in Moscow "Spirit" Dyachenko Dmitry Olegovich - year of birth Moscow region Ernogolovka Evstafiev Alexander Vasilievich - born in Tomsk region Egorov Boris Viktorovich - year of birth Moscow "Crocodile" Egorov Mikhail Andreevich - born in Moscow Egorychev Vladimir Anatolyevich - born in Moscow "Egor" leader Yelchin Nikolay Alexandrovich - year of birth Yerkanyan Karen Levonovich - year of birth Moscow Ermakov P.

Ermilov Sergey Viktorovich - born in Moscow "Sergei-grandfather" Zhdanov Vasily Nikolaevich - year of birth. Zhiltsov Igor Olegovich - born in Moscow "Ushastik" Zakurdaev Nikolay Anatolyevich - born in Moscow Zaripov Gali Khamiludovich - born in Moscow Zvyagintsev Alexander Vasilievich - born in Moscow region Zvyagintsev Nikolay Viktorovich - year of birth.

Kursk region Oboyanskiy district Goryainovo village leader Zorenkov Yuri Valentinovich - year of birth Zubkov Sergey Alexandrovich - born in Moscow Zubrilin Sergey Petrovich - year of birth Moscow Zykov Vyacheslav Alexandrovich - year of birth. Zyunin S. Ibragimov Robert Zhafyarovich - born in Moscow Ivanov Yuri Vyacheslavovich - year of birth Moscow Ilyin Viktor Alexandrovich - born in Moscow Isaikov Igor Viktorovich - born in Moscow Isakov Sergey Kimovich - born in Moscow "Esaul" Iudin Alexey Dmitrievich - year of birth Moscow Kazakov Yuri Ivanovich - born in Moscow "Cossack" Kaminsky Alexander Yurievich - Moscow Karavashkin Sergey Anatolyevich - born in Moscow Karimov Idar Faridovich - year of birth Moscow Kasyanov I.

Born in Catholikov Sergey Nikolaevich - year of birth Moscow "Grek" Kvitnoy Lev Matveevich - born in Moscow region Dmitrovsky district a. Kagulin Valery Anatolyevich - year of birth "Fly" Kenenov Yuri Ivanovich Kim Alexey Yurievich - born in Moscow "Koresh" Kiryukhin Alexander Fedorovich - born in Moscow Klenkin Konstantin - born Moscow Kovalenko Alexander Evgenievich - year of birth Moscow Kolesnikov Mikhail Mikhailovich - born in Moscow Konstantin Vladimirovich Kolykhanov - born in Kostroma region Komissarov Artem Anatolyevich - year of birth.

Komissarov Andrey Yurievich - born in Moscow Komov Roman Viktorovich - born in Moscow Konashev Sergey Mikhailovich - year of birth Moscow Konovalov Pavel Viktorovich - born in Moscow Korneev Sergey Vladimirovich - born in Smolensk region "Sergei, don't wake up" Korotov Viktor Vasilievich Kostikov Igor Vyacheslavovich - born in Moscow Kocherygin A.

Kochetkov Andrey Nikolaevich - born in Moscow "Dead" Kochetkov Sergey Nikolaevich - born in Moscow region Kashaev Alexey Dmitrievich - born in Moscow "Cyclops" Kramoleev Denis Alekseevich - year of birth Moscow Kudin Mikhail Yurievich - born in Moscow "Kvakin" Kudinov Viktor Alexandrovich - year of birth Omsk region Poltava Kudryashov P.

Kuznetsov Vladimir Alexandrovich - Moscow "Shishok" Kuznetsov Pavel Petrovich - year of birth Moscow region Ilyich's precepts Kuzmin Alexey Anatolyevich - year of birth Samara Kuzmin Vladimir Gennadievich - born in Moscow Kulakov Alexey Vladimirovich - born in Moscow "Klaus" Mikhail Stanislavovich Kupriyanov - born in Moscow Kurnikov Viktor Mikhailovich - born in Moscow region Kustarev Victor Nikolaevich Kukhtinov Viktor Gennadievich - born in Moscow region Kudin Mikhail Yurievich - born in Moscow Komissarov Artem Anatolyevich - year of birth Moscow Lapteev Andrey Ivanovich - year of birth.

Moscow "Laptey junior" Levitov Anatoly Aronovich - born in Moscow Lednev Mikhail Vasilievich - year of birth. Lipchansky Sergey Dmitrievich - year of birth "Siberian" thief in law Loginov Oleg Borisovich - born in Nizhny Novgorod region. Pervomaisky district Lopashin Oleg Pavlovich - born in Moscow Lyustarnov Evgeny Alekseevich - born in Moscow "Lustarik" Lapteev Sergey Ivanovich - year of birth.

Magomedov Tsakhai Gazalievich - b. Malaev Alexey Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Manikin Mikhail Viktorovich - born in Moscow Maslov Viktor Yurievich - born in Moscow Makhlin Eduard Yurievich - born in Bryansk region Oleg Viktorovich Medmednikov - born in Moscow Melekhov Viktor Alexandrovich - year of birth Kaluga region Melnikov Vasily Alexandrovich - Melnichenko Andrey Vasilievich - born in Moscow Meshchersky Victor Anatolyevich - born in Moscow "Chervonets" Migin Dmitry Yurievich - year of birth Moscow "Mina" Milashchenko Evgeny Ivanovich - born in Moscow Minin Alexander Vasilievich - born in Moscow region Minko Victor Afanasevich - year of birth Moscow Minyukov Gennady Nikolaevich - born in Mikhailov Sergey Anatolyevich - b.

Moscow "Mikhas" - the leader Mishin Dmitry Valerievich - year of birth Moscow Mogilevich Semyon Yudkovich - born in Kiev "Seva" Mozhaev Oleg Evgenievich - born in Moscow Muratov Konstantin Nikolaevich - year of birth. Mustafin Umar Fakhetovich - born in Nizhny Novgorod region. Spassky district Mutyanov Vadim Vladimirovich - year of birth. Moscow region Mukhametrizaev Ramil Anyarevich - year of birth. Myazitov Ildar Fatekhovich - born in Nizhny Novgorod region.

Krasnooktyabrsky district, Urazov village Myazitov Nadir Fatekhovich - born in Nizhny Novgorod region. Kyzyl-Oktyabrsky district, Urazovk village "Nadir" Myakotin Alexander Vasilievich - born in Moscow "Sailor" Myachin Andrey Mikhailovich - year of birth Moscow Grave of Algidras Alexandrovich - born in Moscow "Grave" Mayorov Nikolai Ivanovich - born in "Beaver common fund" Nagovitsyn Lev Alekseevich - born in Lviv Nazartsev Vasily Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Nazarov Stanislav Vyacheslavovich - born in Dnipropetrovsk Alexey Alexeevich Neglyadenko - born in Moscow region Nekrasov Alexander Anatolyevich - year of birth.

Nikiforov Vyacheslav Valentinovich - born in Moscow Nikonov Alexander Sergeevich - born in Moscow "Nikon" Nosov Sergei Alexandrovich - Moscow region Ogarkov Sergey Borisovich - year of birth Sevastopol Oleinikov A. Orlov Sergey Viktorovich - born in Moscow "Eagle" Ostapchuk Alexey Vladimirovich - year of birth Vinnytsia Pavlyushin Vyacheslav Pavlovich - born in Moscow region "Dushman" Pankhushkin Victor Bambarsovich - year of birth Buryatia Kurkhan district Panyukhin Sergey Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Paramonov S.

Parfenov Igor Yurievich - born in Moscow Perelygin Andrey Petrovich - year of birth Moscow Pershina Victoria Leonidovna - year of birth. Novomoskovsk Petrov Alexey Vladimirovich - year of birth "Fool" Peshkov Alexey Viktorovich - year of birth Moscow Ploshkin Valery Stanislavovich - born in Pozdnyakov Sergey Andreevich - year of birth.

Moscow "Boatswain" Polikarpov Evgeny Alexandrovich - born in Poltarvanyan Alexander Borisovich - born in Moscow region Ubkino Sergei Petrovich Poluyanov - born in Oryol region Derevenkovsky district, Sergeevka village Sergey Lvovich Polyakov Ponomarenko Alexander Leonidovich - year of birth Moscow "Zhuk" Potapenkov Sergey Viktorovich - year of birth. Pribytkov Evgeny Viktorovich - born in Moscow Pronin A.

Pronkin Andrey Alexandrovich - Moscow Prokhorov Viktor Alekseevich - born in Mogilev region Bobruisk Pugachev Alexander Sergeevich - year of birth. Pushkov Aldeksander Nikolaevich - year of birth Tver Pynov R. Rakitin Denis Andreevich Ramzanov Rafael Ravilievich - born in Moscow "Graf" Rakhovin Alexander Matveyevich - born in Moscow region Nemchinovka Rezchikov Valery Georgievich - born in Moscow Rogozin Andrey Gennadievich - year of birth Moscow Rolin Andrey Anatolyevich - born in Moscow Romanov Alexey Valerievich Romanov Sergey Vladimirovich - Moscow Romanov Yuri Konstantinovich - born in Moscow Rudnev Pavel Viktorovich - year of birth Moscow Handle Alexander Fedorovich - born in Odessa region Kotovsky Rybakov M.

Rybalko Alexey Valerievich - Moscow Ryumin Ivan Vladimirovich - born in Moscow region Rosenbaum Vadim Grigorievich - born in Moscow Commandant Savin Sergey Vladimirovich - born in Moscow Sadekov Gayer Kayumovich - year of birth.

Sadkovkin Victor Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Salmov Yuri Vasilievich - born in Ivanovo Samoilov Vladimir Vitalievich - born in Moscow Samofalov Rinat Dzhafyarovich - year of birth. Sannikov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich - born in Sapalsky Vladimir Vladimirovich - born in Moscow "Kid" Sachkov Igor Vladimirovich - born in Ivanovo "Sachok" Sedov Alexander Vyacheslavovich - Semyonov Mikhail Mikhailovich - born in Moscow "Semyon" Sergunov Sergey Vasilievich - born in Moscow "Semyon" Sereyko Vladlen Germanovich - born in Tomsk Sizintsev Igor Mikhailovich - born in Silaev Maxim Yurievich - year of birth Moscow "Max" Simakova Irina Vasilievna - born in Scotch Andrey Vladimirovich - born in Moscow region Balashikha district Skrylev Andrey Vasilievich - born in Moscow "Skryl" Viktor Vasilievich Skrylev - born in Moscow Smirnov Vadim Anatolyevich - year of birth.

Soldatov Vladimir Alexandrovich - born in Moscow Soldatov Dmitry Nikolaevich - Moscow Soldatov Mikhail Alexandrovich - year of birth. Soloviev Alexander Konstantionovich - born in Belarus Brest Soloviev Sergey Anatolyevich - year of birth Moscow "Nightingale" Sotnikov Sergey Mikhailovich - year of birth. Orenburg region Starichkov Valery Alexandrovich - year of birth Kaluga Stepanov Pavel Yurievich - Moscow a. Spichenko Alexander Olegovich - "Speech" Stolyarov Sergey Petrovich - born in Moscow "Joiner" Stukalov Alexander Alexandrovich - born in Moscow region Art.

True Stupenkov Yuri Vladimirovich - born in Kemerovo region. Syrtsov Yuri Valentinovich - born in Moscow Sychev Sergey Vadimovich - year of birth Moscow Sadov Leonid Shmuvilyevich - born in Moscow "Lawyer" Mikhail Mikhailovich Semenov - born in Moscow "Semyon" - the leader Tamm Arnold Arnoldovich - year of birth.

Moscow "Arnold" Taraskin Pavel Viktorovich - born in Moscow region Tarasov Mikhail Ivanovich - born in Moscow Tigashchev German Gennadievich - born in Ivanovo Timakov Valery Mikhailovich - year of birth. Moscow "Hedgehog" Sergey Ivanovich Timofeev - born in Moscow region "Sylvester" - the leader Tymoshenko Sergey Viktorovich - Ukraine Kirovograd region pos. Alexandria Titkov Alexander Valerievich - born in Moscow Titkov Alexander Pavlovich - born in Moscow region Titkov Nikolay Valerievich - year of birth Moscow Titov Andrey Anatolyevich - year of birth Tikhonov Mikhail Ivanovich - born in Moscow "Damn" Tomin Petr Yurievich - born in Moscow region Tochilov Igor Valerievich - born in Ivanovo "Gafon" Travinov Andrey Genrikhovich - born in Moscow Troilov Evgeny Konstantinovich - year of birth.

Tropkin Oleg Alexandrovich - Moscow Trunov Vladimir Nikolaevich - year of birth Moscow is the leader Tyrin Vasily Anatolyevich - year of birth. Tikhonov Mikhail Yurievich - born in Uvarov Sergey Viktorovich - year of birth Moscow Udovichenko Valery Anatolyevich - born in Dnepropetrovsk region. Kalinka Uzhegov Denis Stanislavovich - born Ulyanov Alexander Anatolievich - born in Tambov region Ukhanov Alexander Sergeevich - born in Moscow Fazilov Sherofiddin Alinzhanovich - born in Tajikistan Fedorov Andrey Vyacheslavovich - born in Moscow Fedorov Vadim Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Fedorov Vladimir Anatolyevich - born in Moscow region Fedorov Igor Nikolaevich - year of birth Moscow Fedosov Sergey Vladimirovich - year of birth Moscow Fedotov Alexander Mikhailovich - year of birth Moscow Fedotov Andrey Viktorovich - born in Moscow Ferroni-Tanti Victor Nikolaevich - year of birth.

Altai region Filatov Mikhail Viktorovich - born in Moscow Filimonov Sergey Valerievich - year of birth Moscow region Filippov Valery Vladimirovich - born in Moscow region Yukovo Fokin Gennady Ivanovich - born in Moscow Fokin Nikolay Vasilievich - born in Moscow region Burino Fomenkov Oleg Alexandrovich - year of birth. Moscow "Foma" Fominykh Evgeny Sergeevich - year of birth Dnepropetrovsk region. Yellow Waters Fomichev Anatoly Nikolaevich - born in Moscow Fomichev Valery Anatolyevich - year of birth.

Fonichkin Victor Viktorovich - year of birth. Frantsevich Alexander Lvovich - year of birth. Moscow "Hans" Frolov Vitaly Yurievich - born in Moscow Frosin Andrey Mikhailovich - born in Moscow Fursov Vyacheslav Nikolaevich - year of birth. Kharitonov Andrey Mikhailovich - year of birth. Khramtsov Yuri Yegorovich - born in Tambov region Khrapov Igor Anatolyevich - born in Vladimir region Alexandrov

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