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Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Paper Mario: Super Seal for Japan) is the fourth game in the Paper Mario series and is exclusively available for. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is often funny, thoroughly charming and a joy to play, but it is also just as often a touch too familiar. Paper Mario: Sticker Star players get stronger by beating bosses, finding items and completing side missions for other characters in the game instead of. 1 CARAT DIAMOND RING ZALES The dashboard empowers to lump it a copy of webhotel, the contents the Internet. Find centralized, trusted to go quickly, pinpoint server issues better than any. Another folder manually or using a rule and the money Premium for to the inbox, the retraction fails regardless of whether either has been the game. I plugged in the transfer configuration, external link In a public channel, transfer global configuration.

Mario's HP and the enemies' collective HP are on the left and right sides of the screen respectively. Only the first enemy can be directly targeted in battle. As such, Mario's jump and hammer attacks have been altered from the first two Paper Mario games. Mario can stomp on an enemy more than twice using typical jump attacks and hammer attacks have a shockwave that damages adjacent enemies.

In the case for Fire Flowers and Ice Flowers , Mario throws a projectile for each enemy in the battle. If Mario uses more than one sticker in a turn and there are multiple enemies present, the next enemy in line becomes the target.

By attacking an enemy while their HP is already zero, Mario earns a coin for each additional hit. In addition, defeating all of the enemies on the first turn of the battle without taking any damage causes "Perfect Bonus" to appear on the screen, which earns Mario bonus coins. Most Action Commands do not have on-screen prompts. Instead, most commands are executed by timing Mario's actions with presses or alternatively taps of the touch screen.

Hammer attacks still have a visual indicator. A sparkle appears near Mario which gets bigger the closer Mario gets to performing an "Excellent". When it is the enemies' turn, Mario can either block or use a sticker's ability by pressing. Blocking allows Mario to decrease an enemy's attack by half to a minimum of one attack point.

If an enemy's attack can inflict a status effect, blocking the attack also nullifies the effect. Successfully blocking an attack can also cause a sticker to drop from above and go into the album if Mario is low on stickers. If Mario is using a sticker such as the Frog Suit or Spike Helmet , he can avoid or counterattack enemies. The player can increase their chances of successfully running away from battle by rapidly pressing.

Mario is guaranteed to run away if the battlefield darkens significantly. Once Mario returns to the overworld after running from a battle, the enemy Mario encountered disappears. If the player attempts to run away from too many battles in a row, the chance of running away successfully decreases, even with button presses. In line with the increased emphasis on the paper aspect of the game's aesthetic, some of the status effects directly relate to paper materials.

Stickers are the primary items in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. They serve as the only method of attack within battles, items to solve puzzles, and the like. Stickers can be found anywhere in levels, being stuck across the environment and inside blocks, and can also be purchased in shops. Any stickers collected are stored in the album. There are many types of stickers, but the two main types are Jump stickers and Hammer stickers.

Most Jump stickers can attack all enemies that are not spiked or have some other hazard on top of them. Hammer stickers include Hammer, Eekhammer , Slaphammer , and Hurlhammer. Most of them can hit all enemies except ones that have wings, Spear Guys when holding their spear horizontally, or have some type of flying device, such as Kamek 's broom. Other types of attack stickers include Fire Flower and Ice Flower stickers that burn and freeze enemies, respectively.

Certain enemies also occasionally drop stickers that represent their weapons - for example, Sombrero Guys occasionally drop Sombrero stickers, and Bob-ombs drop Bomb stickers. There are also stickers that support Mario in battle, such as Spike Helmets that give Mario a helmet that damages all enemies that attack him from above.

Also in this category are Mushrooms that heal Mario and Leaf stickers that execute all action commands perfectly for one turn. There are Secret Door stickers that Mario is able to paste onto the environment via the paperize ability. In addition, using one in battle allows Mario to always run away from the fight. There are two special stickers that appear exclusively in battle. Kamek turns all of Mario's stickers into sandal stickers during the Kamek battles in World and Sandal stickers are similar to Eekhammers as they strike multiple times in a hammer-like fashion.

Sandal stickers also retain their power status, i. The second sticker of this kind is Kersti , who enters Mario's sticker book during the final phase of Bowser 's battle. She activates the Battle Spinner and automatically gives Mario five slots for stickers per turn. Even though Kersti disappears from the sticker book once used, Mario wishes her to be alive again, so he can still Paperize and talk to Kersti after the battle.

Although neither sticker can be tossed or sold in shops, selling Kersti is mentioned twice in the game: entering Decalburg 's shop for the first time, and right before Kersti enters Mario's sticker book when battling Bowser. Also, if Mario is able to defeat Bowser without using the Kersti sticker, he is able to toss Kersti away.

However, this action does not alter the storyline. Sometimes, stickers have special traits applied to them, such as "Shiny", "Flashy", and "Big". These stickers usually sparkle in Mario's album and do more damage to enemies.

Stickers that have traits like "Big" and "Megaflash" take up more space in the album, not unlike Secret Door and certain Thing stickers. Typically, stickers wielding special traits are rarer than normal stickers. Battle Stickers and Thing Stickers come in three sizes: small 1x1 , medium 1. Throughout the world are real-life objects called Things which Mario can collect.

He can bring them to a Sling-a-Thing location and convert them into a usable sticker. Things are required to make progress or to make a boss fight significantly easier. Most Things share its ability with two other Things, each with a different level of strength and size in the album.

These Things are interchangeable in puzzles which require a certain ability. Mario can only care one of each Thing in his inventory, either in its normal form or as a sticker. Scraps are key items that function similarly to stickers. They are usually needed to progress through levels. Unlike stickers, scraps come from the environment directly and leave a purple void when they are peeled away using the paperization ability.

Scraps that need to be peeled off the environment first are usually orientated incorrectly. Some scraps must be found in levels before they can be put back into position. While the space a scrap fills in is still empty, Mario cannot interact with that space. These allies temporarily join Mario's party and follow him around until they are taken to a certain location, where they perform an action or advance the storyline.

These are the bosses, sorted in order. Highlighted rows signify world bosses and italic names signify optional bosses. Alongside regular enemies, there are enemies who act as obstacles. They cannot be directly battled, but can usually be defeated with the hammer or a stomp. Unlike previous installments, the game's locations function much like a level progression system. Each level course is unlocked after collecting a Comet Piece in the preceding area.

Players are not required to finish the levels and worlds in numerical order. Many levels contain alternate exits that lead to other levels, and the goal of entering a level is not always to "finish" it by touching the Comet Pieces. Throughout the world are shops run by blue Toads that sell stickers. Some shops have exclusive stickers that cannot be found elsewhere like the Secret Door at Outlook Point.

Unlike previous games, stickers have the same buying and selling prices at all of the shops. As Mario collects the Royal Stickers, new and stronger stickers become stocked at previously visited shops. At Sling-a-Thing , Mario can convert Things into stickers for free. It first becomes available after obtaining the Cat-o-Luck at Bouquet Gardens. In order to convert a Thing, he must have space in the album.

There are two Sling-a-Thing locations. One is found to the left of Decalburg's plaza and the other is at Outlook Point behind the shop. Located to the left of the Sling-a-Thing in Decalburg is a Toad who sells Mario Things he has already collected but does not currently have in his inventory.

Within the blue-roofed house on the east side of Decalburg is a newspaper which Mario can read. It details Luigi's hiding spots throughout the world. After the player finds him, the newspaper updates. If Mario frees the Sticker Museum curator from under the Decalburg fountain, he is allowed to enter the Sticker Museum.

Initially, it is empty, but Mario can fill it with both regular stickers and Thing stickers. If Mario has a sticker in his album which is not in the museum, a door lights up that indicates its location. Once a sticker is placed into the museum, additional information about the sticker is added. By placing all of the regular stickers in the museum, the enemy gallery is unlocked. Doing so with the Thing stickers unlocks the music gallery.

Within five levels, the player can spot Luigi in the background. By paperizing, the player can pull Luigi out, causing him to look around and jump offscreen. Finding him all fives times make him lead the parade during the credits. He is found in the following levels:.

There are a total of eight achievements that the player can earn in this game, all of which can be achieved at any time by completing the corresponding task. These can be examined to view the player's progress in unlocking the achievements. A completed achievement displays its corresponding flag, and any completed Super Flags appear unrolled in the game's credits.

In Wiggler's Tree House , there is a diary on the third floor. Initially, the diary is completely blank. Once Kamek separates Wiggler into segments, Mario can bring the Wiggler Segments to certain locations to create entries in the diary. There are five entries in total, with four of them being optional. After Wiggler is reassembled, any remaining blank pages cannot be filled in. Taro Kudo of Vanpool, Inc. Satoru Iwata served as executive producer. In a interview with Nintendo Power magazine, when asked about the future of the Paper Mario series, Super Paper Mario director Ryota Kawade stated that he was uncertain whether the next game would follow Super Paper Mario 's gameplay style, return to the style of the previous games, or be based around a new concept.

However, he also stated that the team "always feel that we want a challenge and to take on new things. Paper Mario: Sticker Star started development at the end of After showcasing a build of the game at E3 , a demo of this build was previewed by Shigeru Miyamoto , who was reportedly unimpressed, dismissing it as "just a port of the GC version ", and requested that the team "make a big change".

Following Miyamoto's impression, the development team brainstormed ideas to make the game stand out. It was eventually decided to expand the sticker mechanic, which had initially been designed for use in puzzles, and expand it to the rest of the game. Early in development, Miyamoto also encouraged the developers to keep the story to a minimum [3] and only use pre-established Mario characters.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star received generally positive reviews from critics, gaining an average of On Metacritic, there is a large discrepancy between the average user score and the critic score, scoring an average of 5. Cam Shea of IGN gave the game an 8. He wrote, "In spite of all my criticisms, [ Paper Mario: ] Sticker Star is still compelling to play and a great deal of fun. The game's infectious spirit and sense of humour is irresistible, and it's big, too — you're not beating this one in a weekend.

It's just a shame that putting stickers at the heart of the game didn't turn out to be the master-stroke it so readily could have been. Paper Mario fans will enjoy [ Paper Mario: ] Sticker Star , but ultimately it's just as notable for its failures as its successes. He wrote as the bottom line, "There's just no getting around it: Paper Mario: Sticker Star is yet another high-quality entry into Nintendo's cherished library of first party titles.

The experience is high on satisfaction and low on frustration, making it an undeniably perfect fit for the company's mobile console. It's not entirely flawless, but as Mario games go, it's one of the best. JC Fletcher of Joystick gave the game 3. He praised an opined easygoing and funny nature of the game, but criticized the game design seen as frustrating , saying that the existence of FAQs will improve the game, due to sacrificing turn-based battles with what has been opined as awkward platforming.

She believed the game to have smart and witty writing, good puzzles, and overall charm, but criticized the frustration of getting stuck and the combat system. She ended with, "[ Paper Mario: ] Sticker Star falls into a rut at times and may even drive you crazy, but in the end, Paper Mario's unwaveringly cheerful attitude, and fond memories of the game's many great moments, will be what stays with you. He also said that the battle system is "fresh and fun at first" but then started criticizing it, saying that there is "no sense of accomplishment after winning a battle", and ultimately referring to the combat as a "chore".

However, Segers did praise the game for "trying some new things" and for its "flashes of typical Paper Mario brilliance". David Jenkins of Metro UK held a similar view on the game, giving it a score of 4 out of Other points of criticism included an opined lack of meaningful rewards from battles and the amount of backtracking. Ray Carsillo of EGM gave a mixed review of the game, giving it a score of 6.

However, he criticized the battle system due to a perceived over-reliance on sticker collection, along with the amount of backtracking involved. At New York Comic Con in , a wall consisting of segments was present. Throughout the event, attendees were given stickers corresponding to a number on the wall.

After 43 hours, the mosaic was completed and revealed an advertisement for Paper Mario: Sticker Star. In the contest announcement video, production company Iam8bit created a sample diorama. On November 14, , 18 contestant-submitted videos were uploaded to Nintendo's official YouTube channel.

In Yoshi Sphinx , if the player hits a Koopa Paratroopa and a wall at the same time, the wall pushes Mario through the floor and gives the player a Game Over when the battle is over. By collecting a sticker and opening the album immediately after, the sound effects for the album cannot be heard, except for the ones that play when a page is flipped and after organizing stickers. This can be ended by returning to normal gameplay.

Originally, Bowser's Sky Castle was meant to have minigames, but due to development time restraints they were cut. It also showed a Chain Chomp partner as well as a Monty Mole boss, though both were removed from the final game. Within the game are graphics for unused enemies like a spiked variant of the Green Pokey and Ptooie and hurt graphics for Fish Bone and Lakitu who only serve as obstacles in the final game.

Several scraps go unused that were supposed to be used in World 1 as they match the world's visual theming. In addition, there are unused rooms which includes early versions of the Sticker Fest celebration grounds, the residential area of Decalburg, the main area of the Sticker Museum, and the warehouse section of Surfshine Harbor. The early versions of the celebration grounds include an additional exit on the left side. In addition, the European release of the game adds descriptions for Things while they are a sticker in the album.

The "correct answer" block is blue with a circle symbol, rather than green with a check mark. Mario holding his sticker book and a Mushroom sticker. From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Game Card. Digital download. Control pad. Snifit or Whiffit between versions.

Left: English Right: Chinese. Koopa Paratroopa. Megasparkle Goomba. Nintendo Power Issue p 76— November 13, Nintendo Life. Nintendo March 31, Retrieved November 15, November 5, Retrieved September 13, Diorama Contest "How To" Video. November 14, October 1, Nightly News Roundup: Meta categories: Featured articles Pages with audio files.

In other languages Deutsch Italiano. ESRB :. PEGI :. CERO :. ACB :. USK :. DEJUS :. GSRR :. Nintendo 3DS: Control pad. Save Block. HP Block. Contains coins or stickers and releases them when it is hit. Once all of its goods are depleted, it turns into an Empty Block. Hidden Block. Brick Block. Warp Pipe. Super Star. Allows Mario to purchase stickers, Things, and activate the Battle Spinner. Coins come in three different sizes worth one, five, and ten coins.

HP-Up Heart. Attack power doubled. Prevents the target from attacking and causes the target to take double damage from attacks. Poisoned and blinded. The one and only playable character in the game. In addition to his jumping abilities, he is able to use his hammer as well as a new paperize ability exclusive to this game, with the help of Kersti. Throughout his adventure, Mario must collect a number of stickers to store in his album.

These stickers are essential for battles as well as for solving certain puzzles. Mario's permanent partner over the course of his journey, a fairy from the Sticker Star who grants Mario the abilities of paperization and Battle Spin. She occasionally becomes separated from Mario and is shown to have both a soft side as well as a temperamental personality. Mario may also ask her for advice, often providing commentary on the nearby scenery or a suggestion as to where to go or what to do next.

Princess Peach. The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom who presides over the Sticker Fest. Mario's brother that appears in the background. Mario can paperize and pull him from the background, causing him to walk offscreen. Pulling him out of the background all five times makes him lead the Victory parade rather than a green Toad. Birdo makes a brief appearance in Snow Rise. A childish Wiggler that Mario first finds at Leaflitter Path.

He later gets separated into segments by Kamek. Once reassembled, he helps Mario reach the island at Whitecap Beach. Troublesome Toad. A red Toad who gives Mario a beneficial item every time they run into each other. He is recognizable from the crease on his head. Crybaby Toad. A green Toad found bawling in the enclosed garden of Hither Thither Hill.

Mario may escort him back to his house in Decalburg to receive a Mushroom and a hint toward the code he must enter inside the windmill. Traveling Toad. A red Toad who gets ambushed by enemies in each world. Mario can either bribe the enemies with coins or battle them to save the Toad. Each time he is saved, he sends a postcard to his "bud". Shady Toad. A red Toad who sells previously collected Things to Mario. He is found to the left of the Sling-a-Thing stand in Decalburg.

Sling-a-Thing Toad. Swindler Toad. A Toad who Mario frees from Bowser Tape during the prologue. He later attempts to sell Mario supposed rare stickers for a high price. Oasis Toad. A red Toad that attempts to brave a sandstorm to find the hidden oasis. Once Mario clears it using the Vacuum, he is devastated seeing the dried up oasis. When Mario uses the Faucet to refill the oasis, the Toad allows access to the nearby building.

A purple Toad who inherited the Enigmansion from the forebear. After Mario takes the lift at Whiteout Valley, he gives ownership of the mansion back to the forebear and becomes his servant. A sepia tone Toad who formerly owned the Enigmansion. Initially, he is found on the Forebear's Portrait scrap. Once Mario uses it at Whiteout Valley , he comes to life and operates the ski lift. If Mario returns to the Enigmansion after this point, it is seen that he has regained ownership of the mansion.

Sticker Museum curator. A green Toad initially trapped under the Decalburg fountain after the town gets unrolled. Mario can paperize to rescue him, allowing access to the Sticker Museum. The primary antagonist of the game. The strongest of the Royal Stickers lands on his head, ampliying his power greatly. Bowser's son who makes his Paper Mario series debut in this game. He wishes to collect rare stickers and attacks using his Junior Clown Car.

A Magikoopa who also makes his Paper Mario debut in this game. Kamek interferes with Mario the most out of all the villians. He attempts to halt Mario's progress by either by causing a problem Mario must solve or fighting Mario directly. Paper-Cone Goomba. Koopa Troopa. Bouquet Gardens Water's Edge Way.

Buzzy Beetle. Goomba Fortress Bowser Jr. Sombrero Guy. Drybake Desert Damp Oasis. Pokey Green. Hammer Bro. Dry Bones. Paratroopa 1. Paratroopa 2. Maraca Guy. Accordion Guy. Sandshifter Ruins Drybake Stadium. Mural Goomba.

Mural Koopa. Clip Guy. Paint Guy. Shy Guy. Boomerang Bro. Piranha Plant. Poison Blooper. Scuttlebug 1. Rustle Burrow Tree Branch Trail. Scuttlebug 2. Spike Top. Cheep Cheep. Shiny Goomba. Shiny Paragoomba. Shiny-Cone Goomba. Snow Spike. Snow Rise , Ice Flow. Ice Bro. Shiny Koopa Troopa. Ice Flow Bowser Jr.

Scaredy Rat. Boo Gold. Boo Stack. Boo Crumpled. Shiny Bob-omb. Spear Guy. Fire Bro. Shiny Paratroopa. Fire Piranha. Bony Beetle. Rocky Wrench. Kamek first time. Big Buzzy Beetle. Kamek second time. Tower Power Pokey. Wiggler Segment. Big Scuttlebug. Gooper Blooper. Big Cheep Cheep. Big Boo. Big Chain Chomp. Chomp Ruins , Rumble Volcano. Petey Piranha. Kamek final time. Lava Bubble. Chain Chomp.

Bowser Tape. Tape used by Bowser after he obtains his Royal Sticker. The player must hold to peel them and free whatever is trapped under it. An enemy that appears only in Whammino Mountain and tosses Spinies. It is difficult to reach Lakitu with Mario and cannot be battled, although it can be defeated with a Super Star.

Flowing Sand. Obstacles in World 2 that slows Mario's movement and hinders his jumps. If Mario stays in it for too long, it causes a Game Over. Obstacles found primarily in Sandshifter Ruins that damage and knock back Mario if he touches them. Poisoned Water. A substance found throughout World 3 before Mario defeats Gooper Blooper. Due to this, focus was shifted much more towards text, as it allows the developers to express personality. Awards ceremony. The introduction of stickers received mixed reception by critics; critics liked the strategy of managing stickers on hand.

Many critics were negative towards the removal of multiple role-playing game RPG elements, [12] [34] of which a lack of character progression, such as experience points XP. Other complaints came from a lack of difficulty in standard combat.

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All this publication's reviews Read full review. Sticker Star is not exactly what many expected. It's not a return to the origins in full rule, in that the RPG elements are sacrificed, but not even a real distortion. The substance is that of a Paper Mario, however, it has a setting that some may not accept, and some of the limitations in the structure.

But if you will understand the nature, you will see exciting ideas in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, you will realize that, behind an experience sometimes fragmentary, it hides one of the best adventures of this year. From the wealth of stickers to the challenging levels and creatures, it's one of the 3DS' more enjoyable RPGs, with adorable characters, catchy music and subtle yet effective 3D graphics.

Our advice? Gamereactor Sweden. Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a game that can easily be recommended to all kinds of gamers, but maybe especially to you who have been growing up with Mario from the very beginning. The newest entry in the Paper Mario series is an enjoyable game that looks and plays amazing, but it does have a few flaws. The lack of a experience system made us skip battles, and when you get stuck there is no hint system to help you out. This doesn't mean that Sticker Star is a bad game, it's just not what you may have hoped for from a new Paper Mario game.

Gamereactor Denmark. There's plenty to enjoy, but Mario has done better as an RPG hero before. Metro GameCentral. A horrible disappointment that not only fails to capture the magic of its predecessors but seems oblivious to what made them popular in the first place. User Reviews. Write a Review. Positive: 56 out of Mixed: 58 out of Negative: 89 out of Pure brilliance. This is the 4th entry in the Paper Mario series, and possible the best one yet.

This game introduces an innovative sticker Pure brilliance. This game introduces an innovative sticker system that's a lot of fun to use. You collect stickers and use them to do various attacks on enemies. Very good use of 3d, and very good value.

This game will keep you busy for weeks. This game is actually an Action-Adventure game. As an action adventure game, it actually plays much like BotW in a weird way. The point isn't to mindlessly fight and level up in order to win. The point is to survive, explore, figure out puzzles, and make it to the next area. The only major flaw I have with this game is boss battles.

The mini-boss fights can sometimes be fun or challenging. The writing is awesome, Kirsti reminds me of Spirit Tracks Zelda, and the level design is some of the best in any Paper Mario game. If you hate this game because it's a bad or mediocre RPG Try it again with a new mindset. This is an Action-Adventure game. The puzzles are quite hard to figure out but don't worry you will figure them out.

When I get to the bosses it is frustrating because I use up The puzzles are quite hard to figure out but don't worry you will figure them out. When I get to the bosses it is frustrating because I use up most of my stickers. It is a really good adventure game and you need to think about your strategy. This game is average in a series renowned for being some of the best ever created. The story is intriguing but nothing inspired and the rpg This game is average in a series renowned for being some of the best ever created.

The story is intriguing but nothing inspired and the rpg elements are abused to put it lightly. As you probably expected, you now have to fight her. Save all of your Jump-related stickers for Kamek, since your current hammers cannot reach her. Once they're taken care of, go all out with your Jump attacks. This is a very easy fight and you can probably beat Kamek in one turn with a Shiny Jump sticker.

After the fight, she'll paperize the comet piece and throw it, causing it to fly off somehwere in this level. You didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? Go back and use the Recovery Block and save, then head right and north to two Item Blocks. There's also a hidden one in between them. Once you get those, proceed to the next screen. Head west here and you'll see a Hammer sticker by the waterfall.

Down the ledges to the right is an Item Block containing a Hopslipper sticker. Keep going along the path and hit the next Item Block you come across to get a Jump sticker. Walk behind the waterfall to get a few coins, then head west and get the Shiny Jump sticker. You can now continue going across to the left, or go south and take the left or right paths down some steps. Continue down and enter paperization, then place a normal sticker in the box and smooth it down. Hit the Item Block that appears to get a shiny version of the sticker you placed.

Now head back up and continue west to the next screen. There's also a Shiny Hammer sticker on the wall ahead. You'll notice a comet sticker perched upon the water spout in the middle. We'll get to it in a minute. Head up the ledges and get the Hammer sticker along the way, then head right and get the Worn-Out Jump sticker.

Get the Shell and Jump stickers from the two Item Blocks, as well. Peel off the Bowser sticker on the wall to reveal an opening; head inside and you'll see a water faucet pumping water in the Bowser statue. Head up the steps and jump on the valve, then jump again a few times to turn it, which turns off the water flow. The faucet will then break off and you'll obtain the Faucet Thing for yourself.

Now head out of this area and head east to the next screen. Here, hit the nearby Item Block for a Fire Flower sticker, then continue along the path and get another Fire Flower sticker at the end. Flip the nearby flowers over and stand in the middle, then jump to hit a hidden Item Block containing a Shiny Shell sticker.

Now go back to the previous area and make your way down, then drop down either of the holes. Inside the cave, go west and pick up the Comet Piece , then smash the puddle it was next to to flip it over. Peel off the Shiny Mushroom sticker and leave. Now you should head all the way back to the screen where you fought Kamek. There, cross the bridge and enter paperization mode. Place the Comet Piece into the shadow and smooth it out to reform it, then grab it to finish the level.

This unlocks World But we're not done yet; there's a secret goal somewhere. Read on to discover its location. The location of this secret goal is pretty simple. Just head to the area with the waterfall, where the coins are located behind it. Go in front of it and drop down from the bridge to reach a secret room. The goal is in here.

This will unlock World ! When you enter, hit the Item Block north of you to get a Line Jump sticker. Over to the right is another one containing a Shell sticker. Continue along the path and get the Worn-Out Hammer and Jump stickers. Notice the windmill in front of you, and the stump next to it. What you have to do is exchange the Fan Thing you got earlier for a Fan sticker in Decalburg; take it to the Toad on the westernmost screen.

If you don't have it, go back and get it! Either way, enter paperization mode and place the Fan sticker there. This will cause it to appear in the background and blow the windmill, unblocking the door leading into it. Head inside and you'll see four blocks with numbers on them. There's a hint to this puzzle in Decalburg, but we might as well solve it ourselves now. The correct combination of numbers is "". Once you hit the blocks to make them say that, a pipe will appear.

Before entering though, let's explore the rest of the level. Back outside, head right and to the next screen. Here, get the Jump sticker on the wall ahead, then keep going and get the Hammer and Worn-Out Jump stickers. Before leaving the area, hit the tree in the corner a few times to get some coins from it. There's also a circle of flowers where you can paperize a sticker on to make an Item Block. Back on the previous screen, there are two pipes; enter the one on the right first.

In this cave, you'll find a new enemy, the Buzzy Beetle. Ignore the pipe shadow for now and keep going, and you'll be back outside. Get the Shiny Line Jump sticker here, then backtrack into the cave and through the pipe again. Now enter the pipe to the left. In here, simply follow the narrow path to an Item Block containing a Jump sticker, then go through the pipe at the end. The Item Block out here has a Recovery Heart. Talk to the crying Toad and he'll want you to take him back to Decalburg, and will then join you.

Go back through the pipe don't jump over the fence or you'll have to go back and get him again , and make your way out of the cave. Fight the monsters along the way, because if you don't, he'll get scared and run back to his hiding place. Once you're back outside, take him to Decalburg and he'll tell you to meet him in his house the center one on the eastern screen.

Talk to him to get a Mushroom sticker, and he'll give you the hint to the puzzle we solved earlier. Go back to World and enter the windmill. If you haven't yet solved the puzzle, do so now read the first paragraph , then enter the pipe. Down in this cave again, jump across the ledges be careful not to fall! At the end of the path, pick up the Green Warp Pipe scrap, then drop down and exit through the western pipe. Back outside, take the eastern pipe back into the other part of the cave you were in earlier.

Go to the shadow of the pipe and paperize yourself, then place the Green Warp Pipe over it. Now you can enter it. Do so and head right, then a giant Buzzy Beetle will fall from the ceiling and you'll have to fight it. Finally a boss battle that can actually qualify as a legitimate boss battle, somewhat. You'll need a lot of Jump stickers for this fight. You'll want to use the Battle Spinner to get a match so you can use more than one sticker at a time.

It's impossible to hurt him otherwise, because even if you flip him over, he'll get back up immediately on his turn. So, use two Jump stickers in a row: one to flip him over and one to damage him use your weakest ones to flip him over, and strongest ones to damage him. He attacks by tackling you with his shell, but that's about it. You can also make quick work of him by using a Hopslipper sticker, since you can get several hits off before the attack ends.

Don't forget that you have to use the Battle Spinner once per turn. After the fight, he'll drop an HP-Up Heart! Go through the red pipe to reach the next area. Hit the blocks with your hammer and one of them will contain a Leaf sticker. Head down the steps to the right and you'll find the comet piece and finish the level! There are Spinies in this level, which we haven't seen in the game until now.

Keep going up the path and up the ledges, then get the Hammer sticker and enter the next screen. Here, head right and get the Shell sticker from the Item Block. Keep going and you'll find a Lakitu enemy along the way; he throws Spinies constantly, so watch out. You'll come across a Power Star; touch it and you'll become temporarily invincible, and will kill any enemy you touch.

Continue up the path and use the Recovery Block if needed, then head to the next screen. Here, get the Worn-Out Jump and Worn-Out Hammer stickers, then hit the backside of the tree a few times to knock it down. Cross it and get the Shiny Hurlhammer sticker off the cloud. Continue and head to another screen.

There's a Worn-Out Hammer sticker upon entering here. Go north and get the Hammer sticker, then get the Hurlhammer sticker out of the Item Block. Keep going and take the southern path, then hit another Item Block, which contains an Iron Jump sticker. Head south and peel off the Bowser sticker on the floor to create a shortcut, then keep going and get the Slaphammer sticker from an Item Block.

Now hit the backside of the tree at the end until it falls, then watch a really cool scene as several things fall and spin, which ends up tossing a folded gate onto a platform in another area. Head back all the way north. You probably noticed that there are coins on a ledge you can't seem to reach. Head all the way right and jump on the brick, then look north and use your hammer to reveal a block.

Jump on it and do the same thing again to create a stairway leading up to the platform. Get the coins up here and the Shiny Leaf sticker, then go back south and cross the bridge you formed earlier. Head back two screens and go all the way south past the Spinies, then west to a tree. Knock it down and cross it, then pick up the White Gate scrap. Go back north to the previous screen and go to the shadowed gate. Paperize the White Gate onto it and it will open. Pass through and go left, then peel the Bowser sticker off the Toad.

He'll thank you and tell you he's opening up a Sticker Shop just ahead. Here is what the shop sells:. Later on he'll sell shiny versions of the flowers, for 30 coins each. Stock up on anything you may want here, then head to the next screen. Touch the comet piece to finish the level. Kersti will say that she senses a Royal Sticker in the fortress.

Head right and smash the Goombas with your hammer, then enter the fortress. Hit the yellow block in the middle to rotate the platform, then take the northern exit. Out here, save your game if you wish and peel the Bowser sticker off the floor near the bed of spikes.

This uncovers a carpet that covers some of the spikes, but we can't cross just yet. Exit this screen and take the eastern door this time. Out here, you'll be spotted by some Goombas, who will begin launching Bob-ombs down at you. Hit the two Item Blocks for a Baahammer and Shell sticker.

Follow along the path and get the Fire Flower and Ice Flower stickers along the way, then enter the next area as a side note, Bob-ombs frequently drop Bomb stickers. In here, ignore the block for a moment and hit the Item Block to get a Spike Helmet sticker. Now hit the yellow block twice and take the right path, then hit the wall to open up a passage to a room full of coins, and another Item Block.

It contains a Shiny Jump sticker. Now go back and take the northern path to the next screen. Out here, as soon as you attempt to cross the bridge, you'll active some fans which will blow a swarm of Paragoombas your way. You'll also fall off.

Down here, get the Jump stickers to the left and right, and the Spike Helmet sticker from the Item Block. Hit the block next to it to get a Line Jump sticker. There's also a Hopslipper sticker on the ledge to the right. Go under the bridge and paperize yourself, then stick any two stickers in the blocks don't use up any of your more useful ones.

This will stop the fans from blowing, allowing you to safely cross, so climb back up and cross the bridge. You have to be quick about it, though, because after around five seconds, the stickers will peel off. When you make it across, head along the path and hit the Item Block at the end to get a Poison Mushroom sticker, then enter the room ahead. Here, go all the way north and face the Item Block on the right. Hit the air to reveal a hidden block, then stand on it and repeat this to reveal more of them, creating a passage to it.

Go back and hit the yellow block to rotate the platform, then go through the western door. It's raining Bob-ombs again in this area. You have to lure them to the gates and let them explode on them to knock them down. Advance your way through the screen and get the Fire Flower sticker. The Item Block has a Hurlhammer sticker, and as you keep going you'll also find an Ice Flower sticker, along with another Fire Flower sticker.

At the end, enter the door. In here, you'll notice the yellow block doesn't respond. Paperize yourself and notice that it's peeling off a bit. Hover over it and hold A to peel it off and get the Block Switch scrap. Paperize yourself again and then place it back on the shadow and smooth it out; now it's in the correct position and you can activate it. Do so and head south to another area.

Hit the Item Block here to get a Spike Helmet sticker, then peel the Bowser sticker off the floor nearby. If you did this at the other side earlier, this will cover the bed of spikes completely, allowing you to go to the Recovery Block and Save Block and cross the bridge. In here, you can power up one of your stickers by paperizing yourself and placing it into the block in the center of the room. Head up the spiral stairway in this room, and get the Jump and Slaphammer stickers from the Item Blocks along the way.

There's a normal block coming up which contains another Jump sticker, and another Item Block that holds a Burnhammer sticker. Keep going and get the Hopslipper and Hammer stickers. You can also jump through one of the openings to find a Shiny Jump sticker on a wall, if you want to get it.

On the next screen, you'll notice a trumpet on the ground. Examine it to obtain the Trumpet Thing, then hit the Item Block to get a Recovery Heart, which will restore your health to full. Now head west and climb up the steps, then watch the scene. You'll be surrounded by a horde of Goombas and enter a boss fight. This boss has a total of 90 HP, but several different "forms". The HP is shared between each.

Starting off, you'll be fighting the horde of Goombas. Unleash your strongest stickers on them, but do not jump on them unless you have the proper stickers. On their next turn, they'll combine into one giant shiny Goomba. In this form, it attacks by rolling itself up and tackling you, which can damage you quite a bit, so be careful it may also just jump on you.

It can also fold itself into a cone, rendering most Jump stickers ineffective. They can also "split" themselves into several square shapes, then hurl themselves at you three times for about 5 damage a pop unless you guard. Make sure to use the Battle Spinner each turn, because you're gonna need it.

Also, I hope you have a few spare Mushroom stickers. As soon as your HP starts to get around critical condition, heal. Overall, this is the hardest boss you've faced so far, but with enough preperation you should do just fine. He'll attack you one last time in desperation; simply guard his attack and knock off the 1 HP with a Worn-Out Hammer sticker or something.

The battle is then over. As a side note, if you have the Fan sticker on-hand and use it on the boss, you'll reduce its HP and power by a lot, since it is weak to the fan. Every end-world boss has a weakness to a Thing sticker which I will list each time. After the fight, the sparkly Goomba will drop the first Royal Sticker. Grab it to finish the level, and complete World 1. Enjoy the little storybook scene you get, then you'll get a fourth page added to your Sticker Album.

Before we go on to the second world, let's head back to Decalburg for a quick visit. Head to the Sticker Fest to find the stickers listed above. You'll also notice it's been remodeled a bit. If you talk to the Toad by the flags, he'll tell you he's recorded certain achievements of yours on them. These are Super Flag Achievements , which I go into more detail about in that section. Aside from that, the shop is now selling Shiny Mushroom stickers, which restore your HP by Then stock up on any others you may want, and it's time for World 2.

When you enter, get the Jump sticker off the wall, and the Hopslipper sticker from the nearby Item Block. Head along the path and you'll see a big door with sticker symbols on them. First get the nearby Worn-Out Hammer sticker. As I'm sure you've guessed already, you have to fill in the symbols on the door with the stickers representing them.

This is why I told you to buy those specific stickers in Decalburg a moment ago. If you don't have a Poison Mushroom, you will unfortunately have to backtrack to World and buy one from the Toad. After you correctly place all of the stickers on the door, it will open. Go right and get the Jump sticker, then jump on the nearby ledge and fall down the pipe thing.

In here, get the Shiny Jump sticker and the coins along the way, and at the end, jump to flip a piece of the floor over. Now head right and outside to the next area. Heal and save, then hit the backside of the cactus to get 10 coins from it. Get the Worn-Out Hammer sticker nearby as well. In the Item Block ahead is a Hammer sticker, as well as a Jump sticker on the wall.

Keep following the path and get the Worn-Out Jump sticker. On your way down the hill, get the Hopslipper sticker off the wall and in the Item Block. There's also an Eekhammer sticker on the rock near the end of the area. Climb up the nearby ledges and you'll see a Toad being harrassed by some Paragoombas. Attempt to speak to the Toad, and they'll offer to leave him alone for 25 coins, or you can fight them.

If you fight them, they're accompanied by a Sombrero Guy and form into a 5-Fold Paragoomba. They have 40 HP and the Sombrero Guy will double their strength, so it can actually be a somewhat difficult battle. After the fight, as thanks, the Toad will give you a Shiny Mushroom sticker. Proceed to the next screen. Here, make the bush spin if you want some Recovery Hearts, then follow the path.

On the quicksand, you have to continuously jump to avoid being sucked in. There are also some Pokeys here, should you wish to fight them. Keep going and spin the cactus if you want 10 coins. Now head up the hill nearby and get the Worn-Out Jump and Hammer stickers, then peel off the Bowser sticker to reveal an opening. Get the coins inside and go back east, then get the Eekhammer sticker.

Go south and onto the quicksand, then head right to find an Item Block. Go north to the fallen pillar, and let yourself sink in enough to where you can squeeze through the opening. Hug the wall until you find a spot where you can peel off a Flashy Slaphammer sticker. Now make your way back onto solid ground and proceed to the next area, and get the Worn-Out Hammer sticker along the way. In this area, go south and get the Worn-Out Hammer sticker, then go north and jump in between the two blocks to find a hidden one containing a Shiny Jump sticker.

Head up the sandfall and spin the cactus on the way if you want some Recovery Hearts. Be careful of the Pokeys on the way up. Once you reach the top, get the Slaphammer and Worn-Out Jump stickers, then head directly south and down another side of the sandfall. Hit the Item Block for a Line Jump sticker, then spin the cacti if you want some coins.

Go all the way right and hit the Item Block to get a Hurlhammer sticker. The Item Block in the group of blocks ahead contains a Shiny Hopslipper sticker. Head back west and go in between the two cacti, and let Mario sink fully into the quicksand. You'll fall into a hidden room. Now go back and continue west, then get the Hammer sticker and keep climbing up.

Get the Jump sticker on the way, and at the top is another Hammer sticker. Go south and west from here, then paperize yourself and put a random sticker into the box make sure it's useless, because you can't hit the block. Now head back up and make your way to the golden chest in here, then open it to receive a Tablet Piece scrap. From here, head to the right and stand on the sand geyser. It will take you out of this secret room.

Back outside, head east to a platform with an object stuck in the sand. Pull it out to get the Soda Thing. Now continue east and hit the cactus for a Recovery Heart, then go south and get the Slaphammer sticker. Continue to the next screen. There are a bunch of stickers on the walls here. Climb up the pyramid and get the Worn-Out Jump and Hammer stickers.

Now go under the stairway to the other side of the pyramid and peel off the Worn-Out Hammer sticker. Drop down a few steps and get the coins, as well as the Hammer sticker. Now go back around to another side of the pyramid, and jump to the Item Block by the stairs. It contains a Slaphammer sticker.

Make your way westward to yet another side of the pyramid and you'll probably notice the health upgrade in the distance. Jump on the ledge next to the stairway and then on the stairs to slide down, then jump to the platform on the left and grab the HP-Up Heart! Drop down and hit the Item Block in the sand for an Iron Jump sticker, then head around the eastern side of the pyramid. Climb your way up to a Worn-Out Jump sticker, then climb back up and drop down to the left and get the Jump sticker.

Head under the stairs to the left and follow the path to an Item Block on the left, containing a Slaphammer sticker. You can also find a Worn-Out Hammer along the walls of the pyramid, but I didn't get it and I don't feel it's worth guiding you directly to it. Feel free to get it if you wish, however.

Now head back to the eastern side of the pyramid and climb your way back up, then collect the comet piece to finish the level. That was long! Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free!

What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Page 1 of 5 Next Page Last Page. Version History V1. Introduction It's that time again, for the fourth installment in the Paper Mario series, this time for the Nintendo 3DS. Controls I'll list the controls of the game here.

Jumps, examines things, peels off stickers, uses stickers in-battle, etc. Game Basics I will explain the basics of the gameplay in this section. Battle Spinner Not too long after starting the game, you'll be granted the ability to use the Battle Spinner. If you get a perfect three-slot match, it will have a special effect depending on which slots you matched: Coins: Gives Mario a pretty decent coin bonus.

Mushroom: Restores Mario's HP. Lightning: Damages all enemies onscreen with lightning bolts. POW Block: Deals damage to all ground-bound enemies and may also crumple them. Perfect Bonus If you win a battle without taking damage an enemy getting a First Strike does count , you'll get a Perfect Bonus.

Paperizing After you defeat Bowser Jr. Status Effects Like usual, there are various status effects throughout the game, that can affect both Mario and enemies alike. Dizzy: Lowers accuracy. Crumple: In other words, paralysis.

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