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Baby is so charming that various vendors in this West African market gift him all sorts of yummies. Mama navigates the busy, colorful outdoor market, her woven basket balanced on her head. Baby is very curious. Baby is so curious that Mrs. Ade, the banana seller, gives Baby six bananas. With each delicacy given, Baby eats one and puts the rest in the basket. The smiling, all-black cast sort through myriad wares, while the text keeps up its rhythm, introducing both typical items bought in a West African market and a gentle lesson in arithmetic as Baby alternately snacks on and stashes his gifts.

This celebration of cross-generational bonding is a textual and artistic tour de force. Loosely defined patterns and gestures offer an immediate and raw quality to the Sasek-like illustrations. Painted in a warm palette, this diverse urban neighborhood is imbued with interest and possibility.

Already have an account? Log in. Trouble signing in? Retrieve credentials. Sign Up. Picture book. Pub Date: Nov. Page Count: 40 Publisher: Two Lions. Review Posted Online: Sept. No Comments Yet. More by Lindsay Ward. Pub Date: Sept. Page Count: 32 Publisher: Candlewick. Review Posted Online: Aug. More by Atinuke. Sign in Register Email. Password Forgot your password? Register for a new account. Sign in. Remember me. My cart Cart is empty.

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Can be set to a boolean value to enable deep copies of structures. Cross-referencing will then only be done when absolutely essential i. Default is 0. Can be set to a boolean value to control whether hash keys are quoted. A defined false value will avoid quoting hash keys when it looks like a simple string.

Default is 1, which will always enclose hash keys in quotes. Can be set to a string that specifies an alternative to the bless builtin operator used to create objects. A function with the specified name should exist, and should accept the same arguments as the builtin.

Default is bless. Can be set to a string that specifies the separator between hash keys and values. Implementing bless in JavaScript is left as an exercise for the reader. A function with the specified name exists, and accepts the same arguments as the builtin.

Can be set to a positive integer that specifies the depth beyond which we don't venture into a structure. Has no effect when Data::Dumper::Purity is set. Useful in debugger when we often don't want to see more than enough. Default is 0, which means there is no maximum depth. Can be set to a positive integer that specifies the depth beyond which recursion into a structure will throw an exception. This is intended as a security measure to prevent perl running out of stack space when dumping an excessively deep structure.

Can be set to 0 to remove the limit. Default is Can be set to a boolean value which controls whether the pure Perl implementation of Data::Dumper is used. The Data::Dumper module is a dual implementation, with almost all functionality written in both pure Perl and also in XS 'C'. Since the XS version is much faster, it will always be used if possible.

This option lets you override the default behavior, usually for testing purposes only. Default is 0, which means the XS implementation will be used if possible. Can be set to a boolean value to control whether hash keys are dumped in sorted order. A true value will cause the keys of all hashes to be dumped in Perl's default sort order. Can also be set to a subroutine reference which will be called for each hash that is dumped.

In this case Data::Dumper will call the subroutine once for each hash, passing it the reference of the hash. The purpose of the subroutine is to return a reference to an array of the keys that will be dumped, in the order that they should be dumped. Using this feature, you can control both the order of the keys, and which keys are actually used.

In other words, this subroutine acts as a filter by which you can exclude certain keys from being dumped. Default is 0, which means that hash keys are not sorted. Can be set to a boolean value to control whether code references are turned into perl source code.

If set to a true value, B::Deparse will be used to get the source of the code reference. In older versions, using this option imposed a significant performance penalty when dumping parts of a data structure other than code references, but that is no longer the case.

Caution : use this option only if you know that your coderefs will be properly reconstructed by B::Deparse. By default, Data::Dumper builds up the "seen" hash of scalars that it has encountered during serialization. This is very expensive. This seen hash is necessary to support and even just detect circular references. It is exposed to the user via the Seen call both for writing and reading. If you, as a user, do not need explicit access to the "seen" hash, then you can set the Sparseseen option to allow Data::Dumper to eschew building the "seen" hash for scalars that are known not to possess more than one reference.

This speeds up serialization considerably if you use the XS implementation. Note: If you turn on Sparseseen , then you must not rely on the content of the seen hash since its contents will be an implementation detail! Run these code snippets to get a quick feel for the behavior of this module.

When you are through with these examples, you may want to add or change the various configuration variables described above, to see their behavior. See the testsuite in the Data::Dumper distribution for more examples. Due to limitations of Perl subroutine call semantics, you cannot pass an array or hash. This will be remedied in time, now that Perl has subroutine prototypes. If a code reference is encountered in the structure being processed and if you haven't set the Deparse flag , an anonymous subroutine that contains the string '"DUMMY"' will be inserted in its place, and a warning will be printed if Purity is set.

You can eval the result, but bear in mind that the anonymous sub that gets created is just a placeholder. Even using the Deparse flag will in some cases produce results that behave differently after being passed to eval ; see the documentation for B::Deparse.

Different runs of Perl will have different ordering of hash keys. The change was done for greater security, see "Algorithmic Complexity Attacks" in perlsec. This means that different runs of Perl will have different Data::Dumper outputs if the data contains hashes. Using this restores the old platform-specific ordering: an even prettier solution might be to use the Sortkeys filter of Data::Dumper.

Copyright c Gurusamy Sarathy. All rights reserved. For more information on module installation, please visit the detailed CPAN module installation guide. Functions Dumper LIST Returns the stringified form of the values in the list, subject to the configuration options below. Configuration Variables or Methods Several configuration variables can be used to control the kind of output generated when using the procedural interface. Empty string by default. To install Data::Dumper, copy and paste the appropriate command in to your terminal.

Fork metacpan. Keyboard Shortcuts. Global s Focus search bar? Bring up this help dialog GitHub g p Go to pull requests g i go to github issues only if github is preferred repository. Search terms module: e. Sign up. Log in. The official mobile application of C. Newell's Old Boys. Google Play Rating history and histogram. Join us for free to see more information about your app and learn how we can help you promote and earn money with your app.

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