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These boots are made to appear simple but withstand the test of time. The boot also uses a specially engineered fiberglass shank to increase the rigidity of the boot while still giving a nice and comfortable flex. My Review: Oh the Light Assault 2 by Oakley is the perfect boots for those of you finding yourself on the run or in hot pursuit often. These boots are not the toughest, the most durable, or the most insulated but they are some of the lightest and most nimble tactical boots on the market today.

Oakley makes a lot of stuff that I sometimes chuckle at, but these boots are certainly no joke and are certainly worth a look. These are primarily constructed of military-grade Cordura nylon and are completely synthetic, meaning they require a very little break-in period and right out of the box they fit nicely and offer a lot of ankle movement, which is good for running on uneven surfaces, climbing things, etc.

These boots are by no means insulated or waterproof. They are built for people moving quickly and thus have an emphasis on ventilation instead of insulation. My Review: Bates always impresses and for a little more than the previous models, you get a very nice combat style set of footwear. They come in four colors and feature a side zipper with a velcro flap lock.

My Review: I am a fan of Maelstrom as you can tell from me adding a couple of their different models to this list and quite frankly, I think Maelstrom is one of the best budget brands out there in the world of tactical boots. Maelstrom is always keeping it simple and giving you what you need without driving the price up with needless bells and whistles.

The Tac Athlons are similar to the Tac Force boots but have less emphasis on heavy-duty workloads and more emphasis on being lightweight for long durations of walking and standing. Something that really stood out to me was how well the stitching actually was despite the price being so low.

My Review: These are some really slick looking suede leather military style boots. Available in black or tan, these have a very classic and neutral style. These are fantastic urban patrolling boots as they have short and lightweight lugs on the bottom. My Review: Cheap, black, sleek, and a neutral tactical appearance. Nothing fancy, nothing extra, just a pair of nice boots that get the job done without breaking the bank.

My Review: Danner is a pride and joy type of brand. My Review: I had to offer you a nice and shiny set of high-top boots and these by Rocky Duty fit the criteria perfectly, without having to spend an arm and a leg. Simply put, they got a little flash, they got a little ruggedness, they got a lot of ankle, and they have a low price tag. All good things coming from Rocky Duty! These are made out of full-grain leather, which makes them waterproof.

These are desert combat ready boots available in coyote brown. These were designed by William Yarborough in for the st parachute Test Battalion. These are full mil-spec and reinforced with internal webbing for incredible ankle support. The full leather Marauders offer some serious stability while utilizing 3 ribbed shanks, a very stiff synthetic sole, and a steel bottom plate that makes the boots.

My Review: The Merrell Moab makes a return from our hiking boots blog and comes through well offering us a tactical version of the ever so popular Moab hiking series. The Moab 2 Tactical offers the four main tactical colors schemes on an incredibly rugged and durable boot.

The boot itself is completely waterproof due to a full leather construction. The Moab II also features the coveted RipStop upper that is highly abrasion resistant and a specialized bellow tongue to keep out mud and dust. My Review: Under Armour has really impressed me with a very unique and feature-rich approach to the tactical boot design. My Review: We talked about the 5. These offer incredible resistance to water, oil, protrusions, and slipping.

They come in any color you like, so long as you like black and feature a very sleek and simple design. These boots are FORSCOM approved and actually used by elite special operatives, so you already know what the price tag is for and that these boots contain tons of features. These boots are best used in cold climates but perform well in spring-type weather as well.

My Review: The cheap and easy option, the PANY Summer boots offer incredibly priced desert tactical boots that are breathable and available in four colors. These are perfect for those of you with a one-off need or short term requirements for desert related activities. They are cheap but they are also well designed and perfect for desert PT. That means every ounce matters and finding boots that keep your total load outs weight to a minimum is a big priority.

Of course, going too light may not be suitable for you. Weight will vary with the boots type of materials and also its stability mechanisms. At the end of the day, though, even the toughest men on the planet have to take care of their feet. Mangled feet and sore ankles hinder your athletic ability and if your boots leave your feet utterly wrecked at the end of each shift, the relationship you have with your boots will fade quickly.

Most people wearing tactical boots will likely be standing or walking for long durations of time. Many high-quality tactical boots offer great arch support and soles stiff enough to keep your feet healthy and happy. Similarly to hiking and work boots, my main piece of advice, when considering fit, is to go big or go home. A size too small is an utter deal breaker. There is nothing to remedy a boot that is inadequate in size.

Another thought on going big, keep in mind that after several miles of stomping around, your feet will swell up and will fill much more space than they do when you first wake up in the morning. I mentioned earlier how important it is to measure both length and width, but many people fail to realize that the number on the tongue is only one piece of the perfect fit puzzle.

Watch out for models that are extra narrow or wide. Some people, like me for example, needs a narrower fit as my feet are long and skinny compared to the average persons. Some boots will include their own mechanisms and may not work well or be easily replaced, so if you plan on using aftermarket inserts, do your research and make the tactical boot in question is compatible.

Aside from that, some more advanced fit related aspects include arch support, heel-to-toe drop, and ankle support. What you need is going to be dependant on you and the job at hand, so again, planning ahead and having an understanding of what the life of your tactical boots will look like is incredibly important. Ask questions and figure out exactly what your job will entail.

But tough is subjected and difficult to really test before buying, but there are a few key attributes to look out for. Aside from getting your toes squashed, natures elements can take a heavy toll on any type of boots. Some synthetics like nylon may not hold up well against intense heat or tough terrain.

Again, it depends on the situation, so make sure you choose material that is durable and ready to handle what you need. Often overlooked, tough laces are also a must. If your laces become compromised, your tactical boots turn into paperweights.

There is definitely a difference in lace quality, and if the boots you love come with some standard shoelaces, you may want to upgrade to something stronger such as these from IronLace. I always have an extra set on these on hand in case the ones that came with my boots break. Personally, I really like this design as I feel it allows for a tighter ankle fit on those boots that have a high ankle wall. Cheap zipper systems can also slide down during use. Always check the quality of stitching on any boots you buy.

If there is anything awry, send them back immediately. Simply put, bad stitching is the number one cause of premature tactical boot death, so check it over twice and make sure yours are stitched up tight. This also goes for where the material meets the rubber outsoles.

Make sure everything is attached correctly, otherwise your rubber outsoles will be falling off just outside the period you can return them, as Murphys Law always gets ya! I always wondered how those guys in riot gear could hold back crowds of hundreds of people without budging. Yeah, they have thick shields and tons of heavy gear on, but the primary piece of gear truly holding back those hordes of people is the boots on their feet.

Keep moving without having to tiptoe around slick surfaces! If that happens, there are a few things you can try to silence those squeakers. First and probably the easiest method is to take some fine grain sandpaper and lightly sand the bottom of your boots. The idea here is the create tiny abrasions along the parts of the boot that make contact with the ground, helping the air escape out from underneath those grippy parts of the rubber and reducing the sound they make.

Sometimes inserts are the source of the noise, in which case you can remove them, coat the parts of the boots that the insert contacts with baby powder or baking powder, and then put the insert back into place. This should create a slight barrier between the insert and the materials inside your boots. Thick laces are usually recommended, but they too can cause some friction with the tongue of the boots, thus using the same powder technique can alleviate this noise.

Sometimes cracks in the leather or rubber are the culprit and of course, buying new boots would be your best option here. With that said, you might be able to get some more miles out of them by using something like super glue or Shoe Goo, which can be found here. The Idea is to fill those gaps and repair your shoes, eliminating the gaps and friction between the pieces of material affected by the damage.

Some fancy tactical boots may have really hard heel pads that make tapping or clicking sounds as you walk. Wet feet suck, plain and simple. Buying tactical boots that emphasize breathable materials or channels that allow air to flow freely from inside the boot will greatly increase how dry the inside of your boot remains.

I prefer less weight and higher breathability, but there certainly are situations that I would have benefited from having water resistance. Again, plan ahead and choose wisely, everything decision you make has tradeoffs. Tactical boots that are constructed with flexibility in mind are especially nice for comfort and fast-paced movement. The tradeoff, though, is that navigating rough terrain or steep angles becomes significantly more difficult without the stability of a sturdy and stiff platform.

Furthermore, sturdiness also encompasses protection. Tactical boots with high levels of ankle support and a lot of material covering your ankles will provide much greater protection from athletic related injuries as well as protrusions and physical impact.

Boots created with flexibility at the forefront of their basis will lack this protection in order to give you a higher level of maneuverability. If you know the job will require you to move quickly and your life depends on you moving positions and being quick on your toes, you may want additional flexibility. Fortunately for us, there is a middle ground as well, which is usually where I find my favorite sets of tactical boots.

Materials lives matter! From water resistance to weight to durability to comfort, materials are the starting point for each of those conversations. This includes everything you see when you slap those bad boys on your feet and look down at them. The portion that wraps around your ankle, the top piece that may or may not protect you from heavy objects, where your laces call home, the tongue, the toe, etc.

Full-grain leather is likely the most popular material construction used in tactical boots and offers a high level of durability due to its abrasion resistance. Naturally, full-grain leather is incredibly water resistant, however, is also one of the more heavier and expensive materials used. Leather tactical boots also require a lengthy break-in period where they may feel uncomfortable and difficult to use.

After properly being broke in, however, these are some of the best form fitting boots available and tend to hold their shape the longest. Split-grain leather is a material construction method that combines traditional leather with other materials. Basically, the manufacturer will remove the tough and stiff portions of the leather and instead use a more flexible and lighter material in its place.

The idea here is to find a good middle ground between durability, weight, and breathability. Nubuck leather is a variant of full-grain leather. After being industrially treated, this type of leather largely resembles suede and offers a much higher level of flexibility and comfort than their traditional full-grain leather counterparts.

They too have some pretty high levels of water resistance and a decent level of durability. Synthetic materials are a rather new boot material method and generally consist of polyester, nylon mesh, woven nylon, and synthetic leather. Using these allows for manufacturers to greatly reduce the cost of construction, however, these boots with their lower more attractive price tags generally come with subpar levels of durability.

With that said, however, some of the lightest and most maneuverable boots on the market are in this category and generally require the smallest amount of time to break in if they even need a break in period at all. Switching from the top to the bottom, the outsole is the portion of the boot that comes into contact with the ground and faces, sometimes. The grip of the boot is just as important as the rest of the boot.

The heel brake is the portion of the outsole that sits under your heel and the lug pattern is the type of grip used on the outsole. Outsoles generally consist of just one material, and you probably already guessed it! Rubber is really all you get here. Generally speaking, a harder rubber construction offers a more firm and stable platform while a softer rubber increased traction and grip.

Most of you will likely want something in the middle. Vibram outsoles are manufactured in Italy and have become an incredibly popular outsole solution in just about all categories of boots, including tactical boots. Usually, there will be a yellow tag on the bottom of the boot indicating its equipped with Vibram technology. These outsoles are made of high-quality rubber and are resistant to industrial chemicals, slippage, are non-marking, and offer incredibly lightweight designs.

The midsole of the boot is the portion of the platform providing a bed for your feet. The construction is not only rigid, but also stylish in many ways. There are multiple features which make it the perfect boot for different combat situations. The side zip functionality lets you save a lot of valuable time, which is very important for an officer.

This allows you to get on and off the boot instantly with no need for lacing, which consumes a lot of time. The nylon upper makes the boot breathable and also one of the most resilient products out there. The cushion foam is multi-layered and provides enough comfort for users even after long hours of operation. There is a hidden side pocket, which is one of the industry first special features offered exclusively on this boot.

You can place your pocket knife in it, or any other compact accessory you may own for handling certain critical situations. As with other 5. This system maximizes the compression and rebound, thus enhancing performance. Key performance metrics enhanced because of this are traction, speed, control and stability. You can use this boot on any kind of surface and it will deliver the same level of performance on every single one.

It is oil and slip-resistant, just like most of the top tactical boots. The laces are tight and sausage-style, and once you tie them up, they will stay in place for a very long time. If you work long hours, then this feature is one to keep you happy. The ATAC boot is designed to assist you in handling high combat situations. The outsole on the other hand is fairly quiet, which is very good for silent tactical applications.

If you are more old school and traditional, then we think you may not be too keen on this stylish, modern and innovative boot. Magnum Boots was born in , and it was right from the start a useful option for the lightweight, comfortable, and sturdy footwear that professionals in the FBI training center would have. Ever since, Magnum USA became a leader in making some of the best tactical boots with amazing comfort, value, technology , and safety. Magnum turns out to be the equivalent for Essential Equipment, without making any sacrifices on comfort or performance.

These boots are lightweight and fast, which recommends them for use by the most active professionals. They sport a sleek profile, and the black color sure helps give them a subtle appearance. Thanks to their design, they provide foot forming comfort, whereas the almost seamless kurim upper part is protective and abrasion resistant. You can confide in the boots when running through mud, climbing ropes, scaling walls, or walking on pavement. These boots stands out as an excellent choice for purpose footwear.

The insole is removable, allowing you to customize the boots the way you need them. They are sturdy and lightweight at the same time, offering good arch support. Our list of cons :. All in all, these are military shoes that work well especially in the summer time, on light trails. Bates had their humble beginnings as a dress shoe manufacturer in the year and over the years they have become the no.

The shoes they manufacture are used by many police, military and field officers all over the world. Since joining forces with Wolverine Worldwide Inc. The company has licensed its footwear to many leading brands that you may find in the market right now. This one is quite popular because of its tactical side zip.

This tactical sport boot will let you tackle even the toughest obstacles you may face on the field. Officers on duty will be able to perform their duty to the best of their abilities with ultimate protection. The shoes are made of full grain leather and the EVA insert gives a shock absorbing heel that comes fitted with forepart pads for more comfort.

You can remove the insert whenever you want, and make the boots even more lightweight. They are designed to suit operation in different terrain conditions, thus increasing your performance. The breathable mesh lining and the upper ballistic nylon give it the best feel and performance. The side zipper is made of nylon and is fitted with a leather tab for easy removal. The rubber outsole of all the Ultra-Lites series is oil resistant and this feature provides better traction and control even when running over slippery terrain.

This is a totally non-metallic boot and perfect for officers who are going to board a flight. The collar comes soft padded and has a fiberglass shank. With a weight of just about 23oz, these shoes make one of the best tactical boots for uniform officers, on-field officers, and for outdoor enthusiasts.

Their lightweight design prevents foot fatigue to a large extent. Shooters, hunters and even outdoorsy people can buy these boots for better performance in varied conditions. They allow you to wear the most advanced military grade technology and quality, giving you best comfort and performance. Nylon uppers are designed to stay durable even after days of use.

The usual wear and tear you may find in other tactical boots is non-existent here, which also makes it a better buy. Improved stability, control, and ease of use are provided by the fiberglass shank. The collar top comes with a Velcro which makes the job easy for the user. If we were to talk about the negatives of this product, then we would probably have to nitpick some.

Some customers have complained about the poor quality cushioned insoles. It is not waterproof either. Apart from these little issues, this Bates Ultra-Lites tactical sport side-zip boot is among the best tactical boots you can get from the market. Danner Shoe Company was started by Charles Danner in the year Today, they have become one of the reputed duty boot brands in America. Duty boots were their main area of focus and expertise and they sure did manufacture and market some of the best duty boots you will ever find in the market.

Even today, the tradition, quality and affordability of Danner shoes are still maintained. The extensive product line of boots will give you goose bumps, and you can find boots from the brand for every single occasion. Danner boots are sold across the globe in many international markets. The Tachyon high cut from Danner protect your feet even when working under extreme situations. These are one of the most flexible, maneuverable boots in the market right now, and also deliver best in class traction and control.

The toe cap is wide compared to other boots and this gives you more moving space and also acts as a security feature. The Danner Tachyon is designed to withstand the long haul, and we highly recommend this boot for officers who are on the field for hours or even days. The sole of this boot is incorporated with polyurethane footbed and EVA midsole, both of which are responsible for delivering a cushion effect, which in turn delivers comfort and stability.

The boot weighs only about 26 ounces and this is one of the lightweight tactical shoes you can buy in the market. The toe caps are scratch resistant and the boots are made of synthetic materials, making the boot light and enabling ultra fast drying. The laces are designed for easy on and off. The boots are designed using innovative technologies, making them one of the best shock absorbing boots.

You can change your position instantly to become comfortable. The ankle protection offered in some boots make them heavy, but Danner have managed to make it perfect. As far as protection goes, the rubber outsole and pentagonal lugs are the only protective aspects, while it does not offer electrical hazard protection. A major drawback of this boot is that it is not waterproof, so you better stay away from water. The uppers are made of ultra fast drying synthetic materials and are also machine washable.

These shoes are not meant for officers working in cold regions. As far as the style goes, one cannot say that this is the most stylish tactical boot, but it scores decently on that front. You can choose from several colors: black, coyote, sage green and tan. It does have some minor flaws as we have discussed above but is certainly one of the best in terms of affordability, comfort and light weight. Maelstrom Tactical are well known for the high quality and professional tactical shoes and apparel that they manufacture.

They offer excellent products for law enforcement officers, fire marshals, security people, tactical users, and also for uniform officers. When it comes to tactical boots, anybody can create a product for duty officers; but, Maelstrom Tactical strive to provide best in class innovative and high performance tactical boots and apparel that are both comfortable and durable. Military and other uniform officers will benefit a lot from this feature. The uppers are manufactured using a combination of full grain top quality leather, mesh and suede.

The mesh is air breathable and this lets you stay dry even after long working hours. The rubber sole construction makes it oil and slip resistant. All these features are there to make you feel comfortable and confident. Keep in mind that the shoes are designed using modern technologies, which make them durable, flexible and comfortable, all of which are not achieved as a whole in many products. The outer leather is of the highest quality and is water and abrasion resistant, which means the footwear is going to stay wear and tear free for a long period.

The foam padding on the inside is breathable and adds to the comfort quotient. The moisture wicking lining also provides anti-microbial properties and this prevents the accumulation of bacteria. The shock absorbent midsole is ultra resistant and can withstand high impacts. Stability and speed are enhances by the excellent rebound and compression capabilities. The outer cushioning can be removed for better traction, while the Landship are completely oil and chemical proof.

The zipper is designed for heavy duty use and not just as a fashion statement. You can wear and remove your footwear within minutes by using the zipper alone. The padded design all around protects and offers comfort to your ankles. The protection for ankles is one of the strong points of the boot and many customers have appreciated that. Their weight does not hinder their performance which is another advantage. The smaller size of this boot has received criticism from several customers. On the flip side, come customers said that the boot stretched to their size after prolonged use.

We are however confident that outdoors people and duty officers will appreciate all the benefits provided by this boot. It is affordable and provides all the comfort and features offered by a luxury product, which is exactly what one needs. Established in the year , Under Armour is known to be an outstanding brand to rely on when it comes to performance apparel. With their products categorized under three different categories: HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear, they cater to a wide customer base, and the quality of their products continues to attract new buyers.

In addition to offering tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes in general, Under Armour make some of the best tactical boots for men and women. Made completely from synthetic materials, the Valsetz RTS tactical boots from Under Armour are one of the very few models you will find on the market that are totally void of leather. If you are quite traditional when it comes to boots, this may not be your first choice when you think about best tactical boots; however, your skepticism is most likely to be dissipated by the performance of these boots.

The main selling point of the RTS tactical boots is the combination of water resistance, durability, and light weight. These mid height tactical boots are designed mainly as hot weather or desert boots. Whether you use a flat surface or an uneven terrain, the kicks will manage to keep you comfortable, while still looking like new.

The Under Armour Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots are designed with excellent breathability, a feature that is very important for any type of boots in general. Available for both men and women, the design of the Valsetz RTS is in such a way that you will be able to feel a breeze on your feet when you head out on windy days. This reduces sweat and enables your feet to breathe. To make them ideal for all-weather use, the company has designed them to be water resistant.

Therefore, the Valsetz RTS will certainly be a great option for occasions where you think you will be encountering some wet conditions. Despite their excellent functionality, there are a few minor flaws that could have been eliminated to make this the perfect pair of tactical boots.

One would be the fact that the light colored models can get stained easily. Also, the product would have been much more attractive if it had been waterproof, rather than just water resistant. But using Gore-tex would have added to the weight of the boots. The professional manufacturer Maelstrom Footwear creates and makes uniform footwear and apparel for military, tactical, law enforcement, security, and safety personnel. Maelstrom boots are the no. For every pair of boots sold, 1 dollar goes to the Boot Campaign, which is a non-profit organization that creates programs for military families and veterans nationwide.

The boots come with leather uppers and are made with leather and nylon textile and come in several colors and styles. The full-grain leather is natural and ready to polish for a more appealing look. The nylon upper completes the look, giving the boots a professional appearance.

The lining is breathable and wicks moisture for comfortable wear throughout the day. The outsole is made of rubber and provides an efficient grip on all kinds of surfaces. The lacing system lets you find the best fit, whereas the side zipper offers effortless fast on and off. The toe reinforcement and semi-rigid heel maintain the shape of the boot while providing support and protection on rocky surfaces.

The proprietary iHTex waterproof membrane liner will keep your feet dry and comfy even in harsh weather. The technology is available only for the waterproof models. The Tac-Force are an excellent option for security, law enforcement, and industrial professionals, thanks to the lightweight design, protection to the feet, and reliable performance.

The inherent flaws are only to be expected:. The Tac-Force will not disappoint, and will deliver fantastic comfort and performance on many tactical missions. They stand out as some of the best tactical boots to purchase. Ryno Gear is famous for making various items for outdoor use, from tactical boots to motorcycle accessories.

This tactical boot is made with leather and ballistic nylon for fantastic comfort and wear for extended amounts of time. Anyone in the military or involved in tactical activities would consider it a reliable choice for a second pair. Thanks to their build and materials, the shoes require little to no time for breaking in.

They feature CoolMax lining which will wick moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the day. This tactical boot is an excellent choice for the warm season and the occasional rain, with its water-resistant inner lining. You can use this feature to customize this tactical boot to your needs.

The comfort is impressive, and the padded collar with mesh lining is one feature to keep in mind. The mesh lining provides efficient ventilation, for less discomfort during the hot summer days. The stitches reduce the risk for wear and tear, but also look beautiful, turning the boots into stylish options. Comfortable, dependable, breathable, and stylish, the Rhyno Gear are a great choice and quite a bang for your buck.

The boots are made for field use and feature advanced comfort technology and have a long life span. They address the needs of modern first responders, military professionals, and law enforcement officers. The collar and tongue are padded, increasing the comfort. On a closer look, we need to highlight that the Foot Force F2A Athletic Insole is an insole made with molded dual-density polyurethane.

The heel pads, shock-absorbing polyurethane ball, and fabric covering wicking moisture come to complete the picture. The side zipper comes with a hook-and-loop strap for effortless on and off, whereas the conventional lace-up design ensures a secure fit. The build is excellent, and the extra-wide toe creates a roomy fit.

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