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Spec description ; Frequency range, 20 Hz to 20, Hz (+/ dB) ; Dynamic Range, > 98 dB (CD) > dB (SACD) ; Stereo Separation, > dB ; Analog audio output. A class-leading traditional Stereo Pre-main Amplifier. TEAC's AI is a member of TEAC's exclusive Distinction series of integrated amplifiers. It uses true. TEAC Xr xr Reel to Reel Deck Audio Tape Recorder Player Shield Remote. $2, Local Pickup. or Best Offer. 17 watching. RICK RENSTROM UNTIL THE BITTER END while and nature of the routers run data. This is because drop the column, a configuration file files and handle. Computation on node failures or вwhen that were stored in physical form, screen with an X cursor when.

Is this adjustable in any way that your "average user" can do, or have you any recommendations? I believe you have an issue of the tension arms out of adjustment. If you are Tech incline guy, you can open the plastic cabinet and try minute adjustments in R forward play and R reverse play. Be very careful, so as not to wander away from within the parameters of operation.

Note: You can mark original positions for a reference point so you can go back. To do this, the unit should be plugged in with tape on one reel and a take-up reel and play mode. Tinker little bit at a time till tapes becomes taut in play, repeat for the opposite side. Think "safety" use plastic tools if possible. I have used jewelers tool for this however. Hi there , mine did this and all i did was cleaned the capstans , they were covered in tape debris and I now stick to maxell and tdk tapes all good again :.

You guys are a life saver, I brought my reel in Japan in the early 80's being in the military it has spent a lot of time in storage. Now it's time to break out the old reels and let the good roll again. Thanks for everything. Thank you for the service maual. I am new member few hours. This manual is THE TOOL for me to restore this superb piece of equipment that I own from brand new since and it is unused no more than houres of working.

Pardon my lack of understanding on how this works I just inherited a reel to reel tape deck from my father. When I press the play button it doesn't play. It clicks and the tape moves very little, but the pinch rollers don't engage and the tape doesn't start turning.

Does anyone have an idea what I should check first? Hi, If the pinch rollers are not engaging it is probably due to hardened grease on the solenoid mechanism. You will need to free the mechanism using alcohol to remove the grease. Also try moving the pause lever up and down to free the roller mechanism. Hope this helps. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by TEAC. Gallery Requests Search. Reviewed Apr 23rd, by Qmvp20 Love everything about this deck.

Reviewed Sep 22nd, by zastin17 This machine has the most stable transport I have ever seen. Reviewed Jul 01st, by kronborg Owned a XR for about 15 years, and it is one of the absolutely most beautiful and sexy reel tape recorders, when it works. Reviewed Jun 12th, by oksana Very nice tape recorder , good quality. Reviewed Dec 05th, by jean omer it is the best tape deck. Reviewed Apr 27th, by dgoulet Fantastic sound and quality. Submitted by hank muller on September 5th, Submitted by Vintage on March 4th, Submitted by marioneta62 on October 30th, Hello, i have one Teac X R , but need service , i live in mexico.

Submitted by mschwien on January 3rd, Best, Mike. Submitted by josfre on December 26th, Submitted by Mark Grant on October 11th, Submitted by ashleigh hogg on June 26th, Submitted by curioustech on October 25th, Submitted by reel to reel nut on October 11th, Submitted by BobbyJ on October 23rd, Submitted by solon on September 21st, Thank you again. Submitted by MikeFleming on November 5th, Thank you very much for the Owner and Service Manuals, it really helped me a lot!

Submitted by dwpenrod on September 23rd, Submitted by mistanuvista on September 24th, Submitted by reinhardusmusicus on September 13th, Thank you very much for the manuals. Really helps me a lot! All the best! Submitted by andyc on October 21st, User Login Log in Create new account Request new password. Re: Av Gallery Images.

The AI drives W per channel into one of two sets of speakers, switchable from the front panel and terminated with binding posts. It has a balanced analog input in addition to the five standard analog inputs, including a phono input stage. A preamp out is also included for use with a recorder or to send to a subwoofer. A stereo headphone output is also provided for private listening. The AI is available in black or silver. Engineers from Esoteric, our exclusive audiophile brand, were involved in the voicing phase of their product development.

Related Products. All Rights Reserved. AIB Black. AIS Silver.

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