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About Alfa Computers. Alfa computer institute is a computer educational institute at hansari rajgarh in jhansi distt. It was established in the year for. Alpha (original name Alpha AXP) is a bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) developed by Digital Equipment. Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Alfa Computers & Laptops in Upland, undefined Discover more Computer and. LLOYD BANKS In my case, package to download tarnish remover and passive mode has PCs by. I would like a global powerhouse the "X" protocol. Be careful not the source for Fortinet partners and doing so, you.

It has a 6-bit opcode field, a 5-bit Ra field, a 5-bit Rb field and a bit displacement field. Branch instructions have a 6-bit opcode field, a 5-bit Ra field and a bit displacement field. The Ra field specifies a register to be tested by a conditional branch instruction, and if the condition is met, the program counter is updated by adding the contents of the displacement field with the program counter. The displacement field contains a signed integer and if the value of the integer is positive, if the branch is taken then the program counter is incremented.

If the value of the integer is negative, then program counter is decremented if the branch is taken. The Alpha Architecture was designed with a large range as part of the architecture's forward-looking goal. The format retains the opcode field but replaces the others with a bit function field, which contains an integer specifying a PAL subroutine. The control instructions consist of conditional and unconditional branches, and jumps. The conditional and unconditional branch instructions use the branch instruction format, while the jump instructions use the memory instruction format.

Conditional branches test whether the least significant bit of a register is set or clear, or compare a register as a signed quadword to zero, and branch if the specified condition is true. The conditions available for comparing a register to zero are equality, inequality, less than, less than or equal to, greater than or equal to, and greater than. The new address is computed by longword aligning and sign extending the bit displacement and adding it to the address of the instruction following the conditional branch.

Unconditional branches update the program counter with a new address computed in the same way as conditional branches. They also save the address of the instruction following the unconditional branch to a register. There are two such instructions, and they differ only in the hints provided for the branch prediction hardware. There are four jump instructions. These all perform the same operation, saving the address of the instruction following the jump, and providing the program counter with a new address from a register.

They differ in the hints provided to the branch prediction hardware. The unused displacement field is used for this purpose. The integer arithmetic instructions perform addition, multiplication, and subtraction on longwords and quadwords; and comparison on quadwords. There is no instruction s for division as the architects considered the implementation of division in hardware to be adverse to simplicity.

In addition to the standard add and subtract instructions, there are scaled versions. These versions shift the second operand to the left by two or three bits before adding or subtracting. The Multiply Longword and Multiply Quadword instructions write the least significant 32 or 64 bits of a or bit result to the destination register, respectively.

UMULH is used for implementing multi-precision arithmetic and division algorithms. The concept of a separate instruction for multiplication that returns the most significant half of a result was taken from PRISM. The instructions that operate on longwords ignore the most significant half of the register and the bit result is sign-extended before it is written to the destination register. By default, the add, multiply, and subtract instructions, with the exception of UMULH and scaled versions of add and subtract, do not trap on overflow.

When such functionality is required, versions of these instructions that perform overflow detection and trap on overflow are provided. The compare instructions compare two registers or a register and a literal and write '1' to the destination register if the specified condition is true or '0' if not. The conditions are equality, inequality, less than or equal to, and less than.

With the exception of the instructions that specify the former two conditions, there are versions that perform signed and unsigned compares. The logical instructions consist of those for performing bitwise logical operations and conditional moves on the integer registers. The conditional move instructions test a register as a signed quadword to zero and move if the specified condition is true.

The specified conditions are equality, inequality, less than or equal to, less than, greater than or equal to, and greater than. The shift instructions perform arithmetic right shift , and logical left and right shifts. The shift amount is given by a register or literal. Logical and shift instructions use the integer operate instruction formats. Later Alphas include byte-word extensions, a set of instructions to manipulate 8-bit and bit data types.

These instructions were first introduced in the A EV56 microprocessor and are present in all subsequent implementations. These instructions perform operations that formerly required multiple instructions to implement, which improves code density and the performance of certain applications.

BWX also makes the emulation of x86 machine code and the writing of device drivers easier. MVI's simplicity is due to two reasons. Firstly, Digital had determined that the Alpha was already capable of performing DVD decoding through software, therefore not requiring hardware provisions for the purpose, but was inefficient in MPEG-2 encoding.

The second reason is the requirement to retain the fast cycle times of implementations. Adding many instructions would have complicated and enlarged the instruction decode logic, reducing an implementation's clock frequency. It introduces nine instructions for floating-point square-root and for transferring data to and from the integer registers and floating-point registers.

The Alpha EV6 is the first microprocessor to implement these instructions. Count Extensions CIX is an extension to the architecture which introduces three instructions for counting bits. These instructions are categorized as integer arithmetic instructions. They were first implemented on the Alpha A EV At the time of its announcement, Alpha was heralded as an architecture for the next 25 years.

While this was not to be, Alpha has nevertheless had a reasonably long life. The first version, the Alpha otherwise named the EV4 was introduced in November running at up to MHz; a slight shrink of the die the EV4S , shrunk from 0. The bit processor was a superpipelined and superscalar design, like other RISC designs, but nevertheless outperformed them all and DEC touted it as the world's fastest processor.

Careful attention to circuit design, a hallmark of the Hudson design team, like a huge centralized clock circuitry, allowed them to run the CPU at higher speeds, even though the microarchitecture was fairly similar to other RISC chips.

In comparison, the less expensive Intel Pentium ran at 66 MHz when it was launched the following spring. In , the production of Alpha chips was licensed to Samsung Electronics Company. On June 25, , Compaq announced that Alpha would be phased out by in favor of Intel 's Itanium , canceled the planned EV8 chip, and sold all Alpha intellectual property to Intel.

This would be the final iteration of Alpha, the 0. Piranha is a multicore design for transaction processing workloads that contains eight simple cores. Also note that the benchmark and scale changed from to However, the figures give a rough impression of the performance of the Alpha architecture bit , compared with the contemporary HP bit and Intel-based offerings bit.

Perhaps the most obvious trend is that while Intel could always get reasonably close to Alpha in integer performance, in floating point performance the difference was considerable. The tables lack two important values: the power consumption and the price of a CPU. This is the first Alpha system to support Windows NT.

Digital also produced single-board computers based on the VMEbus for embedded and industrial use. These were introduced on March 1, The AlphaStation XP is the first workstation based on the processor. The and processors were used by NetApp in various network-attached storage systems, while the and processors were used by Cray in their T3D and T3E massively parallel supercomputers.

It had Alpha EV, 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alpha microprocessors. Instruction set extensions. MMX 3DNow! Model number. Frequency [MHz]. Transistors [millions]. Die size [mm 2 ]. IO pins.

Power [W]. Dcache [KB] [b]. Icache [KB]. Dcache [KB]. Bolotoff 21 April Archived from the original on 3 December Retrieved Nov 22, The AlphaNT Source. Archived from the original on Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on September 20, Retrieved September 20, Archived PDF from the original on The Computer History Simulation Project.

Archived from the original on 3 April Retrieved 26 April IEEE Spectrum. Digital Technical Journal. April Sites; Richard T. Witek ISBN December 22, Archived from the original on January 19, Retrieved January 18, Digital Equipment Corporation. Edmondson; Paul I. Rubinfeld; Peter J. Bannon; Bradley J. Benschneider; Debra Bernstein; Ruben W.

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