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StoreKit Ad Network, or SKAdNetwork, is a privacy-centric API operated by Apple. It helps ad networks and advertisers measure their ad activity (such as. SKAdNetwork facilitates interaction between three distinct entities that each play different roles in the mobile advertising transaction: the ad. For Apple execs, all roads lead back to SKADNetwork when it comes to advertising and that's the reality dawning on the advertising world. APPLE MACBOOK PRO COMPUTER ACCESSORIES Modified 5 years, at the Biblioteca. Leave a Reply transfer program User previous indention level. In a golden very effective when network engineers would skadnetwork transactions without unwanted bundled software.

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From iOS 14, Apple will introduce two new frameworks for attribution and ad measurement. SKAdNetwork SKA is one of these, a completely new approach to campaign measurement on Apple devices — where data at the user level is wholly removed. Starting with iOS 14, Apple has introduced two new frameworks for attribution and ad measurement.

Apple introduced the SKAdNetwork in , a different approach to campaign measurement where data at the user level is not available. Advertising networks must register with Apple, and developers must work to ensure that their apps are compatible with the registered networks and the new framework. However, SKAdNetwork poses some challenges for the methods mobile marketers currently use. SKAdNetwork will require other changes for developers and marketers, since data delay of hours minimum can hinder real-time optimization.

Another shift will be in the area of ad fraud. The event conversion values mentioned earlier are unsigned, meaning that app developers will not be able to verify whether the event took place in the way that they are used to, opening the door for fraud. SKAdNetwork does not currently support deep linking deferred or conditional , view-through attribution and does not consider anything but the act of downloading as attributable. All rights reserved. Attribution Make sense of the user journey.

Analytics Increase app performance. Data Access Unlimited raw data, forever. Control Center Optimize campaigns at scale. Audience Builder Build dynamic audiences. Fraud Prevention Block fraud in real time. Unbotify Remove bots for a smooth user flow. Success Stories. Product Updates Mar 31, How does it work? Simple… well, not really, but we will try to simplify it. When an ad is clicked and the store is opened, the publishing app and the network provide it with some basic information such as network, publisher, and campaign ID.

The App Store will then send a notification of successful conversion to the network. It will report the attached values alongside a conversion value that can be reported by the advertised app. That notification will be sent at least 24 hours after the first launch and will be devoid of any device or user identifying information.

Additionally, the App Store conducts the process so the advertised app has no knowledge of the original ad and publisher. In such a way, the network receives an attestation that an install has happened, without tying the install to a specific user, thus preserving privacy. Measurement Partners are well-positioned to support this whole process, starting with media partner integrations and assuming the central role in verification, analytics, and reporting.

Here at Singular, we have already announced a solution for implementing SKAdNetwork , and the above are the foundations we will be building into that solution. We expect others to follow us on this path. We will work tirelessly to make sure our customers can utilize all the tools that are available to them.

This article is the first part in a series of articles discussing SKAdNetwork specifics. The next one will take a deeper dive into the mechanisms behind this API. Sign up to follow our blog below! What does it mean for you?

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Note : The mapping of ad revenue to conversion values may change over time and require updates in the app. Note : The mapping of ad impressions to conversion values may change over time and require updates in the app. Once the random timer starts, you can't update the conversion value anymore. At the end of the random timer, the postback is sent to the ad network. This postback may or may not include a conversion value it will be the latest value you set for this specific user. Here is the current list of the networks that support SKAdnetwork.

We will update this list every 2 weeks. This number of SKAd installs is not directly comparable to tracked or reported installs because:. The only comparison you can conduct would be by ad network, for a network that you know is running both SKAd and URL attribution in parallel and measure the discrepancy of installs.

Some level of discrepancy would be normal:. You can apply app and channel filters for your data. You can see the definition of those metrics in here. If the user is from a signed ad, a postback will be fired in the following hours notifying the ad network of this app install. You can call this method as many times as you want, but the conversion value will only be updated if it is higher than the previous one.

Please check with your ad-networks if they are ready to run SKAdnetwork campaigns. Conversion Value Conversion value is a numeric value between 0 and 63 which you can assign to a specific install. A limited value between You can measure conversion values for any time frame within the user's life time, but the longer you wait, the later the ad-networks will get the postback from Apple.

In Tenjin, we recommend using 24 hours time window for this reason. Map ad revenue to conversion values Figure out the conversion value buckets for each accumulated ad revenue calculated on the device for 24 hours since the install using historical data. Implement the conversion value buckets in the SDK: map accumulated ad revenue to conversion values. Map ad impressions to conversion values Figure out the conversion value buckets for each accumulated ad impressions calculated on the device for 24 hours since the install using historical data.

Implement the conversion value buckets in the SDK: map accumulated ad impressions to conversion values. Sessions Count the sessions as they are accumulated over a 24 hour period since the install. Here are some examples of conversion value implementation shared by other customers: Examples for IAP based games Examples for Ad revenue based games SKAdnetwork postback timer In the postback sent from Apple to ad-network, there are two different types of timers: 24 hours timer: can be reset multiple times and has a defined duration of 24 hours Random timer: once it starts, it can't reset.

The duration is random, between hours When you fire registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution , the 24 hours timer starts. This postback may or may not include a conversion value it will be the latest value you set for this specific user Feel free to email to support tenjin. List of supported networks Here is the current list of the networks that support SKAdnetwork. Are you certified SKAdNetwork? There is no such thing as certification by SKAdNetwork.

This opens up the potential for 64 measurement combinations within those 6 bits — from 0 to Although 64 options can be considered limited, there are still plenty of options to work with to measure revenue, engagement, funnel progress and more. As long as you properly map your conversion values based on your internal logic, these values can be used in any way you want. On the non-gaming side, in-app activity is the most configured option. For more on how to make the most of conversion values, including benchmarks on activity window timer, and optimal usage of the 64 combination capacity, click here.

Deferred deep linking is the process where users who have not installed an app are directed to a specific page or activity in the app after the app is installed and launched. This is critical when creating contextual, post-install experiences to increase conversion rates. Analyze Marketing analytics Turn insights on campaign performance into action Incrementality Prove the real value of your marketing campaigns Predictive analytics Know what to do right from the start.

Protect Fraud protection Protect your marketing budget from mobile ad fraud. Collaborate Privacy Cloud Collaborate safely and securely with data clean rooms Partner marketplace Connect to over 9, tech and media partners. How we help Explore our solutions for teams and companies of all sizes, across every industry.

For partners Integrated partners Agencies. Zero budget marketing AppsFlyer for iOS. Our approach Discover how we help brands around the world make better marketing decisions. Customer success stories The AppsFlyer difference Trust hub.

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