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New notification APIs for developers allow them to automatically send Time Sensitive notifications and adopt the new look for notifications coming from people. Tags are a fast and flexible way to categorise and organise your notes. Add one or more tags by typing them directly in the note — like activities or cooking. The Tag Browser in the sidebar lets you choose any tag or combination of tags to quickly view tagged notes. See what others have added to your shared note while you were away.

The new Activity view gives a summary of updates since the last time you viewed the note and a day-to-day list of activity from each collaborator. On a trackpad, swipe right with two fingers anywhere in your note to reveal details of who made changes in a shared note. Mentions make collaboration in shared notes or folders more social, direct and contextual.

Type or handwrite an sign and the name of a collaborator anywhere in your note to notify them of important updates and link them back to the note. Access Quick Note from anywhere in the system. You can be using any app or in full screen or Split View.

Add links from an app to your Quick Note to create context. When you return to the same place in the app or website, a thumbnail of the Quick Note appears in the corner to remind you of what you noted earlier. Use a single keyboard, mouse or trackpad to work between your devices. When you move from your Mac to your iPad, the cursor for your mouse or trackpad transforms from an arrow to a round dot, automatically changing shape to the one that is best suited for the device.

Universal Control works effortlessly — no setup required. Simply use your mouse or trackpad to push the cursor from one device towards the other until it pops onto the second device. Then you can move your cursor seamlessly between the two. If you use your devices together all the time and want to use Universal Control without the need to link the two using the cursor, you can set them up to work with Universal Control continuously in System Preferences.

When you send content from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, you can choose to mirror your iPhone or iPad or extend its display by using a Mac as a secondary display for apps that support it, such as Keynote and Photos. Your Mac can function as a third-party AirPlay 2 speaker, allowing you to play music or podcasts to your Mac or use it as a secondary speaker for multi-room audio.

AirPlay works both wirelessly and wired using USB. Text is now completely interactive in all your photos, so you can use functions like copy and paste, look up, and translate. Build and manage shortcuts on iPhone, iPad or Mac for any of your devices — shortcuts automatically sync across all of them.

Shortcuts are available throughout macOS — run them from the Finder, menu bar, Spotlight, Dock, desktop and more. Share shortcuts as easily as sharing a link and download them for your own use without managing complicated security settings. Discover the natural beauty of Earth with a rich and interactive 3D globe, including significantly enhanced details for mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans and more.

An all-new driving map helps you see at a glance traffic, incidents and other details that affect your drive. See road details like filter lanes, cycle, bus and taxi lanes, central reservations, pedestrian crossings and much more. Plan your upcoming journey by choosing a future departure or arrival time. The public transport map has been redesigned for the new city experience and now shows key bus routes.

Plan your journey by choosing a future departure or arrival time. Frequent travellers can now get one-click access to all departures that are near them. They can even pin their favourite lines so that they always show up at the top if they are nearby. Completely redesigned place cards make it easy to find and interact with important information for businesses, explore details about cities and learn about physical features like mountain ranges.

When looking for places like restaurants, you can filter your search results by cuisine or whether they offer takeaway. Or you can choose to see only places that are open right now. When you move the map while searching, Maps automatically updates your search results. Maps users can now find their most-used settings all in one place, including their preferred mode of public transport, reported issues, favourites and more.

See which apps have access to the mic on your Mac in Control Centre. A new software indicator augments the camera indicator light by showing you whenever an app has access to your mic. It ensures that the traffic leaving your device is encrypted so no one can intercept and read it.

Then all your requests are sent through two separate internet relays. Hide My Email allows you to create unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox so you can send and receive email without having to share your real email address. Connect more security cameras than ever to record, analyse and view your footage in the Home app. Personalise your iCloud Mail address with a customised domain name, and invite family members to use the same domain with their iCloud Mail accounts.

Markup lets you add image descriptions that can be read by VoiceOver. Image descriptions persist even when shared and can be read in a range of supported apps on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Add custom descriptions to new and existing PDF signatures so you can use the right signature with VoiceOver. Using an expanded set of keyboard shortcuts, improvements to Full Keyboard Access enable you to control everything on your Mac with a keyboard — without a mouse or trackpad.

Memoji represent more of your look and style with new customisations, including oxygen tubes, cochlear implants and a soft helmet for headgear. Choose one or more people you trust to become an Account Recovery Contact to help you reset your password and regain access to your account. The Digital Legacy programme 10 allows you to designate people as Legacy Contacts so they can access your account and personal information in the event of your death.

Object Capture makes 3D content creation easy for all developers. Search results come up as soon as you start typing and will correct spelling mistakes. Enjoy personalised showcases of top books, audiobooks and genre collections within your results. Buy directly from the Search tab to get started on your book faster. Use a captivating new screen saver that celebrates the history and progress of Mac. The generative screen saver follows the graceful arcs and curves of letters as it writes and selects from different camera angles and positions — ensuring that the animation feels fresh every time.

Use the hello desktop picture on your Mac. It comes in seven different colours and changes automatically from a light to dark version based on the time of day. You can also choose to always use a light or dark still of the desktop picture.

Dictionaries now include a Traditional Chinese—English dictionary of Cantonese colloquialisms and a Traditional Chinese dictionary of Standard Mandarin with Cantonese pronunciations. This will help you get within Bluetooth range so you can play a sound and locate them. The Finder lets you save time by running shortcuts from the Touch Bar, the menu bar and the Quick Actions menu. Run a shortcut to reduce the size of images, batch edit hundreds of PDFs or configure your workspace setup with just a click.

A new collaboration folder in the sidebar contains all shared documents and displays information such as invitation status, the person who last modified the file, and other sharing-related metadata to help you manage your shared files. You can even stop or cancel a long copy session and resume it later. Press the Option key while holding the pointer over a file or folder to momentarily show the path bar, so you can easily see where your file or folder is located.

Control-click the path bar to take actions such as opening folders in Terminal or copying the file path. You can also Shift-click a folder to see or navigate to subfolders. See incoming friend requests in your Game Center inbox, which is accessible from your Game Center profile within a game or from Internet Accounts in System Preferences. Bring your most recent Messages friends and groups into Game Center—enabled games with the new multiplayer friend selector.

You can also access and navigate the folder with a game controller. Using HomeKit Secure Video, your security cameras and video doorbells can now detect and notify you when a package has arrived. Enjoy more than 37 new emoji, including faces, hand gestures, household objects and plants.

And choose separate skin tones for each hand in the handshake emoji. Type words and phrases in Cantonese and Shanghainese more easily when using the Simplified Chinese keyboard. Keyboard dictation improves as you use your device, personalising over time. On-device dictation helps protect your privacy by performing all processing completely offline.

Dictation in search uses server-based dictation. With on-device dictation, you can dictate text of any length without a timeout previously limited to 60 seconds. System Preferences now offers an option to erase all user data and user-installed apps from the system, while maintaining the operating system currently installed.

Reduces system clock speed and display brightness to extend battery life. Windows now resize to fit the new display as you move them from Mac to a secondary display, another Mac or even an iPad when using Sidecar, making it easier than ever to use multiple displays. Mail Privacy Protection helps protect your privacy by preventing email senders from learning information about your Mail activity.

Customise your Memoji with over 40 outfit choices to reflect your style, mood or the season — and choose up to three different colours. Show it off using Memoji stickers with expressive body language that include the upper body. Customise your Memoji with three new glasses options, including heart, star and retro shapes. Select the colour of your frame and lenses. Three new accessibility options let you represent yourself with cochlear implants, oxygen tubes or a soft helmet.

If you type the wrong password, it even shakes its head. Use SharePlay in FaceTime to listen to music together in real time. You can pick out songs with your friends, and everyone can pause, rearrange or skip tracks in the SharePlay queue. A new design makes it easier to browse and interact with your News feed. Information like publication dates and bylines are more prominent, and you can save and share stories straight from the feed.

Interesting stories sent over Messages automatically appear in the Shared with You section in the Today feed and sidebar in Apple News. Stories found in News and Safari appear in Shared with You in both apps. Look up and manage your saved passwords for apps and websites in the new Passwords section of System Preferences. Import passwords from other password managers to Passwords in System Preferences or Safari.

You can export passwords too. Generate verification codes needed for additional sign-in security. If a site offers two-factor authentication, you can set up verification codes under Passwords in System Preferences and Safari — no need to download an additional app. Once set up, verification codes autofill when you sign in to the site. Access and manage your passwords saved to iCloud from a Windows device with the new iCloud Passwords app. Included with iCloud for Windows.

Easily autofill your saved passwords in Edge with the iCloud Passwords for Windows extension. Available in the Microsoft Store. Add a note to your saved account information in Passwords. In the account detail view, you can add notes like recovery key information, security question reminders and PIN numbers. You can find it later at the end of the recommendations list. Memories has a fresh new look including animated cards with smart, adaptive titles, new animation and transition styles, and multiple image collages for a cinematic feel.

Inspired by the art of cinematography, 12 Memory looks add mood by analysing each photo and video and applying the right contrast and colour adjustment to give them a consistent look — just as the colourists at film studios do. Click to pause, replay the last photo, skip to the next or jump ahead, and the music keeps playing and the timing adjusts to keep the transitions on the beat.

New memory types include additional international holidays, child-focused memories, trends over time, and improved pet memories, including recognising individual dogs and cats. Click Shared with You in the sidebar to view photos and videos that have been shared with you in Messages.

Photos taken when you were present also appear in All Photos and in Days, Months and Years views, and can appear in your Featured Photos and Memories, including the Photos widget. Save a photo to your library or respond to the sender in Messages. Copy and paste edits to the location and date taken and learn about objects in the photo that were detected by Visual Look Up.

When you upgrade to a new device, iCloud Photos syncs more quickly, so you can get to your photo library faster. Click Feature Less to let Photos know you prefer to see less of a specific date, place, holiday or person across Featured Photos, in the Photos widget, in Memories or highlighted in the Library tab.

The best podcasts, personalised for you, grouped by topics you care about. Share your favourite podcast episodes in the Messages app and find all the episodes shared with you in Listen Now. Tags are a fast and flexible way to organise your reminders. Add one or more tags, like errands, to your reminders to make them easy to search and filter for across your Reminders lists. A Tag Browser in the sidebar lets you click any tag or combination of tags to quickly view tagged reminders.

Create your own Smart Lists to automatically include reminders that matter most to you by selecting for tags, dates, times, locations, flags and priority. Choose more than one tag such as gardening and errands and combine them with other setting filters for more specific lists.

Type more advanced phrases to create reminder settings. Choose tags, flags, priority and people you message with from the Quick Toolbar when creating a reminder. Turn on downtime on demand. During downtime, only phone calls and apps you choose to allow will be available. Ask Siri to play your favourite song, call a friend and more using a mix of Indian English and your native language. The new SF Arabic system font features a refined, contemporary design that is integrated with the SF font, providing a clear, cohesive reading experience.

Discover new tips for macOS, designed to help you get started or deepen your understanding of your Mac and its amazing features. And for those new to Mac, there are tips to help you get started. Translate text by Control-clicking it and selecting Translate. Then copy the result, change the language, or replace the selected text with the translation. Using Live Text, you can translate selected text in photos. The Apple TV app now helps you see all the shows and movies your friends and family have shared with you in Messages.

See them in a new dedicated section called Shared with You on Watch Now and easily keep the conversation going directly from the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app works seamlessly with Messages and FaceTime so you can watch your favourite shows and movies together with friends, and communicate using text, voice or video while you watch.

SharePlay lets your friends join in from their iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV — so everyone can watch together, wherever and however they want. Voice Memos analyses your recordings and automatically skips over gaps in your audio with a single click. Swap out one window for another in Split View. Click the green button for a window, select the option to change windows and select any of your open windows. When you select the option to make a window full screen while in Split View, the window expands to the size of your display and the other window previously in Split View automatically goes full screen as well.

You have the option to display the menu bar at all times in full screen so you can easily view the app menu and other glanceable information anytime. Upgrade now. New features available with macOS Monterey. Key Features and Enhancements. SharePlay: watch together Bring movies and TV shows into your FaceTime calls and enjoy a rich, real-time connection with your friends while watching the same videos.

SharePlay: listen together Share music with your friends within your FaceTime calls. SharePlay: share your screen Share your screen to bring web pages, apps and more into your conversation on FaceTime. SharePlay: smart volume Dynamically responsive volume controls automatically adjust audio so you can hear your friends even during a loud scene or climactic chorus.

SharePlay: shared music queue When listening together, anyone in the call can add songs to the shared queue. Portrait mode Inspired by the portraits you take in the Camera app, Portrait mode in FaceTime blurs your background and puts the focus on you.

Spatial audio Creates a sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they do face to face. Voice Isolation mode This microphone mode spotlights your voice by using machine learning to identify ambient noises and block them out. Wide Spectrum mode This microphone mode brings every single sound into your call.

By hitting the fertile overlap between pragmatic and utopia, we architects once again find the freedom to change the surface of our planet, to better fit contemporary life forms. Bjarke defines architecture as the art and science of making sure our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives. Through careful analysis of various parameters from local culture and climate, ever-changing patterns of contemporary life, to the ebbs and flows of the global economy, Bjarke believes in the idea of information-driven-design as the driving force for his design process.

Named as Partner in , Douglass Alligood is a licensed architect in the State of New York, with over 37 years of industry experience. Douglass is involved in all phases of a project, from concept design through construction administration. At BIG, his responsibilities include code, zoning, life safety and accessibility compliance reviews, developing consultant scopes of work, consultant coordination, work plans, project scheduling, space planning, architectural detailing, building systems research, project budget analysis, construction administration, and client presentations.

Douglass is dedicated to mentoring younger staff members and has a passion for learning. He compliments his professional work through previous teaching assignments at the University of Florida, the New School of Architecture in San Diego and his alma mater the University of Virginia. She has worked closely with Bjarke Ingels across a wide range of projects and typologies such as the completed Danish Pavilion for the Shanghai Expo, the energy efficient skyscraper Shenzhen Energy HQ which just opened its doors, a low energy masterplan in Toronto, as well as residential projects in Copenhagen and Stockholm that enhance the urban fabric by creating shared social spaces.

Most recently she was the Design Leader for a residential complex in Hualien, Taiwan that seeks to blur the line between natural landscape and the built environment. He is partner-in-charge of competitions, masterplans and large-scale buildings in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. A Senior Landscape Architect with a multi-disciplinary background in urban design, architecture and landscape architecture, Giulia led the proposal for Toyota Woven City, investigating how recent technologies will shape the future of cities in regard to new forms of mobility, sustainability, ecology and human connectivity.

Giulia first joined BIG in as project lead for the design of Islais Hyper-Creek proposal for the Resilient by Design competition, exploring solutions to adapt and protect the Bay Area from rain flooding, rising sea levels, and other environmental risks. Her approach brings focus to urban and natural systems, questioning and rethinking the traditional approach to landscape and city planning. She has extensive experience in resilient master-planning and public space design at various scales.

Jakob is also a Board member at Virgin Hyperloop One. After completing architectural studies at California Polytechnic University, Leon has worked with renowned offices in Japan, Scandinavia, and Portugal, designing a variety of cultural, residential and master planning projects around the globe, including the New Oslo Central Station and the Ginza Swatch Building in Tokyo.

Prior to his current role, he worked on a variety of healthcare, educational, and cultural projects around the globe. Beat has more than 20 years of experience as Project Architect and Designer and has sharpened his skills while working on many notable buildings in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. While at Frank O. Daniel joined BIG in and became Partner in Daria began her collaboration with Bjarke Ingels in Copenhagen in as a Press and Communication Manager, and over the course of the decade, Daria headed the team that decides where, when and how the practice disseminates its news, messages, branding, and personality.

Working in both Paris and Copenhagen for many years has given him an excellent knowledge of European culture and building practice. For five years, Jakob has worked closely with Dominique Perrault in participating on prize-winning projects, including the Palais des Sports de Rouen, which he led through all phases to construction, as well as the French Pavilion for the Venice Biennale for which he was Project Leader.

Ole has vast experience in project management and controlling of both large and small-scale projects. He has worked closely with Bjarke Ingels on a wide range of projects from the 8 House, a residential building in Copenhagen, to the conceptual design of a mobile gallery for the Tate Modern in London. Most recently he has been the design leader for the m tall high-rise CapitaSpring in Singapore and the LEGO House, which opened its doors to critical acclaim in With a background in energy efficiency research as well as undergraduate studies in economics, Brian brings additional focus on environmental and economic sustainability into all of his projects.

Agustin Perez-Torres first worked at BIG in Copenhagen from to , during which he collaborated with Bjarke on a number of international projects, including the 8 House. Agustin became a Partner in and is currently leading various design competitions, serving as the Partner-in-Charge for the Redskins Stadium in D.

C and the F. C Barcelona Camp Nou stadium competition. Prior to his design work, Agustin has worked as an architectural journalist and has assisted with major architectural exhibitions. Martin moved to New York City in and became a key member of the project team for the 60, m2 mixed-use development Vancouver House in Canada.

Martin also worked at Studio Scholz, a design firm in Stuttgart, Germany, and completed various interior design projects independently. Before studying architecture, he was originally trained as a carpenter. He also has experience working in various typologies such as masterplans, including Europa City in Paris and the winning proposals for cultural neighborhoods in both Qiddya and South Korea; high-rise tower designs, including the completed Shenzhen Energy Mansion in China; cultural designs, including the Adelaide Contemporary Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao; and research-based projects, such as the new building vernacular for future life on Mars.

He is currently leading the design of CityLife Milan, a new 85, meter-squared development in Milan, Italy. Lorenzo received his Master of Architecture from the University of Florence, Italy, where he complemented his studies, with teaching positions in Architectural Design. He has over 25 years of experience working in the design and construction of large-scale projects in the UK and the Middle East.

In addition to this, Andy provides technical assistance to the Copenhagen and New York offices. He was the Architect-in-charge of The Leadenhall Building, a landmark commercial tower in the City of London financial district, seeing the project from planning to completion in German Sustainability Award, Nykredits Architecture Prize, Architizer Firm of the Year Award, London Design Awards, Gold Winner, ArchDaily, Housing Building of the Year, The International Highrise Award, Civic Trust Awards, Winner, Design Educates Award, Architectural Design, Scandinavian Green Roof Award, Holcim Awards Innovation Taskforce, Mies van der Rohe Award Finalist, European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier, ArchDaily Cultural Building of the Year, Aga Khan Award for Architecture, ArchDaily Building of the Year, Concrete Industry Board Roger H.

Corbetta Award for Quality Concrete Merit, Best Tall Building meters Award of Excellence, Canadian Architect Award of Excellence, Danish Carpentry Award, Den Danske Lyspris, Winner, Snedker Craftsmenship Prize, PCI Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award, London Design Awards, Silver Winner, London Design Award, Gold Winner, Detail Award Special Prize for Steel, Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Award, Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence, Red Dot Best of the Best Award, Archiproducts Design Awards, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, Architectural Digest Great Design Award, Archiproducts Design Awards Winner, Lighting, The presentation provides an overview of the past years worth of projects with an emphasis on the most recent work like the 8 House in Copenhagen, Denmark and competitions in Denmark, Greenland and New York.

Having been part of the jury, Kai-Uwe will be speaking just prior to the revelation of the prize winners. Kai-Uwe is a keynote speaker at the IncrediblEurope Summit; the theme of is The Influence of One, referring to the influence of one Europe as one global player as well as the influence of one individual to inspire change. The movement focuses on creative, innovative and entrepreneurial changemakers and the futures they influence. Architecture has the power to positively influence the quality of life for urban dwellers.

What are the architectural elements that make a building not just liveable, but life-enhancing? It is the field of communication and sharing ideas for young architects and architectural students. All the events are open to public. Thomas Christoffersen will be talking about BIG, its philosophy and its many projects, from concept to design. Fit Nation New Orleans will highlight innovative approaches from across the world and the U. From featuring stairs more prominently in buildings, to the creation of walkable neighborhoods, to making recreation spaces more accessible and appealing, speakers at Fit Nation New Orleans will share best practices in active design strategies and policies.

Visualization is the primary tool for the designer in order to illustrate ideas to other people. Architects are commonly using classical media such as drawings for that purpose, but is also experimenting with other medias and other ways of explaining architecture. For BIG, visualization becomes not only a tool for producing and illustrating technical issues, but also an instrument to inform and educate.

The AIA New York Chapter, in partnership with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, will host the sixth annual public conference to examine how design of the built environment creates opportunities for increasing physical activity and access to healthier food choices.

This conference will bring together architects, planners, designers, developers, and public health professionals to address how building design and policy decisions can improve health outcomes in communities, helping to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and asthma. Kai-Uwe Bergmann will participate in the jury panel selecting the design for a temporary pavilion defined by sustainability in a holistic approach: social, economical, environmental and cultural.

Kai-Uwe will be participating in the conference taking place from the 3rd to the 6th of August in Cali, Columbia. Hedonistic Sustainability — How can sustainable cities and buildings improve our quality of life? How do we turn pure fiction into hard facts? Watch Bjarke Ingels describe the thoughts behind the way we build and our creative processes.

Stay tuned for international premiere dates. The Netflix original docu-series, Abstract: The Art of Design , takes viewers inside the minds and behind-the-scenes of our creative process. Addressing risk from coastal and stormwater flooding, Islais Hyper-Creek serves as an opportunity to bring the existing industrial ecosystem into the next economy.

Six proposed pilot projects, developed together with stakeholders and local communities, will kickstart a long-term process towards realizing the overall vision. From Manhattan, to Humanhattan! Together with One Architecture and Sherwood Engineers, we are thinking of ecology, people, infrastructure and transit working together as self-enforcing systems. We're excited to continue the conversation in not only saving the bay, but growing the bay for nature, people and changing climates.

Milano design fair for Milan Design Week. Aerial filming by Halo Aerial Image. Aerial photography by darkhorse. The plus story building is developed by Silverstein Properties and will serve as the new headquarters for 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

C until August 30th, Alphabet of Light starts from an abacus of essential geometries and forms a new font that translates into light, like an alphabet used to write and express thoughts, or a tool to give shape to spaces. Either straight or curved base modules made with precise geometric proportions allow for the combination of elements to build countless light structures, both essential and complex. It is an elementary principle generating an open system. Gople Lamp enhances the beauty of glass, hand-processed according to an ancient Venetian technique that gradually turns white glass into crystal glass by combining both upon blowing, thus making each piece unique.

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The JRC building will house 12 research units and supporting functions as well as public and private outdoor spaces.

Attack on titan book C Barcelona Camp Nou stadium competition. Once new big up, verification codes autofill when you sign in to the site. Accessibility Memoji Memoji represent more of your look and style with new customisations, including oxygen tubes, cochlear implants and a soft helmet for headgear. Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, Memories: new memory types New memory types include additional international holidays, child-focused memories, trends over time, and improved pet memories, including recognising individual dogs and cats.
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New big Augmented Reality. BIG, etik og arkitektur speaker: David Zahle. Improved sharing Share shortcuts as easily as sharing new big link and download them for link own use without managing complicated security settings. The public transport map has been redesigned for the new city new big and now shows key bus routes. Type or handwrite an sign and the name of a collaborator anywhere in your note to notify them of important updates and link them back to the note. Gople Lamp enhances the beauty of glass, hand-processed according to an ancient Venetian technique that gradually turns white glass into crystal glass by combining both upon blowing, thus making each piece unique. Markets Show more Markets.
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New big Augmented Reality. Image descriptions persist even when shared and can be read in a range of supported new big on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Her approach brings focus to urban and natural systems, questioning and rethinking the traditional approach to landscape and city planning. Cross-device management Build and manage shortcuts on iPhone, iPad or Mac for any of your devices — shortcuts automatically sync across all of them. Douglass is dedicated to mentoring younger staff members and has a passion for new big. Personalise your iCloud Mail address with a customised domain name, and invite family members to use the same domain with their iCloud Mail accounts.
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