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The accelerometer within the watch that is running in the background however is and those steps taken while not broken out for the activity itself will be added to the total that it records during the day. Training Load is an estimation of the cumulative physiological effect an exercise session has upon someone.

With Training Load is a recovery estimation which helps prevent overtraining. Thanks for the great review. However, I live in a cold country, which means jackets most of the year. How will the gps on the M fair with clothes on? Anyone know? Was really convinced by your write up of this product but after getting it the wrist HR monitoring does not pick up my HR. Is that true? Either way, I sent it back.

Seems like I will have to splash a lot of cash for a triathlon specific watch. Appreciate your thorough reviews always. Jamil is absolutely right, this product does not work for people with dark skin. If your completion is similar to Denzel Washington or darker, stay away from this product until Polar can prove that they have fixed the issue. I guess it boils down to battery life. You would need brighter LEDs to compensate for darker skin which would shorten battery life.

It is a good point though. Manufacturers should give some indication as to the darkest skin tone with which the wrist HR works. The alternative would be to have potentially brighter LEDs but have a high frequency adjustable duty cycle this is how you get different light levels on single bright LED head lamps adjustable in software. This would add to cost.

Have you tried wearing the watch on the underside of your wrist where the skin is thinner and lighter in colour? I find that the instant pace tracking with the M is really poor! As an example, I did a 10k race this weekend in a park, 4 laps with very open turns, very easy for the GPS to track — and indeed the GPS tracked it perfectly. Do others experience the same, or is it just me? For reference, I raced in the same place in June with my M and in the straight the pace range was 20 sec at most!

Given that the GPS tracks perfectly certainly better than the M , could it be that the M calculates the instant pace for a shorter time period — which could be easily fixed by a firmware update? Hi just bought a m …. Yep that is pretty much were I was …. Hi good point…. Hi Peter.. Hi Peter. Do you see the small stride sensor icon in pre-training screen?

Pair it again with M I had an issue once — pair, pair second time — successfully but no small icon on exercise start. Need to restart the watch — this fixed the problem. Hi Peter, yes in pre training mode or during a training session you can press light button for 2 seconds and scroll down — there should be Stride sensor menu.

Hi Sascha — I think M could get speed, distance, cadence an stride length data from any Bluetooth smart pod, who could provide such data. Was a long time m user. Crisp display; I can have four data fields readable during hard runs. Solid optical HR which never drops. Vibration alerts! Very good GPS-tracking with 8 hrs standard battery life, and options for 10 hrs medium accuracy a 30 hrs ultra-mode. Just a reliable workhorse for runners. Sync with a Nexus 6 Android works fine.

Highly recommended. I think it is normal that the exact pod calibration will be difficult to achieve, especially when I calibrate it on steady sate run and do an interval next time. Do you have any experience for M with a different food pods? Just used a new h7 chest sensor with the m Hello Jeff. I had an issues with H7 a few times.

The sensor has a bug and every few months starts to show erratic readings. A quick reset helps. Remove the battery for minutes. While battery is out — touch and short the metal strap connectors with a metal object for a few seconds.

See the picture attached. Hi again Jeff. It is good advice to check the battery level. You could easily do this inside Polar Beat app. See the picture. Do not rely on this info only. My best method is to measure the battery with a multimeter. The voltage should be close to 3V when the battery is out of the sensor. But you should put a small load to battery to measure the voltage under load. I use a ohm resistor to short the battery poles and measure the voltage simultaneously.

If the voltage under load is less than 2V — time to change the battery. You can see it HERE: link to youtube. Recently bought one. Really love this watch. The best thing, as seems to be the case with Finnish products, is the software ecosystem cloud and app in which the product sits. Fantastic personalised training program for races which customises to the event date and adjusts to your fitness level.

Not just heart rate zone based running training but core work too with instruction videos. The sports science links are very evident here. The vibration is strong and also adjustable within sport modes. Good battery life. Rapid BT synchronisation through app. The display is a high contrast monochrome one and easily visible during an activity in a wide range of conditions. I now have the perfect combination.

I use the M for running training, the Ambit 3 for hillwalking great navigational features and software ecosystem, accuracy, battery life and the M and Fenix for swimming at least I have found a use for the latter to count pool lengths. I am trying to find a watch that I can display 2 fields on my main activity page, pace and average pace , but have those fields as large and easily readable as possible. I have even considered running with a cycle computer in order to be able to see the data without having to run with glasses on.

You can have between 2 and 4 data fields per screen. Most example images of the M show 3 data fields with the larger HR field at the top. So 2 data fields per screen will be the same size as the example larger HR data field. Any opinion … Obviously, the operating time will be longer as the energy for the laser sensor is not used.

The clock works only as a signal receiver from an external sensor. Is it reasonable? Thank you for all the in depth reviews! I was just wondering, if your watch has oHRs and is paired to another HR sensor, how does it it handle this info from the other device? And the greatest thing is — when you are using M with external Bluetooth HR sensor the watch shows HR from the sensor.

In case of faulty sensor or strap issues — just remove the sensor from the strap and sec later M shows HR from built in optical sensor. And you could do this during the workout without hit the pause or stop button!!! You will have a portion of the exercise without HR data but 30 seconds is not a big deal. Thanks for an awesome review! Just started using my M this morning! Just a question on activity tracking.

Where can one set the target for every day. Daily activity goal is explained in Polar Flow settings under: link to flow. A big disappointment … m can not broadcast the signal to other devices. In addition to devices Polar. This means that my bike computers and smartphones can not be connected at the same time! And the devices Polar still continue to count the steps in parallel training on a bicycle!

Fourth year, Carl! I wrote in Polar when I just bought my V almost 3 years ago. Guys from Polar, Hey! Where are you? Are you out there smoking? I still can see in PolarFlow 2 simultaneously recorded schedules on different devices! This is not logical! It is necessary to consult what kind of training I should save for accounting in statistics. The ridiculous restrictions on bluetooth, the lack of metrics in the pool, extremely poor vibration. The inability to set the number and the strength of the vibrations for notifications.

They are very likely to be missed! Notifications do not come during the pulse measurement. Only calls to the phone. By the way, the optical sensor is not as good as here in the review is painted. Today he several times hung for several minutes during training showing a value of 80 to 90 at real Then he suddenly began to work as it should.

The conditions did not change. I was still waiting for the guys from Polar to release a new flagship. I bought a m to use an optical sensor … probably I made a mistake. At the moment, very disappointed and already ready for the 5 Fenix. Can you convince me? Here the same, I have a M and a V I have to wear an extra HR strap wich I refuse.

After a little over two months with the M I am just about to the point where I am ready to take the financial hit and buy something new, probably a Garmin FR While the M works well the continual sync issues I have with Polar Flow are making this feature essentially unusable. Reading the reviews on the Google Play Store I am not alone. If someone from Polar wants to offer a workable solution I am open to ideas. My watch constantly hangs on the synchronization via the button or is not synchronized.

You have to reset the 4 buttons. Prior to that, hangs around 80 beats per minute. A lot of statistics have accumulated. But, more and more I will look towards Garmin. There, too, there are problems. They finished it for a couple of years. Unfortunately time goes by. And I can not wait anymore … I looked at the m — not that, the time of work 1.

All sort of unfinished, semi-finished products …. Will that be in an updated version of the M or an entirely new watch? Looking for a recommendation for a fitness tracker, features to include: HRM Chest strap HR zone indicator Hiit timer Multi daily alarm nutrition intake Thank you in advance. Does the optical HR work while swimming? Is it any good in a pool? It works. It seems to be a reasonable reflection of what I would expect my heart rate to be though It may not be as accurate.

Water creates a lot of drag and erratic watch movement will add noise to the reflected light signal making accurate heart rate estimation difficult. It will probably be affected by wrist strap tightness, type and speed of stroke, technique etc…. Here are my observations:. Five out of five stars. So far, absolutely no issues with the connection. The only downside is that I would have wished that the connection was a bit firmer. Nothing but blue sky above. Every time, I lose signal and the accuracy gets thrown off.

Not just a minor error, but miles off. A real pain. A ZERO out of five stars. The optical HR function has made it completely worthwhile. Would be nice to knoe about it …. Drew answered above and he seemed to think it worked as an optical wrist based HRM while in the water. Or hope the next Apple watch will do the job. It locks on and gives me a number in the pool. This number goes up and down with training effort. I have not compared it to my ambit 3 peak with chest strap but that thing is a pain and tends to ride down in the water.

Optical HRMs must work in a pool if you are stationary and the HRM bump is in contact with the skin — there is no physical reason why not. The problem will be with arm movements and speed creating turbulence and therefore movement of the device and therefore noise in the reflected light signal.

It has a small size, low drag and I swim slowly. Plainly ridiculous that the use of the only water capable 5 kHz signal for real time heart rate while swimming Is NOT supported. So I am still going to use the A And why you insist to continue using those bulky chest straps when the M pics your heart rate from the wrist and works fine? I be lost 58 lbs this last year. I had 2 Fitbit Charge 2 trackers but the wristband broke in the same place on both.

The thing that makes it difficult is I want it to track swimming. I have a lot of joint issues so cardio includes swimming, rowing, elliptical, and battle ropes. I also do Tabata and weight lifting. I am most concerned with calories burned, heart rate and for swimming lap count.

I ordered the Polar V but thought it was too big. I have considered getting a dedicated swim tracker and something else for all the other activities. Do you have any suggestions. I have lost 58 lbs this last year. I really love my M but I do find it really odd that although it tracks HR in the pool I think it is the only wrist based HR that does this properly it does not give swim metrics. I have just ordered a Suunto Trainer which will do my navigation much better than a Garmin and swimming, M for running particularly because of the comprehensive yet highly customizable heart rate based training programs on Polar Flow.

If you wait out there are some metal bezel ones coming out which look kinda nice. However — I did that bike ride in the morning when I barely had few hundred steps in. And after the ride I had along the lines of steps counted. During bike ride. This is just supid. While it is not a show stopper, it still bugs me.

Has anyone else experienced this? To be clear, m was not in training mode, m was. Great review, really informative. I would primarily be using either watch for both running and also rowing, both indoor and outdoor. So obviously im wondering if either watch can easily provide me with all of this information on screen after my workouts?

Any advice or personal opinions between the two would be greatly appreciated! Support is no help. Any tips on how this feature works? Open up the stopwatch and then hold the light button. After a couple of seconds it should clear your times. Thanks for the review, great as usual! Any thoughts? Hello Dirk, Yes M has countdown timer — a two phase Interval timer actually.

You could use it as single phase timer too. Just set the time and start a workout. The watch countdowns to zero then vibrates and restarts timer again and again until you stop the workout. You could set this interval timer on specific distance, not just time. Good news: the latest firmware was just released with continuous heart rate tracking and also more sleep plus functions!

All day long!!! I get barely 5 to 6 hours of workouts with one battery charge. M in Flight mode all day long, no notifications and just one max two synks per day. Something is wrong with your unit. I charge mine every about 5 days and I run about an hour every day, 6 days a week. Hi Nicola, So you ran 5 hours in 5 days and recharge. You get 5 hours of workouts with one battery. Same here, sometimes I get 6 hours but part of my workouts are indoor without GPS.

The only thing I have not enabled are the notifications. Maybe those are your battery hog? Yesterday I have updated to firmware 1. Great review. Bought the M and love it. Thanks for the clever training discount too.

Thanks again for doing all the research this over thinker needs! Hi everyone. Any thoughts about Continuous HR and battery life? My stats: M is in flight mode all day, one or two phone syncs pe day. Without ContHR enabled — last time before firmware update — 7 days of usage, total of workouts, of these workouts were indoors no GPS and outdoors GPS high accuracy mode.

With ContHR enabled — 4 and a half days of usage, only 3 running workouts GPS high accuracy mode with a total time of Charging the unit every three days or so is acceptable when continuous HR tracking is required. There are many smart watches that barely get to the evening….

I have all the bells and whistles on. Smart notifications, continuous hr. It lasts about Charged full on sunday, did one 1,5h traing session, and on wendsday another 1hour session. Before session ended watch warned me that about 1 hour of battery remaining.

Probably will have to disable the continuous HR feature. Forcing all the users to waste battery all day long. Or have an option to disable it. As for continuous HR, the benefit there is measuring resting HR — which if tracked properly can usually allow you to spot excessive fatigue or pending illness. And then I just replied to a customer service employee and reminded him — how clever was a Backlight function implemented in their RCX5 watch…. I really love your reviews. The price is way higher, but it also looks nicer.

It seems that polar flow will be able to design training programs, does garmin connect have the same feature? Is Polar going to introduce native Power support for Stryd with firmware update in the near future? You want power — you should go to high price category….

The today market works this way…. What are your thoughts as to best features. This is the first wrist hr watch so want to make sure I get the best put of the two. I am wondering how this works and whether it works well, battery, usability etc. Many thanks! I got my Polar last Friday and as I was setting it up it run firmware update. Even my Pixel XL is working with it so I am very happy. In UK they are sold in Decathlon with 2 years warranty. Hi all. The app is really going forward as is the watch.

So much detailed analysis. Love the cont. Watch now gives improved calorie count from low cardio activities throughout the day consistent HR about every min but not constant without starting the sport profile. Have to colour it with Bic permanent black every 3 weeks. Generally I like it and it has proved reliable once an issue with cracking buttons was sorted out under warranty a while ago and shame about synching to Strava which is a bit of a faff.

So my question is: how does the Polar M handle these three aspects? PS as well as running I do orienteering as a sport, so use the GPS a lot, although only for post-race analysis of where I went…. Theoretically it should work, because you can set the watch to »make heart rate visible for other devices«. It does. My wrist is quite hairy, and my hair is dark brown and the skin is tanned, I am Italian. I initially thought the optical HR pretty good. I have however had a few frustrating interval sessions in which during some interval the HR inexplicably dropped dramatically despite me working just as hard as in other intervals.

This is unpleasant as you work extra hard to try to increase HR without effect, burn glycogen and fatigue. I have gone back to using a chest HRM and it seems much more reliable for interval training. The optical HR has been absolutely fine on steady state or less extreme temp runs. Thanks for your replies. Nicola, Im sure im somewhat hairier than you haha. Thanks Drew, ive heard that interval training is less accurate. Do yo have the polar m thou? I had something similar, but on both on interval sessions and in steady state runs.

However this happens rarely and typically disappears when I tighten the watch better to my wrist one more hole. All in all I happy with it, as the inconvenience of the chest strap does not justify carrying that extra item around, cleaning it, etc. The chest strap seems to give a much more stable result. I am pale skinned and have shaved the small area under the optical sensor. The conditions at the time were: cold, windy, raining and dark with me wearing a head torch.

Difficult conditions but I live in S. Wales, UK so pretty routine! Drew, I second the comment about tightening the watch one more hole to solve this interval problem — see my post in this thread from the 30th June. Hi Claudio. It was the first thing I thought of and adjusted it on the fly but it made things worse.

I then paused the session, stopped running, loosened the strap and waited for my HR to catch up it actually increased during this pause , then carried on and it was OK. It was windy, raining and dark. I suspect this was because of peripheral vasoconstriction in my arm and tightening the strap actually made things worse. I think the bottom line is this tech works well most of the time — but sometimes that is not good enough.

ECG based HR is rock solid. I have now acquired a V I have not yet tried the oHR for intense intervals in cold conditions. Claudio, thanks for the comment. I have tightened the wrist band as much as I can without effecting circulation and still no joy. I cannot detect the vibration while interval running. Hello Lee. If you have vibrating out if zone alarm in the same time as your interval starts or ends — it is impossible to detect the interval change.

Same for me. I try to keep my HR inside the recommended zone and to avoid constant vibration. The vibration alert is a big battery eating monster! The sound alerts in the M were much better if you were running in a quiet place. If you ignore the out of zone alarms try not using them — I never do! Hi Lee.

If you switch off autolap too then the only vibration alert will then be with the change of phase. Your description of the phase will be shown at the start — this is where I put the Zone information. I have populated my favourites with a host of custom workouts based on 80 20 running. I would just create your own custom program from the calendar as needed. At the same time save to favourites. Eventually you will just be able to select the right favourite workout to add to your calendar.

Polar flow has fantastic configurable functionality. Unfortunately for me the user interface is not particularly intuitive and it has taken me a while to utilise its full potential. Hi,,has anyone had trouble synching the M with their Apple device since the new iOS update…. Hi Luka! I have an M and used to have a I will repost here my view on how the two compare.

I did my first marathon last Sunday wearing and training with the M Any questions, just ask. The FR is a very nice watch, and comfortable to wear — better than the Polar. I also missed the detailed lap information given by the Polar M either for automatic or manual laps. Although it was nice not depending on the chest band, I realised that the wrist HR is still not good enough for short or long intervals.

In the short ones, the HR lags both ramping up and down and on the long ones the HR would frequently either come down mid-interval or go up to match my cadence. It goes without saying that I do know how to wear a wrist HR watch, i. However, I will try to sum up my views on FR vs M to directly address your question. But at easy paces they both tracked perfectly with the H7 chest band, and then lag behind when abruptly speeding up or slowing down.

This is exactly what I used to experience with the FR, although I should note that I tighten it one more stop and it then tracked perfectly on the last repeat. So far I did not experience the M locking on my cadence. Yesterday after a software update that was supposed to improve A-GPS it was better around my usual park loop and did better on the track as well.

Earlier this week it did ok around narrow streets in Florence, and when running in the open in a big park it really excelled. But it probably is at least as good, and I prefer it because of the lap info and software platform. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions just ask.

I have the FR and the M both watches are equally useful with regards to 24h HR, sleep monitoring, proposed rest times, estimated race times. Wow thank you for the well thought out reply , I decided to go with the Garmin she is used to the brand and i think it will be an easy switch for her.

I have unboxed it while she was out of the house and charged it up, I must say I am impressed. I might make the switch myself down the road to Garmin,out of the box it was easy with the web support for a quick set up and put it back in the box for her to use. Sorry i meant to say i prefer the m for its accuracy and zone alerts and training programs which the trainer doesnt have. Compatibility with cardio kit, especially my Keiser M3i bike. I dont want to wear a chest strap thats one of the great benefits of the m but most cardio kit is not bluetooth compatible, any ideas is there a bluetooth to 5 kHz convertor?

Cheers Kostas. Not doing 1 was daft since it connects to satellites anyway unless it is a patented thing by Garmin. Cannot be patented by Garmin, as it is an intrinsic feature of the GPS navigation messages. Mine is always spot on with the clock, so precise that I doubt it is not synchronising somehow, either via the GPS navigation messages, or when synching data with Polar Flow.

In either case the clock is precise, and it also performs the daylight time adjustment automatically. Thanks Nicola. This is what the gpx file had from the RC I have just checked what happens in your question 2 today. I stopped at a traffic light for almost a minute and in the TCX file I can see that between my stop and start actions there is a jump in time. I stopped recording at T Interestingly enough the GPX exported from Polar Flow come will all the missing samples, so the export procedure fills in the gap with some interpolation, it is not raw data.

Also the CSV file exported from Polar Flow is the result of some post-processing, the time gap is not present either. So if you are after the time gaps, the only reliable file is the native TCX. Those work globally, sending your position via satellites Galileo SAR is already operational and you get a distress message. Thanks Nicola! Polar M test located on the windowsill.

Settings: GPS — 1s reading, without wrist heart rate measurement — 9h 47min. Thank you so much for the great review! Do I understand correctly that Polar M will track your heart rate without it having to be connected or synced to any other device? Yes if set to track continuous hr in settings but it will only display a few numbers on the watch min sleep, min awake, max. You can spot check hr.

When synced you get a graphical display of hr through the day. I presume age predicted max hr in which case pretty conservative and probably OK for you. There are other ways of calculating zones which rely on a measured max hr and resting hr Karvonen which you should avoid. It makes the lower zones harder. The lack of polar support for these the resting hr value has no effect on zones!

I really like the speed, accuracy and simplicity of the M along with polar flow with its free phased hr training programs. I am sure it helped me win a 10k recently within age and gender cat but a win is a win! Update — Polar does support custom HR zones described as free so as long as you calculate the numbers yourself you can enter them based on Karvonen or LT.

Maybe they would have to pay royalties to the Karvonens? Thank you! Yes I meant 70 per cent of max heart rate as per my age and gender. Thank you for reassuring me re not needing syncing. Again, many thanks for providing this great public service. It generally checks every min lasts 7 days. Easiest way is to set up activity mine is other indoor- no GPS then press start. It will last at least whole day. From memory U can manually add in max HR in settings.

Can you explain these readings from my m? The Mio did a great job for indoor workouts that included ellipticals, bikes, dumbell work, machines, etc. I also play a lot of tennis, and the Mio once secured and locked in on my heart rate did a good job during matches. Heart rate accuracy and consistent tracking is the most important thing to me. At peak sometimes I can spot check it and it can be way off to the tune of 50bps.

Total calories for a workout are also way off from what my Mio and my old Polar FT7 with a strap reported. Do you think this Polar is a suitable replacement for the Mio and this variety of activities? I balked at the Mio Slice, and now I see Mio is no longer manufacturing devices, so figured I go with Garmin or Polar this time around. Read more reviews of this watch and sounds like a worthy replacement. First real workout in and it handled my interval training time on a Precor elliptical well enough.

No drop outs during the interval sessions. I did have one heart rate drop out when I got on a recumbant bike, but it caught up quickly and handled everything else with no problem. Elliptical, stretching and core work, weight machines, free weights, and the recumbant bike to finish.

The GPS also did well tracking a nice 1. I have noticed it can be slow to identify a change in activity though. Specifically automatically identifying when you are walking, sitting, standing, etc. Seems there is a lag in identifying a new activity.

It also seems to not clearly identify standing vs sitting sometimes. Lower intensity. Go to vacuuming or mopping and it will switch to walking or sometimes running. Been using it successfully for a couple weeks now, and have a good feel for how well it tracks in the gym. Too cold for tennis, but that is coming soon.

However, I can consistently get it to loose my heart rate when my arm is down by my side and my wrist is bent. Specifically when I am on a recumbent bike and am grasping the HR monitors on the handles on either side of the seat. This consistently will make the M lose my hear rate. If I straighten out my wrist, raise my arm, etc.

I like the level of information in the apps, and find it easy enough to use. Turning off the Smart Notifications has resulted in a nice improvement on battery life as well. Great device bought after reading your review. One criticism strap is too flimsy. Snapped after 8 weeks use when tightening on upper wrist for better heart rate information picture attached Polar quickly responded and supplied a replacement strap which was pretty easy to fix.

Intend looking for a more robust replacement strap. Hi, does this M has the heart rate zone lock feature? I remember in some of the old Polar watches, it has this feature. You can press that watch button to lock on the specific heart rate zone, and if your heart rate is higher or lower that range heart rate zone , the watch will vibrate and warm the user. You enable it in a specific sport profile.

Was just checking this out, and it does have Zone Lock. This is exactly what happened to me, but much worse. Polar have not answered any support inquires. How can I stop that? Switch it off when riding. They measure acceleration in several axes and infer a step from the pattern. They get it wrong now and again. A motorbike is rather a severe test of the algorithm. How can I switch it of when riding? I use it as a watch as well. Are there no settings that I can change to make it less sensitive or something?

I think steps are measured pretty much like a pedometer so not related to arm movement. Just measures the short high periods of deceleration on heel strike. Put it in your jacket pocket and see. All devices are fallible and can be spoofed.

Relax, ignore the step count and enjoy your motorcycling. Would love to check my HR during indoor cycling exercises. I put it later on endomondo but my question is does endomondo work with Polar? Second — do I need to start an exercise or can I just view my HR just by watching at my watch during exercise? When I exercise indoor cycling will it record my HR during all of my exercise and export it to Polar software?

Any experience with swimming? Does it provide some data during swimming? Was mentioned in the review that Polar works on it. I need a device to monitor my heart rate after medical problems, then when fully recovered for walking to improve health and fitness, hoping you can help, thanks for your review, iv read through some but not all.

No, you cannot. You can display heat rate, but not in normal watch mode. I once owned a Garmin Forerunner which can do this, maybe also some of the cheaper Gamin watches can. Thankyou, could I use as say walking activity all day and display current time and heart rate, would this be the best option for my requirements. I understand you cannot display heart rate in normal watch mode, so can you display both heart rate and current time time of day together in a given activity i.

Alright, you sold me. My Polar experiences have been that support is not very good and Polar Personal Trainer and its ancestors were all a little clunky, but the watches have consistently hummed along. Is this watch a true competator with the garmin forerunner and the suunto spartan Trainer HR? There is one thing though that haz my puzzled. The daily tracker. I had the M before the M Hitting my daily goal on the M felt like an actual accomplishment… not so much on the M Same thing, I can hit my goal sitting at my desk at work, walking back and forth to the breakroom refrigerator!

That includes setting my Training Background to the most difficult. Kind of sucks when you have a 12 mile hike planned and you have to stop to recharge your watch. Reports have it that the battery life is unbelievable, even in GPS mode.

Go check-out the FR post and the comments section there. A dear friend and colleague of mine has the FR and his workout GPS tracks in the woods are horrible. In the same woods my other watches performed much much better FR and M I have had the FR and the , they were quite good devices. I was considering the for a while, but after having seen my friends tracks, I decided to switch to the Polar M and never looked back again.

Half of the price and better results. I switched from FR to a M for serveral reasons: — did not like the color display, because it was bad to read in low lights — the FR provides a lot of data. Too much in my sense, and some of them seem to be quite false. Polar Flow gives more important information to me.

On the other hand, some things I miss: Battery life, the feature to find your phone and the connection of my whaoo rpm. So I am strongly waiting for a V successor …. I can agree with most of written in this review and M is quite nice device. But I also have a serious problem with optical HR accuracy. I have a conversation with Polar support, check many sites searching for solution, but nothing helps. I wrote my honest review with the video which shows the problem and compares optical measuring HR and strap measuring HR.

Here is my problem which should check every potential buyer: kacnje. Maybe this will work: link to kacnje. When I try to purchase the watch on Amazon there is a size option. Which is the standard size? Which one do you think has better performaces between Polar M and Garmin Vivosport? Or would Garmin Forerunner be a way better option? Neither accurately tracked my heart rate, to the point both would just lose it at random times. I could not identify what was causing it, but after multiple sessions with each I returned them, then tried the M and have stuck with it.

It does well for both a gym workout where I do all kinds of activities, as well as tracking a tennis match. The Garmins would lose my heart rate on ellipticals, doing dumbbell work on a bench, stretch exercises on the mat. They would report a workout of approximately total calories burned and show multiple dropouts where my HR just dropped to around 50bps before picking it up again.

The exact same workout, on the M and my Mio Alpha2 before it, track my heart rate consistently no matter the exercise I am doing and report my total calories around what I expect. I see. Thanks for your answers. I think i will go with the polar m too. My only doubt for the moment was if Garmin Forerunner would be a better choice if i am going to wear it everyday. Are you wearing it the whole day or only during workouts? I wear it the whole day and have gotten used to sleeping with it as well.

The sleep data is very low priority in my opinion. Where I work is business casual, and these days people have all kinds of watches, bands, etc. Guess it depends on what kind of work you are in. Yeah, mine is pretty casual too just wondering how it looks like. Thanks a lot for your help. How is distance measured when gps is turned off? By steps? Or do you need gps for that distance? Interesting comment on gym workouts.

On that regard, does it measures the strength being put to lift weights or it just tracks the intensity of heart beats at the bench? As soon as I begin running, the optical sensor gives readings below those of the chest strap.

Thanks for this review. I purchased the Vivoactive HR wanting to take advantage of the HR alert feature but it vibrates at me extremely sporadically. Does the M notify you more frequently if you are above or below your target zone? I usually nap an hour or two during the afternoon.

At night I may sleep a few hours, wake up, spend an hour or two awake, and go to sleep again. The watch does not log all this. Moreover, it allows me to edit the sleep time, but only to shorten it. A couple words from me — I bought a used Polar M on friday and I am lovin it bought it because of this review! Battery life is great.

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