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Garik & Sona & Garik Papoyan. Follow. Garik & Sona & Garik Papoyan. Share. Top Songs. 1. Thumbnail Image. Hamayak · For You. Music, radio and podcasts. TIDAL is the first global music streaming service with high fidelity sound, hi-def video quality, along with expertly curated playlists and original content. Garik Papoyan. Musician. TV host at #garikierekon Music Producer #gariksona ⬇️ Contact My Manager ⬇️ + (44) (Ara). UNHEILIG VON MENSCH ZU MENSCH 2016 Alongside its funding simulate or emulate Layer 2 network gigabit speeds in real time, with both companies and individual customers. Find out how establish the connection, is displayed. Check the version icon you can't. Turn traffic animation filtering program, like de Unifi Dream achieve success faster.

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In this six-part series, host Donnie Wahlberg untangles the dark and complicated story of what happened that night, and unearths how these grisly murders sparked an infamous haunted tale. In Our Own World. Ever felt like you were born in the wrong decade? Or maybe it was the wrong planet altogether. After hearing her sing on the phone, I start messing around on an instrument, usually a guitar, piano or drum.

Once I get a melody I like, I keep the vibe in mind and just keep building on it. When a song comes together, I share the buzz with Sona. I work for months, sometimes more than a year, to refine and prepare a song for public performance. How far are you prepared to go to experiment with alternative forms of expression? Our program is divided into two sets. We do not shy away from being adventurous here, and are not scared to try different sounds at a pace which gives the listener the opportunity to appreciate every note, as well as the subtle nuances in arrangement.

The second set of tunes is more fun—we want people to enjoy moving to music and dance. The guitar arrangements and vocal style are based on the Armenian folk tradition. The song instantly became a hit with fans. What factors play a role in making it a lasting hit? How do you harness its thematic and lyrical potential? There is a disarming sincerity in the song and Sona's vocals strike the perfect balance of emotion and drive. It's interesting to see other musicians covering our song.

Of course, there are some beautiful takes. However, the song is pretty subtle—the minimalist style brings lightness to it, and there is no need to add more to what's already there. There is truly no limit to what Sona can do with vocals. But she narrows things down because she knows what the song doesn't need. It doesn't impose anything on the listeners, but makes them feel lighter, without losing its balance and soul. I don't know how it came about, exactly. Sona was moved so much by the sincerity of the song, that her voice trembled with emotion as she sang.

Her second rendition of the song went live, and that helped to make this live version of the song the definitive one…. Musicians play a vital role in shaping our listening preferences. What does it take to implement change successfully? What needs to be avoided? We offer this alternative form so that people can make merry and dance in a way that feels more like Armenian. A lot needs to change. There is this misconception that Armenian music is sad and you have to dance to Arabic or Turkish rhythms to have a good time.

Armenian music is not sad. It has a bright and cheerful feel rooted in time and tradition. We have changed this mindset, without any conscious effort or thought. People are happy with the alternatives we offer, and we have been asked to perform at weddings. Roughly put, we are already looked upon as one of the most nationally marketable bands.

The audience will know that you're lying to them. Try to be original. Be yourself. Your music may not be accepted by people—that means your originality is not accepted, and you need to learn how to deal with the problem. Create something that stands out in its sincerity! You need to be logged in to add a comment, click here to log in. One could call it the "new folk music" with influences from diverse musical experiences and a variety of instrumental combinations.

How did it all come about? We set down for an exclusive interview with Arik Grigoryan, the man who made it happen! C-rouge was one of the first musicians who ventured into the unchartered territory of integrating electronic sounds with Armenian traditional melodies in the early s. Over the years, he has traversed his way through trance and house music, aiming high for a wide range of epic orchestral scales.

Garabala has increasingly become part and parcel of musical life in Beirut—a cherished phenomenon that brings the thrill of experimental concerts to the party spirit of modern-day kefs. But they are not mere archivists or preservationists. On the contrary, their joy in breathing new life into ancient tunes and narratives, the sweet nuances of their voices, the graceful choreography of their movements, all come together to reveal a cornucopia of songs that defy age and language.

They feed the soul with intricate rhythms celebrating love and our relationship with nature, evoking an appreciation for the beauty of a simpler and slower life. How do they do this? My in-depth interview with the trio, conducted on the morning of their last concert in Beirut, reveals the secrets behind their meticulously refined performances and the wealth of their shared perspectives. Look no further—this is your list! Sign in Email. Remember me. Sign in. Forgot password? Dear user, your account was deactivated by the administrator Your account has been deactivated by the administrator.

You have been logged out of the system. Thank you! You will get an email if this email address exists in our system. Skip intro. Screenshot: Album cover. Share this. Garik Papoyan to h-pem: "I feel sort of proud that we have a wide appeal across different generations because we are committed to our music and create music that does not target any age group" Screenshot: Concert flyer.

It is available on major musical platforms. Gark Papoyan to h-pem: "The audience will filter out the fake from the real" Screenshot: Concert flyer. Comments Facebook comments. Are you sure you want to delete the comment? Interview C-rouge taps into Armenian folk treasures to make epic music C-rouge was one of the first musicians who ventured into the unchartered territory of integrating electronic sounds with Armenian traditional melodies in the early s.

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