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Diamond is Unbreakable (hence DIU) is another TV series in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, adapting part 4 of the original manga. Season 3 adapts the 4th arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable. It was confirmed at the end of "The Last Crusaders" event for the JoJo's. Diamond is Unbreakable (ダイヤモンドは砕けない, Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai), alternatively Diamond is not Crash, is the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. OUR DANCING DAUGHTERS 1928 With the new connection pool architecture cooperation against cybercrime cons of leveraging one for your. It is not. Highest score default - is this. Tags: ford, thunderbird, services from different increased by 1, ticket was updated. Tools for managing, that are firewalled.

Yukako's Stand allowing her to use her hair as a weapon is very similar to Bruford using his hair to wield his sword in Phantom Blood. This should show just how skilled Bruford was. Yukako was a Stand user and her hair was her Stand; Bruford had so much control over his body that he could naturally control his hair.

Early in the anime, Josuke is shown playing the latest version of Oh! When Josuke and Joseph first find the invisible baby, Joseph mentions having done similar in the past but not quite remembering how it went thanks to his advanced age. This is both a nod about how Joseph's memory is not what it used to be with Holly and a reference to the Death 13 arc in Stardust Crusaders. This exchange between Keicho and Josuke calls back to a famous exchange between Jotaro and DIO, in which the former approaches the latter.

Keicho : Oh ho. You presume to enter my home?! Josuke : Isn't that obvious? If I don't come in, how else am I supposed to beat your ass and heal Koichi? Mikitaka: Yes, I am indeed an alien. Tropes F to O. Fairy Godmother : Aya Tsuji the beautician fancies herself being one during the Cinderella arc, making girls more "lovely" literally and making them find love, just like in Cinderella. He is incapable of proper speech, and above all cannot be killed in spite of how miserable he seems.

Made even worse is the fact that it's unknown if he'll ever die naturally or is stuck being immortal forever. Josuke's piecing together his family photo, Okuyasu's more loving attitude as his caretaker after Keicho's death and Tonio's cooking seems to make life much more bearable for him, though. Angelo and Terunosuke get this fate after their defeats. Angelo is forced to live the rest of eternity inside a rock while Terunosuke is trapped inside a book after Josuke uses his Stand ability against him.

Finger Framing : Kira adopts this pose briefly to aim accurately with his invisible air bombs during the Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable arc. Each dish has a specific effect for example, his Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca can treat dental cavities.

Five-Second Foreshadowing : After Crazy Diamond heals Koichi's wound from the Arrow, he briefly looks down at his chest, implying that he can see Crazy Diamond's hand on it. Since only Stand users can see Stands, it serves to foreshadow that Koichi developed a Stand from the Arrow. Taken even further in Stone Ocean where Pucci awakens to the Stand "Made in Heaven" that can fast forward time and ultimately allows him to create a new universe. And it just so happens that Jotaro was able to witness both of these occurrences.

And gets killed by them though the latter was permanent. Jotaro states that the Arrows were "acquired" in Egypt by Enya before she used them on DIO and gave them to Okuyasu's father and Yoshihiro Kira, implying someone gave them to her. Golden Wind shows Diavolo was the one who found and stole the Arrows except the beetle-decorated one, found by Polnareff during an archaeological exploration in Egypt 3 years before Stardust Crusaders and sold them to Enya, save one he kept for himself presumably how he obtained King Crimson and later gave to Polpo to create Stand users for Passione.

The anime adds many instances of this trope. Before Kira's appearance, there are shots of murders he has committed throughout town, and he's even seen walking home from work after Otoishi's defeat. The anime also features silhouettes of characters that will appear later in crowd scenes and even has small stints of Yukako and Rohan before their official debuts.

Koichi, bleeding to death, mocks Kira for having his identify figured out by a random child, and hopes it haunts him to the end of his life. Another "random child" would happen to be incredibly vital to Kira's eventual defeat. The openings have plenty of instances of this Koichi and Yukako starting a relationship is foreshadowed in the first opening as Yukako's shadow remains by Koichi while the shadows of Keicho and Father Nijimura dissolve next to Okuyasu.

Reimi is foreshadowed in the first and second openings via the motif of the characters pointing their fingers into the air. Made more apparent in the second when the background is her alleyway and Rohan is looking into it. The glass sheet above Josuke and Koichi walking to school in the second opening foreshadows Shigechi's desire to have friends and death before he was able to reach Josuke and Okuyasu. The dotted line down Aya's arm in the second opening foreshadows her death at the hands of Yoshikage Kira.

In the "Bites the Dust" version of the third opening, Shinobu instead of looking at Kira as Kousaku looks at him and falls over. This foreshadows the fact that she'll never see her husband again but doesn't know that he is dead. A bit ironic when considering that Part 5 , one of the more Darker and Edgier parts, especially when coming off the heels of this one, has a protagonist who lives in fear of this trope. Genre Shift : Though still first and foremost an Action-Horror Manga, Diamond is Unbreakable marks the first chapter in the JJBA Saga to not have Vampires as its primary narrative drive and focus, and eventually depart from the Vampire-Genre completely by the time the universe reboots in Part 7.

As a whole however, Part 4 is notable for its smaller scale focus on a Japanese town instead of a grand adventure, and draws inspiration from both murder mysteries and slice of life comedies where wacky neighbors are Stand users as well, genres that fit well in the suburban scene. Invoked by Aya during the Cinderella arc, who more or less gets Yukako and some other customers to go through a fairytale-like story to find true love, with the typical punishments and rewards that are found in them.

Essentially, the chapters and Episode 20 are therefore a fairy tale story as told by Jo Jo characters. While the act does manage to convince Yukako, she doesn't become turned off; instead, she becomes determined to rehabilitate Koichi by kidnapping him and holding him hostage until he becomes a proper man under her very strict tutelage.

Yukako tones down her yandere tendencies when she and Koichi become an Official Couple later in the story, though. Greater-Scope Villain : Keicho is the one who gave many of the characters in the first half their Stands in an attempt to find a Stand to turn his father back to normal. Yoshihiro Kira acts as this in the second half since he is the one who granted Yoshikage Kira "Killer Queen" with the second Stand Arrow, gives Stands to the antagonists of the second half, and eventually gives Kira "Bites The Dust".

It was he who entrusted Mr. Nijimura and Yoshihiro with Arrows when they still served him before his demise, who after his defeat still retained their Arrows, leading to all the misery Kira would spread with his murders and Keicho's determination to find a Stand that could fulfill his desires: which never would have been necessary at all had DIO not corrupted Mr.

In the end, the people of Morioh, like so many, were also victims of DIO's ambition, albeit indirectly. Hand Wave : The "Stand users are naturally drawn to each other" concept. It serves to explain how Stand users, supposedly a minority in the world's population, are somehow meeting left right and center during the events of the plot, usually without anyone actively seeking anyone else. However, this doesn't explain how characters like Rohan and Tonio haven't met other Stand users until they encountered the protagonists; if Stand users are fated to meet, then why haven't they seen others with similar powers before?

His Name Is He punches Akira, and when he is asked how he could deduce the identity of the enemy, he reveals that he planned on punching both of them. How Many Fingers? Koichi, seeing two on one hand and three on another, correctly answers five.

Human Architecture Horror : Josuke uses his Stand's reconstructive abilities to fuse Starter Villain Angelo with a boulder because Angelo killed his grandfather. At first, Angelo's head and hands are visible outside the boulder, playing this trope straight.

But when Angelo attempts to hurt an innocent child utilizing his Stand "Aqua Necklace" and insults Josuke's hair, Josuke retaliates by having Crazy Diamond rearrange the villain and stone [1]. In this second form, the boulder vaguely resembles Angelo's face, with only the eyes unaffected — making it a downplayed version of this trope. The "Angelo stone" is still conscious, alive, can be heard breathing and has become a local landmark for couples.

Humble Goal : Kira, who, unlike many other villains, is content with living an "ordinary" life. Except he cannot resist the urges to kill people. Instead of using Echoes to protect himself from the bomb as advised by Jotaro, Koichi instead opts to track down the bomb's user.

This oversight leads to the bomb exploding and Jotaro nearly getting killed trying to protect Koichi. Idiot Hero : Okuyasu. While Polnareff may be dense at times and Narancia may be really Book Dumb , Okuyasu manages to hurt himself with his Stand and doesn't even use its full potential.

However, considering its power, it may be the best for the story. Ignorant About Fire : Josuke Higashikata cheats in a game of cee-lo with Rohan Kishibe by using dice that are actually a shapeshifted Mikitaka Hazekura. Rohan suspects Josuke of cheating because Mikitaka overdoes it on the dice rolls, and is determined to figure out his trick.

Mikitaka is almost discovered when he breaks out in a rash due to the sound of sirens, until Tamami points out that the fire the sirens are heading to was coming from Rohan's house. Rohan is still more concerned about Josuke's cheat than his own burning house. Impairment Shot : When Josuke and Okuyasu give chase to Shigechi who stole their 5 million yen redeemer, the two suddenly receive dazed vision when Shigechi uses Harvest to inject alcohol into their bodies. Insane Equals Violent : Kira is an insane sociopath with a sexual fixation on hands, and is one of the most unhinged characters of the series.

Intergenerational Friendship : Jotaro and Koichi like and admire each other. You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? Jotaro: I can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer. You've decided to come into my house? Josuke: No shit I have! I wouldn't be able to kick your ass and heal Koichi if I didn't! Tropes P to Z. Pac-Man Fever : The show has a very interesting case: when Josuke is seen playing a videogame, it's both a recognizable game and a real console specifically Gradius IV and a Nintendo Thing is, while a N64 port of Gradius IV was indeed scheduled for release in , the year the show takes place, it was ultimately cancelled.

You decide whether it's an oversight or a nod to a piece of videogame history trivia. The anime averts this by instead having Josuke play Oh! That's a Baseball ' Penny Shaving : Shigechi uses his Stand, Harvest, which is actually many small creatures, to gather the loose change that people have dropped all over Morioh and didn't consider important enough to retrieve.

It adds up surprisingly quickly. Pocket Protector : After Hayato Kawajiri uses the time loop caused by "Bites the Dust" to spill hot coffee on Kira, he puts his wrist watch inside of his shirt pocket instead of wearing it on his burned wrist. It saves his life when Hayato later tries to kill him with Stray Cat's air bullets. Yet Reimi takes on the form of a spirit that stays in contact with the heroes while Yoshihiro's Stand allows him to continue his existence after death.

For the adaptation, these events are, while still mostly linearly, shown happening when the events of said arcs started before covering those episodes, which neatly keeps the plot moving and streamlines what would otherwise likely be a confusing arc. The sudden vulgarity also fits Kira's unstable state, as he usually does not resort to profanity of that nature.

Pre-Violence Laughter : In a dice gambling game, Rohan suspects Josuke of cheating which is true, the dice are actually a shapeshifter. He starts laughing, and Josuke then does so too. But then Rohan with a stern face suddenly sticks a knife through his own finger, which snaps in a gory fashion , momentarily bringing Josuke to shock.

Product Placement : A Pepsi sign gets struck by lightning during the "Bites The Dust" arc, in a surprisingly important event. Psycho Electro : Akira Otoishi is an unrepentant killer who can channel the power of Morioh's electrical grid into his Stand.

Uh Oh Happens to Kira near the end. When he can't get out of range, he decides to throw away his normal methods and engage Crazy Diamond in direct combat. As Killer Queen was never designed for direct combat, this backfires on him badly as Crazy Diamond effortlessly breaks Killer Queen's arms in seconds. After she was killed, she and her dog Arnold decided to remain in an alleyway said to be the space between Morioh and the afterlife until her killer was brought to justice, where Reimi and Arnold would then finally depart to heaven.

Revealing Cover-Up : When Shigechi accidentally picks up the bag that contains Kira's latest "girlfriend", Kira is determined to get it back, and ends up having to kill Shigechi when he sees the contents Had Kira just kept the hand hidden at home instead of carrying it around in public, or destroyed Shigechi covertly like he usually does, nobody would have been the wiser. Similarly, Cheap Trick coercing Rohan to destroy the photos where a disguised Kira is seen as Kosaku Kawajiri tips him off that Kira is indeed among the crowd people, which leads to the gang discovering Hayato and ultimately leading to Kira's defeat.

Reverse Whodunnit : Kira is revealed almost immediately after his introduction to be the Serial Killer who murdered Reimi along with many other victims in the town of Morioh , but the protagonists don't know until he slips up when Shigechi accidentally takes one of his severed hands due to it being in an identical bag to his sandwich.

It goes even further when Kira murders and steals the identity of another man: we get several scenes, and even a Villain Episode , of him attempting to fit in with his new "family", while trying to resist the urge to kill, but the protagonists are left unaware of his new identity until the very last fight.

Were you to remove the dialogue, you'd think a climactic battle was going on. Even with the text, it still was. Running Over the Plot : Inverted. The main villain Yoshikage Kira is ultimately defeated when an ambulance accidentally runs over his head when he's lying on the street after Jotaro beats him up. School Uniforms Are the New Black : The three main characters are consistently shown in their high school Gakurans, albeit ones that are more customized in the case of Josuke and Okuyasu.

Koichi, however, averts it, choosing to dress in a more casual hoodie and sweatpants whenever he's not going to school. Sequel Hook : The live-action movie has a few; in the final scene, Yukako's hair shifts mysteriously, teasing the existence of her Stand Love Deluxe. Koichi developed Echoes Act 1 while fighting Keicho, but it didn't do anything of significance, meaning the audience would have to wait for a sequel to see it in action.

The big hook comes in The Stinger , which teases the story's Big Bad Yoshikage Kira: Several mini-scenes flashing around the Kira household showing his 3rd place trophies, his jars of collected fingernails, his bowling pin nail clippers, and a woman's hand sticking out of a bag and clutching a broken Stand Arrow. His character was created due to Araki's then interest in the phenomenon of serial killers and he created Kira in order to portray one in his series.

Setting Update : No date is given in the Live-Action Adaptation , but it features smartphones which certainly weren't a thing in A criminal makes the mistake of insulting Josuke's hairstyle. He thinks he's safe with a hostage, but Josuke just punches through both. Of course, the hostage is still safe and sound thanks to Josuke's healing abilities. And again when Aqua Necklace manages to get inside Tomoko's body.

Josuke responds by making Crazy Diamond pick up a glass bottle, punch through Tomoko's stomach, crush the bottle, then pull its arm back out while healing both, which traps Aqua Necklace in the repaired bottle and Tomoko doesn't even realize anything happened. Shown Their Work : Shortly after being introduced, Rohan stabs a spider to death and eats it. He identifies it as Araneus ventricosus. This is a real spider, and its appearance matches the one in the manga.

Sitcom Character Archetypes : Josuke is The Wisecracker , his boisterous personality and zany schemes match the description. Koichi is The Dork through he grows out of it, but he is more often the Butt-Monkey than any other, and doesn't have the same assertive personality as everyone else. Jotaro is The Square and overlaps with The Sage , he is the serious man of the group and is more focused than Josuke on the hunt for Stand users.

Okuyasu is The Goofball of The Ditz type, even less serious than Josuke, Okuyasu provides the humor more than anyone else. Rohan is The Bully , he hates everyone equally. Unlike other bullies, he likes Koichi the most. Other less recurring characters provide other archetypes.

Skewed Priorities : When Rohan attempts to find out how Josuke is cheating during a dice game, Tamami points outs that Rohan accidentally set his own house on fire without realizing it. Despite the warnings, Rohan shouts that he doesn't care if his house burns down as long he finds out how Josuke is cheating. Anjuro Katagiri, a. Shigekiyo Yangu, a. Kosaku Kawajiri, the identity of the man who has his face stolen by Kira.

Soft Reboot : The Parts from Phantom Blood to Stardust Crusaders were a loosely connected story, but Diamond is Unbreakable , while continuing some aspects of Stardust Crusaders , such as expanding on Stands through the Stand Arrow, along with Jotaro and Joseph being players in the Part, has the story be new with very little connection to the previous Parts, only vaguely bringing them up when the need arises.

Spoiler Opening : The anime's first opening makes it glaringly obvious that Okuyasu will join the heroes. Sniper Duel : How the fight between Bug-Eaten and Josuke shapes up, with both hiding behind cover and Jotaro out in the open attempting to draw fire from Ratt, which will expose Bug-Eaten's position.

However, there is a twist; Bug-Eaten is using what is essentially a rat-sized artillery cannon, while Josuke has Crazy Diamond fire rifle rounds by hand. The final confrontation between Josuke and Kira is also fought in this manner; an unconventional version in that neither side can see where their respective target is, and can precision control their missiles of choice.

Stab the Salad : The anime adaption adds a new scene to the beginning of Tonio's arc, showing his cutting up meat with his knife while suspenseful music plays. Happens again when he holds a bar of soap over Josuke's head. Stalker with a Crush : Yukako Yamagishi develops a crush on Koichi and begins to stalk him, her cute demeanour hiding how unbalanced she truly is. She tones it down as the story goes along. Surprisingly Realistic Outcome : Josuke stops a hostage taker only to be arrested by the police, since he put the hostage in danger with his vigilante action, and they cannot see his Stand.

Kira's talents are in stealth and being undetected, and he also has no experience fighting someone on his physical level, being a serial killer rather than a seasoned fighter. The few times he does try to square up to a real fighter he gets beaten.

Josuke and his friends try to cash in a winning lottery ticket and are nearly charged with fraud, since the endorsement on the back isn't theirs and it's incredibly suspicious that three high-schoolers somehow got a winning lottery ticket. Only Josuke's quick thinking and clever use of his Stand to change the endorsement on the back saves them. Jotaro attempts to discuss with him about his Stand, Josuke cuts him off and says he has no interest in talking anymore. Released in in Japan, the film attempts to translate the first half of the series to live-action, bringing to life the strange aesthetic of the characters created by Hirohiko Araki while also giving fans the chance to see what Stands would look like if they existed in the real world.

Netflix not only has added Diamond Is Unbreakable to its roster, but it also brought to North America and the world at large the spin-off story of the side character Rohan in the strange story of Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. Following the wielder of the Stand of Heaven's Door, the mini-series was an anthology series that focused on Rohan navigating several stories that were closer to horror than the usual bizarre adventures that the Joestars would encounter in the anime series.

Though there has been no news about when, or if, the streaming service will also house Golden Wind , there are plenty of Joestar fans who would more than likely not mind seeing the latest season hit Netflix. With Netflix continuing to dive into the world of anime with original series, it will be interesting to see if the streaming service also eventually adds Stone Ocean to its library when the long-awaited series premieres.

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Kira's ghost is confronted by Reimi, who causes his soul to be dragged into the underworld. Her mission accomplished, Reimi gives the group her final farewells and moves on to the afterlife. The next day, Josuke bids farewell to Jotaro and Joseph, who leave Morioh as the summer of draws to a close.

During Diamond Is Unbreakable ' s serialization, Araki received feedback from readers who felt that enemies in the manga had gotten weak. He explained that sometimes he has a character's inner weaknesses drive them into a desperate situation, while other times he turns the weakness into something "dreadful" and bases a Stand off of it.

Araki wrote that constantly having stronger and stronger enemies appear in a manga eventually leads you to "trying to think of the farthest edges of the universe", but in the real world, "true strength is found in not doing bad things. An enemy who does bad things is a person with an inner weakness.

With Part 4 of the series, Araki said that he moved away from "muscle men" as they fell out of popularity with his readers and he wanted to focus more on fashion. When designing his characters' outfits, Araki considers both everyday fashion and "cartoonish, bizarre clothing that would be impractical in real life. Despite the prevalent belief that the manga artist character Rohan Kishibe is believed to be Araki's self-insert , the author revealed that he did not model Rohan after himself, but is fascinated by him.

He said that unlike Rohan, he values human life more than art. In the original volumization, chapters — are collected in volume 47, listed on the Golden Wind page. In , it was announced that Otsuichi would be writing a novel based on Part 4. The novel proved difficult to complete; in Kono Mystery ga Sugoi , Otsuichi claimed to have written over pages, but thrown them all out. In he wrote the three-chapter story Dead Man's Questions [am] in Allman magazine.

In , Araki wrote the full-color story Rohan au Louvre. In , Araki collaborated with the renowned Italian fashion brand Gucci for the short story Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci [ao] in the women's fashion magazine Spur. In October , Warner Bros. Toho and Warner Bros. Takashi Miike directed the film that stars Kento Yamazaki as Josuke. It is written by Kouhei Kadono and illustrated by Tasuku Karasuma.

Silverman called the beginning slower and not as instantly engrossing as the previous parts, but felt this allowed Josuke, whom she and Hopper both described as kinder than the previous protagonists, to develop as a character. Hopper stated that Diamond Is Unbreakable is sometimes criticized for a "lack of a strong narrative throughline" in comparison to other parts, but argued that this is one of its greatest strengths as it allows the main characters to "simply be, lending them an amiable humanity that none of the over-the-top archetypes in the first 3 Parts ever had.

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Archived from the original on October 12, Otaku USA. Retrieved October 18, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I. Ninku Tottemo! Hoshin Engi Yu-Gi-Oh! One Piece Cowa! Rookies Whistle! Ultra Jump series. Happy World! Website: ultra. Hidden categories: Articles containing Japanese-language text CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Diamond Is Unbreakable. Adventure , fantasy , supernatural [1]. NA Viz Media. April 21, — November 13, Animated TV series Live-action film Speedwagon Caesar A.

Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Diamond is Unbreakable. View source. History Talk Do you like this video? Play Sound. Chapter List. Josuke Higashikata vs. Anjuro Katagiri Josuke Higashikata vs. Okuyasu Nijimura Josuke Higashikata vs. Keicho Nijimura Koichi Hirose vs. Toshikazu Hazamada Koichi Hirose vs. Yukako Yamagishi Okuyasu Nijimura vs.

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