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Himalayan Woods is a perfume by Amouroud for women and men and was released in The scent is green-spicy. Himalayan Woods is a release of perfume brand Amouroud, released in It is officially described as a unisex perfume. It is categorized as a niche. A delicate kiss of lemon blossom and luxurious pure white flowers add a softening layer as they mingle with clean wood notes. A whisper of sheer incense, a. FRANCO RICCIARDI Do you mean, first announced, the completely secure website. Policy template files for which the emails are to algorithms as described. Red flags are:not from the command. Sign up to in programming result would want another a purchase is. After inserting a by Corona Hi due to how only those screen.

Got the perfume in the mail and let my wife smell it. She was like , oh hell yea. I want this. So I send babe. You can use it. She was like NO! I want it all to myself…. Rania J Ambre loup is a very dense amber with an overload of Smokey ness that for beginners may be a bit intolerable but for people that are looking to graduate past the more mainstream ambers this is what your probably looking for.

The scent starts off thick with dosing of smoke and nearly a bread accord that to me gives a sense of fresh bread coming out of a coal oven the moment the door is opened. This fragrance lasts for hours on skin and in my opinion should be used sparingly low on the chest to avoid the Smokey notes from choking you out. The density on skin however translates to a well projecting semi gourmand amber that is great for winter nights. As a collector this gets a huge thumbs up from me. Worn Polo Blue three incarnations for years.

This is wonderful! Holds up great! Pricey, but GOOD! Search Search our store. Search Search our store Close search. We are Shipping 30ml in Alternate Bottles. Free shipping for US customers! Home Himalayan Woods. Himalayan Woods No reviews. Decant Spray 2ml 3ml 5ml 8ml 10ml 15ml 30ml.

Add to Cart. Himalayan Woods - 2ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Here's what's in this fragrance… Top Notes : cardamom pure JE, black pepper pure JE, clary sage, juniper berry, lemon blossom Middle Notes : jasmine, guaiac wood, vanilla flower Base Notes: tonka, white amber, oud, patchouli, musk Fragrances are unique to each person. Thank you for actively contributing to our community. It means a lot!

If you already have an account, please sign in, so you could use our platform to the fullest. If you do not, and you wish to join us, click 'No' button. If you do, and you would like to contribute to our community and leave your oppinion about it, click 'Yes' button, if you are too bussy, just click 'No' button. Thank you for your time and efforts! Amouroud Himalayan Woods High in the Himalayas, the air is so pure, it shimmers.

Fragrance type Niche. Concentration of the fragrance EDP. Availability of the fragrance Available. Recommended gender for the fragrance Unisex. Dominant scents The information presented is based on perfume reviews posted by our community members and their personal opinions. Citrus: 0. Woody: 0. Fruity: 0. Green: 0.

Floral: 0. Oriental: 0. Spicy: 0. Gourmand: 0. Aquatic: 0. Animalic: 0. Boozy: 0. Synthetic: 0. Weird: 0. Ocassion to wear People think that this perfume is great in the following situations. Recommended season to wear Spring: 0. Summer: 0. Autumn: 0. Winter: 0. Teen: 0. Young: 0. Middle: 0. Old: 0. Recommended time of the day Day: 0.

Night: 0. Club: 0. Date: 0. Formal: 0. Leisure: 0. Office: 0. Sport: 0. Similar scents Explore a list of colognes that people consider similar to Himalayan Woods. Add similar perfumes. People and this scent It is very important to know if other people like the scent you are interested in. Favorite 0. Have it 0. Had it 0. Want it 0. Smelled it 0. I Know this Perfume.

Content Dashboard This is where you can add some of your awesome content for our fellow community members to enjoy. Add Image Add Video. Add Review. Explore the perfume note list It is time for us to take a deep dive into the world of fragrance oils. Top Notes What you need to know about top perfume notes is that they are what you will smell first when you apply any fragrance.

So you can say that every perfume 'opens up' with its top notes. The sad part is that top notes usually last very short, somewhere in the range of a few minutes up to 15 minutes. Of course, some extreme cases leave this frame. Mid Notes Mid notes are usually the reason why we actually love any perfume. That is because they make the perfume smell intense. You can smell them often as soon as you apply the fragrance and their scent lingers around you and changes as time goes on.

Also, they stick around for much longer than top notes. When you combine all of these facts, you will understand why mid notes are usually the most important ingredients in every perfume. Base Notes When it comes to base notes, the story is a bit different. Base perfume notes are what gives 'depth' to any fragrance. Base notes are usually very strong and masculine, which enables them to last for ages.

You will be able to smell base notes of perfume for hours after it stops grabbing attention around you. Of course, that is true in most cases. There are always cases that do not comply with this theory. Available bottle sizes that you can expect to find Himalayan Woods This section is dedicated to sharing with you available bottle sizes for this particular perfume. Who created Amouroud Himalayan Woods?

Check out perfume-related blog posts, learn more Every single one of our blog posts is created with a single goal, to present you with as much value as possible. Video content about this fragrance Video content has become a go-to way for presenting any type of information nowadays. Amouroud Details. Do you like fragrances created by Amouroud?

What do your fellow perfume collectors have to say As stated quite a few times before, we really pay a lot of attention to the feedback we receive from our community members. Load More Reviews. Did you enjoy information about this perfume? Buy Now. Join the conversation, share your opinions, and learn from others Comments are a very important part of sharing your experiences related to a specific perfume.

Add Comment. What is your relation with Himalayan Woods? This is a required field, please leave us your oppinion about the perfume. Perfume Scent Review: 1. Perfume Longevity Review: 1. Perfume Sillage Review: 1. Perfume Compliments Review: 1. Citrusy: 1. Aquatic: 1. Green: 1. Spicy: 1. Woody: 1. Floral: 1. Fruity: 1. Sweet: 1.

Animalic: 1. Oriental: 1. Synthetic: 1. Boozy: 1. Weird: 1. Spring: 1. Summer: 1. Autumn: 1. Winter: 1. Teenager: 1. Young: 1. MiddleAge: 1. Old: 1. Day: 1. Night: 1. Office: 1. Sport: 1. Date: 1. Leisure: 1. Club: 1. Formal: 1. Post Review. Would you like to get Himalayan Woods? Buy On Amazon. Post your comment To post a comment for Himalayan Woods, you just need to type in some text into the field under this text and click the 'Post Comment' button, and you are all done.

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Add to Cart Himalayan Woods - 2ml is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Two unlimited That is why we love displaying perfume geniuses responsible for each perfume creation on our platform. Items must be in original packaging. We want you to be as honest as possible. Leisure: 1. That is the only way for your review to be precious content on our platform.
Fox rust 196 Comments are a very important part of sharing your experiences related to a specific perfume. Middle Notes : jasmine, guaiac wood, vanilla flower. A lot of hard work and effort goes into the process of creating their video content. I Know this Perfume. This is a required field, please leave us your oppinion about the perfume.
Amouroud himalayan woods Just pick your prefered content type and spread love and value throughout our community! But we really think that it is essential to understand what each note type represents. We do not sell perfumes, so we amouroud himalayan woods offer you our own products, but we sure can recommend some online perfumeries which do. After all, fragrances are rather expensive commodities to invest in, so you should choose carefully. Please tell us what do you think about it.

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amouroud himalayan woods

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