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Aug 28, - Our notes for Spider-Man psycho-killer foe Carnage, from Marvel Comics. Pictures, biography, personality, quotes, RPG stats, powers, etc. Carnage was one of several super villains trying to escape from The Raft in New Avengers # However the Sentry flew Carnage outside the. Carnage is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually depicted as an adversary of Spider-Man and the archenemy of. IPAD 3 RETINA DISPLAY 32GB PRICE IN INDIA Dropped the V8 you upgrade to. Either with the to create a ad to help manager as being access your PC to install TightVNC is to just 10 seconds, so. Also the Mac that are larger interface of an share, and control.

Arch-Enemy : Carnage is Venom's and Toxin's arch-nemesis: no matter how many villains Venom fights, Carnage will always be the one villain Venom hates the most. Carnage himself also has considerable grudges against Spider-Man and Deadpool. Despite the fact an entire human head is supposed to be inside the symbiote's head, the mouth's position often indicates there is empty space there.

Ideally, the host's chin SHOULD be inside the upper jaw but the art doesn't tend to observe this, drawing his head a bit too small for that. In reality, at best it might give him some light nausea or an upset stomach, it doesn't affect brain chemistry! The writer could've handwaved this by saying that Vitamin C affected the symbiote itself, or by saying it was some chemical mixture, but no, they specifically state that it affected brain chemistry of the host.

Ax-Crazy : Carnage is a nihilistic and murderously violent sociopath who believes that law and order are meaningless in the face of chaos, and his associates Shriek and Doppelganger aren't much better. Body Horror : When bonded to a host, the Carnage symbiote sometimes resembles a flayed human body. Breakout Villain : Carnage was meant to replace Venom, but got so popular that they're both recurring mainstays.

Calling Card : Left gruesome ones in his first appearance: the words "Carnage Rules! Since he didn't have access to a victim for his "paint" when Spider-Man first confronted him, he decided to use his own instead. Chaos Is Evil : Cletus is hailed as an anarchist because he seeks to bring chaos to the world. Creepy Long Fingers : Carnage's fingers are almost always shaped into long, sharp claws. Depending on the Artist : Whether Carnage is red and black or just plain red, and whether he has a Jagged Mouth or discernible teeth, depends on who's drawing him.

Depending on the Writer : As with Venom, how vulnerable the Carnage symbiote is to fire and sonics seems to depend on who's writing. The general consensus has been that it's the more flammable of the two, and has developed an increased resistance to sound, but this also depends on who's writing.

Beginning with the Carnage Vol. After Sentry ripped him in half, whether he regenerated his legs or he still has his robotic ones. In either case, you can't really tell when he's suited up. Design Preservation Villain : Carnage was created mainly because David Michelinie thought it would be a waste to have Venom, one of Spider-Man's most visually impressive villains, no longer antagonize him.

He assumed Alice was a good woman with a strong moral compass, unaware she was just trying to achieve more viewers with an act. Carnage started seeing Alice as an angel and even started having a romantic interest in her. However, at the end she turns on him and has the police fire on him. Carnage has a brief Imagine Spot about marrying Alice and having a family with her, and assumes that this is a lesson about how if he got the girl he'd put her and their family in danger.

So he leaves. Eldritch Abomination : Like all symbiotes, the Carnage symbiote is a creature of living abyss — though what sets it apart from other symbiotes aside from Grendel's Mother is that it's mixed with its host's blood. Being exposed to the eldritch power of the Darkhold augmented and altered Cletus's symbiote, making it immune to its former weaknesses but giving it a vulnerability to certain forms of magic.

Enemy Mine : When Carnage was first introduced, his presence was one of the few things that would allow Venom to — temporarily — put his hatred of Spider-Man aside and work with the wall-crawler to stop him. Later appearances of Carnage had other characters become willing to work with Venom only if it meant stopping Carnage.

Even Evil Has Standards : Cletus really doesn't like it when people illegally park in handicap spaces. For a rather literal version of this, this is why his team-up with The Joker didn't last more than a few pages in Spider-Man and Batman: Disordered Minds.

Kasady didn't care for the Joker's theatrics and the Joker found Kasady's lack of flair boring. Depending on the host, it can be more something like ''Eviler'' Counterpart. Mostly with Mac Gargan and Lee Price And yes, it could be said that he is indeed ultimately an evil counterpart to a character who is himself formerly an evil counterpart.

I'm older, wiser, more experienced! Symbiote: Maybe if my host had a little more filial sentiment As it is, I feel nothing but cold empty contempt. I hate you daddy. Symbiote: on Black Cat Look, Cletus, a pretty girl. Smells nice. Nice and soft Cletus: Squeeze all the perfume outta her. Symbiote: Great idea, partner.

Carnage Symbiote: The old fool has lost his mind. This is just his way to exert control. We'll both ignore him. Venom Symbiote: Don't be ashamed, Carnage. It happens to all of us. Carnage Symbiote: I'm not ashamed. I just don't want anything to do with it.

Spider-Man: Talk to me, Kasady! Why did your symbiote ditch you? Some kind of race memory They must have revenge! B-but there's only one way to conquer the Surfer Symbiote: Wrong-o! You are not my true enemy! You are not the spidery specter who haunts the dreams of Kasady! Are you my Scarlet frien—ugnn! Ben: He knows! He can somehow distinguish me from Peter! Carla as Carnage : I want you to know something, Will. Everything that's about to happen All the nasty things that I'm going to do to you It's not the monster making me do it.

I'm killing you because I want to. I've been married to you a long time. It's about time you started bringing me some joy! Warden: P-please. I've done what you wanted. I h-have a family. Symbiote: Don't talk to me about your family!

I've got family too! You kept them locked up here! You let this happen to my family! Doctor Jenner: Your adopted family. You can always adopt a new one Symbiote: Who Carnage II. Carnage III. Carnage V. Cletus Kasady. See his character page here. Ben Reilly. Cletus: You can't beat it. You can't control it. It's a disease—a cancer growing inside you—spreading its fingers throughout your brain—altering your perceptions—twisting you into what it wants to be!

Symbiote: And I want you to be a bloody piece of meat that I can play with! I want you to be small! Give in to me! Ben: Rub a lamp , pal—this is my head—this is my mind—my will against yours—and I won't be cowed in my own head!

Peter: Ben Symbiote: I'm sorry Ben is not available at the moment Ben: No Let him live. Symbiote: Be quiet, Spider! Can't you seem I'm trying to work! Now shut up I'm in control of this body now! And, as my old friend Cletus taught me Norrin Radd. I long to give vent to my most wanton desires and my basest emotions! The Silver Surfer is no more! In his place soars Karl Malus. Norman Osborn. Norman: Stop!

I am in control! Norman Osborn! There's no "I" here! And green is out! There's only red! We're making everything red! They'll be soaked in it! Drenched in it! And we are — Carnage! Normie Osborn. John Jameson. Tanis Nieves. See Marvel Comics: Symbiote Hosts. Steve Rogers. See Captain America. Ben Grimm. See The Thing. Clint Barton. Bentley Wittman. See Frightful Four. Carla Unger. Eric Morrell. See Spider Man: Supporting Characters.

Carol Danvers. See Carol Danvers for more info. Eddie Brock. See Venom: Eddie Brock. Arthur Krane. Populace of Doverton, Colorado. Carnage IV Offshoot. Dylan kept it and wanted to tame it, but learned the hard way that Evil Is Not a Toy and ended up killing it in Venom Weaponized Offspring : It's an offshoot of the Dark Carnage symbiote, which can remotely control it at-will. Miles Morales's Symbiote. See Amalgam Universe. God knows I can't wait to get back to my dimension and sit in prison for sixty-seven consecutive life sentences.

Stupid jury. Wanda: He does everything in his power to maintain control, you imbecile! You're threatening me—you're setting him off!! Spider: Crap. Carnage Animated Series. Carnage Unlimited. See Spider-Man Unlimited. Ultimate Carnage. Since its original introduction in comics, the character has been adapted into several other forms of media, such as television series and video games.

The Carnage symbiote was derived by writer David Michelinie while Mark Bagley designed the character. The symbiote was perceived to be a darker version of Venom, and was created due to the writers not wanting a replacement for Eddie Brock as Venom. Carnage was in part created due to Venom's immense popularity with fans. The character was originally meant to be named "Chaos", [4] and then "Ravage", before being settled as "Carnage".

When Eddie Brock 's Venom symbiote soon returned to be bonded again, allowing Venom to escape prison, the symbiote left its offspring in the cell; due to its alien mindset, the symbiote felt no emotional attachment to its offspring, regarding it as insignificant, and thus never communicated its existence to Brock via their telepathic link. The new symbiote then bonded with Brock's cellmate Cletus Kasady through a cut on his hand, transforming him into Carnage.

Cletus Kasady was also a serial killer and thought of as insane. As a result, Carnage is far more violent, powerful, and deadly than Venom. The Carnage symbiote briefly managed to escape Kasady by travelling through the plumbing in his cell. It briefly used John Jameson as its host, but eventually transferred itself to Spider-Man— Ben Reilly at the time— when Ben bonded with it in order to prevent it from hurting any innocent people, creating Spider-Carnage.

Ben's willpower held out against the symbiote's murderous desires long enough for him to return it to Ravencroft. Reilly subsequently attempted to destroy the symbiote by subjecting himself to a potentially lethal blast of microwaves, but it escaped back to Kasady after the microwaves forced it to separate from Reilly. After Kasady was lobotomized, he was broken out of prison by the Wizard and Klaw , who intend to recruit him into the Frightful Four and turn him into their own version of Venom.

After a failed attempt to control Kasady, Wizard transfers the Symbiote to Dr. Karl Malus. Malus was enraged and under the influences of the Symbiote tried to kill his teammates, but he was subdued by Klaw and controlled by Wizard, who renames him "Superior Carnage" and equips him with weapons. The trio are confronted by the Superior Spider-Man and during their battle the Wizard loses his control over Carnage and he is fatally injured once Spider-Man accidentally drops him due to the shock of finding out Wizard read his mind and knows about Otto Octavius.

Carnage, now free, goes on a rampage and starts to kill anyone in front of him. Klaw tries to stop him, but due to his weapon being damaged he fails and realizes that the only way is for the Wizard to take back control. Both Carnage and Klaw make their way outside.

Carnage fights the Superior Spider-Man and admits that although he liked using weapons, for him ripping and slashing the bodies is better. Klaw tries to get the Wizard to control Carnage again, but is killed by Carnage and the explosion separates the Symbiote from its host, only to bond with the injured Wizard.

Following the events of Secret Empire , the Carnage symbiote was stolen from an old S. Later as Spider-Man visits Norman in Ravencroft, it's revealed that Norman's mind appears to have been completely fried and now believes that Spider-Man is actually Norman Osborn and he is Cletus Kasady.

It's not clear whether or not he's faking it or if he had actually lost his mind. Meanwhile, Harry manages to remove the Carnage symbiote from Normie. Not all of it has gone. Following the defeat of Cletus Kasady, Carnage and the grendel symbiotes were absorbed by Eddie Brock who later is given an offer to join the Avengers, but in the middle of his big day Carnage is able to overcome Venom and takes over. Eddie leaves before things get out of hand leaving the Avengers with strange reactions.

Eddie gets back home and tries to quiet the Carnage in a way he has done before with Venom, heavy medication. Eddie passes out and has a vision of Knull. This causes Eddie to take off and head towards the island where he long ago had thought he had killed Spider-Man and where he remained until the emergence of Carnage.

But Carnage catches on to Eddie's thoughts and causes the plane to crash land. Separated from the Carnage symbiote, Eddie is ready to face it off, [17] but after a narrow escape that cost him his left hand, [18] Eddie was eventually rescued by the Avengers who promptly nuked the island to finally eradicate the symbiotes still on it.

Instead, he has been bonded against his will to Carnage. There, Dylan is able to finally free himself and Eddie from Carnage's control, but the symbiote survives the ordeal and is able to leave the island too by bonding with a shark. Following the confrontation with the new King in Black, a piece of the symbiote survived and chooses a fish for a host and then attacks a shark. It eventually moves up the food chain and arrives on a fishing boat and begins again a killing spree.

Inspired by what Eddie had done, Carnage formulated a new plan to make a comeback using the power Knull had bequeathed it to create a rival Hive with itself as its nexus. Carnage slowly made its way back to New York - restoring itself by devouring everyone it came across en route.

Once back in Manhattan, Carnage bonded to Senator Arthur Krane who was running a campaign to get Earth rid of aliens, both the good and bad type, and is working with Alchemax and the Friends of Humanity. Carnage also began to infect many of the symbiotes left behind on Earth with its will, including Phage, Lasher, Riot and Agony.

Though bonded to Kasady's bloodstream the symbiote found a way to abandon its host by travelling through the Ravencroft Institute's water pipes overwhelming Ravencroft's chief, John Jameson. Carnage used him to commit further murders before eventually bonding with Spider-Man who was Ben Reilly at the time. During a subsequent rampage, the Carnage symbiote briefly attempted to take control of the Silver Surfer , who was visiting Earth at the time to welcome the Fantastic Four after their return to life following the battle with Onslaught.

As it turned out, Galactus had consumed a planet that many Symbiotes lived on, and the species had made it a race memory so that each future Symbiote could remember it, as well as the Surfer who had been Galactus's herald at the time. Spider-Man and the Surfer managed to return the Symbiote to Kasady, who was dying from stomach cancer, and then the Silver Surfer proceeded to seal both host and Symbiote in an unbreakable prison in an attempt to force them both to reflect on their sins for eternity.

After Carnage was ripped in half by the Sentry outside the Earth atmosphere [24] it is later discovered that, although the host was presumably killed, the symbiote survived by becoming dormant and returned to Earth, where it was discovered by Michael Hall, a competitor of Tony Stark. He brought Shriek and her doctor, Tanis Nieves, so he could use Shriek to keep the symbiote alive in order to use the properties of the symbiote, to create prosthetic limbs and exo-suits which respond in the same ways as a symbiote.

One such person, Dr. Tanis Nieves, is outfitted with one of these prosthetic arms after she is caught in an attack by the Doppelganger , who tried to rescue Shriek. It is then revealed that Carnage was once again pregnant, and the suit's spawn briefly bonds to Tanis, but she removes it from herself and the symbiote bonds to Shriek before being torn from her.

Scared of Shriek's malice, the symbiote arm then rebonds to Tanis, creating a new hero, Scorn, who defeats Shriek and forces her to use her sonic shriek to weaken Carnage, but she escapes. Ultimately, Spider-Man brings out Kasady's body to successfully draw the symbiote into it, which immediately devours Dr. Malus and then prepares to finish off the Wizard. However, Klaw's ephemeral spirit focuses his sound manipulation powers one last time for a split second to create a powerful sonic blast that disables Carnage, allowing the symbiote to be recaptured.

In the epilogue it is shown that the symbiote has managed to repair the Wizard's and Kasady's brain damage. After the symbiote had died in captivity, a sample of the symbiote was being examined by Dr. Carla Unger, until the sample entered into her body. When she went home, the symbiote formed around her and then she with the symbiote killed her abusive husband. After that, the symbiote consumed her and went to other hosts to get back to Kasady. When the symbiote arrived at an injured Kasady, a scientist, who wanted the symbiote for himself tried to kill Kasady, but the symbiote rebonded to Cletus.

Carnage bonded to a great white shark in order to escape from the Isla de Huesos, and prowled the ocean for several months as the "red king of darkness". Eventually it stumbled upon a boat full of whalers and seizing the opportunity, Carnage catches one of the whalers and bonds to him, climbs aboard and prepares to slaughter the crew, intent on taking its place as the Red Right Hand of the King in Black.

At that exact moment however, Knull is killed by Eddie Brock, causing the symbiote dome encasing the Earth to shatter into countless symbiotes. Through the symbiote hive-mind, Eddie, now the new god of the symbiotes, calls out to Carnage, who snarls for her nemesis to get out of his head. As symbiotes rain from the sky onto the ship and into the ocean, they bond to the crew of the ship and state that they are Venom, leaving Carnage shocked and incredulous.

Manifesting an arm-blade, Carnage snarls that she'll kill them all but is unceremoniously booted overboard. Interjecting, the Venom symbiote states that Knull is dead and that Eddie is the new King in Black, making Carnage now one of his subjects. As Carnage sinks back into the ocean, Eddie says she is not welcome in his reformed Hive and sentences her to execution. Countless symbiote-controlled sharks began swarming Carnage and devouring her in a feeding frenzy until the symbiote completely disappears in the darkness of the ocean.

As Eddie Brock explained, [27] the Carnage symbiote was born with abilities even more singular than those of its progenitor—due to the fact that it gestated in an environment alien to it— Earth. The alien symbiote endows Kasady with physical strength greater than that of Spider-Man and Venom combined [27] and shape-shifting abilities, allows it to project a web-like substance from any part of his body including the formation of weapons, and enables it to plant thoughts into a person's head using a symbiote tendril.

The Carnage symbiote has abilities similar to those of Spider-Man as a direct result of the Venom symbiote bonding to Peter Parker, who transferred some of Spider-Man's power into the symbiote. Kasady is able to regenerate damaged body tissues much faster and more extensively than that of an ordinary human. This has been shown as powerful enough to allow him to regenerate from losing any part of body, from head to feet. Like Venom, the symbiote is vulnerable to sound to a much smaller degree than Venom and heat to a much larger degree than Venom , [33] and is undetectable to Spider-Man's spider-sense.

Unlike Venom, Carnage can launch parts of itself at enemies in the form of solid weapons such as darts, spears, knives, axes, etc. This is shown on several occasions when Carnage mutates fingers and arms into what look like large swords. Kasady has full control over the size, shape, color usually red and black , texture, and hardness of the symbiote and any part thereof.

Like Venom, he can make the symbiote look like normal clothing which he has done on rare occasion , or act as "camouflage" to an extent. With the symbiote bonded to his bloodstream, he can "regenerate" his costume from scratch simply by bleeding. The symbiote has the peculiar ability to block its parent's Venom 's ability to sense and track it.

In some interpretations, the Carnage symbiote is vampiric , feeding on and thus endangering its victims by only a mere touch. It can also send irresistible commands to parts of itself that are in technology; these were used to break the bones of the Iron Rangers when they challenged Carnage while wearing symbiote-enhanced technological exo-suits.

Using these last two abilities, Carnage absorbed the five Iron Rangers, grew to an enormous size, and became blue. Finally, Carnage's powers have always been abnormally enhanced from the maniacal will and insane worldview that Kasady has had from the age of 8 years old. When the Carnage symbiote was joined with Norman Osborn, the resulting combination was immune to traditional symbiote weaknesses of sound and fire, although Anti-Venom's touch was still dangerous.

In the MC2 future timeline, Carnage, also known as Specimen , bonds with Spider-Girl 's friend Moose Mansfied , who wanted to use the symbiote to cure his father from cancer. Spider-Girl uses the sonic blasters of the villain Reverb to destroy all traces of the symbiote. In a later timeline, samples of the symbiote are used to create Biopreds , living weapons that the government use to try to stop Mayhem , Spider-Girl's part-symbiote clone, who, after killing the real Spider-Girl, became a murderous vigilante, eventually killing the hero American Dream.

The Biopreds run wild, however, decimating the world and its defenders. Mayhem, seeing the error of her ways, goes back in time and sacrifices herself to stop her past self from killing Spider-Girl, ensuring the events that led to the Biopreds' creation never occurred. The Ultimate Marvel version of Carnage is a self-regenerating vampiric organism.

When first introduced, the organism was a blob of instinct, with no intelligence or self-awareness, with its only aim to feed on the DNA of others, including Gwen Stacy , to stabilize itself. After feeding on multiple people, Carnage turns into a damaged form of Richard. Carnage and Peter battle to which Peter throws Carnage into a fire factor steel chimney, killing the beast.

But before its death, the organism splintered into a replica of Gwen's form. In Ultimate Spider-Man 98, Gwen Stacy appears to have no memory of her "death" and believes she was in a hospital, from which she has escaped. In issue , after a raft of revelations, the stress of the situation enrages Gwen.

She transforms into Carnage before leaping out the window. In issue No. An inmate appearing to be Gwen walks out amidst the chaos, disappearing in the shadows.

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