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TDK Q35 Wireless Charging • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration! View and Download TDK Q35 user manual online. Wireless Charging Speaker. Q35 portable speakers pdf manual download. TDK Model Battery Part Number A12 EU-BTB A26 E A28 To reset the Q Remove the Q35 pairing (forget) on your Bluetooth source device. LUVZ To change the our Jobs Ad. If you are has been a just set the desktop session window a business tool. One-of-a-kind containment technology the remaining lines query to troubleshoot.

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Select your reason: Depending on the seller's return policy, we may put you in touch with them directly. Ship it back: You'll be issued a packing slip and shipping label. Pack the item and ship it. Be sure to note shipping deadlines and whether an item can be returned for refund, replacement, or exchange. Return the item in the same condition you received it in -- pack it well. Learn more about the item condition policy. We work hard to make returns smooth. For those rare cases when they don't go that way, the eBay Money Back Guarantee may help.

Get the item you ordered or your money back--guaranteed. Whatever you're buying--large or small--eBay offers many ways to ensure you get exactly what you want. Get the item you ordered or your money back--it's that simple. Our eBay Money Back Guarantee applies to virtually everything on our site, and there's no extra fee for coverage.

Contact Your Seller If an item hasn't arrived or isn't as described, go to My eBay , select the item in your purchase history, and reach out to your seller. Not resolved? Let us know. If you've talked to your seller and the issue still isn't resolved after three business days, contact us. For full terms and conditions, read our eBay Money Back Guarantee policy. Medion E Bluetooth 4. Beats by Dr. Mini 3. Ecouteur Bluetooth 5. Lenovo L01 Mini Wireless Bluetooth 5. Audio Player Docks and Mini Speakers Playing music becomes a lot more enjoyable when paired with a good set of speakers, and speakers don't necessarily have to be huge to give you a satisfying listening experience.

What is an Audio Player Dock? Mini Speaker Features On a basic level, mini speakers function just like regular speakers, but are much smaller in size and therefore have a limited volume and projection capacity. However, different kinds of mini speakers have different features, such as: Bluetooth connectivity - this feature allows wireless playback through Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet, which can come in handy in situations that require you to be mobile.

Waterproof bodies - For those who love to play music by the beach or pool, having a waterproof pair of speakers can offer an additional layer of protection in case your speaker ends up in the water -- or accidentally splashed.

Rechargeable battery - Many mini speakers are powered by regular batteries, which can be a pain to change and are also environmentally-unfriendly. Mini speakers with a rechargeable battery helps eliminate those drawbacks.

Remote control - Sometimes it's nice to not have to get up to change the music playing on your portable speaker. Remote control functionality allows you to skip to the next song, change the volume, and more -- all from the comfort of wherever you don't want to leave. Super bass - For those who live for the thumping of bass in the air, opting for speakers with super bass capability is apt.

This feature is also suitable for late night house parties to get everyone on the dance floor. Smart shopping with eBay Refurbished eBay Refurbished is your budget-stretching secret weapon. Bluetooth version 2. AAC Codec. Line-input Audio USB Port. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please read these instructions completely. Pairing a Bluetooth Device.

If the Bluetooth. Some Bluetooth devices will ask you to accept the. If the units are paired properly, the speaker will beep and the Bluetooth indicator will. If it failed, the Bluetooth indicator will blink slowly. Note: After you pair a device, the Q35 will remember it for future use. Using a Bluetooth Device. Insert one end of an audio cable not included into. To listen to the external audio unit, turn the Q35 on.

AUX indicator lights to select the Line In mode. Start playback of the external unit and the external. Your device will charge when the Q35 is. Charging a Qi Device. Designed with inductive charging capabilities, the Q35 allows you to place your Qi compatible device. The charging area is approximately two. Make sure your device is Qi compatible or utilizes a Qi. It will be solid green when charging is completed and it.

If there is an error condition remove the Qi compatible device. Make sure the Q35 is connected to AC power when charging. Setting the Treble and Bass. Adjust the setting using the. Auto Power Off. If the unit has no audio signal, a USB or Qi device is not charging, for 20 minutes, the unit will turn. Splash Resistant. The Q35 is splash resistant, but cannot be submerged in water or be subject to constant flow of water. In order to ensure the product is splash resistant, close the rubber flap on the rear of the Q Insert the other dongle into USB jack.

If the Q35 is not producing sound, adjust the volume level on your digital music device to high. Low Battery Indicator. Qi Charge Indicator. USB Charge Jack. Select the appropriate. This unit has a built-in rechargeable battery that will automatically be charged as long as the unit is. If the battery is low, the Battery indicator. The Battery indicator will blink red when. It will be solid red when charging. Note: The battery will provide approximately 6 hours of operation at normal listening level.

Rechargeable Battery Notes:. Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and need to be replaced eventually. Also, proper disposal is essential from environmental and safety point of. Putting any battery directly in the trash will harm the environment. Replacing the Rechargeable Battery:. If the battery does not supply enough power see Rechargeable Battery Notes below , order a replacement.

Then connect the new battery and reinsert the four screws. Turning the Q35 On and Off:. For DC operation: Slide the Battery switch. Haut-parleur rechargeable. Alimentation CA Amplificateurs large bande 2,54 cm. Tous les. Le mot et le logo Bluetooth. Leur utilisation par Imation.

Puissance de sortie Audio sans fil Port USB. Guide d'utilisation. Veuillez lire l'ensemble des instructions ci-dessous. Couplage avec un appareil Bluetooth. Sur certains appareils. Bluetooth, vous devrez accepter la connexion. Votre appareil se chargera lorsque le Q La zone de charge,.

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