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In , at the Dubai Desert Classic, Colin Montgomerie ripped a driver over the water and in close to the flag to seal his victory. Whilst the driver head is considerably smaller than modern equivalents, this was a phenomenal shot in the heat of the battle. It will also look a little easier at address as some driver heads can make the ball look like a grain of sand!

The TaylorMade M5 is a great option here as the Twist Face technology can help you in keeping the ball straight when you attempt this shot. This driver is a bit of spin-killer so it may be difficult to get the ball off the ground when you hit it off the deck.

However, the adjustable hosel means you can add loft to make that a little easier. Phil Mickelson is the master of the driver off the deck, he plays Callaway drivers so the Rogue makes this list. This driver has an incredibly hot face which means that even though you may not catch it perfectly off the deck, it will still go far! The downside of this club is that it has quite a deep face, this can make it far more difficult to hit as well as not feeling great at impact.

This is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market and the Z can give you extra leeway to help you hit it off the deck. The strength of no adjustability may be seen by many as a weakness so this actually goes in as a con too. The driver off the deck is a high-risk shot but one that will astound people when you get it right. By getting some consistent practice in you can maximize your chance of hitting this shot well and adding a new fact to your game.

This is a higher-percentage shot and one with less risk, it is a shot you should practice and get good at. Save the driver off the deck for matchplay or for scrambles, then you have more people to impress with it too. Hi, I am Matthew, a mid handicap golfer who likes to play as much as possible. I love trying out new gear and this blog is where you can find all the gear I have tested over the years!

Southampton Golf Club is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. The driver off the deck can be a showstopper but it can also make you look stupid.

Keeping The High Balls Low If it is a windy day and you want a super-low piercing shot to avoid the wind, the driver off the deck is perfect. Punch The Ball Out Of Trouble Have you ever found yourself stuck in a horrible spot but needing to advance the ball quite far in order give yourself a chance at saving par or bogey? Is It Just For Pros?

These are some of the best ball-strikers in the game and this is what this shot demands. On hard running courses like links tracks or on very windy days it can be great. Cons This is easily the hardest shot in golf to execute well and it can go badly wrong. This is a shot that people never practice so that can make it a tough on to execute too. Get Shallow This will take work but practice hitting shots with your 3 wood without taking a divot.

This will get you into the habit of sweeping your woods rather than hitting down on them. This type of swing can help you hit the driver off the deck more efficiently. Low Tee You can make it a little easier for yourself by getting good at hitting your driver from a really low tee.

Something like how you would tee up an iron on a par three hole. Famous Driver Off The Deck Shots This is the most spectacular of golf shots and when you pull it off on tour you are likely to make the highlight reel. Here is a selection of some of the best executions of this shot from YouTube: Bubba Watson hit driver-driver-putter to eagle at Kapalua Plantation in There are three men who the Lakers may be zeroing in on as far as candidates to become their next head coach.

The NFL Draft has arrived and things could get crazy. Will the 49ers trade Deebo Samuel? What about Jimmy Garoppolo? And who goes No. Josh Schrock delivers six bold predictions that would shake up the draft. Mark Davis had no idea that his decision to lure Gruden back to the sideline, which generated excitement among fans recalling Grudens revivifying first tenure , would end in such sordid fashion that he would be both saddened and sickened.

Smith believes that James Harden is throwing this series in order for the Philadelphia 76ers to fire Doc Rivers. Teams were reluctant to make strong offers to Philadelphia for Ben Simmons before the deadline, and now there's even more confusion about his condition. I spoke with a trusted source from a non-playoff team that was previously attracted to Simmons Vince Wilfork's son, D'Aundre Holmes-Wilfork, recently pleaded guilty to stealing several prized possessions from the former Patriots star, including both of his Super Bowl rings.

Green spoke up this week to defend Green from some recent comments made by Simmons in the All-Rookie voting. Frustrations boiled over for the Mets and Cardinals after a series of errant pitches, culminating in Yoan Lopez nearly hitting Nolan Arenado. The Red Sox roster is clearly flawed after only 18 games, a predicament that Chaim Bloom himself created. As John Tomase writes, it's quickly going to be his mess to clean up before the season is a complete loss.

Kevin Durant is using social media to respond to his critics, whether it's Charles Barkley or fans. Director of sports performance Judy Seto, whose work Kobe Bryant called 'indispensable,' is no longer with the team, a source told The Times. Read full article. More content below. Tim Schmitt. In this article:. Jerry Kelly.

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