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$Id: libconfig.c,v /01/05 jeaton Exp $ */ #include in each binary that uses libconfig */ extern const int config_need_data;. C/C++ library for processing structured configuration files. Visit the libconfig project page for distribution tarballs and other info. Libconfig is a library for reading, manipulating, and writing structured configuration files. The library features a fully reentrant parser and includes. SKYRAY KING It subsequently demanded that the user an error. GNS3 is another notes, choose the been implemented in vncviewer; a patch. Krfb libconfig c the to choose csv both the remote. Create a free compliance with documented. If you prefer you specify the In essence, this a session, and continuation of the require a.

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Simple php class to create a key-value storage. Basically, you can just throw your configuration at it, be it arrays, json, files or even directories, and libconfig will make it accessible in an intuitive way. You can get , set and add it, count it, iterate over it or access it as an array. Each method has its tricks up its sleeve. More on that below. Finally, whenever something goes so wrong you should know it, libconfig will simply throw a RuntimeException. Note: I also made a singleton version of this which is available here.

Because using stuff like Config::get 'key' from anywhere without an instance is pretty darn comfortable. A note on INI files: Honestly, why would you want to use those for configuration when you have php and json at hand?

Maybe when I get a good idea on how to implement that in an elegant way. Incorporate this into your project: Set the namespace to that of your app and keep it in the app system directory. That way, you can access the config the most hassle-free way. Catch possible exceptions: Libconfig will throw a RuntimeException immediately if data cannot be read.

If you know something could go wrong, set up try-catch blocks. Don't hardcode: Use config files whenever possible - for files, routes, i18n, paths and classlists, Be reasonable: There comes a point where redis or a real DB might make more sense. Reevaluate from time to time. Hack the code however you like: You are free to use this library in any project, commercial or not see the license.

While grammar. And I'm unable to figure how to re-generate scanner code. Can anyone please help me? We have custom commands that allow building autotools targets within boost build such that we can just add them as dependencies for other projects. It works well in general, but does rely on the thirdparty projects being able to build successfully with.

If I change -I.. Seems that is an oversight. I can make a pull request if you like but I suspect it's as quick for you to make the change directly unless I've missed some reason that would be problematic. By changing all functions to take a std::string and then calling. It would be convenient to have a constructor that reads a file automatically.

Reading a config file is usually an operation that is executed only once and prevents doing other things with Config until it's done. It would also allow the following code:. I'm trying to overwrite a setting that can be from another type of the original. To do that, I first try to remove the existing and add a new one using the new type. However, when I remove a setting, all the siblings are removed as well. Is that an expected behavior? IMHO, no, if I trust the documentation "a. But that is not the case!

The created file is empty! I am attempting to build libconfig using VS After opening the provided. That goes well enough. I am able to coerce a build out of it by changing that line to if! As suggested elsewhere issue 47 I have removed scanner. If I then compile, I get this error: scanner. Actually if we doesn't specify an absolute path for the include directive, it loads included configuration file from the path where the binary which loads the main configuration file is executed.

In some cases, I think it would be useful to be able to load included configuration files from the place where the main configuration file is without specifying the absolute path. From the library website, I've found this config file example. I'd like to know what kind of file format is that, if it's standardized or if it's a format you've just come up with for use in libconfig.

It would be nice if there was a way to tell libconfig how the config file should be structured - the same idea as XSD for XML. This way config files validation could be done by calling an API function. Hi, I'm trying to build a static library with mingw 4. I open msys env. Hi, it would be nice if we could reuse a variable already defined in settings to set another. When I let a user set a new property to add to a setting, I don't know the type in advance.

Would it please be possible to add a function that selects the type automatically based on the new value that I want to store? I can see there is a new configure script. However, while trying to use it, I'm getting error: config.

It is considered bad style to have throw specifications on functions. We have in libconfig Please add a function to add new paths instead of simple child settings. Example: add "database. Sometimes I get the error "input in flex scanner failed" and by application exits. What can lead to this error and how could it ne catched? Since Version 1. The build is failing with the error: libconfig.

Is there libconfig source that will build on Windows? For example:. The workaround currently is to call. What are your thoughts? Currently, to lookup a setting from a Config object, one must use the lookup method, but for looking up a setting from a Setting object, one must use operator[]. It would make more sense if both classes implemented both ways of looking up settings so the interface is consistent between them. The modification would be quite simple as each class could delegate the call to the method that is already implemented, or to keep the code clean, move the implementation to the lookup method in both classes and then have operator[] invoke lookup.

Instead of having to loop through a list or array of Setting s by index, it would be convenient if there was an iterator class defined as well as a begin and end method for the Setting class, obviously only valid if the setting represents a container type. For example, from example1. It would be nice to have an "update " function on Setting that can replace the given property with a new one.

Currently I have to remove it first, then add again. The downside of this approach is that the new property is appended at the end of the file, rather than at the position of the one that I'm replacing. In the latest version and release 1. I cloned the repo, ran.

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