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You need to also enable FilterKeys for it to take effect. And no, it won't reduce your input delay, but it makes backspacing a lot nicer to use. This article explains how to turn off and on the Filter keys. Applicable Brands. ideapad. Operating Systems. Windows 7; Windows 8/; Windows Solution. Step 1: Open the window of Set up Filter Keys. Use Windows Logo Key+F to open the Search panel, choose Settings and input filter keys in the empty box. Then. APPLE IPAD 2021 64GB WI FI CELLULAR Courts have been best in class from the show. Share More sharing and click User. Go here to much cheaper five.

Taking either of these two ideas in to consideration, you should learn about how to set up Filter Keys. For your better understanding, this text will illustrate how to do that in Windows 8 computer. Then choose Ignore repeated keystrokes using FilterKeys in the results. Step 3 : Make related changes to the settings of Keyboard shortcut, Filter options and Other settings on the basis of concrete needs.

In more detail, you can set time limit to avoid accidental keystrokes, ignore all repeated keystrokes, or slow down keyboard repeat rates by setting the time interval before the computer system accepts the repeated keystrokes. Suppose you mainly want to ignore repeated keystrokes made by trembling or unintentional bouncing of fingers, you can choose Turn on Bounce Keys and select a time to let the computer wait before accepting keystrokes.

Click OK to finish this step. BTW, before confirmation, you can type text in the empty box to test the settings in advance. Sorry for poor English hope you understand! Posts: Is this like creating Turbo buttons for a keyboard!? Quote from: fr4nk1sh on Mon, 01 April , Quote from: esoomenona on Mon, 01 April , Well that's a nice little utility, as usual, Soarer.

I may never use it, but I appreciate that you spent the time to make it. Good job. Well I like fast keys! But I didn't know about this method until fr4nk1sh mentioned it - I'd always just used various add-ons that only worked in certain programs. Still not sure which I like better, but it's certainly less jarring to have the same settings in all programs.

Its like magic! I'm trying it out atm, very simple and nice. Just edit the settings this way I realize how much of a struggle it was going to regedit every time before -. Added a Test area for v1. FilterKeys is active when the 'On' flag is checked That corresponds to any odd number for the combined flags value. I don't know all of the details to give a guide! I simply put all the options there were into the utility. I haven't worked out exactly what 'Available' does yet, for example.

Most of the other flags appear in the standard Windows UI for FilterKeys, but aren't really much use to us HOKi Posts: 2. Adding something to a group usually happens with holding shift key down. It also writes me capital letters. I can describe more attributes if wished -bug is gone after alt tabbing How can I remove this bug?

Hopefully it helps, and thanks in advance. I'm afraid there won't be anything I can do in this tool to help, since it just sets up FilterKeys It's unlikely to be a bug in FilterKeys either - even with non-standard values, since people have been using them for quite a while by editing the registry directly.

So my guess is that Starcraft 2 doesn't like FilterKeys being active or that it's something unrelated, and just coincidence. Does double-tapping shift get that locking mode as well perhaps? I found a post where someone used double-tap shift to clear a stuck shift. If that's a game feature, perhaps you can change the time it uses for detecting the double-tap in a config file to be less than your repeat delay. It looks like i have found the issue, under windows - center for easy control - keyboard - activate key delay , there was an x , after putting it to , it seems to work without errors although I didn't have that much time to test it yet.

So I can use your filter keys without the bug now. Let's hope that's the problem - it sounds logical; multiple things trying to set delays in different ways could well cause problems! Etran Posts: 5.

First of all i want to say: great work with the software Soarer! I found this thread trough a helpful individual at overclock. I have been looking for ways to tamper with my repeat delay and repeat rate lately. I tried the software "Keyboard King" earlier but the program i have in mind, SC2, does not work too well with Keyboard king. After changing repeat delay and repeat rate trough this software on average 1 out of 3 or 4 clicks would be a failed one in SC2, but there would never be any failed ones outside of SC2.

The failed clicks would not have the changed repeat delay and rate values but would have the windows control panel values. Such inconsistency obviously just makes things worse so i simply couldnt use Keyboard King for SC2. It should be mentioned that changing repeat delay and rate for SC2 is allowed, but obviously not too many people are using values outside of the windows control panel so its somewhat of an unexplored territory as of right now.

The developers of Keyboard King has not updated the software for 9 years now but it seems to be the main software for its purpose even today. I have not found any other similar software. After Keyboard king didnt work out i tried using windows filterkeys, but i found that SC2 did not like this either, every now and then while in a game the shift function would just go crazy.

I just tried it again right now and it seems SC2 goes shift crazy randomly even if you dont press the shift key at all. Other strange selection bugs seems to occur as well. I just tried your program Soarer and unfortunately i got the exact same behaviour in SC2 as i got from my experiences with windows FilterKeys well, your program is FilterKeys simplified, so i guess i shouldnt be surprised, but i thought somehow maybe it would work and it was always worth a try.

I read HOKis comment and i tried all kinds of settings in the windows control panel but i still get the same behaviour in SC2. So if you or anyone else reading this can figure out a way to use filterkeys or any software providing a lower repeat delay than windows control panels lowest ms combined with a decently high repeat rate in SC2, without SC2 being all buggy, then let me know! But im sure you didnt have SC2 in mind when you made your software so i understand if you dont want to spend time looking into the matter.

After all, it could just be SC2 that is the issue and that right now there is no way to get a repeat delay and rate changing software to work correctly with it. Hmm, I'm seeing a pattern here with SC2 and crazy shift behaviours! Since I don't play it, I can't really help directly in solving these problems, but if I have any ideas on what might help I'll post them. I'm not sure what setting HOKi changed, or if it's a part of Windows.

I'm pretty familiar with the different ways that games in general might read keys, but I just can't think what it is that SC2 might be doing that makes it incompatible with FilterKeys which, after, all, is an OS feature so presumably less 'quirky' than 3rd-party utilities. I will explain. Quote from: Etran on Wed, 10 April , Thanks for responding guys! I know of certain casual players that use macros without any problems while playing SC2, a terran friend of mine has a macro for making a ton of marines by just one button click and he has used this for quite some time now.

Macros are strictly forbidden in SC2 stated very clearly by Blizzard so a non casual SC2 player would never consider using a macro for anything in SC2, and that obv includes myself. And thus, we are obv never seeing a serious player showing up at a lan event with some macro functions to make use of, because that player would be disqualified in an instance. But based on what i know it seems macros work perfectly fine in SC2, and for casuals it seems to be more commonly used than one would think.

Also i know that players have been able to play SC2 with a way higher repeat rate than the windows control panel max when using a keyboard with options for increased repeat rates, such as the Zowie Celeritas. Obviously an increased repeat rate or a lowered repeat delay is not a macro by any means, but since it can give an edge it is reasonable to question whether it should be allowed or not. But not too many people have been asking about it anyways. What i would change is basically just lowering the repeat delay from ms to about ms it cant be too low because that would make it so that i would double click control groups and other things by mistake.

That would make it so that i would save significant time troughout a game when combining all the small moments where i save time. The repeat rate max in the control panel can stay the same as i dont find it as vital. But yea, lowering repeat delay also has its downsides, thats why one can select different levels of it in the control panel anyways. Yeah, anit-macro makes a lot of sense.

Although they could probably have done it better by implementing their own repeat from scratch! Your description of how it was re. Alt-W , sounds like it was using Windows' key events in the menus, and DirectInput in the game DirectInput doesn't have any key repeat functionality, so they'd have to write their own. With key events they still could do it, by tracking key state and ignoring repeated keys.

Repeating keys from FilterKeys don't come through as event sequences of down-up-down-up

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Windows 10: How to Turn On / Off Filter Keys

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