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Altana, the rooftop terrace in Venice. Today, get a look at Venice from another perspective. You, like us, will surely have been fascinated by its canals, calli and bridges, by the gondolas that make the Venetian capital a unique city in the world. But have you ever set your eyes towards the sky admiring the characteristic Venetian skyline and have you ever wondered what those strange wooden buildings built right above the tiles are?

These are the roof terraces, typical panoramic terraces in Venice, protagonists of the Venetian evenings during the summer, mostly decorated with curtains to protect from the sun and colored with flowers and plants. The roof terraces, which are usually accessed through a dormer window, were built by the Venetians to get an outdoor space: a luxury that few can afford given the proximity between the buildings and the scarcity of gardens in our city.

Co lo godo! How I enjoy it! Bless this rooftop terrace! Here, in fact, many Venetians spend the evening hours during the hot summer days to enjoy the fresh air, organize lunches and dinners with friends, sunbathe or simply relax away from the noise of the city, admiring some of the most beautiful and unique views in the world. Our hotel also has a roof terrace which is accessed via a characteristic spiral staircase.

It is equipped with chairs and deck chairs: you can relax and, if you want, enjoy an aperitif, a glass of wine or a coffee, prepared by our bar. Altana Venezia. Ma hai mai puntato gli occhi verso il cielo ammirando il caratteristico skyline veneziano e ti sei mai chiesto cosa siano quelle strane costruzioni in legno realizzate proprio sopra le tegole?

Biennale Architettura The first major artistic event of takes place from May 22nd to November 21st: the 17th International Architecture Exhibition. We need a new spatial contract. In the context of widening political divides and growing economic inequalities. We call on architects to imagine spaces in which we can generously live together. The participants from 46 countries try to respond to the new issues that architecture has to face: the role of public space in recent urban riots, new reconstruction methods, new challenges that climate change is putting in front of architecture, the changing forms of collective housing across the globe, the architecture of education, the education of the architect and to explore the relationship between curator and architecture.

The exhibition itinerary includes two main locations: the Central Pavilion at the Giardini and the Arsenale. A section dedicated to the theme "How will we play together? The Biennale Architettura is highly appreciated by the public for its large installations, creative solutions, unusual proposals, diverse topics and always food for thought.

This is why we recommend you to visit it. You can buy entrance tickets at a special price directly upon your arrival at our hotel. Online booking is required for both Giardini and Arsenale and our concierge will be happy to assist you in arranging a visit. Dal 22 Maggio al 21 Novembre si svolge il primo grande appuntamento artistico del la Mostra Internazionale di Architettura. Sarkis invita gli architetti a coinvolgere altre figure professionali, come artisti, costruttori, artigiani, ma anche politici, giornalisti, sociologi e cittadini comuni, nella loro ricerca.

In programma anche degli eventi collaterali e i Weekends on Architecture, una serie di incontri con architetti, studiosi e professionisti di tutto il mondo che cercheranno di rispondere alla domanda How will we live together? Bonus vacanze approfittane nel nostro hotel! Per usufruire del tuo bonus, i dati da inoltrare alla struttura sono il codice univoco e il codice fiscale del richiedente.

Nel caso, invece, fosse superiore potrai aggiungere a tuo piacimento dei servizi aggiuntivi tra quelli forniti direttamente dal nostro hotel es. Richiedilo al tuo arrivo! The Venetian focaccia: the best shop in Dorsoduro. Since Easter is approaching our desire for "fugassa", the traditional Venetian focaccia, is growing day by day. Also, because we love craft shops, today we are going to take you to discover of one of the oldest and best known Venetian pastry shops: Dal Nono Colussi.

It is only 7 minutes from Ca 'Pisani: you will have to head to Campo San Barnaba along the Rio de la Toletta, which in the months of March and April offers a small show, with a mimosa plant that emerges from a private garden showing itself in all its beauty. There are those who say it was a baker from Treviso who invented it first, while others trace its birth back to the local popular tradition, connected to Christian holidays, where people allowed themselves the luxury of using sugar, an ingredient that was still very expensive at the time.

For this reason, it is reserved for important occasions such as Easter. Another legend is that it was the "official" sweet for engagements, given to the family of the girl chosen as a bride with the ring hidden inside. In all cases, however, the recipe for Venetian focaccia is a bread recipe with added butter, eggs, sugar and other spices depending on who produces it and a good dose of patience, since the procedure requires a long rising time.

Today it can be found in Venetian pastry shops and bakeries especially during the Christmas and Easter periods, but there are those like Dal Nono Colussi who offer it all year round. Founded in by Franco Colussi, known by all as Nono a term that in Venetian dialect means grandfather , the shop first offered only traditional Venetian recipes and sweets of the time, and subsequently expanded its assortment to satisfy the tastes of customers who, in any case seem to prefer traditional sweets.

It is now managed by the granddaughter who has decided to continue the family business with commitment and passion. The fugassa is the dessert that has received the most awards, a sweet, soft focaccia, without candied fruit, raisins or almonds,naturally leavened with sourdough starter, as tradition dictates, a tradition with which Nono Colussi has been producing these delights for more than 60 years.

For a journey into the typical Venetian sweets, we recommend a stop in this typical shop! La focaccia veneziana: la migliore bottega a Dorsoduro. In tutti i casi comunque la ricetta della focaccia veneziana si ricava da quella del pane aggiungendo burro, uova, zucchero ed altre spezie a secondo di chi la produce e una buona dose di pazienza visto che la procedura richiede una lunga lievitazione.

Per un viaggio nei tipici dolci veneziani, ti consigliamo quindi una tappa in questa bottega artigianale! Credits immagini focacce: Dal Nono Colussi. The twentieth century in every room: the Marzadori Collection. These are the words of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, founder of the Futurist movement, which greet visitors to our website and this is the experience we want our guests to live when they choose to stay with us. The "life" at our hotel is steeped in art, taking our guests on an aesthetic journey through works of the twentieth century, which are located not only in the common areas, but also in the individual rooms.

The rooms, although each one is different from the other, are artistic treasures that contain artifacts from the twentieth century: some originals expertly collected, and others faithful contemporary reproductions. The exhibition itinerary began on the ground floor, in the reception and in the small sitting room, with suggestive twentieth-century rocking horses, then continued onto the first floor with common objects and finally on up to the second floor with Futurist toys and furnishings.

The exposition aroused great interest from the public and was visited by more than people. The section of common objects was purchased in full by the Serandrei family to allow them to be a permanent part of the hotel experience, 20th-century treasures that perfectly blend in the setting of the Deco Design Hotel.

These are everyday objects: cups, trays, glasses, statuettes, objects and more. Each one has been placed in the silver Art Deco console in your room and is accompanied by a small caption of explanation. Some pieces are characterized by originality, others have particular colors and shapes.

You can come across, for example, a skier from the 30s in a coffee service from the 40s whose cups resemble boats made with leaves, or you will be delighted by the bright colors of some ceramic services in many varying shapes, or you can still admire an extraordinary s watch. Choose your experience and you will find out on your arrival which object you will find in your room. This shows the love for art and attention to every single detail that has guided the hospitality philosophy of the Serandrei family since and that in the Ca' Pisani Deco Design Hotel has found its ideal location.

Il Novecento in ogni stanza: la Collezione Marzadori. Sono state posizionate nella consolle argentata Art Deco e accompagnate da una piccola didascalia per scoprirne vari preziosi dettagli. Venice Carnival. The Carnival of Venice is one of the best known and most appreciated events in the world. Every year, during this period, the city comes alive with masks, confetti, frittelle and galani Carnival sweets , parties and events.

But do you know what is the origin of the Venice Carnival and what are the events not to be missed? Here below we are giving you a taste of it. There is a first written trace of it in an edict of Doge Vitale Falier of about entertainment and celebrations in the days preceding Lent, but it was officially named public holiday in by the Senate of the Serenissima Republic. The Carnival probably has a much older tradition and served as a way to give the population free play, a period in which social classes leveled off and irony on authority and aristocracy was allowed.

By wearing a mask, people could transform themselves into what they wanted, thus canceling their belonging to a specific social class, religion, sex etc. In the 18th century the Carnival of Venice reached its maximum splendor, acquiring fame throughout Europe; the love adventures of one of the most famous characters in the world, Giacomo Casanova, date back exactly to this period.

The Carnival originally began on December 26th, although some celebrations started in October, and lasted until the day before Lent. Today, however, events and shows are concentrated in the ten days preceding the Ash Wednesday. Boats, dances, water games and much more made this event truly scenic and engaging. The access can be limited: the show is therefore offered at various times and days to allow more people to participate.

According to the tradition, the person who acts the part of the angel is the winning Mary of the previous edition of the Carnival. In this case, a prominent figure in current affairs, sports, entrepreneurship, music or entertainment is involved. This event recalls the homage the Doge used to offer to twelve beautiful Venetian girls by giving them jewels for their wedding.

The history says that in the Doge Vitale Michiel II overcame the patriarch Ulrico of Aquileia accompanied by 12 rebel feudal lords. As a tribute and compensation for this victory, the successors of the Venetian bishop had to offer the Doge a bull, 12 loaves and 12 pigs each year, an evident allegory of what happened, and all this ended with the cutting of the bull's head. The twelve Marys are waiting for him on stage: on this occasion the winner of the beauty competition is also presented, to end with beauty from every point of view!

Carnevale di Venezia. Ma quando ha avuto origine il Carnevale a Venezia e quali sono gli eventi da non perdere? Nella prossime righe te ne diamo un assaggio. Se ne ha una prima traccia scritta in un editto del Doge Vitale Falier del in cui si parla di divertimenti e festeggiamenti nei giorni precedenti la Quaresima, ma viene nominato ufficialmente festa pubblica nel dal Senato della Repubblica.

Ad attenderlo sul palco ci sono le dodici Marie: in questa occasione viene anche presentata la vincitrice del concorso, per chiudere in bellezza sotto ogni punto di vista! Traditions in Venice: a year-long journey. A new year has just begun and we sincerely hope that it will bring serenity and health to everyone. Even if the future is a huge question mark at the moment, we are sure we will not stop traveling; of course we can't do it physically yet, but for sure we can go on exciting tours thanks to our imagination and the testimonies of friends and acquaintances.

We therefore propose here an itinerary to discover the main festivities of the Venice lagoon, a year-long journey. Many are intertwined with the history of the Serenissima Republic, others are connected to some religious events: let's discover them together.

Traditional Venetian Events- not to be missed! For two weeks the city comes alive with masks and events that take place in the various districts. Unfortunately, due to the reasons we all know, in the program has been revised to avoid gatherings; but pastry shops and bars are already offering the typical desserts of the period: frittelle and galani! Saint Mark On this day Venetians give their loved ones a rosebud, in Venetian called bocolo.

Today Venetians make a pilgrimage to the Redentore church walking across the Giudecca Canal on a bridge made of floating boats. The Historical Regatta, the main appointment of the Venetian rowing competitions, offers a splendid water parade with typical boats and figures in costume, which is followed by various competitions along the Grand Canal.

It is a unique show in the world. To facilitate the pilgrimage to the Basilica, a temporary floating bridge over boats is built on the Grand Canal and along the calli there are candle dealers selling offerings to the Madonna, as well as sweets of all kinds.

According to the tradition on this day you should eat a typical dish: the castradina made with mutton and cabbage. Tradizioni veneziane: un viaggio lungo un anno. Molte si intrecciano con la storia della Repubblica Serenissima, altre sono collegate ad alcuni avvenimenti religiosi: scopriamole insieme.

Tale celebrazione, detta anche dello Sposalizio col mare, propone uno scenografico corteo acqueo di imbarcazioni tradizionali a remi da San Marco al Lido di Venezia con il lancio di un anello in acqua.

La Regata Storica, appuntamento principale delle gare di voga alla veneta, offre un grandioso corteo acqueo con imbarcazioni tipiche e figuranti in costume e, a seguire, le varie competizioni lungo il Canal Grande. Uno spettacolo unico al mondo. Per facilitare il pellegrinaggio alla Basilica viene costruito un ponte provvisorio su barche sul Canal Grande e lungo la strada si trovano rivenditori di candele da offrire alla Madonna, oltre a dolciumi di ogni tipo. La tradizione vuole anche che in questo giorno si mangi un piatto tipico: la castradina a base di carne di montone e verza.

The Venice Kitchen: polenta and schie. Venice is a city rich in history, art and tradition. You can get lost in its calli and campielli in search of architectural details, historical references or even its magnificent views. You can visit the most renowned museums or discover the most sought-after art galleries. We also recommend you to take the time to discover its culinary traditions: a journey rich in unique flavours where you will taste the cuisine so loved by the Venetians.

The influences that have permeated the Venetian capital over the centuries have helped to create a mix of unique flavours throughout the world, which satisfy even the most demanding palates. Of course, fish is king. In bacari the typical Venetian taverns as well as in the most renowned restaurants you will find many dishes with cod, cuttlefish, sea bass, sea bream and all other native species.

It has a greyish colour and is found in the lagoon between Venice and Trieste especially during the winter months. According to our culinary tradition, schie are served in various ways, but one of the most famous is certainly polenta with schie. Cook over a low heat for a few minutes, stirring continuously. Meanwhile, boil the remaining litre of water and, when the polenta has absorbed all the cooking water, add a ladle of boiling water and continue stirring, as you would for risotto, for about 30 minutes.

Finally, stir in a knob of butter and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. For the schie: While the polenta is cooking, wash and blanch the schie in water and lemon for 2 minutes, once cool, peel them one by one: given their small size it will take a lot of patience, but it will be worth it. In a non-stick pan, heat the extra virgin olive oil with the crushed garlic and chopped parsley, then add the schie and simmer for one minute with a drop of brandy. Once cooked, add salt and pepper and serve by placing the schie on the soft polenta.

Buon Appetito! Venezia in cucina: polenta e schie. Ti potrai perdere tra calli e campielli alla ricerca di dettagli architettonici, rimandi storici o anche dei suoi magnifici panorami. Il pesce naturalmente la fa da padrone. Ha una colorazione grigiastra e viene pescato nella laguna tra Venezia e Trieste soprattutto durante i mesi invernali. Cuocere a fiamma bassa per qualche minuto mescolando continuamente.

Al termine della cottura aggiustare di sale e pepe e servire adagiando le schie sulla polentina morbida. That is why we take advantage of this opportunity to bring a wave of optimism and positivity: happy 20th birthday Ca' Pisani! The search for an original place for the exhibition of some of Depero's works led him to plan a new concept of hotel that differed from the Venetian hotel scene of the time.

With the support and collaboration of architects, designers and collectors, the first design hotel in Venice was born. And this actually happened. Marianna still remembers a Russian client so in love with the briarwood bed in which she had slept, that she decided to get it and had it shipped to Russia. Later this concept weakened, partly due to the unique value of the pieces that furnish the Ca' Pisani and partly because of the emotional bond that Ugo's children now feel towards this little Art Deco jewel.

To the point that last year they purchased a collection of 20th century objects from an antiquarian in Bologna: after being exhibited at the Ca' Pisani, the objects have become an integral part of the furniture of the rooms of the hotel. Today these principles still guide our work. We had hoped to celebrate our twentieth anniversary in a different way, but the events of this have changed everyone's life.

However, we believe in optimism: staysafe and happy birthday Ca' Pisani! Oggi come allora questi principi guidano ancora il nostro lavoro. Avevamo sperato di festeggiare in modo diverso il nostro ventennale, ma purtroppo gli eventi di questo hanno cambiato la vita di tutti.

See you soon! We invested a lot in the past months to offer our guests an unforgettable experience with maximum safety and all the staff did their best to respect the new procedures, always with a smile even if hidden by the mask and for this I am very grateful to all of them.

But the battle against this silent virus is not over yet, and that is why we are forced once again to close the doors of our hotel. Of course it's just a goodbye. Arrivederci al ! A presto marianna. Speed, becoming and movement in space are the main cornerstones of Futurism, a current born in Italy at the beginning of the twentieth century that has involved all the arts, from painting to sculpture, from literature to music, and then spread also in the lifestyle of its enthusiasts. In cooking, for example, the Futurists rejected the recipes and terms traditionally used in this field, and created polybibites which are nowadays called cocktails such as Inventina, and formulas substitute term for recipe with really bizarre names divorced eggs, drunk calf, likeacloud, etc.

You can taste some of them in our La Rivista Restaurant and you will find others in the calendar of the Serandrei family, a tradition that has been handed on since Thus the first design hotel in Venice, with the help of architects, designers and collectors, was born. You can admire the original works of art by Fortunato Depero upon check-in, during breakfast and on your way to the room.

In the reception hall you can admire "Listen - Stop - Look" , tempera and Indian ink on paper. When having breakfast, the eye will be enraptured by the bright colors of "La Rivista" , the work the restaurant takes its name from. Finally, the artwork "Dalla serie Balli Plastici" hangs on the main staircase leading to the first floor. From our hotel you can quickly reach this extraordinary gallery just 4 minutes on foot to continue your stay dictated by art.

Here the artist studies the impact of the speed of a car in the natural environment, also representing its noise, as onomatopoeia plays a great role which is the reason why you can find these sounds on our website. To highlight how the pictorial reality expands into outer space, the brushstrokes come out of the canvas and involve the frame.

Also in this case the force of the sea is so disruptive as to involve the frame. The artist uses different materials and blends the piece of art with the surrounding environment: horse and house are visually imperceptible and create a new entity. Other futurist masterpieces are present in the archives and have been shown in various temporary exhibitions in the past. We hope they can also be the subject of future events because the richness of the Guggenheim Collection and the originality of Futurism create a really valuable combination for every art lover.

Potrai assaporarne alcune nel nostro Ristorante La Rivista e ne trovi altre nel calendario della famiglia Serandrei, una tradizione che si tramanda dal Altri capolavori futuristi sono presenti negli archivi e sono stati esposti in varie mostre temporanee realizzate in precedenza. Dorsoduro Venice: art, crafts, food and wine. Venice is a city rich in art and history but there is a district which venetians call "Sestiere" that contains the artistic and university heart of the city: Dorsoduro.

Unlike the neighboring Sestiere di San Marco, the calli and campielli of Dorsoduro are less crowded and hide unforgettable views of an authentic Venice. You will find some of the most important art museums in the city and you can plan your itinerary in the name of local crafts and food and wine. More Products. Browning Syncrogear and Gearmotors. Stearns Brakes Most Popular. Stearns Brakes Full Line. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the s. Check out this 3-D tutorial on three simple methods to reset the self-adjust lever arm position on your 87, series brake: These concepts are also useful for Stearns 81, 82 and 86 series brakes. Give us a call for any of your Stearns brake needs or check out our friction disc kits here. US Motors on Sale. Bonfiglioli Planetary. Their Series offers a powerful gearbox with a planetary drive train that makes them ideal in severe locations.

View All. Request a Quote If you have the part, model, or ID number or just specs that you would like to request a quote for, feel free to fill out the form below. We will do our very best to assist you. This site accepts all major credit cards.

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