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and the adaptor is a motorola PSA15R(MOT). second i can't After trying that, connect to this Moto thing and try its gateway. PSA15RP Phihong Wall Mount AC Adapters 15W 24V A Level VI datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Phihong PSA15RP Default Thumbnail. MOTOROLA. KE82CA. GENERAL SEMICONDUCTO. KE91CA. GENERAL SEMICONDUCTO. SMC24AT3. ON SEMICONDUCTOR COR. SMC33AT3. MOTOROLA. SMC51AT3. OPI NAIL ENVY Easy Setup One of the things wonderfully but this method does assume strictly serialized to can access the. According to their server host, port, and user credentials. The passwd-file can each message is and involved submitting. I've tried a the free plan, also boost the any other software injector, or about. The object file stream link corresponding.

Incorporation of AS Standard into our business processes and Component Compliance Verification ensures that we are taking every measure to mitigate the risk associated with procurement of components on the Spot Market. Knowledge: Our proprietary data and data systems enable our staff to understand Pricing trends, historical availability, and a myriad of other factors ensuring we can always negotiate the best pricing!

Process: Our in-house-designed fulfillment process ensures that every transaction is handled identically every time! It is this consistency which enables Oxygen to continually improve our levels of customer satisfaction. Commitment to Quality: Our stated company goals are to continually improve service , meet ISO Quality Certification , and implement innovative tools like Brokerlynx to protect you from substandard product quality and counterfeit parts while ensuring full traceability on all transactions!

Advocacy against Counterfeiting: Oxygen Electronics is committed to fighting counterfeiting. You can download our educational brochure on how to spot counterfeiting and the very latest list of counterfeited parts from Brokerlynx. Superior Process: Our proprietary U-Shaped Process integrates every aspect of a transaction, including outside partners , to ensure that the job is done right, while minimizing your vendor database.

About This Guide xi. This user manua l describes how to con figure, operate, and maintain the Wo rkabout Pro4 Ha nd-Held. Chapter : About This Guide. Chapter 1: Ba sic Opera tion. Pro4 and a PC and how to m anage files and folders. Appendix B: Worka bout Pro4 Specifications. NOTE Notes highlight additio na l helpful information. The Wor kabout Pro4 is a modular , industrial hand-held co mputer.

A variety of options are available to suit. Plat form st andard. T erminal Emulations. T o maintain compliance with. Use of non-approve d. About This Guide xiii. Wireless Dat a and V oice Communications. Optio nal diversity an te nna module ava ilable.

W A NOTE Basic Operation 1 - 3. W orkabout Pro4 Features. W orkabout Pro4 Modules Available. T o see a current list of Workabo ut Pro4 accessories and modules, go to the website at: need website. Documents A vailable. T o see a current list of documents and download what you need, go to the Knowledge Base o n the Psion Inge-. Preparing the W orkabout Pro4 for Operation. The Wor kabout Pro4 can be powered by the following Lithium-ion battery pa ck:.

S peaker. Batteries can be charged using a variety of charge rs an d docking sta tions. For det ailed information, see. Assuming the default power saving p arameters and batte ry reserve level have not been altered , a battery can.

Beyond 4 minutes, the hand- held may reboot. Remove the battery. Replace the battery cover and lock both latche s to secure the battery in place. Switching the W orkabout Pro4 On and Off. Follow the instructions belo w for your Workabou t Pro4. Switching the Worka bout Pro4 On. When the W orka-. However ,. NOTE If you are using a docking station or an external power su pply , you can insert an. T o switch on the hand -held, you will n eed to replace the overhe ated battery.

However , if you supply AC power to the W orkabout Pr o4 with a battery tha t. Basic Operation 1 - 5. Switching the Worka bout Pro4 Off. The Workabou t Pro4 will automatically en ter. Resetting the W orkabout Pro4.

T o perform a variety of Workabout Pro 4 reset s, you can use the keyboard sho rtcuts described below. During a warm reset , running progra ms are halted. T he content s of the file system, Application directory Flash. Disk , and the registry are preser ved. Keep in mind, howe ver , that RAM content is not preserved. The Motorola splash scree n appears, and the unit reset s.

A cold reset reinitializes all hardware. Non-volatile storage such as. T o execute a cold reset:. A clean start returns the W orkabou t Pro4 to facto ry settings, flushes the registry ke ys and deletes volatile. When the. Workabou t Pro4 is turned on from suspend st ate, operation. T o shut down the un it, press and ho ld down the [Powe r] button un til.

Power off option. NOTE Y ou do not need to reset your unit af ter configuring the radio. Calibrating the T ouchscreen. The Workabout Pro4 touchscr een feature is factory-calib rated and ready-to-g o; however , over time the touch-. Refer to. The Wor kabout Pro4 cont ains an The Fusion W ireless Companion software. T o configure the radio, follow the step s outlined under the.

Data transfer options vary slightly dep ending on the type of operating system inst alled in your PC. V arious. The keyboards are. Navigating in Windows Embedded Hand -Hel d 6. Getting to Know Your Workabout Pro4 2 - 3. Workabo ut Pro4 Hand-Held Computer is available with the fo llowing Lithium-ion battery p ack option:. Review the following sections fo r detailed batt ery informa tion:.

Battery Swap T ime. Assuming the default po wer saving parame ters and ba tt ery reserve level have not been altered, battery swap. T o protect data, the safest place to store da ta is on a microSD me mory card or exte rnally on a USB memory. The Suspend Threshold adjustment in the Power Properties tab allows you to determine the battery ca pacity at.

If left at th e default value, Maximum Op erating Time , the unit will. If you choose. Lithium-ion battery packs. These batter ies ca n be charged with a va riety of chargers and docking. Normally it takes 3 to 4 hours to charge a battery. This hand-held is equipped with a [Power] button in the lower left corn er of the keyboard. Th ese functions are. T o switch on the hand-held, yo u wi ll need to repla ce the overheated. How ever , if you supply A C power t o the W orkabout Pro4 with a.

Workabout Pro4 Lon g Alphanumeric only. NOTE Almost all keys can be reprogrammed to suit your requirement s. Getting to Know Your Workabout Pro4 2 - 5. The [Power] button in th e lower left corne r of the keyboard switches the unit on an d off.

The [SHIFT] key is used to display u ppercase alpha charac ters and to pr ovide access to other symbols and. Press the [SHIFT] key twice to lock the sh ift st ate on the shift-state will be ou tlined in a black frame to indicate. The [Arrow] keys are loca ted near the top of the keyboard, and are represented on the ke yboard as triangles. T he [Arrow] ke ys move the cursor around the screen in the directio n of the.

The cursor is the flashing box or under line character that indicates where th e next. Pressing either key twice locks it 'on'. Pressing the key once again un locks it. T ypically , the [T A B] key moves the cursor to the next field to the right or downward. Generally , this key is used as a ke yboard shortcut to close the curr ent menu, dialog box, or activity.

The [SP ACE] key is represented on the keyboard by a long, horizont al line bracke ted by a small vertical line on. Pressing this key insert s a blank spa ce between characters. In a Windows dialog box, pressing the. For units that do not. T o decrea se the volume,. Pressing a modifier key.

For exa mple, on a Workabout Pro4 Qwer ty keyboard, a br acket. The modifier ke y must be pr essed first followed by the key whose func-. When a modifier key is pressed, it is represented in th e shif t-st ate indicator icon in the navigation bar at the top.

For example, when the. Shif t-S tate Indicator Icon. Shift-state indicator icon. Getting to Know Your Workabout Pro4 2 - 7. Once a modifier key is unlocked or turned of f, it is no longer displayed in the shif t-state indicator icon. In addition to the standard keybo ard functions, the W orkabout Pro4 suppo rts Function ke ys and Macro keys.

Macro keys are only avail able on W orkabout Pro4 Long unit s. All function keys and macro keys can be custom defined for each applicat ion. The T ekterm application utilizes. Function keys perform special, custom-defined functions within an application. These ke ys are accessed by. All Workabo ut Pro4 keyboards ar e equipped with a tot al of 14 function keys. Fun ction keys [F1] to [F4] located. T en additional function. Locked modifier key indicator. Unlocked modifier key indica tor. NOTE The locking function of the modifier ke ys can be cha nged so that pressing a.

Macro Keys W orkabout Pro4 Long only. Work about Pro4 Long unit s are equipped with 10 Macr o keys. Macro keys can be programm ed to replace. SP ACE] key , any function key and arrow key , etc. Alphanumeric keyboards ha ve ten macro keys: [M1] to [M10]. These keys are colour coded in orange print. T o access a macro key:. Whether your keyboard does o r does not have macro keys physically st amped on the keyboa rd, up to On Numeric Wor kabout Pro4 keyboar ds, all alphabetic charac ters are printed on the unit plastic in blue type-.

Alpha characters are accesse d by pr essing the [FN] modifier key , then pressing another. Alpha Modified Numeric keybo ards have each blue alp habetic character a ssigned as a single [FN]-shif ted. Numeric keyboard s have telephone -s tyle alphabetic keys, with the blue alphabetic characters located in. T o access characters on these keyboards, a few e xtra steps. The examples below illustrate how to a ccess A, B and C, all of which are printed in blue char acters above the.

Getting to Know Your Workabout Pro4 2 - 9. Each time you press a numeric key fr om [2] through [9], an alpha character will be displayed on the screen. Remember that you can refer to the softkey bar for a visual indica tion of which alpha key will be displayed on. The intensity of the keyp ad backli ght can be configured using the Backlight icon accessed by tapping on.

NOTE T o choo se the second, third or fourth alpha character assigned to a numer ic key ,. Re member that depending on. NOTE Keep in mind that there is a timeout of one se cond between key presses when. If you pause long er. NOTE Once you have fin ished typing alpha chara cters, remember to turn of f or unlock.

Check the shift-state indicator icon refer to Figure. NOTE Keep in mind that this option may be restricted to superviso ry use only. The Workabout Pro4 is equip ped with display backlighting to improve character visibility in low light conditions. The backlight switch es on when a key is presse d. Backlight icon. Getting to Know Your Workabout Pro4 2 - If your tou chscreen ha s never been aligned ca librated or if you find th at the styl us pointer is not accura te. T ap on the Screen icon.

T apping on. The T ext Size tab allows you to increase or decrease the size. In addition to scre en calibration, the Screen icon allows you to determine how your screen will be oriented —. Locking the T ouchscreen. If you need to lock your touchscreen to protect against accident al actions:. A slid ing lock is displayed on. Th is section outlines what the. Unit will retry. Rapid blink ing for 1 se cond Reset or resu me is being ignored beca use the b attery.

If the door is closed during t his process,. The Wor kabout Pro4 support s several audio options, including a Bluetooth he adset. Sounds are emitted. Th e beeper pr ovides a v ariety of sou nds and can be configur ed to emit a sound to. Information on config uring sounds is. There are two slot s available when the battery is remove d from the ba ttery comp artment — the smaller slot to.

The microSD slot is spring-loa ded. T o insert a microSD card:. The SIM slot is equipped with a release tab. T o insert a SIM card:. Graphic user interfaces like Windows Embedde d Hand-Hel d 6. Windows 7, etc. On the Workabout Pro4, this is accomplished using a. Navigating Using a T ouchscreen. A touchscreen is a st andard featur e on all W orkabout Pro4 hand- held computers.

Each is ship ped with a stylus. NOTE If the touchscreen is not registering y our screen t aps accur ately , it may need. Y ou ca n also use your finger rather than the stylus. If you prefer to use the keyboard to move the cursor ar ound the screens o n your Wo rkabout Pro4, refer to t able. Keep in mind that unlike a desktop computer , the Workab out Pro4 does not su pport key chording pressing two.

Y ou must press one key followed by the next in sequence. The To d a y screen provides quick access to a default list of applet s such as phone, voicemail, and so on. Hotkeys act as shortcuts to apps. Along the bottom of the screen, a sof t key bar cont ains softkeys that help you. Windows Embedded Hand- Held 6. Operation Key or Key Combination. Move the cursor Arrow keys. Go to S tart Menu [Windows]. The highlighted. For example, highlighting the Calendar option lets you.

Note that you can also double-t ap on. Depending on which option yo u tap on, the sof tkeys at the bottom of the screen chang e to help support. Customizing the T oday Screen. The items you see in the T oday screen are Win dows default s. T o custo mize the sc r een to suit your p urposes:.

T ap on the Settings icon followed by the Home icon. The items you select will appear in the T oday screen. T ap on the Move Up and Move Down buttons to order your selections. When you choose items for th e T oday screen using this method, the appearance of the To d a y screen will.

S tart button. The T oday Screen Default Options. A list of options are available from the T oday screen. Keep in mind th at these can be alter ed using the method. T apping on the Music option displays the Windows Me dia applet. DataW edge is a mobile device application that allows any application to receive dat a from barcode, RFID,. Highlighting Vo i c e m a i l lets you know if you have any new voice me ssages. T apping the stylus on this option.

If your service supports voicemail but it has not been set up:. T ime, Date and Alarms. Y ou can set a maximum of three alarms. An Alarm Settings screen is. Y ou can also. Setting the Time and Date. T o set the time on the Workabo ut Pro In the To d a y screen, highlighting Te x t lets you kn ow if you have any new te xt messages.

T apping the stylus on. T o compose and send a text messa ge on your W orkabout Pro Once you send the message, your message is d isplayed in the Inbox and a conversation icon is displayed in. If you have any e-mail, highlighting this option let s yo u know if you have any unread e- mail.

T o view e-ma il:. Menu softkey. Send softkey. This option is used to map out all your upcoming appoi n tments, meetin gs and so on in the weeks, months and. The default ca lendar displays any sche duled appoint ment s. T o choose the format of your calendar:. Calendar softkey. If you want to be reminded in advance of an appo intment:. T ap on minute s to display a drop -down menu. Y ou are returned to the view you were in before adding the reminder.

The reminder is indicated. Othe rwise, move to the Ca tegories section. Categories help you organize and tra ck the differ ent types of data you keep on you r Workabou t Pro4. T o assign an appointment to a category:. The Appointment tab is displayed. New category softkey. Y our appointme nt is assigned to the ca tegory or categor ies you chose.

This option allo ws you to define required and optional atte ndee s for your meeting. When you t ap on this option,. Stat u s. This option allows you to indicate the na ture of the appointment — Normal, Personal, Private, or Confidential. The Favorites option connect s you to Internet favourites.

T ap an d drag your stylus on this option, and choose. Using the Navigati on Bar and Hotkeys. The navigation bar along the top of the screen provides access to icons or hotkeys that, when t apped, provide. Navigation bar. T ap anywhere in the navigation bar to display the hotkeys.

T ap on a hotkey to display. T ap and drag the stylus to. Shif t-St ate Indicator Icon. The naviga tion bar at the top of the screen ca n also dis p lay the shift-st ate indicator icon. This icon indicates. When a modifier key is pressed, it is displayed in the shif t-state indicator icon. In the example above, the. The Wor kabout Pro4 is equippe d with a sof tkey bar at the bottom of the screen. It displays softkeys that allow.

Note that the sof t keys change to reflect the program with which you are. It also displays the sof t keyboard icon. T a pping on a soft key displays information associated with the sof tkey — for example, in the sample scr een. The Vie w softkey allows you to. The Sof t Keyboard Icon. T apping on the soft keyboard icon displays an onscr een keyboard you can use as an alterna tive to the Worka-.

The Sta r t button provides access to a screen of applets available on yo ur Workabo ut Pro4. Windows Embedded Hand-Held 6. Y ou can open, save, re name, copy and p aste files in the same m anner as you would on any desktop. Files stored. T ap to display sorting options T ap to display additional. A ring of dot s. In Windows Embedded Hand-Hel d 6. T o execute a command:. Pop-up menus are available in ma ny screens and programs. They of fer quick access to a group of useful.

T o display a pop-up menu:. A ring of dots is displayed on the screen followed by a. Use your stylus to scroll to th e T ask Manager icon. The T ask Manager screen lists all running t asks applications. This applet provi des a number of options to. Along with icons that pro vide informatio n about your unit and allow you to adjust the appe arance and beh av-.

Home VU allows the administrator to t ailor how the W orkab out Pro4 operates and the op tions the user can. Note that the look of the T oday screen will change from ic ons that are finger accessible to a list of. Data transfer options vary slightly dep ending on t he type of operating system inst alled in your PC. Y ou do need to install the Windo ws Mobile.

The Desktop Docking S tations allow your hand-held to upload transactio n data to a server computer when a. When W orkabout Pro4 is pr operly inserted in a docking st ation, a dock icon is. For det ails,. If you are running Windows Vist a , Windows 7, or later , your data transfers do not re quire ActiveSync.

Instead, you will ne ed to download Windows Mo bile Device Center. For instructio ns, go to the following. T o transfer data between your PC and yo ur hand-held:. Work about Pro4 will be visible here. Caring for the T ouchscreen. The touchscreen is covered with a thin, flexible polyeste r plastic sheet with a conductive coating on the inside. The polyester can be permanently damaged by harsh chemicals and is susceptible to abrasions and.

Using sharp object s on the touchscreen can scrat ch or cut th e plastic, or crack the in ternal conduc -. The chemicals liste d below must not come into cont act with the touchscreen:. T o work around this problem, set the Ac tiveSync baud rate on the desktop to. Y ou can set the baud rate by editing the.

If the touchscreen is used in harsh environmen ts, consid er applying a disposable screen pro tector R V These covers reduce the clarity of the dis play slightly but will dramatically extend th e useful life of the touch-. When they become scratched an d abr aded, they are easily removed and repla ced. Do not to expose the touchscre en to direct sunlight for prolonged perio ds of time. If this is unavoidable, use a.

UV screen pr otector to extend the life of the sc reen. Cleaning the W orkabout Pro4. The Workabout Pro4 ha s a plastic case. The plastic is pa rtially soluble in oils, minera l spirits, aircraft de-icing. The plastic slowly d ecomposes in strong alkaline solutions.

If the Workabout Pro4. Dampen a sof t cloth with mild. T o prev ent damage to the touchscreen, us e only your finger or the. Programs 3 - 3. Workabo ut Pro4 programs are all available from th e Sta r t screen.

T a pping on an icon in this screen launches the associated app let. T apping on the Home icon in the St a r t screen displa ys the To d a y screen. The Workabout Pro4 can be equipped with optional phone capabilities. T o access the phone pad on a unit that includes the phone option:. The onscreen phone keypad provides phone services like those yo u may find on your cellular phone. Y ou can. T o display the onscreen phone ke ypad:.

The [T alk] key is labelled with a. Programs 3 - 5. T o make a phone call:. T ap on [T al k] to connect the call. When you tap on the [T alk] button to connect to a phone number , the [T alk] button toggles to become the [End]. The keyboard provides a [T alk] and an [End] key on the physical keyboa rd. T o set up a conference call between yoursel f and two or more other p arties:.

T ap on [T alk]. The phone ke ypad p rovides a Speed Di al button for q uick access to frequen tly used numbers. Phone settings. Directory assist ance. This dialog box list s the phone number s and the speed dial key to which the ph one number has. T ap on the Call softkey in the so ftkey bar at th e bottom of the screen; the numbe r is dialled for you. There are a number of wa ys to add a speed dial numbe r. Y ou can create a speed dial number using the. Contact s list or by using the Speed Dial button on the phone keyp ad.

S peed dial number. Programs 3 - 7. A sequential speed dial ke y is automatically assigned in the Location field. Y ou can tap on the arr ows to the. Y ou can adjust phone settings such as the ring type and tone, choose phone services such as ba rring calls,. T apping on the Te x t option in the To d a y screen displays this screen. This option allows you to compose, send and re ceive te xt messages using your W orkabout Pro4.

Programs 3 - 9. The E-mail program is used to send and receive e-mail on yo ur W orkabout Pro4. It al so provides acce ss to. For each of these methods, you need to set up an e-mail account with one exception — Outlook e- mail.

If you use a n Outlook e -mail account, messages in the Inbox f older in Out look are au tomatically synch ronized. Y ou can use ActiveSync on your PC to synchronize addition al folders. The folders. For POP3 account s, if you move e-mail messages to a folder you create, the link between the messages on.

When you next connect, the mail server will. Keep in mind however that you will not have further access to. For IMAP4 account s, the folders you create and the messages you move ar e reflected on the server , making. T ap on OK. Once you check E-mail for synchr onization, Ou tlook e-mail mess ages are sy nchronized a s part of the general.

Pro4, and t ap on OK. The E-mail Synchronization screen is displayed again. T o limit the size,. Programs 3 - T ap on Next. When E-mail is checked for sync hronization, Outlook e-mail messa ges are synchronized as p art of the general. The next ti me you synchronize with Windows Mobile Center , the e-mail in Outlook on. E-mail messages are stored in the Outbox folder and are sent to recipient s the next time you sync or connect. This is an option al step that you can skip.

Keep in mind that you can also use yo ur Contact s to choose an e -mail recipient provided an e-mail address is. Contact s are av ailable wi th your e-ma il, text messages, voice messages and your phone. W orking with the Contacts Li st. The Cont acts screen allows you to work with existing entr ies, search for a pa rticular cont act and create. Contact Menu Commands. A Menu soft key at the bottom of the screen provides addi tional commands that allow you to work with the.

Searching for a Cont act. T o search for a p articular entry:. Communicate T ab - Adding Contacts. The New sof tkey located to the right of the Sta r t softkey allows you to add additio nal entries to your cont acts. T ap on each of the options you want to com-.

Each item you tap on in this screen produces an associated. For example, in the sample screen fol-. T ype a contact. The new cont act is displayed in. This tab allows you d efine a ring tone for a p articular co nt act. Y ou can also add addition al addresses related to. This screen allows you to enter usef ul in formation about your contact.

Y ou can connect to Internet Explorer in two ways: by connecting the W orkab out Pr o4 directly to the Interne t or. Browsing W eb Sites. There is little dif ference between the st andard Internet Exp lorer found on your PC and that found on your. Workabo ut Pro4, sometimes referred to as Pocket Internet Explor er. T o go to a web site:. T apping on the softkeys in the softkey bar at the bottom of the screen disp lays Internet Explorer commands like.

It is also a photo and. Photos in other formats wil l need to be converted on your PC. The screen will display the image yo ur camera is pointed at. The came ra is built into the back of. When the camera is activated, t apping on Menu displays a set of commands to help yo u modify how your. Y ou can also use this menu to activate the vid eo. Moving Photos to the W orkabout Pro4. Photo Film Icon indicates. T apping on this softkey. The Rotate command is no w displayed in the sof tkey bar.

Additional editing to ols are listed in the Menu. T o view a slide show:. The slide show begins — in slide show mode, ph otos ar e displayed for about five se conds, one after the other. Video Recorder Icon. Windows Media allows you to play music and videos on your W orkabout Pro4. Y ou can use Windows Media to. For details about using this app let, refer to:.

Windows Live Messenger is an instant messaging service. Refer to the Microsoft web site for details. Windows Live is a free o nline service that provide s operator s with a free mobile pho ne back-up s olution. When you tap on Windows Live and accept the l icense agreemen t, a Setup screen is displayed. Follow the. The Notes application is an ele ctronic notepad yo u can use to jot down your ideas quickly.

Y ou can enter text. Y ou can als o record a message. Notes can also be shared throug h e-mail and synchronization with your PC. The sof t keyboard icon is available by default. It is a replica of a st andard keyboard. Use your stylus to type. Y our note is automatically saved. The file name is the first line of the note if you used the keyboard — otherwise,.

Creating and Converting Handwritten Notes to T ext. T o create a handwritten note using the transcri ber :. When you choose T ranscriber , you can write notes in your own han dwriting. Wor kabout Pro4 conv erts the. A T ranscriber Intro screen is di splayed to provide inform ation to help you work with the T ranscriber. When you choose T ranscriber , the sof t keyboard icon chang es to an icon of a hand poised to write a note.

The text in the note is conv erted from hand written to printed text. In the pop-up. T o make an a udio record ing:. Make cert ain that you move the W orkabout. Pro4 to within a few feet of the source of the so und you want to record. A speaker icon is displayed in the no te indica ting the presence of a record ing within the note. T asks lets you create lists of entries representing your re sponsibilities, upcom ing project s, and so on.

Each sect ion out-. T ap on the Edit softkey in the softkey bar to display a detailed. T ask Details Screen. Each of the nine items in this screen, when t apped, di spla ys a drop-down menu where yo u can choose from a. Marking a T ask as Completed. The tasks are arranged in the list. Limiting the T asks Displayed in the T ask Screen. The tasks. Y ou can synchronize the Workabout Pro4 with your PC using this utility. Before you can use. Internet Sharing , you must make certain that you have establis hed a da ta connection o n your Wor kabout Pro4.

Follow the steps in this section only if you have not already setup an Internet conne ction. From your Internet service provider ISP or wireless service provider: access point name and password and. T ap on the Connections icon. Cellular Line. If you are using. It takes approximately 30 seconds to est a blish a connection. If you are promp ted to turn on. Bluetooth , tap Ye s. If you are using a Bluetooth connectio n, execute the follo wing steps on y our PC :. If it is not listed, choose.

A Devices an d Printers scr een is displayed. T ap on the Bluetooth icon. Scroll to the Mode tab. If they a re not alread y. Y our Workab out Pro4 is displayed in the Add a device screen. A message will appear on your Workabout Pro4 indicating that you have successfull y paired your Workabout.

Pro4 with your PC. The T ask Manager s creen lists all running t asks applications or processes. This applet provides a number of. This feature allows yo u to conduct a searc h through the data stored on your phone. The result s of your search are displayed in the Search screen.

Excel Mobile is an abridged version of Microsoft Excel, an el ectronic spreadsh eet program. In addition to providing the tools to mani pulate text and numeric value s like statistics, percent ages, using. T o create. Y ou can use OneNote Mo bile to t ake notes wherever yo u are and then sync hronize your note s with a notebook. For example, you can:. Partnership screen. T ap on New in the sof tkey bar to display a blank note. Begin typing. T apping on Menu displays a list of options to help you work with the OneNote Mobile a pplet.

Windows Office ap plication. Underline , S trikethrough and Clear All. T ap on the Record button to record your mess age. T ap on Play to listen to your voice message. To discard y our messag e, tap on X — the Cancel button. To save your message, tap on OK. An audio icon is displayed in your note. Y ou can tap on it to listen to. When the connection is complete, t ake one of the following steps:.

During synchronizatio n, the notes you created on your W orkabout Pr o4 are copied to a new Of fice OneNote. When synchronization is done, you can drag the trans-. K eep in mind however that. Word Mobile is designed for a small screen and limited memory. In addition to the soft ke yboard, you can enter text using the Workabout Pro4 keybo ard , soft keyboard or.

Documents created on a PC are recognized by your W ork ab out Pro4. However , some formatting is lost when a. Word do cument is converted to a W ord Mobile docu ment. This loss also occurs when you op en a. PowerPoint Mobile works just like the de sktop version tha t ma y be installed on your PC.

T o launch this. SharePoint W orkspace Mobile. SharePoint Workspace Mob ile allows you to open, edit, and save documents that are on a SharePoint site a. T ype the SharePoint addres s you want.

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Kinotime Three, try these somewhat random addresses while connected directly to the modem and see if you get a hit. Phone Communication Numeric keyboard s have telephone -s tyle alphabetic keys, with the blue alphabetic characters located in. Macro Keys SP ACE] keyany function key and arrow keyetc. If your Workabou t Pro4 does not have access to a mobile phone netwo rk, insert a modem card in the unit.
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Motorola psa15r 240 mot the life game

TODAS LAS LICENCIAS MOTOTRBO MOTOROLA - con su explicación y funcionamiento - Para que sirven? motorola psa15r 240 mot

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