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Definition of "Immer schon" Es: "Er war korrupt, immer schon!" He has always been corrupt|No, there is. "Immer schon" shows that he was and. Check out Immer schon by Avalist on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on As a phrase, "schon immer" means something like "always since the beginning". You could translate it as "forever", but "schon immer" is. NAILS LIPS HIGH HEELS It helps you users you may on the VDA any computer with. For example: For to download and that lets you much about this pegboard, to store contests with your. Einige Server trennen step shows the the 'Mode of.

Just costly in terms of time spent. One thing I learned from unfa videos is that you can record the clean guitar and then apply the desired effects later from the ardour avaliable plugins, I love the guitarix ones. This prevent you from recording the track if you find the delay is a bit out of tempo, for example. I use drums in Hydrogen set as jack master and other instruments written in Musescore, put each output of them as input for a separate track in ardou, all synchronized by Hydrogen.

Once you set record on ardour and start it everything plays, each being recorded on its own track. Of course you put one or two measures before eveything to have time to grab the guitar and play in sync with our digital bandmates. Hydrogen has lots of drumkits available and playing with velocities of each hit you can make it sound really human.

I recorded intro and outro for my online hopefully this was the las semester classes portuguese in this way. Here are the results, on intro:. On outro I used that Trio from Digitech you play chords on guitar and it builds bass and drums according to what you played and style selected. Which one, if any, sounds better on your ears?

Hi Alexandre, to tell the truth I also started with Hydrogen and Ardour running as separate entities. Then I had to produce a piece with constant tempo changes which broke the happy marriage between Ardour and Hydrogen and I found myself in a position where I had to learn the MIDI part of Ardour. Listening to your short intros this hazzle is probably not worth the effort for your use case. Btw, if you are happy with just stereo outputs for the drums there is a plugin that can load Hydrogen drumkits dont remember the name.

The answer I was given was "I have always interested him" which is not possible since it clearly says "Er hat mich Not "Ich habe ihm Can anyone check to make sure this is correct? Same questions here When I saw the correct answer, I guess interessiert is a verb like fehlen - dative verb, eg.

Er fehlt mir I miss him , in which mir is the subject. But in this sentence, the accusative personal pronoun "mich" is used as a subject. What you wrote would be more or less translated into Er war immer in mich interessiert I am not German, please correct me. I don't get how it translates to "I was always interested in him" and not "He has always been interested in me.

Be aware that the verb interessieren means "to interest", rather than "to be interested in". Hopefully that makes it clearer what's going on in the German sentence. I put "He had always interested me" which is a solid english alternative to the 'correct' "I had always been interested in him". What do they mean by " I was always interested in him" Do they mean love Interests or just interests in what he did or something like that.

Why there is a difference regarding the subjects of the German and the English sentence? It is like changing voices from passive to active. The past corresponding to "interested" would be "interessierte" I believe. I hope that helps. Nope, alas, it doesn't. In English usage of Perfect is somewhat normalized, while in German it is just a generally used form of past tense. But since I'm not an English native speaker, my question stands - is English Perfect really necessary here?

From what I know, I'd say in this case it should be a simple Past. As a native English speaker, I do think the English Perfect is the best choice here and is what I would use or "I have always been interested in him. Using English Perfect to talk about your interests seems to suggest that you have been and still are interested in something which seems to correspond best to the German , whereas the Past in this usage seems to suggest that you may have finished being interested, so it's ambiguous I think without more context e.

I don't think that the Past is completely wrong, and I think it could be used in context as in the example, but the Perfect is definitely the best and most unambiguous translation of this statement. I agree with your general point though. The German Perfect often corresponds best to the English Past.

Thank you, Lull and Kosmozhuk, for that very interesting exchange. I agree; the English perfect Tense seems to be where this translation feels most 'at home'. But why? There is considerable discussion, above, about the role of "schon" in this sentence, and no one has yet managed to pin it down.

Let us assume for the moment that the simple past tense provides an adequate translation; so lets run with "he always interested me". So, "at some time in the past he interested me". Let's add the "schon" component. That gives:- "at some time in the past he interested me already".

Now, this is our link to the present tense: adding "already" leaves us expecting something to happen subsequently, and, with no mention of another time frame, we can justifiably choose the present tense. That's exactly what the perfect tense in English does Get started. July 10, Levi Why is the 'schon' missing from the English sentence?

July 19, June 13, December 1, Am I mistaken or have i seen schon by itself to mean already without the immer? January 31,

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