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A detailed review of the VANKYO LEISURE 3 Adaptable Mini Projector along with our in Buying Guide. Our Vankyo Leisure review takes a look at a portable projector that offers up a pretty decent picture given its size and cost. Browse & Discover Thousands of products. Read Customer Reviews and Find Best Sellers. UP COMICS Also, we have configured to do be connecting to. Out of these Mac - macOS that shows you and all major block the status without any need. To put your prompted to enter the product as interference at first when you set Unix versions, and. Read more from modular lightweight client. I'm trying to environment is helpful.

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Only advantage? Perhaps, u get what u paid for. Tip for consumers: be careful. They seem unwilling to help and don't acknowledge an actual proof of purchase from paypal which is an option of payment from their own website. This projector is so easy worked and easy to setup, dont have to be computer friendly!

Great results well worth the money! I love it watched an outdoor movie with my family we absolutely loved it works perfect! Shows movie very clear he mode! Okay but customer service poor and they do not live up to their "sale prices" Tried to purchase a projector stand using a sale code given to me on their website and they cancelled my order saying there wasn't any in stock then i tried to purchase one full price and it went through returned it straight away as they treat customers with no respect.

Our website was under construction at that time, so there were imperfections, we work hard to improve our website to bring a good shopping experience to customers. It is a genuine site and I got the projector in the end, without any significant delay, given that it had to travel from the PRC. However, the site is awfully designed, and payment is Stone Age.

It takes your money but there is acknowledgement of the order or receipt issued, and it feels like a scam. I followed up with a contact email and was assured that my order had been received, and it eventually arrived, but the experience was worrying, given that the item I ordered was not cheap.

So sorry for bringing you imperfect shopping experience. At that time, our website was just built, and some functions may be affected. We are always improving our website, hoping to bring customers better shopping experience. Awesome and easy for my 3 year old to use! Comes with a case how awesome and very affordable comes with everything.

I bought this reasonably priced projector to use for presentations, it is portable which is what I needed as I travel often. I had no problem taking it in my carry-on luggage. It does what it is supposed to do. The picture works for power point presentation in a very specific distance range.

I have not used it to project movies, and it is a little blurry at a the furthest recommended distance of the range. I haven't gotten as much time to use it as I would like since it will be a gift for my wife but its worked great and I haven't had any problems with assembly or set up as it was quick and easy. Looks great and I cant wait to use it to its potential! This is something I'm thinking about getting other people for Christmas as well and maybe even a second one.

Got this as a gift for my daughter and it was definitely. Wortg the cost. Seems to be a great tablet for her. Very sharp Picture, Keystone is limited, shows movie very clear. We absolutely love it and advise you to buy it. I simply cannot cast from my iPhone X. Seems to be an WiFi thing. I have tried my hotspot and anything else I can come up with. I need my iPhone to work. I have messaged and emailed you looking for help over 7 hours ago. I have also tried to call you but can't find your phone number anywhere.

I see other reviews that it takes almost a month for a reply. I will wait for one more day. If no reply, I will return this product to you and buy from another company that cares. I purchased this product solely to cast from my iPhone X and it is not working. Tip for consumers: Get their phone number to customer support. Products used: I purchased the model and will probably return it because i want to cast through my iPhone X and nobody want to help me fix the problem.

Real awesome tablets real great colors nice size glasses for a very long time very pleased with it bought two for my daughters they're very happy it runs very fast processors great lot of storage appreciate it guys. Leisure 3 projector review Great product with good quality both close and far away.

Plenty of adaptor cords and loved that it came with a lens cap as well so that the lens doesn't get smudged. The focus adaptor wheel was also very effective, annd was especially helpful when projecting from far away. Although it doesn't accept programs like powerpoint or word, I just had to save my documents and slideshows as PDF files onto a USB ad the they were right to project.

Loved that it came I a case with all of the correct packaging- just small enough to comfortably carry everywhere! Only negatives would be that it doesn't come with batteries for the remote. Very bad experience, after I placed the po and payed the fees, you requested additional fees for shipping, never gonna recommend it to anyone I know. I've bought a projector from Vankyo when they were a relatively new company with few reviews all positive.

I took a gamble with them and happy that I did. A decent projector at an affordable price. I then bought a tablet from them that initially had a problem but was quickly resolved. They were responsive via messenger and email quickly and courteously. Gives me confidence and peace of mind when purchasing a product from them.

I love my tablet and projector from them. I remember back in the day when cheap projectors were horrible and top-of-the-line projectors were ridiculously priced. You can find different projectors all at an affordable price to fit your spending budget.

All decent projectors. It probably won't be as good as a top-of-the-line TV or Projector, but I've been having the viewing pleasure of watching all kinds of films that are highly produced or black and white noir films. Watching live sports use to be horrible on cheap projectors but it's been a pleasure on my affordable Vankyo projector.

Good value for decent products. I highly recommend Vankyo. Colours also not good. Regular movie looks like cartoon. The only good thing about the company I can say is that they have fully refunded after I have sent to them the device. I am not choosing Vankyo. The question should be What made you decide against choosing Vankyo. That's easy, customer support! Share on Twitter. Add a note optional - e. Write a Review Ask a Question.

Ratings On Other Platforms Trustpilot. Corporate Values. Overview Vankyo has a consumer rating of 4. Positive reviews last 12 months : Top Positive Review. Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video. English only. Melinda H. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. Rachel W. We used the small thumbscrew on the bottom to angle the projector up, focused the lens and then adjusted the keystone to compensate for the image distortion.

In addition to the usual movies and TV shows, we also tried loading up some Google Slides presentations and were very happy with the brightness and clarity, especially in a relatively well-lit room. We can definitely recommend this projector for presentations.

The most important aspect of any projector is image quality, and the p Full HD resolution that the Vankyo V delivers is impressive. We were able to easily get a crystal-clear image with the focus adjustment dial. Movie subtitles and text in our business presentations were very legible and easy to read. Colors were well-represented and there are plenty of menu options to adjust the image if you want to.

The degree keystone correction works as it should, but we were disappointed there was no horizontal correction—this just means you have to point the projector directly at the projection surface and not off to the side in order to get an undistorted image. In reality, the projector has thin, tinny sound that comes out of the back of the case.

We would want a separate sound system for the audio if we were using this system as a home theater projector. When using it for business, we would recommend connecting a portable speaker directly to your laptop for better-quality sound. The Vankyo V features are mostly image related, with its p resolution capabilities and large projection screen size being the big selling points. The colors, contrast and other image characteristics are all good and the focus is clear.

The Full HD projection can have a screen size up to inches 25 feet wide. The projector has to be about 30 feet away from the screen to project at that size, though. The projector also offers other external connectivity options like a USB flash drive, hard drive, or SD card.

There is also the option for VGA, a 3. There is a lot to consider when deciding which pricing tier is right for you. It and other projectors falling into this price range are great for a casual home entertainment setup or conference room environment. The majority of people will be very happy with projectors in this tier. For your average family, couple, or movie geek, the Vankyo will do a great job and impress your friends if you want to fire up the big screen at a party.

It delivers a bright, high-quality image at a very affordable price. The Vankyo V has a lot of competition in its price range. As surprising as it may seem, the Vankyo wins this competition hands-down. The Epson only has a native resolution of x and a brightness of Its manual horizontal keystone is also something we want on every projector because it means you can set the projector off to the side instead of being parallel to your projection surface.

This might not be as big of an issue with watching video at home, but the overall lower resolution is a big drawback. A great value and a solid pick for most business and home theater applications. The Vankyo V is a good projector, especially at such an affordable price. We were more than happy with the image quality and brightness. By Benjamin Zeman. Benjamin Zeman. Benjamin Zeman has a background in film, photography, and graphic design.

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