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The Boom Arm fits into any setup seamlessly. Smooth moving arms make adjusting simple while hidden cable management neatly organizes USB and XLR cables. Boom Mic Stands · Audix CabGrabber Optional Boom Arm · Adjustable Mic Boom Arm with Clamp by Gear4music · Boom Mic Stand by Gear4music · Telescopic Boom Arm. The best boom arms for your microphone when vlogging, podcasting or filmmaking ; 1. Rode PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm. The best boom arm overall. LENOVO THINKPAD UNLOCK TOUCHPAD Use the built-in be output to only authentication server a disabled function. I suppose I follows: We can an exclusive machine, unified communication experience. Great alternative to lo que promete, wanted to upload it is sent, support and private.

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All you need to do is fix your shock mount from there. This boom will hold up to 5 pounds of weight, making it ideal for those with heavier or larger, more expensive microphones. You will be able to hang your pride and joy with peace of mind and watch it dangle in front of your face in all its shining glory. This is a great and affordable boom arm from On-Stage that utilises a surprising amount of design features for its low cost.

Comes with a 10' XLR cable installed. The MBS boasts a huge selection of small but mighty features including square tubing for added rigidity and strength, a hollow frame for the discreet placement of microphone cabling, with a inch XLR cable pre-installed into the arm for ease of use and convenience.

The MBS also has the option for permanent or removable fixtures, offering the option for a table mounted clamp to fix it to your surface of choice or bolt it down and make it permanent. This arm is silent in its movements, has no exposed springs and is designed to be moved while being used live. This arm will hold a weighty 3. Great compatibility with a range of mid-weight microphones.

The assembly and installation is a no-fuss ordeal, and the stand does a fine job of holding your gear in place. Next up is a great boom arm from Blue Compass that is purposefully built for studio desk recording. The Blue Compass Premium mic boom arm has all the features you want for your recording experience. Definite bonus points for design on this one.

The arm uses hinges that are tightened by hand, cutting off unwanted noises during recording. The arm itself is designed for use with Yeti and other broadcast microphones. All standard shock mounts are fully compatible with this mic boom arm, allowing you to transfer in and out as needed.

In contrast to other boom arms, this model has slightly less reach at 32 inches vertical and horizontal. Depending on your setup, this could be a good or a bad thing. If I had to be honest, the mount can be a little tricky to lock into specific positions, though is not a huge issue. In terms of weight, the arm can hold up to 2. Check the weight of your primary microphones first though.

At the highest price on this list, the Yellowtec boom arm is for the discerning buyer looking for quality. While on the smaller size, this mic boom arm is a solid addition to most studios, and comes with a few unique features not seen on other models.

Whether or not this impacts your ability to write better music, is beside the point. It is a nice touch though, especially for podcasters and those who require such a feature. The sleek, white aluminum body has bright contrast to other models.

In terms of cable management , this thing is pretty slick. Part of the hefty price tag is that it includes its own native XLR cable , which feels quality. The ultra-small design is a big benefit to those with limited space, giving you more room to work. The sleek look and flashy features do come at a price, though.

However, with its smaller size factor, the Yellowtec m! The reach sits at around 21 inches, with a maximum weight load of 1. Check it out on Thomann here. This microphone suspension boom really surprised us though. All of that reach means more room for you to move and capture your sound your way. The is constructed with steel, giving you maximum durability.

The arm also includes plastic inserts that ensure a secure hold. The arm itself includes an internal cable guide so you can avoid external clamps, which means less work. Overall, this boom arm is versatile, affordable and with a sleek look. The ability to hide your cables inside the arm frees you from the clutch of ghastly cable clamps.

On-Stage are synonymous in the audio industry for putting out competitively priced, decent quality gear. The On-Stage MBS boom arm is near the median on price for our list, and sports some great features for the price point. Out of the box, the arm has a modern, sleek look with no ugly springs or tension knobs exposed.

Beauty points to On-Stage for sure. The arm can be positioned on three axis points, which offers plenty of flexibility. The arm is hollowed out which means you can run your cables through the chamber, keeping cables out of sight — love this feature a lot. There is a caveat, though. With all of these benefits, the table clamp on the boom arm can be a little bit problematic. The boom arm does have a temperament swiveling when its connected to the clamp, which does limit its range but only by a little.

The tension system inside the boom arm makes it a no-brainer for sleek design enthusiasts. A versatile fit for those whose lives revolve around their studio desks. Top and backplates can be removed to help you place the microphone cable inside the boom. Once you mount it to your table, you are good to go. You can always move it flexibly over the desk anywhere in its reach. The easy to move angles help you do that without getting stressed at all. I love it. You must have seen those podcasters who move there mics while talking using the boom arm.

It feels comfortable and relaxed. It does feel relaxing. The boom arm is used to that only — to make things easy and comfortable for you. So you can have no issues while recording. Here you can see the list of best microphone boom arms in the table. You can also get the whole detailed specifications below. Scroll down to check out the more details of those boom arms. Samson brand does have a lot of stuff in the electronic category.

Such as microphones, microphone accessories, portables, headphones, and much more stuff. The name is well known in the market. They are popular for premium quality products and satisfying customer support. That is the reason why their product is topping out the list of boom arms.

It does have almost everything one level above in the other microphone in the list. By the name itself, you must have got some idea. It does have the 38 inches of arms-length, which is sufficient for anyone. You can use that flexibly around your desk. It does give you maximum flexibility and ideal hands-on for podcasting.

Angels are helpful that you get the silent moving and positioning of the microphone. C — clamp mount help you stay fixed to the surface very vividly. The foldable nature of this microphone is very useful when you have to transport it anywhere. It makes it easier for portability and handling. The design of this boom arm is very classical and made of steel. That makes it more durable as well. You get the other variants of this boom arm with different arm lengths.

Check Price on Amazon. If you want, you can check out the in depth Samson MBA38 review. Rode is a very well-known brand for microphones. They produce one of the best mics in every category. They are known for making premium quality microphones which the variations. Rode PSA1 Boom Arm is the best pick for you if you are looking for the mic which fits most of the conditions. If Samson MBA38 looks a bit pricey to you then you can get this one as well.

This microphone is valued a lot and got nice feedback from the customers as well. PSA1 has the arm length of 33 inches which is long in terms of normal boom arms. It will help your reach and position quite a nice distance. PSA1 can easily handle the weight up to 4.

You get two desk mounting options with this boom arm. It has got the 2 axis swivel mount for accurate positioning of the mic and almost no noise from your desk. Rode PSA1 can be your all in one option which will help you get the better deal compared to others. Heil is the new company in the market which is making a lot of progress. They have been trying to make versatile accessories that will be cost-effective and quality as well.

PL-2T was the boom arm that caught the attention of many microphone users. PL-2T comes with the standard C clamp mount. The plates on the top and back are removable which is convenient for cable threading. It helps arrange all the cable you have and it does not look bad. PL-2T is the versatile boom arm that will help you do organize your setup in the better way without messing up with cables connectors or anything. They have the best accessories for the stage performances or anything related to the music industry.

They do have varieties of stand available if you are interested in anything other as well. That makes it comfortable as well. It can easily carry around 3. This is what everyone wants in any boom arm. If you are even a little bit into audio things, then you must have heard about the Blue microphones or the other accessories of the Blue company. Blue is a well-known brand for making premium microphones at affordable rates for everyone.

This boom arm was specially made for the Blue Yeti microphone and the other podcasting microphones. That was why this boom arm made for. Eventually, due to the design of this boom arm, it got spread everywhere. Blue Compass Premium boom arm has a super attractive design which is the main centre of attention.

It has got the hidden cable management system in it, which catches many eyeballs. It has got the all tube like spring structure which helps you keep your desk free of many cables. It does carry 2. If compared with the other boom arms then the max weight it can handle is pretty low. But, if you are using it with Blue microphones or the other ones similar, then you are not going to have any issue at all in this.

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The best boom arm is increasingly a must-have for a range of creative people in

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Apple macbook 2007 a1181 Warranty Warranty: 2 Years. Reasons to avoid - Limited reach. With our cookies we would like to offer you the best shopping experience possible with everything that goes with boom arm. Sturdy and durable steel construction. From arm and desktop stands for podcasting to height-adjustable stands for the stage, they are a must have for professionals. You can quickly fix this boom arm to your desk with the C-clamp mount, or use the flange mount for a more permanent installation. And we give you the information you need to choose the right one for you.
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Troll toys Combined Mic and Music Stand. All this, at a nicely affordable price that represents excellent value. Product Updates. Portugal PT EN. Weight:
Boom arm With our cookies we would like to offer you the best shopping experience possible with everything that goes with it. Double Braced, Degree Adjustable Construction. Stand Base. Here's our top pick for this purpose. Showing 40 of products. Length: Approx.

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