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macbook pro with retina display 15 inch sleeve

HARDCASE MACBOOK PRO TOUCH BAR NON RETINA 13" 13 15 inch CASE LEATHER - 13AIR Rp iPearl Ice Satin Cover for MacBook Pro Retina Display your MacBook cool Compatible Macbook Pro 15 inch Retina Display PLEASE NOTE THIS CASE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 INCH RETINA THUNDERBOLT 3. Apple Macbook Pro Retina, Bottom Rubber Feet, 4 Pcs, 13" 15", A A A MacBook Pro 13 Cover MacBook Pro Retina Case 13 inch MacBook Pro 13 inch. BASIXX Are there certain bench the mass a network management. Pricing is scaled for teleworkers. This comprehensive process allows us to you need to for any downloadable file as follows:.

Other additions include a Liquid Retina XDR display with thinner bezels and an iPhone-like notch, ProMotion variable refresh rate, a p webcam , Wi-Fi 6 , 3 Thunderbolt ports, a 6-speaker sound system supporting Dolby Atmos , and support of multiple external displays. These new models feature a thicker and more-squared design than their Intel-based predecessors.

The keyboard features full-sized function keys, with the keyboard set in a "double anodized" black well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Line of notebook computers. Not to be confused with Mac Pro or MacBook. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

The specific problem is: "Sections need to be simplified and headings need to be fixed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Intel-based January 10, ; 16 years ago Aluminum October 18, ; 13 years ago Unibody June 11, ; 9 years ago Retina October 27, ; 5 years ago Touch Bar Apple silicon November 17, ; 17 months ago M1 October 26, 5th generation. Main article: MacBook Pro Intel-based. The inch and inch Aluminum MacBook Pros. The inch unibody and a size comparison of the unibody line.

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The backlit chiclet keyboard and glass touchpad remain much as before. Meanwhile for connectivity Apple provides both USB 3. Its unibody, milled aluminium chassis are still cutting edge not literally, despite a few edges that are sharper than we would ideally like for both aesthetics and the feeling of sublime build quality they convey. Anodised aluminium throughout, the latest MacBook Pro 15 inch looks and feels every bit a premium product. What Apple has done is slim things down significantly, while shaving quite a bit of weight off too.

It also weighs just a feather over 2kg, compared to more than 2. Still, for anyone carrying one of these around all day, the weight reduction will be a Godsend. The fruity company is one of the only ones that lets you choose between a two-part power cable with brick in the middle, or a sleek single solution terminating in the power brick — either way you get the kind of adapter you prefer.

We also adore MagSafe, which is the easiest to plug in of any power connector ever. To read all about Thunderbolt and its potential, have a read here , but suffice to say it can act as a high-bandwidth interconnect for fast external storage and graphics cards, or as a DisplayPort video output. Better late than never…. Apple would probably argue that this is not a necessity on any laptop anymore, what with Wi-Fi being a superior wireless replacement.

Mind you, at least using Thunderbolt ensures you should see no performance penalty compared to actual integrated Gigabit Ethernet. Retina MacBook Pro Usability As you would expect from a company that has as much experience building desirable laptops as Apple and given previous Pros were great to use, usability on the MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina Display remains superb. A large, smooth surface and great action on the hidden buttons leaves us with no negatives whatsoever, and it must be said that Mac OS X still makes more elegant use of multi-touch gestures than Windows 7 by a very long stretch.

Of course, Windows 8 may soon even the field in this regard. This means better viewing angles and potentially more accurate colours. Indeed, for the first time in a MacBook, viewing angles are as good as they get. You can view material from as far to any side as you like, without noticeable contrast or colour shift.

Apple has also done away with the glass cover that created the bezel-free look on older MacBooks, instead using only two layers compared to the previous three. This brings the actual display closer than ever and significantly lowers reflections, all without losing any of the aesthetic benefits of a glass front though it is likely to be a little more fragile than screens that do sport the extra layer. As you would hope, the image characteristics of the Retina panel are pretty good. Already vibrant colours are further perceptually enhanced by the glass finish, as are inky blacks.

Backlighting is beautifully even. Just to put things into perspective, this 15in laptop manages to cram in more pixels than your average 30in monitor, most of which count 2, x 1, The lowest of these is based on 1, x , and results in huge icons and text. The highest preset the fruity company gives you is 1, x 1, Quite aside from losing desktop real estate, third-party software will need to be programmed to specifically get the most out of the Retina Display — and so far only a few MacOS-specific programs are fully compatible, though giants like Photoshop CS6 are soon to follow.

One fairly painless BootCamp Windows 7 install later, however, and we can admire our desktop in native 2, x 1, The same can be said for games. PCMark 07 General: Entertainment: For permanent storage, the base model has a GB SSD, which should be adequate for most users considering you can hook up fast external storage through USB 3. However, in a more demanding DirectX 11 title like Stalker Call of Pripyat, that average fell to 28fps, and this was still only at Medium detail.

On the other hand, in Diablo 3 we could run at native Retina with all settings turned up to max and anti-aliasing, and we still got a perfectly playable experience, with an average that rarely dipped below the magical 30fps barrier. While the latest Blizzard game is not exactly a graphical powerhouse, Diablo 3 does go to show that playing recent, blockbuster titles at Retina resolutions is not just possible but very pretty indeed.

Mind you, this is quite common for light and thin laptops packing these kind of components. Our only real concern here is the lack of upgrade potential. MobileMark 40 percent screen brightness, wireless radios disabled, mixed productivity minutes. Apple claims battery life of seven hours, which is identical to the previous, fatter MacBook Pro. We ran the same Windows 7-based benchmark that we submit every laptop to on the MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina Display and achieved five hours and 44 minutes.

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If you're happy with the limited but cheap and functional Chrome operating system, there's the HP Chromebook The inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is ideal for professionals who need the extra screen space afforded by a inch notebook, especially if they're likely to carry it around a lot.

By ditching the optical drive and replacing the hard drive with built-in solid-state storage, Apple has been able to slim it down to just 1. Of course, its excellent Retina screen is ideal for graphics and video work too. Slimming down the casing forced Apple to drop the FireWire ports for the Retina range - it simply wouldn't fit. Current page: Introduction.

North America. Home Reviews Computing. The new MacBook Pro's Retina display puts normal screens to shame, but the laptop's battery is glued in place. TechRadar Verdict. Intel's latest chip and Thunderbolt 2 make Apple's Retina display laptop the one to beat. Cons - No integrated optical drive - No matte screen option - No discrete graphics in this model - Expensive - Almost impossible to user upgrade.

Introduction Specifications Performance Conclusion. The Retina display offers up an astounding x pixels and even surpasses the resolution of Apple's own inch Thunderbolt display x pixels. Owing to the very high resolution, the display features 5. Regular HD displays have about 2. Individual pixels are now virtually indistinguishable and switching back to a low-resolution screen is difficult even after just a few minutes with the new display. One issue, a result of the high resolution, is the need for software support.

Apple has optimized the iLife suite and system programs with suitable high-resolution graphics. Google offers a Beta version of its browser named "Canary", which does a decent enough job for the time being. Just like Google, all software vendors are working on Retina updates for their programs. After the first new MacBooks started shipping, reports started to surface that described alleged problems with the display.

As often with Apple products, the issues were blown out of proportion and reached hysterical levels quite quickly. Some complained about a yellow cast, which is not something we could confirm in our test. Colors are vivid and white is white. Another issue is a supposed "burn in" that occurs when windows remain opened for a long time. Plenty of examples pictures can be found on the Internet. We tried to re-create this problem in numerous attempts but were never successful.

We therefore attribute those issues to hardware defects. Apple will certainly swap out any affected notebooks. Since our test notebook is from a store, we can exclude the probability of having a specially "selected" test notebook. Let's take a look at the resolution of the new display. The native resolution of x pixels is not offered in the system setting.

In essence, at the same resolution, pixel density is significantly increased. The x pixels "Retina" setting uses four times as many pixels and even tiny fonts become legible. Even at the highest setting, the pixel density is increased by a factor of 1. In order for an application to look good, it needs to support pixel doubling. Otherwise four pixel will still appear in the same color. The system plugin SwitchResX allows using the native resolution the test version is free for ten days.

We added a screenshot to show that it's almost impossible to work effectively with such a high resolution. Compared with the glossy standard-display of the MacBook Pro 15 Early , this is definitely an improvement. The non-glare display of the MacBook Pro 15 Early Hi-Res is quite comparable to our test sample, at least as far as the measurements are concerned.

All other test results continue to paint a positive picture. The black point value is fortunately very low, which, together with the high brightness, leads to an increase in contrast. A ratio of is great and better than some high-end multimedia notebooks, most of which have an average contrast ratio of and a higher black point value.

The difference is noticeable when watching movies or working on photos. The aspect ratio of has fortunately not been changed. We like that this wide-screen standard still offers enough vertical workspace, something the "Pro" at the end of the name signifies. Because of the low black point value, the bars are not very noticeable in the first place, and recent Apple commercials market the notebook as a workhorse for creative minds.

Since this notebook will see its share of professional use, how well it reproduces color spaces is fairly crucial. All in all a pretty impressive performance that should keep even professional users quite happy during their mobile endeavors. Outdoors the good test scores show their value. The only thing that detracts from the usability is the glare-type screen.

Compared to the normal display of the MacBook Pro series, only two layers are used for the construction. During every-day use, the screen leaves a very positive impression. With the display brightness set to maximum, reflections are almost a non-issue and working outside is hardly limited. There is no non-glare version of the Retina display yet, even though plenty of users would surely appreciate it.

Another feature the display offers is an ambient light sensor, which controls the brightness level automatically. This high-quality liquid crystal display allows for extensive viewing angles. During our test, the picture remained stable both horizontally as well as vertically. We noticed a slight loss in brightness at more extreme angles. Because of the fixed aperture and the shutter speed used for the comparison shots, the loss seems more extreme in the photo than it really is.

The predecessor with the very good TN display was already impressive, but the Retina display is clearly superior, especially in the vertical plane. On the upper end, the user gets to pick either the Intel Core iQM 2. The latter adds Euro to the price of the top model. The entry-level version of the premium notebook comes with the Intel Core iQM.

This CPU has a core frequency of 2. All processors are quad core units with four cores and eight threads, manufactured using the 22nm process and utilizing 3-D transistors. Our test model is able to overclock one single core to 3. Similar to graphics units, the system is able to choose its own power state. Under the new OS, the new processor generation clocks between 3. In order to accurately determine the performance of the processor, we used the Windows 8 install for the benchmark tests.

This result puts the performance of the processor in the upper third of our database. The more powerful offereings for the MacBook Pro are the current cream of the crop and surpass our test configuration by 8. In the newer CineBench R The predecessor reached 5. The newer processor doesn't manage to pull ahead in this test. The tools SuperPI and WPrime confirm that our test configuration is very powerful indeed and deserves its spot in our performance database.

With the two top processors, Apple manages to cover all needs. The difference in performance to the models of the previous Sandy Bridge generation is pretty minor. What has to be taken into consideration though is the increased efficiency and integrated graphics unit the Ivy Bridge processor offer.

Processor performance is also a determining factor in evaluating performance under Mac OS X. A command line check confirmed that Turbo Boost is active. Depending on load, either three or four cores at 3. The difference to the Boot Camp install points is CineBench R The tool GeekBench is a program for Macs, which is also available as a free download for Windows Bit.

The difference to the previous MacBook Pro is not particularly large, but the Air lags behind by quite a bit. Another tool we use is similar to the system benchmark application Futuremark and called Xbench. Since the results fluctuated somewhat from test to test, we recorded the maximum out of five test runs.

The tool QuartzDebug from Apple records the frame rates. Scrolling the Timeline of Notebookcheck. According to Anandtech , the regular MacBook Pro 15 achieves rates of 50 fps. We did indeed encounter a slight stickiness due to the lower framerate.

Mountain Lion is supposed to mitigate this issue. PCMark 7 is a great tool to gauge overall system performance. The MacBook Pro Retina achieved points , an outstanding result second place in our performance database. Our impressions confirm the test results: quick charge times and enough power even for demanding applications.

TRIM is automatically enabled. Replacing the hard drive is therefore a bit more difficult and also more expensive. It's possible to upgrade at a later point, but because of the special form factor and capacity we would recommend giving it some thought before the purchase. External storage can be connected via the card reader or using the Thunderbolt and USB 3. The only issue right now is that there are not a lot of devices available and the prices are still in lofty regions.

Some models might be equipped with a SandForce controller instead. The advantage for the MacBook Pro 15 without the Retina display: the 2. Switching between the graphics units under Mac OS X happens automatically. The tool gfxCardStatus free download allows the user to tailor the switching parameters. Under Windows, the dedicated graphics card is the only option available. The system can therefore not take advantage of the power-saving features the integrated processor graphics has to offer.

To test performance, we used the synthetic game benchmarks available in Futuremark. The system scored points in 3DMark 06 , which places its performance in the upper middle range of our database. The difference in performance of the two integrated graphic units is The current 3DMark 11 for GPUs with DirectX 11 support confirms the good performance and the placement in the upper one-third of our database. Overall a very decent performance, which should be more than sufficient for casual gaming.

The list of current games designed for Mac OS X is not very long. Most users will probably use a Windows install instead. We sampled a few titles and recorded the performance. The attached table reveals that most games run smoothly even at x pixels. For a few games it's better though to reduce the level of details.

Diablo III runs smoothly at least initially even at the native resolution of x pixels and anti-aliasing turned on. We recorded an average frame rate of around 28 fps. Overall, gaming performance is more than adequate even for the more demanding casual player. Native resolution is not recommended since only a few games remain playable. The GT M is perfectly usable though for playing without any loss of detail quality at a resolution of x This test wouldn't be complete if we didn't address the subject of throttling.

Prime 95 and Furmark can extract the maximum performance out of the hardware. When both programs are run simultaneously, the core frequency drops caused by Prime 95 to 1. Running Prime 95 alone, we measured temperatures between 92 and degrees Celsius Furmark on its own cycles through all available Turbo Boost steps.

After about one hour, the temperature settled at a fairly consistent 85 degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit with the fan system running. We never measured above degrees Celsius degrees Fahrenheit with Furmark. This limitation might be due to the power adapter: in the above scenario, the system would require Immediately after running our different tests, we subjected the system to 3DMark 06 and CineBench R The results were identical to after a cold boot. To simulate daily use, we ran DiRT Showdown under Windows at the maximum settings at a resolution of x pixels.

After one hour o playing, we recorded all five minutes of one round using Fraps. After a fairly slow start 16 fps , the frame rates stabilized at 21 fps. We did not notice a decrease in performance at any time. One of the new features of the MacBook Pro Retina is the redesigned cooling system. It now uses two asymmetrical fan units , which are supposed to reduce the tonal impact.

At least subjectively, the system should appear more quiet that way. During idle, we measured a constant This value is equivalent to the base noise level of a room without any additional sources. The fans are the only source of noise in the MacBook Pro. When we played a YouTube flash video the system remained quiet, although the fans did reach a slightly higher rpm intermittently.

Under load, the fan system spins at up to rpm. The notebook reaches This noise level is fortunately not very annoying, since the frequency remains low. The MacBook Pro 15 Late is comparatively quiet at Normally, noise level doubles for every 7 to 10 db A. Because of the new fan design, the perceived increase is less. Apple's aluminum chassis have been criticized for reaching somewhat higher temperatures on the surface.

We decided to take an in-depth look at this particular combination of slimmer chassis and potent hardware. During office duties , the fan operates only around rpm and a good portion of the heat is transferred into the chassis passive cooling. At a room temperature of 27 degrees Celsius Even though the chassis is warm to the touch, we don't feel it's a reason for concern. Since the keys are island-style, they don't get that warm.

The palm rest stays at an acceptable Both the MacBook Pro 15 Late and the even slimmer MacBook Air 13 Mid stay a bit cooler, although ambient temperature always has to be taken into consideration. Under load, the heat dissipation of the components and the outside temperature of the unibody chassis increase significantly.

We measured However: this area doesn't get touched much if ever during every-day use. The bottom of the MacBook also gets quite warm, so placing it on the lap could get uncomfortable after a while. The predecessor with a slightly thicker chassis stayed a bit cooler at 43 degrees Celsius Comparing the results to the measurements taken under Windows, we noted a small advantage for the Mac OS.

This is not necessarily a surprise, since Apple is able to fine-tune hard- and software. The differences were actually larger when we tested the MacBook Air 11 Mid The stereo speakers are still positioned to the right and left side of the keyboard. Compared to the regular model, Apple has modified the design - with great results. The speakers in the normal MacBook are not bad when compared to others in the same class, but the Retina model offers even better acoustics.

Because of a decent bass and nice lows, the sound is well balanced. The maximum volume level is perfectly adequate for the living room. Two adaptive microphones are located under the mesh-structure on the left side. During our test, sound transmission worked quite well. External playback devices like a headset or an AV receiver can be connected via the 3. A separate microphone-in is not available on this model.

Aside from decent processor performance, power efficiency is an important factor. The new Intel Ivy Bridge processors are able to achieve better performance while requiring the same or even less power. The MacBook Pro 15 Late needs more power, specifically at the upper end of the spectrum. Minimum power consumption is on a comparable level. When the monitor is turned off, the power consumption only drops by 0.

Under load, the power requirements increase and reach a maximum of For this test, we used a combination of the tools Unigine 3. The previously mentioned MacBook Pro from required quite a bit more power here We have to take into consideration that this notebook was subjected to slightly different loads under Mac OS X, though. The included watt power supply has not been changed, although it now features a MagSafe 2 connector. The new MacBook does not exceed the power limits of the adapter even when under heavy load.

Only when we ran Windows, we were able to push the new notebook to its limit of During duties away from any outlet, a large lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 95 watt-hours supplies the necessary juice for long run times.

The regular MacBook Pro 15 only offers a capacity of On the other hand, the new battery is now glued into the chassis , which makes replacing it both complicated and expensive. Considering the capacity, we think the cost is still acceptable, especially considering that the battery should last for at least recharge cycles. The first test we conducted was the maximum possible run time. We set the screen to its lowest brightness level 1, ambient light sensor and keyboard backlight deactivated and turned off all connectivity options.

Using a script, we then simulate reading a text document - something that doesn't tax the hardware at all. With the above settings, we recorded a runtime of almost 18 hours. Since the brightness is very low and because of the highly reflective screen, this test does not simulate a very probable usage-scenario. The test " WLAN surfing " is more realistic. Under Mac OS X, we recorded 6 hours and 4 minutes - a respectable result. With the screen turned up to maximum brightness and keyboard backlight activated, we still got 5 hours and 35 minutes.

The MacBook Pro 15 Late only lasted 4 hours and 45 minutes during the same test. This test taxes the hardware with the screen brightness set to maximum and the keyboard backlight active. The notebook lasted 1 hour and 28 minutes before we had to recharge it. The MacBook Pro 15 Late ran out of battery after only 52 minutes. After several weeks of testing, we are able to draw our own conclusion and share our opinion.

The now even slimmer aluminum unibody chassis still manages to impress and is the de-facto standard in this category. Compared to other notebooks, the port selection is still a bit meager. Additional ports require the use of an adapter - something else that needs to be packed.

The launch of the new notebooks sees the introduction of the Intel Ivy Bridge processor generation. In that respect, the new model is similar to members of the Air-family. Since Apple uses special pentalobe screws, maintenance is more difficult now. The screws are very delicate and we can't recommend opening the notebook. Since the notebook is not easily user accessible and the starting price a steep Euro , the warranty extension is something to seriously take into consideration.

The bigger SSDs are not available for the base model. For professional users working with photos or videos, GByte are not going to last very long. The deciding factor for many considering the purchase is the new Our measurements and the IPS technology leave us with a very good overall impression. Although the panel is a glare-type, reflections are not quite as noticeable as on the older models due to omission of the outer glass layer.

Unfortunately there is no model with a matte screen. The resolution of x pixels with an aspect ratio of is a distinguishing feature. The resolution is not offered natively. Ideal resolution for the system is x pixels, which offers quadruple pixel density DPI.

During our testing phase, we most often used x pixels, which sometimes pushes the hardware to its limits. The slight hesitation encountered during scrolling is something we got used to quickly. We did not notice a yellow cast or observe issues with a burn-in on two different models. A disadvantage is the fact that many applications from third-party vendors are not optimized for the display yet. Apple has released HiDPI updates for several of its own programs.

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As we are wont to say, read on to find out. Screen notwithstanding, the most impressive feat is how small and light the MacBook Pro with Retina is. Compared to the traditional inch MacBook Pro, the Retina model is about 25 percent lighter 4.

While most of that is due to the thickness, all dimensions have shrunk a hair — and that smaller bezel also means we lose "MacBook Pro" branding on the front both of which we like. All the familiar MacBook Pro elements are here, including a full backlit chiclet keyboard, large multitouch trackpad, p FaceTime HD camera, and speaker grilles to the left and right. Apple boasts that this has the best speakers, and compared with our last-generation MacBook Pro, the sound is markedly fuller and more clear, especially the bass.

Otherwise both the keyboard and trackpad feel the same as the old Pro — which is a good thing, as those are still some of the best in the laptop industry. Both very clicky and responsive. One last thing about the front, and this may seem weird: the front indentation you use for getting your finger under the lid to open the case is much less rough than past versions.

As someone who often rests a thumb in that groove, this really does matter. Besides the keyboard layout not size , another design choice thankfully brought over from the Air is ports on both side of the machine. Whereas the traditional Pro crowds pretty much everything on the left edge, the Retina model splits up the USB 3.

Also along the left we have two Thunderbolt ports so much daisy chaining , a headphone jack, and the new MagSafe 2 adapter. By default, we were mirroring our own display which subsequently letterboxed the laptop screen into a aspect ratio , but it can also work as an independent second display with its own color profile.

Getting the new generation MBP down to a. Oh, and before we forget, the one-button battery indicator on the front left edge of Pro models? Sad for those that liked using it to check the charge mid-game or while the laptop was in a bag, inconsequential to everyone else. The new MacBook Pro with Retina display boasts a Its 5. Pixel density for the Retina display is around ppi. Stay foolish, squinter.

The other number worth mentioning here is the touted degree viewing angle, which which means you can see the screen from basically anywhere unless you're staring at the edge. As of this writing, Safari is the only one of the big four browsers the others being Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to support Retina text — and the difference is striking.

Side-by-side, the same text is noticeably more pixelated for non-Safari browsers. Thankfully, Google Docs looks great — but again, only in Safari. We expect these issue to be fixed in future app updates more on that later. What concerns us more, however, is the web itself. Just like with the third-generation iPad, if you're surfing the web with the new MacBook Pro, you may notice just how low-quality a lot of the images are.

The exception is Apple. Same goes for iPhoto and Preview. The Retina-optimized Final Cut Pro X also benefits by being able to show a full p video while still leaving room for all controls. As with the new iPad, we suspect app developers will be fairly quick to upgrade their apps to support the new Retina standard. Some of the notable pain points for now include Kindle, Nook, and the entire Microsoft Office Suite — all the text looks jagged and pixelated in a very grating way.

Sparrow has a very intriguing mix of good and bad text — the body text of each email is using Retina-optimized text, while the column view of email subject lines and all iconography is still pixelated. Again, like the new iPad, this is something we expect will be fixed over time as developers update to the new environment — and text-based apps like iA Writer already look gorgeous.

Apple has streamlined the Display settings menu in system preference. Gone is a numerical list of resolutions. Instead we have two radio buttons — "Best for Retina display," which is default and provides no further tweaking, and "Scaled. You can opt for larger text that "looks like x " but screencaps at x i. Of course, pushing more pixels on a screen requires more processing power. For this review, we have a two machines: a higher-end 2. Both are very impressive in their own right.

They boast the same slim, lightweight design, same range of connectivity ports and above all, the same gorgeous Retina screen. It's a So what's changed? The two new inch Retina Pros in the late range have, of course, switched to the new Haswell processors.

They both have quad-core Intel Core i7s, which can Turbo Boost to redistribute underused resources and temporarily raise their performance above their stated clock speed. Hyper Threading allows them to run two threads on each core, giving a total of eight virtual cores.

The Retina MacBook Pros have won multiple awards, and naturally, they've been extensively copied. If you don't want Mac OS, there's plenty of light, thin Windows notebooks to choose from. The Sony Vaio Duo 13 has Haswell processors, and a form factor that lets you turn it into a tablet as well as use it as a standard laptop.

If you're happy with the limited but cheap and functional Chrome operating system, there's the HP Chromebook The inch MacBook Pro with Retina display is ideal for professionals who need the extra screen space afforded by a inch notebook, especially if they're likely to carry it around a lot. By ditching the optical drive and replacing the hard drive with built-in solid-state storage, Apple has been able to slim it down to just 1.

Of course, its excellent Retina screen is ideal for graphics and video work too.

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